Sometimes medical terms aren’t just long and confusing, at times they can be downright laughable. There are seemingly countless conditions, and you (hopefully) won’t ever learn first-hand about any of them unless you’re in the medical field. However, you can still impress your friends at trivia night.

Whether you’re studying for an upcoming certification or simply have an interest in healthcare after one too many “House” episodes, it’s time to brush up on some of the strangest monikers for conditions out there. Luckily, these will be a lot easier to stick in your head than pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis (for the record, that’s the longest word in the English language).

Spastic colons and cul-de-sac

“Spastic” is a favorite term for tweens, but it also has significance in the medical field. It’s used to describe when a colon is acting off in any way, whether it leads to pain, diarrhea or constipation. Back in the day, spastic wasn’t heard in the halls of Middle Schools to describe a freak or geek, so the medical community does have dibs on it.

As for cul-de-sac, it’s not that dead end road in your neighborhood. However, it’s actually medical slang for the g-spot. Yes, doctors have their own slang, too, and you have to admit it’s a cuter name for something that many women find improper to talk about in polite company. Mention it at your next OBGYN visit though, and your doctor will know exactly what you mean.

Frog leg and jail fever

A frog leg isn’t just found on your plate at fine dining restaurants, but also on x-rays. It’s when a leg x-ray is taken from a side angle, and named because turning it out makes it resemble a frog. Again, this isn’t standard medical speak, but if you hang out with an x-ray tech long enough, you’re bound to hear it.

Then there’s jail fever, which isn’t something the likes of Lindsay Lohan has. It’s actually a type of bacterial infection that can be spread by fleas or lice. As if the pests aren’t enough, you can actually get diseases from them which is why addressing any outbreaks right away is crucial.

Easier than Latin

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in the healthcare field, rest assured that there are plenty of industry slang terms to talk about just anything. You don’t need to study your Latin just yet, but it might be a good idea. After all, your patients might be concerned if you ask them if they want copies of their frog leg.


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There’s a big difference between getting laid off and getting fired, and it’s much more than just how big a hit your ego takes. You qualify for unemployment payments if you’re laid off, but not that’s not so likely if you get fired.

It’s vital that you qualify for the “laid off” label so you can obtain financial compensation to help pay the bills while you’re looking for a new job. With unemployment coverage being strained and reduced during the Great Recession, however, it’s become tougher to qualify.

It’s almost entirely up to your (former) employer whether you’re laid off or fired, and emotions can certainly get into the mix. First, remember that simply handling unemployment claims as an employer requires more time and effort than firing someone.

It’s easier to fire someone, especially in an at-will state. How can you make the case for getting laid off instead?

Present your case

Behave professionally no matter what, even if you’re so burned out that getting fired doesn’t sound too bad. You’ll likely be called in for an “exit interview” where you’ll be informed that you’re being fired.

This is the best opportunity you have to request a layoff instead. Appeal to the HR manager’s empathetic side, but don’t get too personal. If you’re polite, and keep it together and nice, they’re more likely to react in kind.

If you get told no anyway, don’t be afraid to talk to someone else. Perhaps there’s an executive you’re close to or another person in HR you can meet with.

It’s much easier to arrange for the label you want while you’re still at the company than to pursue the fight through the state’s unemployment department, which is invariably overworked. Working with your HR department is always the best approach, but remember that they’re still people and they’ll naturally talk to one another, so choose your words wisely.

Start unemployment on the right foot

Different states have different requirements for obtaining unemployment benefits. Once you’re officially laid off, immediately do your research into the details.

You might be required to attend a class, take placement tests, and show proof that you’re engaged in job hunting at regular intervals. Many people don’t bother with these steps and miss out on the compensation they’re due.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not much effort to get a regular check, and it can make the difference between settling for the next job offer or waiting for something really appropriate. When you apply correctly the first time around, it makes everything easier.

Highlight your relevant skills, whether it’s analyzing usage data or creating the perfect foie gras. Your skills will speak for themselves.


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There are two types of website owners: Those who re-design too much (which tends to confuse visitors) and those who don’t do it often enough. If you fall in the latter camp, you probably already know it.

Re-designs can be expensive and time consuming, and you may worry that you’ll lose business during the switch. But if your search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t up to snuff, you’re losing business anyway.

There are a few red flags that will let you know a website makeover is in order. When it comes to keeping up with the digital Joneses, if you don’t give your visitors what they want, your competition surely will.

The good news is that with a little research and knowledge, you don’t have to overspend for a website redesign, and there are options for every budget. Are you in need of a boost? Check these five warning signs.

1. Your SEO has stalled or declined

If you’re not on the first page of search engine results or you haven’t been able to climb up the ranks recently, your web presence is to blame. Maybe you’re unknowingly employing black-hat tricks or your company simply has neglected SEO altogether. Either way, it’s not working.

2. Your website showcases outdated trends

There are trends in websites just as there are with clothes. You might not realize you’re outdated, but your customers do. Make sure you use web design best practices for 2014 to attract more visitors.

3. Your web traffic has declined

Are you not getting as many unique visitors as you used to, or have you plateaued for a while? This is a sign that your online presence has ceased to be exciting. Businesses require growth, and unless you reach eBay or Amazon status, there’s always reason for concern.

4. Your competition blows you out of the water

You should always spend some time perusing the competition’s website(s) and asking yourself honestly whom you’d prefer: you or them? If the answer seems to be them, then have your web designer use what they’re doing as a guide.

Ask yourself which tactics can motivate you. Keep in mind that your competition is successful because they’re doing what your customers want to see.

5. You can’t remember your last update

Can’t recall the last time anything significant was changed on your website? That’s a clear sign that you’re probably due for at least a mini makeover.

There’s a fine line between classic and outdated, and you want to be on the right side of the fence. Shaking things up can give you the boost you need.


Fashion trends for spring and summer 2014 seem to fall into two categories. Either they are overly girly — floral headbands, heart-shaped purses, and other things your toddler niece might favor — or overtly sexy, such as the cutouts on Naomi Campbell’s Met Ball gown.

Both looks can be hard for the adult professional woman to pull off and still be taken seriously. Here’s how to incorporate these two summer looks into your day-to-day wardrobe without looking like you belong on the playground or in Playboy.

Floral headbands

Blame it on the music festivals: The floral headband is a spring trend that shows no sign of wilting. We see blooms worn as a garland that crowns a long, flowing hairstyle, or attached to a headband used to brush back your bangs.

Depending on your office environment, a floral headband may or may not be a trend you can wear to work. If you’re in a creative field, you can almost certainly wear an otherwise plain headband with a floral appliqué to keep the hair out of your face while you go over a new design logo.

But if your workplace is the boardroom or courtroom, you should probably save this look for the weekend.

Cutesy accessories

From heart-shaped purses to animal iPhone cases, we see touches of cute everywhere we look. The trick to rocking this trend without looking silly? Moderation.

You want just a hint of the girly in an otherwise simple ensemble. Think a clutch with an animal graphic against a camel-colored shift, or an embellished shoe in a traditional shape.

If you work in a traditionally masculine office environment but can’t stand not to let loose a little of your flirty side, embrace the hidden touches: cute accessories hidden inside traditional briefcases, floral linings to otherwise solid clothing … and, of course, lacy underpinnings can give you that “little something special” Elle Woods spoke of in Legally Blonde.


Great news! You can wear cutouts to the office — on your shoes, that is! Flats that show a sliver of skin on the side are appropriate for almost any workplace. D’Orsay Flats that show a flash of tanned foot look fresh with a skinny, cropped trouser.


A sheer blouse is a beautiful mix of feminine and sexy, and it has the added bonus of allowing a bit of extra airflow on balmy summer days. Just make sure you wear a full-coverage camisole in a color similar to your blouse for a polished look that does not expose too much.

Oh, and remember to keep the sheer look relegated to the top half of your body. No matter how many squats you have been doing, you do not want your boss to see your thinly veiled bottom.

As for the cropped tops and deep V-necks we seem to be seeing absolutely everywhere (yes, we’re looking at you, Rihanna), you’ll have to save those looks for the club or the beach. But that’s what the weekends are for, right?


As the year 2014 gains momentum, professionals in the legal sector are looking for new and effective ways to market their legal services. Online advertising can be an incredibly effective way for a legal organization to promote itself.

To make the most of the opportunity to boost conversion rates and increase your client base, you have to implement sound, up-to-date Internet marketing strategies. Here are a few that will help.


1. Create great content

In web marketing, the phrase “Content is king” remains both common and accurate. Filling your pages with great content is essential for several reasons, including the fact that it’s the medium prospective clients tend to study in order to decide whether to use your services.

As an example, Nelson & Associates has incorporated considerable factual information relating to the type of services it offers (immigration law) into the firm’s home page. Thus, individuals who visit the site can quickly gain an understanding of pertinent issues in the field of immigration as well as the legal services Nelson & Associates offers.

In addition to making your content informative, it’s important that it be grammatically correct and devoid of fluff and tangential remarks.

2. Make the text scannable

You need to ensure that the content is “scannable.” That means the type of web article or blog post your reader can quickly skim in order to obtain the information she or he desires.

As noted by Nielsen Norman Group in the article “How Users Read on the Web,” there are several ways you can make the text on your web page scannable. Some strategies include the use of bullets, numbered lists, and headers. It’s also smart to disseminate one idea per paragraph.

3. Do a keyword analysis

In order to reach your target audience, you need to do a keyword analysis. In “Keyword Analysis-What’s the Best Way to Analyze Keywords?”, WordStream notes that “By understanding what queries qualified visitors to your website type into search engines, search marketers can better customize their landing pages to increase conversion rates.”

The keyword research will show you which words your prospective clients are using to research legal services. Once you know them, you can subtly but systematically insert them into your web articles and/or blog posts.

4. Use social media optimization (SMO) strategies

More and more business owners are using social media channels like Twitter and Facebook to market their services. Legal professionals should take advantage of the opportunity to implement SMO strategies that can help boost conversion rates, as well.

In the article “4 Winning Strategies for Social Media Optimization,” Mashable notes that you can use such tricks as widgets and badgets to increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.

If you’re a legal professional who wants to ensure your services are effectively promoted this year, you should know that online advertising is a great way to reach your target audience. By employing some or all of the strategies outlined above, you can ensure that your Internet marketing campaign is a success.


Do you have what it takes to become the next YouTube musical star? The digital era has exposed millions of viewers to musical talent that we probably wouldn’t have heard about before the Internet.

Now we get to venture into the living rooms and garages of some of the web’s most talented denizens as they showcase hidden and amazing abilities. Get ready to be entertained; here are some of the most talented musicians performing on YouTube today!

1. VKGoesWild

Viktoriya Yermolyeva has combined a passion for hard rock and piano to create a sound that is utterly unique. She studied classical piano in Ukraine and Germany, and then took her career in a completely different direction.

She’s now famous for her covers of rock classics by Tool, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, and Queen. And she tours around the world, getting audiences to slam dance and mosh to her epic piano renditions.

2. Andy McKee

This fingerstyle acoustic guitar virtuoso went viral on YouTube back in 2006. Watch in awe as he spans dozens of genres with both original works and covers.

The success of his YouTube videos helped launch him into the international spotlight, and made his a musical success story that can inspire us all. McKee has since released a number of widely viewed music videos exclusively on YouTube, including “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” “Africa,” and “Hunter’s Moon.”

3. Laura Shigihara

Remember the immensely popular mobile game, Plants Vs. Zombies? Well, Laura Shigihara, aka supershigi, is the mastermind behind the score to this game.

She is a highly acclaimed game soundtrack composer, and her list of accomplishments is impressively long. She has written music for such well-known titles as World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and Celestial Mechanica.

You can watch her play and sing many of these scores on her YouTube channel.

4. The Mad Drummer

Steve Moore is known as the Mad Drummer. You’ll see why once you watch his spirited performance on YouTube.

Basically, a fan attending a pavilion performance in Texas noticed this guy rocking out behind the set, and started recording. The fan uploaded the video with the title, “this drummer is at wrong gig.”

As the video spread, celebrities started paying attention to this unknown musician’s flair for the dramatic. Now Steve has created an image for himself, and is probably booked solid. All this attention from a fan upload!

You could be the next YouTube musical sensation. Just get out your instruments, some digital sheet music, and start recording.

There has never been a better time for self-starting musicians to distribute their works and get discovered!


Social media

Although search engine optimization (SEO) has been the primary Internet marketing tool of recent years, social media is a growing and effective medium for online advertising now. From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Instagram, social media channels provide business owners with dynamic forums through which to forge meaningful relationships with potential clients.

If you want to make the most of social media in 2014, consider implementing the following strategies.

1. Get your website together

One of the primary things you should do with social media is redirect your target market back to your business website so people can learn more about your products and services.

This is your main objective, so it’s vital that your website is absolutely amazing. There are many ways you can optimize your website to catch and keep the attention of customers.

In “What Makes Responsive Web design and SEO a Dynamic Duo,” Supple Solutions mentions responsive web design. RWD is a web design approach that enables websites to adapt to the whatever screen size, platform, and orientation users choose.

RWD is important for many reasons. Research studies such as “Mobile Marketing Statistics 2014” suggest that more people are expected to access the Internet via mobile devices than personal computers in 2014. So ensuring your website is highly functional for mobile users will be essential.

2. Engage your audience

The key word to remember when you begin building your business with social media is social. With platforms like Twitter and Facebook, people are seeking to have meaningful conversations that facilitate the relationship-building process.

So if your strategy has simply been to tweet links to your product pages, you need to rethink the strategy. There are a variety of tactics you can employ to engage your audience.

One that Jacquelyn Smith mentions in her article “14 Ways To Make Your Blog Get Real Attention” is to speak your audience’s language. This can be employed to help garner more interest in social media forums such as blogs.

Also keep in mind that you don’t need to be talking about your products and/or services all the time. Meaningful conversations can such topics as a discussion of why you prefer the vegan diet over the SAD (Standard American Diet) way of eating.

You can also talk about your favorite baseball team and which fitness centers you prefer to work out in.

3. Figure out which social media outlets to use

In “Why Most Social Media Strategies Fail,” John Rampton says one of the common mistakes company owners make when using social media is “not understanding that all social media outlets are different.” They are, and recognizing this can be your first step toward identifying which social media channels you should be using to connect with your target market.

In some cases, you may be able to shorten the process by simply looking at which social media channels your competitors are using. In other cases, you may have to learn which channels generate the greatest conversion rates through trial and error.

To ensure that you can increase your conversion rates by utilizing social media platforms to advertise your goods and services, consider implementing the strategies discussed above.


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