Sometimes it seems as if the traditional terms for what constitutes “in style” as far as makeup and beauty are concerned have been smashed. Now more than ever, women are feeling perfectly comfortable about choosing not what the media promotes as worthy beauty products, but what women themselves decide is worthy. fashiontrends

This can mean following the latest runway trends, or choosing products and styles to suit oneself. Regardless of what a woman chooses to do these days, the following fact is undeniable: There are hundreds of choices in today’s market for every woman to meet her beauty needs.

Below are just a few of the elements that any woman can easily incorporate into her beauty regimen.

Fruit galore

These days, fruit is being used to stave off more than your hunger. A recent article in Vogue magazine featured a beauty product that uses fruit to ward off blemishes, rashes, inflammation, and many other skin problems that need addressing.

So for an especially fruity and refreshing day, you can now coat your skin with almond milk or a blueberry scrub. Whether or not users can snack on this lovely product has not been verified. Regardless, it’s a pretty intriguing idea.

Orange is the new red

Many women will likely remember a time when orange was one of those colors that received a constantly bad rap. It’s such a challenge to wear orange correctly that many articles have been written to detail the “how to” for wearing this infamous color.

Yet the runway has recently surprising women by bringing orange to prominence. Note, however, that orange has come into style as a lip color.

Fortunately, trends will be trends, and many women will probably hope that this one just goes quickly and quietly away. Most of us will feel safer and saner for it.

The traditional

Now that women have the freedom to use whatever makeup and fashion makes them happy, many are still opting for the traditional brands that stay within the limits. One example of a popular traditional beauty brand is Flawless Beauty and Skin.

These days, beauty companies don’t have to apply quirky standards to gain traction and popularity. All they need are products that get the job done, and done well by making a woman feel glamorous, refreshed, and utterly beautiful.

The extreme

Women have come a long way beyond liposuction, botox, and lip injections. Now we can try one of the hot new technological advances of 2014: fat freezing.

Yes, ladies, fat freezing is the new liposuction. Essentially, to get rid of excess fat, women undergo a non-invasive procedure to freeze the fat inside their body, which causes it eventually to die.

If that sounds just too weird, perhaps it’s best to stick to normal weight loss methods, such as workout at the gym and eating well, neither of which will ever go out of style. No matter what approach you take to beauty, there’s nothing like the reaching back to the traditional methods.

A little basic makeup, a pretty dress, and touch of self-confidence are all a woman really needs.



Contrary to what some might believe, there really is a right way and a wrong way to deliver customer service across any industry. You might think that being in an increasingly digital age means that the rules have changed, but common courtesy remains the same.

One of the most common customer service sins? Simply taking the customer for granted and assuming that just one person possibly not getting your best service won’t make much of a difference.

Failing to greet someone in your retail store might be an oversight to you (you’re busy), but a single negative Yelp review can put a startup into a serious downward spiral. If you talk to the companies who make it their sole task to provide customer service, they’ll tell you that so-called common courtesies aren’t actually so common.

A simple “Good morning” can make a world of difference, so each employee ought to be trained to understand and do this.

Where managers step in

Often, it’s not solely the fault of the employee who delivers poor service, but also his or her management. Lead by example, make sure all employees get training when they’re hired and they receive ongoing instruction, and encourage a personal touch.

There’s a fine line between delivering “company standard” greetings and sounding like a robot, so tread carefully. Treat customers the way you would want to be treated.

Another misstep is indulging in too much jargon between employees. Everyone might know the difference between a tall and grande (now), but don’t expect everyone to be schooled in your particular company’s lingo.

Any firm that has direct contact with consumers needs to address them appropriately. In-house jargon sounds pretentious, and you run the risk of turning off your customers.

Communication basics

Don’t forget that listening is a foundation for good customer service, because that’s often what customers want. This is especially critical when you’re handling a problem — whether the customer has a complaint, the product isn’t working, or this is the fifth store they’ve been to in search of a hot pink wig.

Hear the customer out, show her or him that you’re listening, and do your best to fix the problem.

How employees talk to customers is what most people think of when they consider “customer service,” but problems arise when workers speak too quickly. The right tone can also make a big difference; remember, there’s a thin line between curt and efficient. Encourage a conversational tone and a warm voice, especially over the phone.

Finally, avoid multi-tasking when working with customers because although it might feel efficient, it comes across as rude. Employees should proactively provide service and give customers their full attention.

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Information and communication technologies (ICT) jobs are in high demand among employers in New Zealand. There’s a reason for that: Individuals with ICT skills possess an array of technological resources, assets, and tools.

They’re often masterful communicators: creators, distributors, retrievers, and managers of information. The industries served by ICT professionals include broadcasting, computers, and Internet-related businesses.

According to Steven Joyce, Education & Employment Minister (New Zealand), this year’s annual Occupation Outlook shows that ICT/IT professionals are essential to New Zealand’s economic future. In response to this year’s figures, companies and organisations throughout the country say the shortage of these technology professionals must be addressed now, while New Zealand’s businesses recover from the global recession that began in 2008.

Hot career path

Information and communications technology jobs join engineering and construction careers as New Zealand’s most useful and in-demand professions this year. The shortage of qualified ICT pros has a number of companies searching overseas for candidates to fill these positions.

Some even remark that the lack of qualified ICT pros creates a “dire” shortfall condition of skills that are currently needed.

New Zealand’s science and tech schools are falling short of graduating the numbers of qualified staff needed to fill existing openings. In response, educators are pointing top students in the sciences, tech, engineering, and math (STEM) toward IT/ICT courses.

Schools, government, business, and research firms recognize the need to collaborate in fostering reliable new skills necessary to keep New Zealand’s economy expanding. Many IT services-related firms report they are seeking a higher-than-usual percentage of new or recent graduates to fulfill numerous ICT vacancies.

Supply-demand market factors

Employer-sponsored immigration is one of the ways that New Zealand hopes to attract more qualified IT/ICT professionals. The demand for professional services simply exceeds the existing supply, so outreach to these professionals in other countries makes good financial sense.

As a result of the current and near-term shortage of talent, some IT/ICT registries make it particularly easy for expat applicants to identify career opportunities while streamlining the various emigration processes necessary to work legally in New Zealand.

Absolute IT Recruitment Specialists is an example of a registry firm that works with international ICT applicants who seek New Zealand careers.

International ICT application timeline

It’s essential to think, plan, and act ahead of you’re an expat ICT applicant who’d like to work in New Zealand. Here are some of the steps you should consider between six months and a year before arriving in NZ:

1. The process of filing all immigration forms and paperwork can be time consuming. Plan on starting the process from six to twelve months before you hope to emigrate.

2. Applicants should plan to consult directly with the New Zealand Immigration Service to ensure that all necessary papers and forms are properly submitted. The recruiting registry cannot, and should not, take the place of a direct consultation with the Immigration Service.

3. The expat applicant should take steps to open financial accounts, such as checking and savings, before arrival. Westpac is an example of a large New Zealand bank that offers useful services for ICT employees who plan to work in the country.


Humans aren’t the only creature that can report remarkable weight-loss stories. A recent article featured in the Huffington Post tells the story of a Dachschund that lost 20 kilogramsdogexercise

The dog, named Obie, was owned by an elderly couple who couldn’t give him the active lifestyle he needed to stay in shape. Along with overeating, this led Obie to pack on the weight until he reached a whopping 35 kilograms.

At this point, Obie was given to a certified vet technician. This is when his transformation began. Over the next eight months, he would lose roughly 20 kilograms through increased activity and a special diet regime.

Obie’s weight-loss story offers hope and inspiration to owners of overweight dogs. If you have an obese canine, you can implement the same diet principles as Obie’s new owner, and watch the weight melt off within a few months.

Is your dog overweight?

Your dog’s weight problem may not be as obvious as Obie’s. How do you know if your dog is overweight? Peteducation.com outlines a nine-point scoring system that asks the following questions about your dog:

1. Can you feel the dog’s ribs?

2. Can you feel bones at the base of the tail?

3. Can you feel bones beneath the layer of fat on the spine, shoulders, and hips?

4. Looking down from above, does the dog show no waist; or worse, are the hips and ribs narrower than the area between them?

5. Is the chest smaller in diameter than the area behind the ribs?

If you answered no to all these questions after examination, your dog is obese. If you answered yes to three or four, your pet is likely overweight and could benefit from a diet and/or more exercise.

Don’t be discouraged if your dog is obese or overweight. You can help him or her lose weight by implementing the following diet and exercise regimen.

High protein, low calories

Obie’s new owner fed her a dog food that was high in protein and low in calories. The food also contained added fiber.

Protein is good for burning fat because it boosts metabolism, and fewer calories lead to weight loss. Keep in mind that if you have a severely obese dog like Obie, you should work with a veterinarian so the weight loss isn’t too rapid, because this can be dangerous to the dog’s health.

Low-fat and fat-free treats

Activehound.com advocates feeding your dog food, including snacks and treats, that’s low in fat or fat-free. Organic food with fruits and vegetables is typically low in fat, as is venison. It may also be a good idea to cut down on the amount of snacks you give your dog.

Increase exercise slowly

According to PetWave and other pet health sites, many owners make the mistake of putting their overweight dog on an exercise routine that the animal can’t handle. This can be dangerous, so make sure to increase the amount of exercise your dog gets on a gradual basis.

If your dog is as huge as Obie was, the most you should do is three short walks a week. You can gradually increase from there.


2014 Volvo XC90

The 2014 Volvo XC90 is an excellent SUV offering the added space and functionality needed in SUV’s as well as a host of safety features that have come to make the Volvo name synonymous with safety for many years.  One unique innovation is the second-row integrated child booster cushion allowing the small children to have a safe place to sit without the need of bringing along the booster seat.  As expected, the XC90 was awarded Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a goal Volvo seems to strive for with every vehicle.

Driving this SUV offers impressive stability even for a vehicle as tall as it is.  This was due to the Roll Stability Control and a noticeably wide stance from the wheelbase.  The steering is sharp and responsive and even through turns the XC90 keeps the passengers in place.  Soaking up road noise and deformities like a champ, the XC90 is well insulated and offers a well-engineered suspension to keep the ride smooth and satisfying while the inhabitants enjoy their favorite music selections.

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amazon smartplan

Amazon is continuing to establish itself as a player in the digital streaming market by introducing new products. The latest addition is a smartphone that promises to offer a vast selection of gadgets and applications to users.

Additional features and apps

The Amazon Phone includes camera technology that’s on a par with most modern phones. The 13-megapixel camera enables users to shoot high-quality photographs with 2GB of available RAM for storage.

Prime enhancements

Amazon Prime has always been the “bread and butter” of enhanced speedy service and bonus offerings for consumers in the digital market. According to the blog BGR, Prime Data is a new plan that builds on the Amazon Prime service by offering Amazon Prime content that consumers access regularly in a digital format.

The data will possibly be a part of the monthly package. A few rumors have circulated as to how the plan will work out, for example:

• Offer a significant discount to subscribers on a smartphone data plan

• A service that’s a flat rate tacked on to the plan, which delivers Amazon Prime streaming content at no additional charge to the phone over the cellular network

Amazon is launching this concept based on the incredibly popular package deal associated with Amazon Prime. Prime offers digital streaming and free two-day shipping.

Holographic technology

The sleek Amazon smartphone is finding its way around the news circuit, partly because it can boast of several impressive features. According to The Daily Mail, the latest report is that it features a very thin handset that will compete with the Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone.

The phone is expected to have an approximately 4.7-inch 720p high-definition display.

Perhaps the most eye-catching new feature is the ability to develop a hologram. This 3D effect is made possible by positioning six individual camera nodes, coupled with a powerful processor to make the effect possible.

No glasses are required for this one. The smartphone is considered a major move by Amazon to move beyond the cloud and into a relatively new technology base.

Risks and industry changes

According to The Wall Street Journal, a release is being prepared for later this year. Demonstrations of the handset have already been making their way to big markets such as San Francisco. Time will tell whether 3D holographic technology and the integrated features of Amazon Prime will make a big splash on the smartphone market.

The gaming market is also slowly claiming a portion of smartphone technology. Amazon has been telling suppliers they should expect a large shipment of models to consumers. Amazon may be anticipating reaction based on the popularity of gaming and streaming technology offered through the Amazon Prime service.

Along with other Amazon enhancements, this phone could create a considerable flurry of public discussion regarding the concept of what mobile technology means. Another article from The Wall Street Journal reports that the introduction of a new phone may pose a substantial risk, due to the position of recent direct developments by Apple and Google.


Perhaps you’ve noticed a slew of class-action lawsuit commercials on daytime TV recently. There are actually thousands of heartbreaking stories behind these clumsily deployed ads.

A class action lawsuit can only be pursued when numerous people have nearly similar complaints. Often, drugs and medical devices are at the heart of these consolidated legal actions, but there are also numerous other types of complaints that can best be tackled in court when they’ve been consolidated.

How do you know when something like a personal injury claim might actually be better suited to a class-action lawsuit?

You might be surprised by the kinds of suits that are currently in litigation. Many of them are still accepting new members. In some cases, the regular two-year statute of limitations may not apply, because that requires people to be aware of the risk.

For example, a current mesothelioma class-action lawsuit includes people who were exposed decades ago, but only recently became aware of their employer-caused exposure. Below are a few of the other current class actions in process; some of the details may shock you.

Commonly prescribed drugs

Zithromax is one of the most popular antibiotics on the market because it’s necessary to take it for only five days instead of the usual nine. This is very appealing to people who are forgetful, and for children who have a tough time taking pills.

However, Zithromax is linked to Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS), which is a deadly allergic skin reaction that causes the skin to peel off like an onion. There’s no cure for SJS, and survivors are often left with what looks like third-degree burns and blindness.

Acetaminophen, a common painkiller found in everything from Tylenol to Ibuprofen, is also linked to SJS. A person can take any of these SJS-related drugs for years without suffering any problems, and suddenly develop SJS out of the blue.

Even worse, most people have taken a painkiller or antibiotic at some point in their lives, so everyone’s at risk. There are cases of children as young as two dying of SJS from medications.

Trading one ailment for another

Lipitor, a cholesterol-lowering medication, is often prescribed to prevent cardiovascular disease, even when a person isn’t at high risk. However, this drug has been linked with permanent Type-2 diabetes in women over 50.

When Lipitor causes diabetes, there’s no chance for reversal, and patients face an increased risk for a number of illnesses. Instead of preventing a disease, they were given one.

Unum is the biggest long-term disability insurance provider in the country, but thousands of people have claimed that the company refuses to pay out. CBS has exposed the inner workings of the company, and showcased how employees who closed or denied the biggest claims were awarded financial bonuses.

A class-action lawsuit against Unum alleges that the company preyed on its customers during their most vulnerable time: when they were newly disabled. Former Unum employees have confirmed claims that they were financially rewarded for denying claims at any cost.

These are just a smattering of the class-action lawsuits currently being assembled across the country. Joining one in lieu of an individual claim can lead to a faster resolution, but there’s typically a cap on the available compensation.



The good news is that summer is almost here. The bad news is that planning your next summer vacation is expected to be a highly stressful activity, for many Americans as well as you.

According to a recent article by the Harvard Business Review, research indicates that a poorly planned vacation diminishes the positive effects that the vacation is supposed to have on your pleasure and recreation. While this news is disheartening, there are ways to plan your away time more effectively, and reduce the stress related to the planning process.

The tactics are simple. All that’s require is a little bit of recent technology.

The “resident” experience

Traveling is great, but feeling like a tourist with a fanny pack is not. To make the most out of your next big vacation, you should become as local as possible.

One recently developed application that can help you do this is called Spotted by Locals. It provides travelers with “city guides” created by residents that contain tips and recommendations for visiting the best and most unique spots in the area.

City guides can be downloaded to a computer or accessed through a mobile device. They’re an excellent tool for getting the most out of a visit without feeling like you’re sticking out like a sore thumb.

Tick-tock goes the clock

So let’s say you’ve found a destination where you can feel like a city local. Unfortunately, being able to discern the hours of operation for places you plan to visit can be truly difficult.

To address this problem, resources such as Hours Map can give travelers a better travel experience. Users can view locations in the area and obtain their opening and closing times.

When users find themselves in a particular neighborhood, they can instantly learn which places are currently open and which are closed. Finding a food joint or shopping outlet has never been easier.

Finding flights and accommodations

Having to book a hotel, car, and flight separately can drain your wallet and your patience. An easy way to streamline these tasks is to use an online booking service.

Online booking services are changing the way the public approaches travel. Now travelers can get more economical prices, easily find a hotel in the area, and even book a car at the same time.

This is only one example of an excellent service that goes a long way toward accommodating travelers’ needs by making the planning process far less stressful.

Worry-free flying

Lastly, more airlines are launching their own mobile apps. Travelers can keep track of flight times and delays, pull up boarding passes, and more through air applications.

This makes the travel experience much easier, because travelers have easy access to all they need to ensure a smooth flight.

Your vacation is meant to be relaxing and stress-free. With the above innovations in travel technology, more travelers are able to reach that goal. If you’re about to design your next vacation, it may be time to update your trip planning process for the best experience.



You know caffeine in excess isn’t good for you, but you might be surprised to learn just how dependent you are on it. Maybe you’re not one of those people who posts coffee in the morning memes on Facebook every day; maybe you don’t know your Starbucks barista by name.

You might not have a Keurig on your kitchen counter, and if pressed, you might insist that your tea habit is so much better than coffee. But you still might have a problem.

Understanding the level of impact caffeine has on your body might give you the boost you need to cut down … or eliminate it for good. There’s more to it than just being addictive and disturbing your sleep patterns.

For those who think they might be ready to get off caffeine, start with the following few steps. Some approaches may work for you, others may not, but it’s all about sticking with it and finding the best technique for you.

1. Set a feasible goal

If you know you can’t go straight from four cups of coffee in the morning to zero, don’t set that as your immediate goal. Wean yourself off in a challenging yet feasible way.

Maybe you substitute decaf for one of those four cups over the first two weeks, then two cups, and so on. You either know your level of addiction or you’ll find out quickly enough and can adjust your goals.

2. Start reading labels

You’ll be surprised just how much caffeine can be packed into non-coffee items. Becoming a label reader is great for your health in general, and not just when considering your caffeine intake.

If you love the taste of diet soda, there are many alternatives that are caffeine- (and aspartame-) free, such as Diet Rite or Stevia-based sodas.

3. Prepare for the side effects

You might experience fatigue, muscle cramping, mood swings, or serious headaches when you cut down on a serious coffee habit. This is what happens when your body goes through withdrawal.

Anticipate this challenge by having a plan of action in place beforehand, such as a natural painkiller. You might indulge in acupuncture or massage sessions to help you get by.

4. Rally the troops

Your family and friends can be great motivators and will help keep you accountable. Share your goals with them, and you might even get other people on board. There’s power in numbers, and going through the change together can be a great inspiration to make it work.

Most importantly, it’s easier to keep the end result in mind. If you’re struggling to lose weight, knowing that caffeine can help keep the weight on might be the push you need.


organic skin care

Many people agree that it’s crucial to care for your insides by eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water each day. However, in the last few decades, there’s been a movement within the beauty industry to utilize what Mother Nature provides us to care for and groom our surfaces.

All around us are the ingredients that could finally rid us of the jars and bottles filled with mysterious chemicals that line our bathroom cabinets and fill our pocketbooks.

There are two main approaches to going natural with your skin-care regimen. You could research the brand-name cosmetic and skin care companies that have committed to using all-natural and organic ingredients; or, if you’re looking to save some money and have a little creative fun, you could follow some simple recipes and create your own products.

Organic vs. natural

There are a limited number of cosmetic companies that are willing to eliminate all chemical filler, but many are committed to using either organic ingredients, or a mix of natural and organic ingredients.

But what is the difference between “natural” and “organic”? The difference is minor, but important to grasp. Natural ingredients denote any plant, mineral, or animal byproduct, while the term “organic” actually refers to how the ingredients were cultivated: typically without the use of pesticides, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers, or antibiotics.

Therefore, all “organic” products also qualify as “natural” products.

Brands that promote natural and organic ingredients

Allwomenstalk.com has listed some well-known brands that do not use unnecessary parabens, additives, or chemicals. Many of these companies, such as Sephora, Bare Minerals, and Origins, are committed to using natural components and getting close to becoming truly organic.

To achieve this, all the cleaning and conditioning ingredients must be made from organic materials that are manufactured using an ecological process that’s gentle for the environment. The skin-care lines associated with those brands utilize all-natural emollients to condition and soften skin and minimize wrinkles.

One of the better organic lines to try is InstaNatural. According to beautybrite.com, InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum lives up to the hype it receives on the Internet.

Made completely with natural ingredients and reasonably priced, Insta Natural Vitamin C Serum requires only one to two drops a day, rubbed into your face and neck, to brighten your complexion with its natural moisture benefits.

Create your own natural and organic products

If you prefer to create your own products, scrubbingupnaturally.com has several do-it-yourself ideas for creating your own natural and organic beauty products. For example, if you want all the goodness of a vitamin C serum, and you have an artistic streak, you will find a useful recipe for “orange essential oil” on the site.

Outside of oils, the blog also features links to step-by-step instructions for creating homemade creams, scrubs, and even candles. The blog not only stresses the known benefits of vitamin C, but also those of coffee, almonds, and honey for exfoliating and moisturizing skin.

Some of the potential products benefit facial skin only, while others are better for hair and full body well-being.


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