There’s search engine optimization (SEO) and then there’s localized SEO (LSEO). The two are pretty self explanatory assuming you know the basics of SEO, but in a virtual world, who needs LSEO anymore? You might be surprised, because the answer extends beyond brick and mortar establishments. You might be a business owner who could benefit greatly from going local in addition to basic SEO and not even know it.

While it’s obvious that brick and mortar establishments like local restaurants, shops, boutiques and the like depend heavily on LSEO for relevance and ranking, those in a completely digital commerce might also benefit. Here are a few of the lesser known industries who are a great match for LSEO.

1. Community-specific websites

Let’s say you operate a forum or virtual community for Gujarati Jains living in the US. These communities are going to be richer in certain parts of the US (you’re not going to find many in rural Kentucky). By peppering in organic keywords that relate to the places where your demographics live, you can help build a connection.

2. Sports apparel companies

Even if you don’t pick sides and offer swag for every team, there will still be fans searching locally. It’s important to include local keywords, especially with product descriptions. For example, one of your products might be an Oregon Ducks hoodie. By adding “Eugene” into the description (the town where the university is, but often isn’t included in descriptions) you can improve your SEO ranking.

3. Tourism sites

If you manage a site for tourism, whether it lists the best hiking trails in Zion or food carts in LA, there’s no telling what slang or knowledge your potential readers have. Some might know the local nicknames of neighborhoods while others simply know they want to see the “Grand Canyon” and have zero knowledge of geography beyond that. Sprinkle in more localized keywords and you’ll attract in the know travelers as well as those just starting their research.

4. Florists

Of course you need LSEO if you’re a local florist with a shop and local deliveries, but many florists will ship around the country. You can’t go keyword stuffing crazy, but if you have data that shows a lot of orders come from a certain region, capitalize on that and include it in your keywords. You can also use major metros like New York City (organically) to fish and see if you get any bites.

LSEO isn’t for everyone, but it might be the tool you need to gain an edge.



From smartphone chargers to computer mice to fans, plug-and-use USB devices are omnipresent in our daily lives. What few know, however, is that USB devices have considerable limitations, chiefly the relatively small amounts of power most are able to process. This prevents manufacturers from developing larger, more power-intensive devices, and it limits the amount of devices that can be plugged into any one computer. That looks to be changing, however. In June 2014, prominent developer Goodway Technologies unveiled new, powerful USB docking solutions that allow higher power outputs than ever before. These will provide more variety for manufacturers of USB and other mobile devices as well as shore up on recent safety concerns.

The Technology

Goodway began developing the new standard USB Power Delivery specifications in response to increased demand from tablet companies for more powerful USB chargers. While a number of tablets are able to be charged on current USBs, their charge and data transfer rates are severely limited. With the new specifications, however, tablets and even small televisions will be able to share information and charge with any number of computers. Even more excitingly for many, this connection will be two-way: If your laptop is dying but your iPad fully charged, you can set the USB charger to siphon energy from your tablet and direct it to your laptop computer. A number of manufacturers have already picked up on the design, and you can expect to see these new USB devices by December 2014.


In addition to tablet manufacturers, a number of other designers of USB devices have begun to take advantage of this new technology. First and foremost, the cities of Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, have begun to install USB charging benches in parks. These innovative pieces of architecture will allow park-goers to enjoy devices of any size without worrying about bulky battery cases. Other exciting new offerings include a number of heavy-duty USB routers, for using as many as a dozen devices on the same computer, and high-capacity USB business cards, allowing advertisers to store and distribute promotional products with pizazz and free publicity.

Who’s Excited?

While these applications appeal to a vast customer base of tablet users, the people most excited about this expanded USB capacity are digital content creators and computer programmers. With new tools like the Arduino USB Host Shield, even small-time developers with minimal resources can afford to make and test new content for both computers and mobile devices. While the full details are quite technical, the Host Shield essentially lets users connect development boards and other tools directly to traditional desk and laptops, minimizing the need to purchase special equipment just for software development purposes. Independent animators are particularly excited as previously uploading bulk sketches from mobile devices could take hours. With the high-speed uploading made possible by this latest innovation in USB technology, however, even large transfers can be finished in minutes.

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As your company grows, its communication platforms must also scale to meet the needs of your business. Unfortunately, many companies outgrow their platforms and leaders neglect to improve these systems. This can result in a range of concerns, such as security, conversation continuity, cost, and support. If your company hasn’t already explored unified communications (UC) solutions, then your leaders should reassess your current strategies.


Consumer level mobile, desktop, and laptop platforms are a poor substitute for your business communications. Popular IM, phone, and video chat platforms might be great for daily casual use, but they are less than ideal for your work-related correspondences. Award-winning secure UC solutions provide employees with secure channels, so that you never have to worry about who’s listening in. Your IT department will breath a sigh of relief, because UC can eliminate many of the data breach and accountability fears that they are subject to when employees use consumer channels to discuss business.


Have you ever experienced static or interrupted connections during a conference call? This can lead to untold hours of lost productivity, especially if your team relies on remote correspondences to get everyone on the same page. UC systems are built to handle the traffic of group conversations, so you won’t have to suffer through unexpected downtimes, annoying disruptions, and noise pollution.


Companies that invest in UC systems gain the advantage of having dedicated support teams to resolve issues and meet your company’s needs. Unlike consumer communication platforms like Skype, Google Chat, and other platforms, UC support teams are extremely familiar with the needs of midsize and enterprise organizations. Whether you’re trying to troubleshoot call forwarding, group calls, or other telephony solutions, a UC support team will have you covered.


Since UC systems rely on SIP trucking rather than traditional VoIP technologies, your employees will waste less time jumping into a conversation. UC systems can be scaled to meet your company’s needs, so that you aren’t tied to feature bundles that don’t apply to your needs. These customizable plans can free up your company’s budget so that you can focus on growing other areas of your business.

Growing companies often realize that they must start scaling their communication strategy to meet their needs, in order to remain competitive. Investing in a flexible UC system can vastly improve your communications performance while lowering expenditures. You’ll see a remarkable jump in your company’s internal productivity.


Shave for Battle!

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It’s time for men to join forces and eradicate the evil forces of…beards? Ok, while most of us may not see beards as a bad thing, Schick Quattro would like to remind us that seeing a jawline is a great and powerful thing that seems to have been lost over time. With 4 blades of awesome righteousness, clearing that beard will be a cinch. Join the #UnitedWeShave movement and take back the summer. Make this summer the cleanest (shaven) ever.



Bone is living tissue containing cells that continue to replicate and grow. When someone develops osteoporosis, the disease slows the regenerative process. Individuals might also lose too many cells before adequate replacement occurs. Bones become weak and break easily. Though fractures may occur during a fall, the brittle condition of osteoporosis might also contribute to breakage from slight pressure. Some people suffer spontaneous fractures as a leg bone gives way beneath normal body weight.

Prevalence of Osteoporosis

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, more than 50 million adults in the United States have a diagnosis of osteoporosis. Research warns that 50 percent of all women and up to 25 percent of men over the age of 50 have an increased risk of bone fracture secondary to lowered bone mass and osteoporosis. Studies indicate that the ailment contributes to approximately 2 million broken bones annually, which costs an average of $19 billion in health care costs every year. By the year 2025, osteopaths believe that these numbers will increase to 3 million fractures and health care related costs of more than $25 billion every year.

Osteoporosis Prevention

Physicians at the Mayo Clinic advise that eating a healthy diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, along with exercising regularly, helps bones remain healthy throughout life. Adults over the age of 18 require at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily. Women over the age of 50 and men over 70 must get 1,200 milligrams of calcium. Dietary specialists recommend getting the necessary nutrients by consuming cereals and juices that are fortified with calcium, canned salmon or sardines, and low-fat diary products. Taking oral supplements is also another option. Strength training and weight-bearing exercises strengthen the large muscle groups and bones along with maintaining cardiovascular health.

Hip Fractures

Anyone 65 and older diagnosed with osteoporosis stands a high risk of suffering a hip fracture. These bone breaks most often occur in the upper portion of the femur where the large bone fits into the hip socket. Symptoms of a fractured hip include:

• Excruciating pain in the groin or hip region

• Inability to put weight on the affected leg

• Shortening of the affected leg

• Abnormal inward or outward rotation of the leg

In rare occurrences, victims may only experienced knee or thigh pain. Proper diagnosis requires undergoing an X-ray. Physicians may also recommend a bone scan, CT scan or an MRI, which all provide a more detailed image of the affected area.

Hip Surgery

Depending on the type and extent of the fracture, an osteopathic surgeon may perform a hip pinning or a total hip replacement surgery. Pinning involves using screws, braces or other metal devices to hold the bone together as it heals. Hip replacement requires replacing the upper, fractured portion of the femur with a synthetic, metallic device that functions similar to a normal hip joint. Following surgery, patients typically undergo physical therapy to regain strength and facilitate normal joint movement. Patients must fully comprehend the healing process and the possible side effects associated with implants before agreeing to the procedure.


Get ready for a huge surprise! Watch this adorable short and learn about Mel’s Mini Mini Mart and the little secret held inside. Sometimes taking the time to see what’s inside can change everything. Oreo’s got the tiniest cookie yet, and it’s just for you.



Faulty or malfunctioning equipment, chemical exposure, exposed wires, and slippery floors – these are just a few elements that can create an extremely hazardous work environment. These issues can occur over a long-term period, or they can appear suddenly due to weather, environmental conditions, or accidents. Employees in the United States are protected by federal organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which enforces safety standards in work environments across the country. Here’s what to do when you feel like your work environment presents risks to employees.

Tell Your Supervisor

When you notice something dangerous at work, bring it up with your supervisor. If possible, show them the dangerous fixture and voice your concerns. Companies that are proactive about work safety can significantly decrease the risk of workplace injuries and fatalities. Do your part by informing your superiors about a risky environment, so that they have the chance to take action.

Talk to HR

Unfortunately, your supervisor might attempt to minimize your safety concerns or overlook them. If nothing is done about an unsafe work environment, then ask your HR department what can be done about a safety issue. Unfortunately, some organizations prioritize profit over safety, which can affect their response regarding a dangerous workspace.

Contact OSHA

If your employer refuses to address safety concerns at your workplace, you might wish to file a confidential complaint with OSHA. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries in 2012. It is possible that you could save some of your coworkers from injuries or even fatalities by reporting unsafe working condition. You have a federal right to report dangerous work environments without fear of retaliation.

Document Incidents

If you are injured at the workplace, it is extremely important to document the time, date, injury details, and setting of the incident. These details will be important in workers compensation claims and you might be able to pursue injury litigation. If possible, take photos of your injuries and the work environment to serve as visual reminders.

Unsafe work environments can expose you and your coworkers to needless levels of risk. Speak up when you see unsafe situations unfold, because you might be able to save yourself and your colleagues from harm. Don’t forget your federal rights as an employee in the United States.



Making the decision to send a loved one to an assisted living facility can be very difficult. Family members are often fraught with guilt, stress, and worry about their relative during this period. Taking an active role in searching for the best nursing home can help ease these tensions and anxiety, since you’ll know that your loved one will be in the care of highly qualified professionals. But what should you look for in a reputable nursing home? How can you ensure that your family member gets to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle? Here are four factors to watch out for in your search for a nursing home.


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services hold nursing homes to very strict quality of life standards, conducting regular onsite inspections to ensure that residents have safe living arrangements. Be sure to tour nursing homes and keep an eye out for sloppy housekeeping. Major red flags include sightings of biohazard materials, such as soiled linens or used medical equipment that are not contained or cleaned. Examine restrooms, dining areas, and resident rooms and assess the cleanliness of these areas.

Staff Qualifications

Don’t be afraid to ask nursing home staff about their qualifications and licensure. Depending on the type of facility, some nursing homes will have Special Care Units for working with Alzheimer’s patients, for example. These specialized departments often come at different price points for residents, since they must meet different care standards established by state-based agencies.

Visitation Rules

Once your loved one starts living at a nursing home, will it be easy for you to visit them? Do the visitation hours sync up with the schedules of your family members? Learn everything you can regarding the visitation restrictions.


Depending on the physical and mental state of your loved one, they might require significantly more attention than other residents. For example, people who have trouble walking are at risk of falling down and sustaining an injury at the nursing home. This can lead to serious health consequences, especially if your loved one hits their head or breaks a limb. During your visit to the nursing home, take note of how much supervision the current residents receive.

Take some of the worry from your nursing home search by touring facilities thoroughly before your loved one becomes a resident. If you become concerned by the cleanliness, facilities, and care given to your loved one, be sure to address the issue with administrators. Visit your family member on a regular basis to assess their quality of life.



Millions of Americans have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma. If you have one of these conditions, you might believe that obtaining a life insurance policy is impossible. According to this article on Nasdaq.com, chronic medical conditions may not necessarily preclude you from getting the life insurance coverage you desire.

Risks Associated with Chronic Medical Conditions

Some chronic medical conditions present a greater risk than others, which can affect the availability and pricing of life insurance policies. The chronic conditions with the greatest risk of premature death and disability as it relates to getting life insurance coverage include heart disease, obesity, pulmonary disease, diabetes and cancer, explains this article on Kiplinger.com. However, even within these guidelines, not all risks are created equally. A basal cell carcinoma type of skin cancer may not raise your risk as much as if you’ve had recurrent or metastatic colon cancer. Seasonal asthma does not affect risk in the same way as life-long asthma. Gestational diabetes is not factored in the same way as Type 2 diabetes.

Types of Insurance Policies for People with Chronic Conditions

When you have a chronic condition, you may not be eligible for the range of policies that are offered to people without these types of conditions. According to this article on Chronic Disease Preparedness, most people with a chronic medical condition are able to secure a term life insurance policy. A term life insurance policy affords you financial protection during your income-earning years while you still have dependents. Because the risk of your condition worsening with age or cutting your life short, a term life insurance policy is easier to obtain than a whole life policy. You can also look into a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, which is similar to whole life but is designed for people with chronic conditions.

Benefits of Life Insurance When You Have a Chronic Disease

Stress and worry about your financial situation or future may worsen some chronic diseases. According to this article at Cigna.com, NZ insurance companies offer life insurance policies that can bring peace of mind to those with a chronic condition. Knowing that your children, spouse and other loved ones will be provided for in the event of your passing may help reduce some of your anxiety about your condition and the future.

Affording Your Premiums

Keeping your chronic condition under control is the best way to find an affordable life insurance policy, explains this article on Jewish World Review. That may mean keeping up with preventive care, screenings, tests and staying on top of your medication. Your health insurance policy may offer you services to aid with chronic disease management. If you’re able to bundle your life insurance and health insurance policies with the same carrier, this can help you save even more on the cost of your monthly insurance premiums.


Enuresis, more commonly known as bed wetting, is normal for very young children. There are two types, primary and secondary. Primary enuresis is characterized by a child over the age of five who has never gained bladder control overnight and wets the bed more than twice a month. Secondary enuresis is when a child has gained bladder control overnight for six months or more, and then begins to wet the bed again. Generally, children fall under the category of primary enuresis; however, around 25 percent suffer from secondary enuresis, according to Urology Health. Studies indicate that nocturnal enuresis may be one of the most common pediatric health issues. The percentage of five to seven year olds that suffer from the condition may be as high as 25, and twice as many boys as girls experience it through age 13. In addition, one to three percent of adolescents and adults experience a problem with bed wetting.


Other than the obvious symptom of bed wetting, some children have the polysymptomatic form of nocturnal enuresis. It is important to distinguish between the two in order to treat the problem correctly. The diagnosis is based on the presence or absence of an overactive bladder. Research has suggested that twice as many children present with the monosymptomatic form of nocturnal enuresis, and that the polysymptomatic form was associated with other bladder and bowel problems.


There is no single cause of nocturnal enuresis. According to ClinicalKey, factors associated with the condition are varied. Some of the factors involved are listed below.

  • Genetics

  • Deep sleep

  • Small bladder capacity

  • Maturational delay

  • Diabetes

It has been determined that genetics play a role in a child’s nocturnal enuresis; if one or both parents experienced the condition as a child, then the odds are that their child will also experience it. Some children just cannot arouse themselves from sleep to feel their bladder. In addition, a child’s bladder may be too small to hold urine throughout the night. Another factor may be that the child’s CNS (central nervous system) hasn’t developed enough to respond to a full bladder. There have been some correlations identified between nocturnal enuresis and other conditions such as diabetes. Usually, primary nocturnal enuresis is not associated with psychological issues; however, they could be a factor in secondary nocturnal enuresis.


Treatments for this condition depend on the factors that are related to it. In many cases, treatment is not needed at all since 5 to 15 percent grow out of this condition annually. For those who need help, there are three main ways of treating the condition: enuresis alarms, behavioral therapy, and medication. Only severe cases that have not responded to other treatments and have other medical conditions need to be medicated. The most common treatment, according to Dri Sleeper, is an enuresis alarm. This is an alarm that reacts to moisture when attached to the child’s bed sheets or pajamas. In most cases, the alarm will wake the child in time to stop the urination and compete it in the toilet. Behavioral therapy in conjunction with an enuresis alarm may be beneficial.


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