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Art is all about expression. It is also all around us, giving context to the culture in which the artist lives. What an artist imagines, how they feel and their ability to see things in a unique way permeates the art they create. For the genuine artist this sometimes means bearing their soul in the process of forging a work that reveals their signature touch. Many of these works become prized possessions of art collectors, usually purchased at auction for large sums of money. What has made the art that belongs to our modern culture so different from years past is that we live in a technological age. It introduces a situation where technology becomes part of the expressive quality that certain artists seek to exploit. It is hoped that technology, when being used, will become an extension of the artists own abilities. The fear is that reliance on technology in constructing a work of art will take away from the artists innate artistic ability. Still there are many who use technology to enhance their works of art, because technology provides them with the best solution for the techniques they intend to employ.

Technologies That Make Art Happen

If you look around you, you will probably find many technological gadgets that are useful in a variety of art based applications. Computers are certainly a big part of modern art, since very intricate graphics are able to be worked out on a screen. Computerized graphics are also easily altered and can be theoretically printed on a variety of materials. In addition, a commercial artist may choose to develop an automated system, where the computer is controlling how an airbrushed painting is being rendered. This is particularly helpful when the software used to develop the picture is able to take that image and change how it is represented topologically. According to an article at, by the 1990′s it was even possible to scan humans in 3D, making human scans available for all sorts of art-based applications. Today, this technology has come much further, ever providing artists with the ability to do more elaborate scanning and graphical renderings.

The Age of 3D Printers

What is inevitably going to be an invaluable tool to any artist with an imagination is the advent of the 3D printer. With the ability to render objects in 3D, an artist will not only be able to produce computer based paintings, but they will also have an ability to control the surface of the 3-dimensional canvas they are printing to. This could potentially make it possible not only to produce extremely realistic works of art, but extremely convincing fakes as well. With 3D scanning technology and software that calculates brush strokes to a high precision, it may be possible to have an authentic-looking Mona Lisa hanging in a person’s own living room. Not only may the painting look original to the eye, but the improved abilities of 3D printing may also make the rendering feel very authentic to the touch as well.



For many homeowners, performing home improvements is one of the pleasures of owning a home. Each improvement can boost the aesthetic appeal of the place and may even make the home a more environmentally friendly residence. Green Residential, a property management company located in Houston, suggests making home improvements based upon what is popular in your location. Real estate agents have been gathering information from home improvement companies, contractors and home owners to assess what home improvement trends will be the most popular throughout 2015 and beyond.

1. Green Home Improvements

According to this blog by Hutch News on, green home improvements were a top 2014 trend, and this will continue throughout 2015. Some popular green home improvements include the addition of environmentally friendly insulation that improves the home’s energy efficiency and the conversion of incandescent light bulbs to CFL or LED bulbs.

2. Automated Home Control Systems

Today’s homeowners are busier than ever. Instead of manually setting the thermostat or putting the lights on individual timers while away, you can look to automated home control systems such as Wink and The Nest to manage your home systems for you. These systems are integrated with your wiring and can also be wired into your home security system. You can control these systems through any internet connection by downloading the app onto your mobile device.

3. Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are a popular trend for homeowners seeking to boost their home’s energy efficiency. The most recent innovations in residential windows include UV coatings and triple panes that reduce unwanted air exchange with the outdoors. These windows come in a variety of sizes and can even be created in custom configurations such as circular shapes. Replacement windows add resale value to the home as well, which is why they will remain a trendy upgrade.

4. Recycled Flooring

As homeowners become more conscious of the types of materials coming into their homes, recycled flooring has increased in popularity. Manufacturers have responded by creating a wide variety of options, which are expected to grow in range for 2015. You can purchase carpeting made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles. The carpet padding can also be created from recycled materials. Another option selected by many homeowners is the use of reclaimed wood from structures being demolished. This wood is refinished and adds a unique look to any room in the home.

5. Environmentally Friendly Cabinetry

Giving the cabinetry a facelift or a total replacement, is a common home improvement project for homeowners looking to completely change the look of a kitchen, bathroom or laundry area. Instead of using wood that comes from rain forests or other problematic sources, homeowners are selecting more environmentally friendly cabinetry materials. Some homeowners are choosing to refinish their existing cabinetry. Others are looking to sustainable materials such as bamboo rather than exotic hardwoods. Reclaimed wood or reclaimed and refinished cabinets are also gaining in use for homes in 2015.

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How can you motivate your employees and colleagues to be as productive as possible? It’s a holistic approach and no single change is going to do it for everyone (or probably anyone). Plus, it also requires creating teams that work well together since some combinations (like too many dreamers and not enough doers) can be deadly to your company. When it comes to productivity, it’s a constant honing that you’ll never really perfect.

From having the right environment during special events as well as the daily grind to understanding which personality types work best together, there are many equations to better productivity. It also depends on your industry and goals. However, here are some foundational basics to get started:

1. Happiness

Happy employees are healthy, productive employees. In fact, Forbes even reported that the happier your employees are, the more money the business will make. However, many companies don’t make happiness a constant, high priority and instead try to inject it randomly (such as with forced office birthday parties). Be transparent with your workers and get feedback on what will actually make them happier.

2. A healthy environment

The health of your environment will play a huge role in how productive everyone is, which is why regular professional cleaning is a must. The healthier your employers are, the better they’ll be able to do their job. Infuse as much natural light as possible, encourage or require frequent breaks, and consider starting an office run/walk club or other fitness incentive. Even a daily lunch stroll can have huge benefits according to Real Simple, and it also provides a bonding opportunity.

3. The right tools and technology

You can’t expect your employees to be as productive as possible if you’re not kitting them out with the latest tools and technology. Your competition might be doing so, which puts you (and all your employees) at a major disadvantage. Remember that these items are tax write-offs for the business. Otherwise, you’re asking someone in Crocs to win a marathon for you.

4. Regular training

Just because Susie in accounting got her training with your company 12 years ago doesn’t mean she remembers anything or that the information is even relevant today. People forget, things change, and it’s normal to feel embarrassed asking for clarification on something a person is supposed to be doing everything. Provide regular training for all employees and teams, and you’ll discover things are suddenly being handled much better.

5. Give options

There are more and more companies offering telecommuting and virtual office options. For some employees, this can massively boost their productivity but for others it can hinder it. You can’t play favorites, so experiment by offering trial runs. You’ll find out if certain job descriptions work well with telecommuting, or if it’s just some people.

6. Give incentives

If you really want a certain person or team to do their best, inject some healthy competition into the mix. From making a certain sales goal to having the highest customer satisfaction rating, there are many approaches you can take with this. Make sure the incentive is truly desirable, such as a paid Friday or Monday for a long weekend or an impressively high gift certificate to a local restaurant.

When it comes to the productivity of your employees, a lot of it is in your hands. However, it’s tempting to get lazy and settle for good enough. Put some hustle into your workplace and actively encourage productivity on a daily basis. Remember that leading by example is powerful stuff, so don’t exempt yourself from following your own recommendations and bolstering your own productivity levels.


Heading off to college will be an exciting time for students ready to partake in the next stage of their educational development. For many students, choosing a college with a good location is important. Some students want to stick close to home. Others want access to a school that provides them, not only with a solid core program for their field of study, but also with the opportunity for a strong social life. Many students check to see what types of social outlets surround the college they are choosing as well as times of operation. It is easy to imagine that once they are away from home, it is going to be all fun and games. For many of these students, this is the first time they have lived away from home. This generally means that a student will either end up proving to their parents that they are capable of being responsible on their own, or it means that they are bound to face some problems along the way.

Choosing a College Located in a Good Area

Aside from concerns a student might have about all the homework their professors will be piling on them, it is also important to make sure that the college they attend resides in a good area. The last thing an inexperienced student wants is to get on a campus with a lot of crime. The idea of seeking an education is not to become an unwitting victim of criminal activity in the process. Consequently, a college that offers its students excellent campus security and sufficient evening lighting are two factors to consider here. A lot of inner city colleges may have decent campus security but poor lighting in certain areas. This should be of greater concern to female students than male students. This stems from the fact that many female students are abducted every year from college campuses. Though college administrators may not like to speak at length about the crime that occurs on their campus, it is nevertheless prudent to ask about such things.

Campuses Near Home are a Good Place to Start

If a student is not certain that they should be making a trek across the country to go to school, then perhaps they are right. Everyone adjusts to their college experience in their own way. It is possible that they may adjust better to living on their own if they choose a campus that is a little closer to their parent’s house. This does not mean that they can not live on campus, but it does mean that mom and dad will be close by if there are any problems. Alternatively, it also means that the option to live at home is certainly a possibility. According to a recent article in the New Republic, there is evidence of a trend among students, termed Millennials, exposing how an increasing number from this demographic prefer to live at home. Not only will this help many of these students to save money, but it also means that these students will also be home for the holidays too. That is something that will help to put parents’ mind at ease as well.


Cord blood storage for private and public use is a smart move for the future. It’s a proven disease treatment option. Other uses are being researched, and clinical trials look promising. Stem Cells from cord blood benefits the donor, the donor’s family, and the public.

What Is Cord Blood?

Cord blood is the blood from a newborn’s umbilical cord and placenta. At the time of birth, a doctor extracts the blood. There is no risk to either the mother or the child.

People collect the blood because it contains stem cells. Stem cells are the building blocks in the blood, and they have the ability to transform into different cells. They can use for repair of blood tissue and organs. Cord blood has been used to treat over 70 different diseases. These include Leukemia, Sickle Cell Disease and Osteopetrosis.

If a family decides to save the blood, they have two options: they can store it for private use in a family blood bank or donate it to a public cord blood bank. The blood is then cryopreserved.

Benefactors of Family Cord Blood

In certain situations, the cord blood can be used to treat the donor. This is known as. Their donated stem cells are used to repair their body. It can be used for illnesses such as aplastic anemia. Autologous use is mainly an emerging field though.

More commonly, someone else’s blood is needed for treatment. This is allogeneic use. It’s necessary in cases where the body is creating the wrong cells, as is the case with cancer. The diseases causing the problem would be within the stem cells. Using the donors own blood would be inserting cells with the same sickness.

Cord blood can be used for siblings though. A healthy sibling would not carry the disease within their blood. Studies show that treatments that use cord blood from a sibling or other family member are twice as likely to work as blood from strangers. In storing cord blood for each child, parents are storing protection for their other children.

Benefits for Non-Relatives

If a family didn’t store the cord blood, it’s still possible to get the stem cell treatment. The stem cells come from the public cord blood banks. Families sign away their rights to the cord blood, leaving it open for unrelated people. Be the Match registry lists cord blood units. Doctor can access this registry to treat their patient.

Even for non-relatives, cord blood works well for transfusion. The stem cells do not mature enough to attack foreign substances. This lessens the chance of a transfusion rejection.

The benefits of cord blood have not been fully realized. Scientists are studying how cord blood can be used in the treatment of autism, diabetes and congenital heart defects. A number of studies focus on autologous use of the stem cells in cord blood. At this point, a number of benefits are still within the stage of clinical trials.


It’s time to ditch the cluttered makeup bag and step up your organization skills. You’d be surprised at how much more use you get out of all of your makeup when it’s visible and easy to access. Follow some of these tips for some creative ways to store your beauty collection!

Fragrance Displays

Your perfume has cost you a pretty penny, so why are you hiding it away? Not only will you rotate through your scents more if they’re out in the open, most perfume bottles are quite pretty and make great display pieces. According to Daily Makeover, find a cake stand that matches your room’s decor and arrange your bottles for a feminine and easy to access storage method.

Organize Your Drawers

If you don’t care for tabletop displays, then it’s a must to have organized drawers. If you’re a collector of makeup brushes, lipsticks, or mascara, then your drawers probably look like a junk drawer. When your drawers are tidy with the help of drawer organizers, you’ll cut down on the time it takes to get ready and you’ll find yourself using more of your makeup.

Make a Beauty Board

Do you like to rotate through your stash on a weekly basis? Or is your collection pretty small? Get a metal sheet and have it cut to the size you want. Drape it in some pretty fabric and glue small magnets to the back of your products. This is great when you don’t have any drawer space or limited counter space. You can even hang the sheet on the wall in your bathroom for even better space-saving storage.

Storing Your Hair Tools

Nothing will make your clean bathroom look like a cluttered hovel more quickly than curling irons, flat irons, and cords everywhere. Take a page out of your beauty stylist’s book and create some holsters to put your irons and dryers in. PVC pipe attached to the inside of your cabinet doors is a quick method to create easy and space-saving storage for your tools. Cut bigger pieces for the barrels of your items and then put a smaller piece of pipe next to it to neatly store the cords.

Make Your Own Vanity

When you don’t have enough counter or cabinet space, you just need to make your own! According to She Budgets, making your own vanity doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Hit your local thrift store or garage sales and find a narrow table that’s the right height for you to sit at. Some sandpaper and a quart of paint are all you’ll need to customize it to your room.

Show Off Your Nail Polish Colors

Are you a nail polish junkie? Then you know the struggle of having to sort through a cluttered basket to find the shade you’re looking for. Using a rotating spice rack is a budget friendly way to organize them, but if you still want that cute, girly look, then use a small cupcake stand. The different tiers will leave plenty of room for your bottles and you’ll be able to see all of the colors.

Don’t be lazy with your beauty product storage anymore. A few tweaks will afford you a tidy work space and the ability to use all of your favorite products.


Every year, the Women’s Presidents’ Organization releases a list that features the 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led businesses in the country. These companies generate billions of dollars in revenue and employ more than 20,000 people. The average number of employees per company is more than 600. The women owning and operating the diverse businesses are around 47 years of age. Explore the statistics of some of the top women in trade.

Happy Family Organic Superfoods

A group of young mothers headed by Shazi Visram established the company that is located in New York. All were concerned about the healthy food options available for infants and toddlers. The women devised the means to deliver nutritious and fortified organic products in the form of finger foods, shakes and smoothies containing various combinations of fruits, vegetables, fiber and protein rich seeds. Since introducing the business in 2006, revenues have exceeded more than $60 million annually.

Strategic Communications, Inc.

Kathy Mills established the communications company in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1994. Boasting clients of all sizes in every state of the country, the business offers everything from audio/visual solutions, cabling and networking to cloud computing and data centers. With technicians located throughout the United States, customers have access to the type of communication needs that best serve their purpose. The company receives revenues of more than $40 million every year.

BrightStar Care LLC

Shelly Sun began the company in Gurnee, Illinois, in 2002 in an attempt at addressing the care-taking needs of families. She recognized the need for clients to ensure that loved ones receive care in the familiar surroundings of their home. Staff members provide services around the clock whether needing childcare or supervision of an elderly parent. The type of care offered also varies from basic supervision or assistance with daily activities to licensed professional evaluations and treatment. Now with offices in more than 250 locations, the company lists an annual revenue of more than $200 million.

Intellect Resources

The company founded by Tiffany Crenshaw in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1999 offers a wide selection of IT services in the healthcare industry. The company recruits talent, manages projects, implements systems, trains personnel and provides live support when needed. By providing comprehensive and innovative solutions, the company has enjoyed revenues of approximately $30 million annually.

Cenergy International Services LLC

The Houston, Texas, company established by June Ressler in 1996 provides employment solutions for the gas and oil industries. The company also offers inspection and safety solutions, logistics optimization and vendor management when and where the services are required. The company currently provides services to industries located throughout the world and has revenues of $250 million.

Rose International Inc.

Sue Bhatia founded the corporation in 1993 for the purpose of providing employment and technology solutions. With more than 6,000 employees, who provide various services to more than 130 regular customers in every state of the country, in addition to having 20 International offices. The minority and female owned business generates more than $350 million in profits every year.


Business litigation cases come in various forms. The way you handle these cases determine the eventual success or failure of your business. One of the most common cases includes breach of contract.

What Is a Breach of Contract?

Contracts are a normal way of life for any business. However, not all parties fulfill their end of the contract. The violation of agreed-upon terms and conditions of a binding contract is called a breach of contract. It could be anything from late payment on a sale of property to a more serious violation such as failure to deliver an asset.

Business contracts are binding for the two parties involved. This means that if violated, the contract holds weight in a court of law.

Handling a Breach of Contract

At times, the process of handling a breach of contract is incorporated in the terms of the contract. For example, the contract might state that the defaulter pays 10 percent more or a predetermined sum plus the missed payment in case of late payment. In such a case, it is easy to handle the issue.

If the consequences of the specific violation are not included in the contract, you can decide to settle the dispute in court or via arbitration, which often leads to formulation a new contract or legal action.

When Can a Breach of Contract Be Upheld in Court?

A contract may be breached in whole or in part. In order for any dispute to be upheld in a court of law, it must fulfill several requirements that include:

• The contract must be valid. Validity in this case means that it has all the essential elements of a contract. If any element is missing, then it cannot be heard by the court of law and there won’t be any lawsuit.

• You must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant breached the contract.

• You have to show that you did everything you were supposed to do according to the contract. You cannot file a lawsuit if you have also failed to meet your contractual obligations.

• You must have notified the defendant of the breach of contract. It is better if you do this in writing than verbal.

A contract ends when both parties have fulfilled the contractual obligations. Showing that a valid contract existed is the first step towards filing a successful lawsuit.

Types of Contract Breaches

A breach of contract comes in two types. An actual breach of contract is whereby the other party refuses to fulfill his or her side of the bargain on the due date. On the other hand, an anticipatory breach of contract occurs when the other party announces an intention of not performing his or her side of the bargain before the due date.

According to Gilbert & Bourke, the only way to handle a breach of contract and any other business litigation case is to work with a qualified attorney who will help you with the litigation process.


Fashion fads come and go. Every year designers strive to outdo one another with unique or unusual creations worn by models on runways or seen in a host of fashion magazines. Undergarments are not exempt from the creative whims of these artists. While some introductions are well received and gain a large following, others go by the wayside for obvious reasons.

Princess Lingerie

Numerous little girls dream of being a princess. The fantasy may now continue into adulthood. Japanese retailer Bellemaison introduced a line of Disney Princess undergarments inspired by the individual characters of different beloved stories. In a wide range of colors and complete with pleats, frills and lace, young ladies may now don garments that might be worn by the likes of Princess Aurora, Bell, Cinderella or Rapunzel.

True Love Bra

This unusual garment was created in Japan by Ravijou. Never mind true love’s kiss, these bras were created to be removed by a woman’s one true love. Equipped with embedded sensors and a specially designed clasp, the True Love Tester communicates with a mobile device via Bluetooth. When a perpetual Prince Charming arrives on the scene, the internal sensors monitor heart rate, analyzes the information and determines if the wearer is experiencing true love.

Funkybod Muscle Top

Now any man can have the perfect Adonis physique without the sweat and toil of entering a fitness center. Designed to be tight fitting, each shirt features built-in padding that automatically enhances the appearance of biceps, triceps and pecs. The chest padding also provides support similar to a bra, which serves to control those man boobs.

Bra/Gas Mask

The devastating Chernobyl crisis in the late 1980s inspired a female scientist to create an easily accessible gas mask. The ingenious invention created by Dr. Elena Bodnar won her the Ig Nobel Public Health Prize. The RAD Emergency Bra removes quickly and transforms into a gas mask by simply putting one cup into the other and placing the device over the nose and mouth. The straps adjust to hold the mask in place. The bra also features radiation sensors.

Flatulence-Filtering Panties

Invented by the Shreddies British undergarment company, the panties are constructed with a back panel that contains a carbon-based material. Zorflex is commonly implemented in warfare suits and prevents odors up to 200 times more potent than human flatulence. The carbon ingredient captures and neutralizes the gas. The panties are washable, which refreshes the carbon.

Anti-Microbial Underwear

The Monarch Company in Chile devised underwear and socks that are woven with fine copper. The manufacturing process involves combining copper with a compound known as polyamide to create the special thread-like wiring that eliminates odors and up to 99 percent of bacteria, fungus and yeast on contact.

The Smart Bra

Designed and created by Microsoft, the bra contains battery operated sensors that communicate with smartphones via a special app. The bra is meant to curb emotional eating. The sensors act as an electrocardiogram, an accelerometer and a gyroscope. The technology compiles and interprets the information in an effort to prevent stress eating. While the bras proved successful, the batteries were a bit of a problem with a charge that lasted only three or four hours.



In most instances, after becoming a medical assistant, nurse, or physician’s assistant, medical professionals continually have the opportunity to learn and use the most modern healthcare equipment and techniques on the planet. Despite the advancements made every year in Western medicine and technology, many different methodologies have histories that date back centuries. Some remain in use today.

Leech Treatments

Documentation suggests that physicians often used these common creatures as far back as 800 B.C. The rudimentary belief involved the concept that diseases were blood borne and allowing a leech to drain the blood helped eliminate the illness. Unfortunately, the practice of bloodletting led to fatalities. Today, leeches are raised in sterile environments for medical purposes that include reconstructive surgery or grafts. By doing what nature created them to do, leeches serve as a means of stimulating blood circulation during the healing process.

Maggot Treatments

Commonly associated with feasting on dead and rotting flesh, the common fly prodigy also have a place in medicine. Though used for centuries in many different cultures, in the U.S., Native Americans and Civil War military medics used the maggots to eliminate dead tissue, prevent infections and promote wound healing. Although the benefits of using the larva were known for decades in this country, it was not until the 1920s that physicians actually performed research into the advantages of using maggots. Now, facilities around the country raise the young flies specifically for medical debriding or wound cleaning.

Transsphenoidal Surgeries

Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians understood human anatomy well enough to know that brain tissue was accessible through the nasal passages. As part of the burial and mummification rituals of the culture, the brain was removed and placed in an urn prior to interment. Using the same passageways, modified instruments and techniques, modern day surgeons capably remove pituitary and similar tumors.


From prehistoric times, cultural medicine men created holes in the skulls of patients as a form of treatment. Early on, before the advent of modern mental health services, practitioners attempted to cure patients of symptoms by using some type of hammer and chisel devices to open a hole in the head. The surgery was initially thought to provide an escape route for evil entities. Eventually, surgeons realized that creating the opening alleviated pressure on the brain following a traumatic head injury. The practice is still in use today.

Cesarean Section

Though some have the misconception that the method of childbirth is associated with the ancient Roman Emperor Julius Cesar, C-section procedures actually date back to 1030 B.C. in China and 298 B.C. in India. Ancient physicians knew the risks involved and resorted to implementing the practice only under extreme circumstances. Until physicians developed safer methods to control blood loss during the 1880s, the surgery was quite dangerous and often resulted in the death of the mother. Statistics suggest that as many as one-third of the babies born in the country today are delivered via C-section procedures. The innovations in modern anesthesiology make it possible to perform the surgery using only local or spinal anesthetics, which allows the parents to witness the birth.


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