American women are increasingly turning to personal firearms to ensure their safety and well-being. In 2015, it is likely that even more individuals will be purchasing guns, with women in particular seeking out permits to bear arms. As of 2014, nearly a third of American women have access to a gun in their household. With proper practice and education, such gun ownership can be safely managed.

Why Own a Gun?

Though many women have gone through their lives without a gun, the reasons for acquiring a firearm today are as convincing as ever. Unfortunately, women today are reportedly 30-40% more likely to be attacked than men, according to an article at The Well Armed Woman. Regardless of whether a woman is physically fit or not, a gun provides a smart and effective first line of defense against such assailants.

Reports of rape and sexual assault across the United States have risen in recent years as well. Whether you’re a single woman, a young mother, or a college student, owning a gun is one of the most reliable defenses against violent sexual crimes.

Some women believe that they are unlikely to be victims of crime due to the fact that they are living in good neighborhoods. Burglary happens in all communities, however, and affluent neighborhoods are often especially desirable targets for criminals. According to The Atlantic, guns are used in self-defense scenarios more than 60,000 times annually. Simply put, guns are one of best ways to secure a home against theft and intrusion.

Perhaps the best reason for a woman to own a gun is to increase her confidence and sense of empowerment. A number of women claim to feel particularly free and fearless as a result of learning how to properly use firearms. Women who have referenced a number of valuable gun ownership resources tend to be most content with their firearms purchase.

Note that firearms needn’t be used for protection only. A gun can be a practical and enjoyable sporting tool as well. Women may enjoy hunting with their guns or visiting target ranges for practice. Shooting for sport is perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of gun use.

Reasons Not to Own a Gun

Individuals should only consider purchasing guns if they plan to actively use their guns and maintain their knowledge of firearm use. Simply having a gun in one’s home doesn’t ensure a family’s safety, and, in fact, may make some situations worse. Guns may result in more severe domestic violence and may be especially risky for suicidal individuals.

If a member of your household is prone to violent or unpredictable behavior, a gun may not be the best choice for you. Likewise, firearms should not be kept around individuals prone to abusing alcohol or drugs, as this may ultimately result in tragedy.

Responsible Ownership

Firearms should always be used responsibly. Though women today may benefit from purchasing guns, the decision is not one to be taken lightly. Be sure to consult a number of reputably resources to help you decide if gun ownership is right for you. If so, proceed with proper training and certification. In doing so, you will guarantee your safety and success as a future gun owner.



When you own a retail business, one of the most important aspects is that of displaying products and merchandise. Specials, discounts, highlighted items and more can see an influx of purchases through the use of visual aids. However, there is more to attracting the interest of a customer than merely printing out a sheet of paper with information regarding the sale. Various display types and positions may have superior capabilities for attracting customers.

Accentuate Popular Brands

One of the most popular methods of attracting attention to various sales and merchandise is by accentuating popular brands. This means putting the brand name and logo in large print above the merchandise itself. Consumers will recognize the section in which their favorite products are located based merely on the color and logo. These should be seen from various locations within the establishment and are usually displayed high above obstructions.

Portable Displays

The ability to move a display from one location to another could be invaluable especially if you move sale items often. According to Best Displays Online, display stands can be easy to set up as well as durable allowing you to move the banner or advertisement to virtually any location. This can help you discover which areas of the establishment the ads work the best for attracting customers. You could take these displays a step further and use retractable units allowing you to develop seasonal ads that can be reused for years to come and easily stored afterwards.

Avoid Specific Products Displays

Displaying brands is safer than creating banners for specific products. If you’re on a strict budget, creating banners for specific products could make those displays obsolete should the company not make that product in the future. While some items are safe to display given its nature, it may be a better idea to develop graphics surrounding the manufacturer. Of course this depends on the item you’re selling.

Window Decals

Window stickers and decals are a heavily used method of attracting attention to a product or brand. According to blogger Zoe Ajiboye of Web Designer Depot, using stickers is an “innovative and cost-effective way to create a lasting impression.” However, you want to be certain about what kind of stickers or decals you want to use. If you paste permanent stickers on the windows of the establishment, it could create a mess when it comes time to change the information. Use decals that are self-adhesive and do not contain permanent glues.

Trending Product Graphics

Trending products can sell very quickly as long as the consumers know you have these items in stock. The cost for creating a display for these sought after items can be easily justified depending on the popularity of such a product. However, this means you will need to keep a close eye on developing trends around the country for your particular niche.

While displays can help guide consumers to purchase various goods, you don’t want to bombard each individual with a plethora of ad-like displays. Catchy graphics and benefits to using certain items can do wonders without making it look like the ad section in the newspaper. It may take trial and error to find the perfect positions for certain displays, but the rewards could be plentiful.

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Shipping valuables and important items can be considerably stressful. Most people that go through the processes of shipping often fear that their packages will arrive damaged and dirty. In the worst case scenario, contents may arrive in poor condition. When going through the shipping process, these types of concerns should not be an issue if you take the right precautions. Rather than stress about your shipment, you can focus on the more important and time-worthy responsibilities of your day. To help with this process, below is an overview of the top precautions to take before shipping your items.

Choose Durable Packaging

Before you physically start packing your items into boxes, taking the time to decide upon the best type of packaging material can be vastly useful. Choosing strong and durable packaging material will protect your belongings and will increase the likelihood that your possessions arrive safely to their destination. The most common types of shipping boxes are shipping cartons, file storage boxes, moving boxes, and corrugated bin boxes. Each of these options has its own level of durability. Generally, the heavier and more delicate the shipping items are, the stronger the box should be. To further protect your possessions, it is also useful to place bubble wrap or foam insulation.

Wrap Your Possessions

Water is one of your worst enemies during the shipping process. While your items are protected while there are in transit, it is important to realize that your possessions are not always covered from rain and other weather elements. For instance, your shipment may be transferred from one transport to another, easily increasing the risk that your item can get damaged. Therefore, rather than take the risk that your item will arrive with water damage, you should consider pre-packaging your shipment. Items like paintings, wooden objects, books, and furniture can be wrapped in hefty plastic wrap or bubble wrap. This will keep your possessions dry as they go through transport.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve properly packaged your product, the next top tip is to do your research and find a proper shipping company. You mainly want to research the company’s shipping policies, its reviews, what it usually ships and does not ship, how long your shipment will take to arrive, and the cost of shipping. According to FreightRun, freight calculators can be especially useful in comparing prices with a large selection of carriers.

Designate as Fragile

According to the Consumerist designating your contents as “fragile” may not cause your package to be given extra care. However, rather than writing “fragile” in bold letters followed by a slew of exclamation points, it could just be best to be a bit more human about it. Writing a short “thank you” and taking the time to truly request extra care for your package just may be the better solution.

Packaging and shipping your precious possessions isn’t always easy, but taking the time to do things right can save you stress and money in the long run. The above tips will provide you peace of mind as your contents go through transport and will leave you confident that your items will arrive safely and in one piece.




You have plenty of incentive to survive your own child’s birthday party, but what about when it’s another kid’s? What if you don’t even have your own children, but you feel obligated as an aunt, uncle or close friend to head to the nearest Chuck E. Cheese for four hours of serious grammar school throwback? Fortunately, today’s kid’s birthday parties have plenty of distractions for grownups, too. It’s even easier if the party is booked at a location where there’s entertainment for partiers of all ages.

Still dreading the 2pm start time and the potential for sugar highs and tantrums? Don’t worry, because there are a few tricks to survival that they don’t teach you in parenting classes. No matter what the age of the child or your connection to the birthday boy or girl, you can make it through with a genuine smile. Here’s how:

1. Bring back the pre-gaming college days

This doesn’t mean you should get smashed before arriving, but a relaxing glass of wine can be the perfect way to ease into the party. Of course, there are numerous ways to relax and unwind that don’t involve alcohol, too. Check out tips from Greatist on how to relax in just a few minutes, many of which you can practice in the car. Going into the party with the right mindset is crucial.

2. Bring a gift you’re excited about

The best part about a kid’s birthday party is getting to relive your own childhood and choosing a gift carefully. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but you do need to consider the child (and if you don’t know them well, ask the parents or find out what’s trending). Already, Parenting has a list of the top toys of 2015 out and that’s a great place to get started.

3. Prepare to get messy

This isn’t the place to debut your white linen pants or silk dress that’s prone to wrinkling. Come prepared to get messy, complete with cake smears or spilled punch. If you’re dressed comfortable you’ll be comfortable, and if you’re not worried about stains then you’re more likely to enjoy yourself. It’s an excuse to embrace your inner kid for a few hours.

4. Choose where you sit carefully

If you already have a clique of “mom friends”, seek them out and get a good seat immediately. If you don’t with this group, then brush up on your networking and talk with someone new. After all, you’re all in this together. Consider this a place where you can meet new friends, too. It gets tougher and tougher as an adult, so take every opportunity presented.

5. Say yes to participating

Whether it’s jumping on the trampolines at the air gym or taking a swing at the piñata if/when adults are welcome, say yes. Otherwise, you’re never going to get into the spirit. There are games, activities, or beverages designed just for the adults, to partake. Remember that all the other adults are trying to get through this and make the most of it, too.

6. Plan your evening accordingly

Sometimes the best way to get through a kid’s party is to have something waiting for you afterward. Maybe it’s happy hour with friends, a Netflix binge at home, or dressing up for a fancy dinner with your significant other. Have something to look forward to, and suddenly the party isn’t all that bad.

Remember: Parties are supposed to be fun no matter your age. Try to empathize and see things from the birthday kid’s perspective, and you might just enjoy yourself.


The facts about distracted driving can’t be disputed, but if that’s the case then why are so many people texting, talking, eating, and applying makeup behind the wheel? It’s human nature to believe you’re the exception to the rule, or that your “skills” trump others. Most of the time that tendency is harmless, but when it comes to distracted driving it can be deadly for anyone on the road. There’s a reason law firms specialize in distracted driving, but you never want to “need” these professionals on your side.

How do people convince themselves that they’re “good” at texting and driving, while everyone else on the road is terrible at it? Here are a few of the most common falsities and lies people tell themselves when they can’t resist checking that Facebook notification:

1. It’ll just take a second

True, everyone functions and reads at different rates. However, government researchers with Distraction.gov report that the average person can drive the length of a football field just to check a short text. Going 55+ mph on a highway with other drivers, nobody is skilled enough to drive across a football field blind.

2. I’m at a stop sign/red light

You (probably) won’t hit anyone when you have the brakes on, but it can cause traffic issues nonetheless. Everyone has been behind a person who refuses to go when the light turns green. Plus, according to Health, there are numerous ways stress can impact the body and you don’t want to get an infuriating email when you’re a couple of seconds away from driving.

3. People with stick shifts drive with just one hand

That’s an easy excuse for using one hand to text, eat, brush your hair, flip through radio stations non-stop and the like. However, drivers with stick shifts are actually more in “drive mode” because both hands are truly required. Being in an automatic can put a driver on “auto pilot”. You may not actually need to keep your hands at 10 and 2 the entire time you’re on the road, but it gives you the most control and ensures you’re mentally present.

4. I have great reflexes

People overestimate their reflexes and defensive driving skills like they overestimate how attractive they are when they’re drunk. Even if your reflexes are better than average, that can change daily due to stress and other factors.

Driving isn’t easy and you’re not the only one on the road, so take it seriously.


Insurance coverage is never a fun topic of discussion. Despite the fact that none of us want to think about getting hurt, accidents do occasionally happen. For athletes participating in riskier physical endeavors, the odds of getting injured are even higher. Individuals participating in these high-risk sports inevitably suffer injuries from time to time. For those wishing to protect themselves from mounting medical bills, extreme sports insurance is an excellent option to consider.

What Exactly is Extreme Sports Insurance?

Extreme sports insurance is precisely what its name implies. ESI covers a whole range of sports and related injuries. Some major extreme sports insurance providers even offer coverage for day-to-day injuries as well, including broken bones or sprains that happen at home or work. These providers generally offer supplemental insurance plans that cover injuries and expenses above and beyond that covered by standard health insurance plans. With extreme sports insurance, athletes ensure that they’ll have more comprehensive coverage if an accident does occur. Such coverage provides athletes with a sense of reassurance that an injury will not result in a devastating financial burden.

What Kinds of Athletes Should Consider Extreme Sports Coverage?

Extreme sports coverage is available for athletes participating in almost any sport. Some insurance providers offer the coverage to non-athletes as well. Though all athletes may benefit from ESI, these sports in particular are particularly suitable for coverage:

- Skiing, Snowboarding, and other winter sports

- Football

- Ice Hockey

- Wresting, boxing, and MMA fighting

- BMX, motocross, and mountain biking

- Skateboarding, longboarding, and related sports

- Other extreme sports

More standard sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketball are covered as well. According to NHS Choices, a number of sports injuries can occur from these sports, too. Most ESI providers offer a broad range of coverage. It is likely that you will be able to obtain coverage regardless of your chosen sport.

Benefits of Having Extreme Sports Insurance Coverage

There are a number of significant benefits to acquiring extreme sports insurance. Purchasing sports-related insurance is a smart decision for athletes seriously involved in their sport. According to statistics acquired by sports insurance companies, nearly 2 million individuals are injured each year as a result of their athletic endeavors. These injuries are often only minimally covered by standard health insurance policies. Without extreme sports insurance, daredevil adventurers and athletes might find themselves struggling to pay off thousands of dollars in medical bill debt. ESI policies, which can often be acquired for a fraction of this price, can help save athletes from the crushing burden of expensive medical treatment.

Good extreme sports insurance providers will also offer you a fair insurance plan. Most providers ensure that your rates will never rise, even if you sustain an injury. Some providers even offer cash directly to sufferers, allowing them to pay their bills, purchase groceries, and cover their day-to-day needs while recovering. With a reliable ESI provider, you will be covered 24/7 and receive the treatment you deserve.

Things to Look for in an Extreme Sports Insurance Provider

Before settling on an extreme sports insurance provider, be sure to consider the following:

- Is this provider licensed in your state? Some ESI providers only cover certain geographic areas. Be sure that your state is covered by the insurance provider. If you participate in extreme sports abroad, be sure that the provider covers international injuries as well.

- Find a straight-forward and honest ESI provider. Run a background check on the company to ensure that other customers have had good experiences with the provider. If possible, find a provider that offers contract-free plans with no deductibles.

- Seek a plan that fits your activity level and budget. If you’re a student, look for a simple and affordable insurance plan. Professional extreme athletes ought to look into more comprehensive coverage options. Find a plan that truly suits your needs.

- Understand the “fine print.” Some ESI providers are more straight-forward than others. Be sure you fully comprehend a policy before making a final purchase. Policies often cover only a certain range of treatments and may require that your medical treatment take place within a particular time-frame. Providers almost never cover pre-existing injuries. Take your time to thoroughly consider the provider’s insurance policies.

Though extreme sports insurance isn’t for everyone, devoted athletes may want to consider purchasing such policies. By making smart decisions today, athletes and adventurers can save themselves a lot of time, effort, and money in the future.


Europe has an enormous number of locations that feature archaeological sites and ruins that often appeal to visitors. The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and a large selection of castles scattered about different countries remain quite popular. In the United States, Native Americans have inhabited the continent for thousands of years. However, these cultures are not associated with creating elaborate structures. Nonetheless, Americans need not update visas and venture overseas to see relics. Unbeknownst to many, in various destinations across the United States there are also indications of at least visitations from ancient civilizations.

The Berkeley Mystery Walls-San Francisco, California

From Berkeley to San Jose is the remnant of a stone wall constructed from stacked stones. Though largely configured in a straight line, in one location, the stones form an interesting spiral. The exact age of the structure remains unknown as native Ohlone people report the walls existed at the time of their arrival. Spanish pioneers voiced the same claim. The age and weight of the stones embedded the wall deeply into the soil. At the beginning of the 20th century, an archeologist speculated that Mongolians may have visited the area. Artifacts of weaponry found in various spots across the country suggest that the Vikings may also have been here at one time. The wall is too low to serve as a defense and there are gaps apparent. The origin remains unknown and presents a curious anomaly.

The Bighorn Medicine Wheel-Lovell, Wyoming

The Americas feature a variety of medicine wheel configurations in many different destinations. The Native Americans consider the structures sacred. The largest of these interesting designs measures 75 feet in diameter and exists in Wyoming. Though the exact date of origin remains unknown, the wheel came into being sometime before the arrival of the Crow people. Based on the direction of the spokes, one astronomer suggested that the wheel was used to chart constellations and commemorate the summer and winter solstices.

The Blythe Intaglios-Blythe, California

The Nazca Lines found in Peru are quite well-known. However during the 1930s, a pilot found similar formations when flying to Nevada. The geoglyphs consist of enormous human-like figures carved into the desert anywhere from 450 to 2,000 years ago. The largest image measures more than 170 feet in length. Scientists believe that the Mojave people created the images. Interestingly, much like the Nazca Lines, it remains unknown how a primitive culture so accurately created the site without aerial navigation.

The Great Serpent Mound-Hillsboro, Ohio

Beneath a lush green lawn lies a 1,300-foot elevated earthwork structure that resembles an undulating snake swallowing what appears to be an egg. The unusual sight was first discovered by European pioneers in 1812. Three decades later, surveyors from the Smithsonian Institute performed a formal investigation. Though most agree that the mound was created by pre-Columbian cultures, the purpose and creators remain unknown.

The Mystery Hill-Salem, New Hampshire

Dubbed “America’s Stonehenge,” the site differs greatly from the stone megalith. The destination consists of a series of complex stone structures, walls and caves. Archaeologists speculate that the location was built in the 17th century. However, the precise date, reason for the site and who may have created the structures remains unknown. After the discovery, the hill soon became a tourist attraction. H.P. Lovecraft reported visited the location and one episode of the X-Files was filmed nearby.



As people age, they begin to become more concerned about their overall health and well-being. Who can blame them? Being sick these days gets expensive. This is especially the case when your doctor has prescribed a lot of medications. To avoid this problem, many people have decided to take control of their own health. They spend hours online educating themselves about the latest diets, exercise regiments and health supplements. When a person is striving to become healthier, it is easiest if they surround themselves with other like-minded people. For this reason, many health-minded individuals search for a community of people who will support them in their health-related goals. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find people in a person’s local area who share their healthy lifestyle values. The good news is that it is possible to build a thriving health-related support network online.

Getting Your Online Health Community Up and Running

If a person truly wants to start their own online health community and support network, the initial steps are not too difficult. According to the Yahoo-groups website, they are an online community designed to connect people who have common interests. Anyone can begin to structure a topic-centric community online by using the free Yahoo-groups platform. Depending on how one sets up the moderation features of a free Yahoo-group they can either turn a Yahoo-group into a forum or a newsletter. If all a person wants to do is provide health-related information to a group of subscribers, then it is simply a matter of setting the Yahoo-group up to restrict other member postings. In this case, the list-owner can provide all the information to the group in a newsletter format. If they want more group participation, then allowing members to post to their health-related Yahoo-group is the way to go. To obtain more regular participation, a Yahoo-group moderator can advertise their group and assign other moderators, giving them tasks central to increasing the health-related knowledge base of the list members. Many of these online communities grow into the thousands of members and remain quite active.

Expanding the Reach of Your Online Health Community

Once an online health community has been running solid for a while, something else a group owner can do is to expand the influence of the group. Because millions of people are online looking for up-to-date health-based information, there is actually quite an interest in people wanting to get involved with spreading health-related news. Many such groups start petitions and push for reforms, using the online environment as a means to promote their message of healthy living and alerting the public to very real health concerns. Often these movements lead to real changes in a variety of industries and government policies involving the health of the general public. When this sort of change happens, it helps to reveal the real power consumers have over companies who may not have their best interests in mind; thus, helping to further expose why such community-based movements are necessary in these modern times.


Winter holiday is something everybody looks forward to. After a busy winter holiday, having a pleasant transition back into work can make a big difference. Leaving your office clean and spotless can be one way to make coming back easier. Coming back to an orderly environment can serve as a great motivator.

Remove Clutter

After a whole year full of hard work, it is common to end up with a desk full of things that are unnecessary. Getting rid of excessive paperwork and other items that may have collected is necessary. If you are not comfortable getting rid of some paperwork, scanning it into the computer gives you a way to keep it without sacrificing desk or drawer space. Hard copies can also be filed into labeled binders and put away neatly for future use. Going through all the files, desks and cabinets and getting rid of unnecessary items will give your office a clean, inviting appearance. Employees are more likely to want to come back to a clean office space. According to Enlighten Me, “one final benefit of a clean office to employee productivity is that there will be less time lost, and hence less productivity lost, due to clutter”. Cleaning your office before leaving for the holidays results in more productive staff when vacation is over.

Enlist Help

There is often more to be done than the hours in a day allow. It is worthwhile to seek the help of professional cleaners, especially for a deep clean at the end of the year. According to Jan Pro, it is necessary to have your office cleaned by “highly trained professionals who detail your office environment with premium grade cleaning products and processes.” Such high quality service leaves your office in pristine condition, awaiting a new year full of success. This also works as a sign of appreciation to all of the employees, since they are rewarded with a luxurious, clean working space.

Digital Clutter

An area that is largely overlooked when it comes to cleaning is the computer. This is odd since the computer is one of the most used items in most offices. Instead of post-it notes, more people are using their computers and e-mails as reminders. This can result in a cluttered, barely functional e-mail. Before leaving for the holidays, it is wise to go through all your e-mails, deleting anything that is not needed. E-mails that contain information that may be needed in the future can be placed in a specific folder. it is vital to delete e-mails after they have been read and replied to. The extra few seconds that it takes to delete a message helps make the e-mail experience more functional. Deleting notes and e-mails before holiday also allows you to easily access the long list of new mails that will be in your inbox when you return from vacation. Not having to sift through several weeks-old e-mails increases productivity, which is one of the main goals for most workplaces.

The key to a clean office is being able to let go. Disposing of unnecessary things creates a clean environment that is more inviting. Frequently utilizing professional cleaning services also helps keep the office in check. Having a clean office when returning from winter holiday can help an employee feel motivated.


Valley of the Golden Mummies

Few would downplay the importance of ancient Egypt and its role in shaping the world we live in today. As civilizations go, theirs was an enigma in that they were able to do things that we still don’t quite understand.

The most obvious is the building of the great pyramid, a construction that would be extremely challenging with the heavy equipment that we have at our disposal toady. Building it by hand in 20 years as the books tell is beyond comprehension and there is still a ton of debate about how this possible could have been done.

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