A clique can make a child feel isolated, or that something is wrong with them. The results can vary in severity, based on how the clique interacts with other children. A clique may not only involve the most popular children, but can be formed by any small group that feels they share certain similarities, such as nerds or loners.

StateImpact suggests that a child’s educational performance can diminish in school whenever they feel left out or unimportant. In many cases, the child experiences feelings of humiliation in front of a clique that is being mean or disrespectful. This could cause the child to replay the events while in the classroom over and over again, making it difficult to pay attention to the teacher. Some children may experience unnecessary amounts of worrying about looking like an outcast if they can’t find someone to sit with at lunch or on the bus.

Helping a Child Deal with the Negative Experiences of Rejection

According to a news article by Today, many parents realize that rejection is just a part of life; however, they are unaware how to help their child cope with issues that often stem out of mistreatment from a clique, such as rejection. Parents must learn how to walk the fine line between not replaying their own negative memories they experienced in school and still keeping their cool in front of their children. Playing a supportive role involves focusing solely on your child and leaving your own emotions out of the equation.

Facing Rejection from a Peer Group

Children experience rejection by a peer group for any number of reasons, including their appearance, cultural background, ethnic race or personality. Parents should be aware that their child might be experiencing a form of rejection at school if their behavior suddenly shifts, if they become unusually isolated, if they become withdrawn or overly sensitive, or if they suddenly try to make excuses to avoid going to school. If your child opens up to you about feeling rejected or bullied at school, it may be helpful if you can point out a similar experience you went through at school if it offers a useful suggestion to your child about how to cope with their experience.

Cliquish Behavior May Lead to Bullying

According to this infographic, children who are accepted into a clique may feel more of a sense of value or importance than others. While it can seem positive to be involved in a clique, often it can affect the personalities of those who are involved. It could cause the members to become more abrasive in nature and begin to bully others who are not a part of a clique.

Parents who regularly communicate with their children about what’s going on in their life at school may be able to help their kids cope with the effects of bullying. Since being bullied can make a child feel isolated, parents can combat that affect by spending quality time with their children each night.


Too many people assume that eating well means that you’re committed to a diet. While dieting can help many people lose weight and become more healthy, you don’t have to label the way you eat. Simply changing your habits and making a few modifications to your daily meals can have similar outcomes as some of the most prolific mainstream dietary plans. In fact, you may find yourself feeling better in general by changing your daily eating routines.

Eat in Moderation

One of the keys to enjoying some of the finer things in life is doing it in moderation. This includes eating as most of society is overfed. When you go to a restaurant, realize that your order has enough food to feed you two or three times. According to Laura Schocker of The Huffington Post, almost every restaurant chain in the United States serve more food than is necessary which is loaded with fats and sodium. Eating less and saving the rest for later can help you manage that intake.

Change Up the Snacking

Snacking is a very common pastime for many people. Although fruits and nuts are far more healthier to snack on, you can enjoy some of those salty processed snacks in moderation. For instance, one ounce of chips such as Pringles can be good. Eating the entire package in one sitting can give you more calories and carbs than you need in a single day. Try to remain true to portion sizes when snacking and keep in mind the number of fats and sugars you consume in any given day.

Fighting Pain

Many foods are able to help you quell pains you are feeling throughout the day. Everything from arthritis to headaches can be treated with the right intake of nutrients. According to this post, there are several foods you can eat that can help you manage the pain. For instance, ginger and calcium can help relieve a headache before it becomes unbearable. Your nutritional intake directly affects the body and mind, and eating nothing but junk food and meals from a drive-through window can be detrimental to living pain free.

Improving Your Mood

As mentioned earlier, food can directly affect your mental capacity. Studies have been conducted of how antioxidants in berries have made a lasting contribution to many mental attributes. One of the most notable after effects is the reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease of which various berries contribute. The healthier you keep your brain, the more of an impact it will make in your mental capacities as well as overall physical management.

You don’t have to follow mainstream diets in order to lose weight and become more healthy. By monitoring your portion sizes and adding healthier snack choices, you could make a profound impact in your overall health in less than a month. If you mix it up with getting more physical activity on a daily basis, you can quickly melt away pounds while keeping your mind focused and clear. Practice better choices for eating and feel the results for yourself.


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Almost every business experiences a financial emergency at some point. The key to getting through a crisis—with the business still intact—is knowing how to access cash when internal resources are not immediately available. One way to accomplish this is through invoice factoring. According to the Wall Street Journal, a company uses this method when they need immediate access to cash and chooses to sell one or more unpaid invoices to a factoring company in exchange for up to 90 percent of its value upfront.

Before the factoring company forwards the money, it checks the credit worthiness of the invoiced company. Assuming it is good, it then forwards the majority of the balance of the unpaid invoice minus a processing fee. This option is often attractive for businesses that bill customers on a net 30, 60, or 90-day basis as it allows them to improve their cash flow immediately rather than waiting for payment from their customer.

Business Cash Advances

A business cash advance, also known as a merchant cash advance, provides business owners with an immediate lump sum of cash in exchange for a share of its future sales. According to Imperial Advance, a provider of small business loans, after the company receives its advance, the loan provider takes a percentage of daily sales that are processed through its cash register.

Retail companies, restaurants, service providers, and others with a high volume of credit card sales are all good candidates for this kind of emergency business financing. This type of funding is particularly helpful for start-up organizations because it allows the owner to pay in small daily amounts and does not have the strict qualifications of a bank loan.

Personal or Business Credit Cards

One of the most convenient things about credit cards is that most business owners already have them. For those who don’t, it is a good idea to apply for both a business and a personal credit card before an emergency pops up. That way, they won’t have to wait for the credit card company to make a decision and then wait again for the card to be issued. Whenever possible, a business owner should use the credit card issued to his or her company for financial emergencies. This ensures the ability to keep business and personal expenses separate.

Many owners of start-up businesses do not have a sufficient credit history yet to apply for a credit card in the name of his or her company. The next possibility is for the business owner to use a personal credit card, although this should always be the last resort. If the business needs cash and not just a way to charge purchases, most credit cards include a cash advance limit as part of the overall credit limit. Cardholders should be able to write a check to themselves or withdraw money from an ATM using the credit card.

Business Loans Through Finance Companies

Small business owners with poor credit, lack of collateral or an insufficient credit history often have trouble getting a traditional bank loan. A post on BizFilings notes that finance companies tend to be less conservative about qualifications and can provide the money the business needs quickly. Loans provided by a finance company are typically for a shorter term and offer more flexible repayment options than business loans through a bank. While the interest rates are higher, this can be a fair trade-off in the right situation.


You might remember that one question you got wrong on your driving test or the wrong move you made with the proctor, but what else can you recall? Getting your license requires a lot of practice and studying, but few of those (lifesaving!) nuggets of knowledge stay with you. Would you pass your driver’s test if you were to take it again today?

Don’t be embarrassed if the answer is no. Just like a job, a lot of that initial training gets forgotten. It’s usually more important to use practical, daily skills and defensive moves behind the wheel instead of memorizing the exact buffer space you need between cars (it’s one car length per ten miles per hour, by the way).

Here are few of the biggest things forgotten about your driving test, and why they’re still important. However, bear in mind that laws may vary state to state and city to city, so make sure to check locally before your next trivia night:

1. You don’t always have to stop for a school bus

If there are three or more lanes and it’s a two-way street, you actually only need to stop if you’re going the same direction as the bus. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, even though a local news outlet in South Carolina recently caught a bunch of cars bypassing the laws.. A police officer isn’t going to pull you offer for stopping for a bus when you don’t need to, but you’ll certainly be pulled over if you fail to stop.

2. Always park with the tires straight ahead to avoid unnecessary wear

This is usually a good idea, unless you’re parking downhill on a hill. In this case, you should turn the wheels inward to avoid the car rolling into the street or crashing directly into the car in front of it. You should also set the emergency brake. There will still be damage, but at least it’ll be minimized.

3. Only a couple of people/vehicles have the right of way

There are a lot of things that trump your car when it comes to priority. Funeral processions, in some states pedestrians (even jay walking ones), farm implements, emergency vehicles, and more. Failure to give the right of way can come at a high price.

When traveling anywhere new, even just across state lines, it’s a good idea to check out the traffic laws. Luckily, The Huffington Post gives you a good starter course.



It is never a pleasant experience to watch a friend or loved one spiral into the depths of drug addiction. The use of substances, such as drug and alcohol, frequently begin as a means of escaping the overwhelming realities of everyday life. Maybe an addict gets behind on their bills, they cannot bear to face some tragedy that happened or they are attempting to self medicate to manage reoccurring pain. According to theriversource,org, whatever the reason, it is critical to their health and well being that they obtain genuine professional help from drug rehab.

It is at this point that the greater bulk of the burden ends up falling on another person’s shoulders to provide the addict with the guidance they need. It is not a responsibility that too many people want to have thrust upon themselves. An addict is oftentimes not going to be thinking rationally. They may not even initially appreciate the help you are trying to provide for their benefit. However, in order to help an addict get their life back together, it is generally necessary for someone to step in to be the voice of reason.

Becoming the Voice of Reason

In order to step in as the voice of reason, a person has to prepare themselves for the worst. An addict is going to make every excuse to maintain a grip on their substance abuse. The dependency they have developed for their drug of choice will be a tremendous vice they are not going to want to abandon. In many cases, an addict will be convinced that they are in control of their addiction. Although it is evident that they are not in control, it is important to realize that an addiction leads people to believe a lie for the sake of maintaining a habit that is hazardous. As the voice of reason, it is important to help an addict admit that they need to seek the opinion of a drug addiction counselor. If the addict says that they are sure everything is fine, simply explain that there is no harm in speaking with a drug addiction counselor to make sure. Let the addict know that it will help convince you that everything is okay if they are willing to comply with this simple request.

When Things Get out of Hand

In a lot of cases, an addict will refuse help until things start to get way out of control. often it becomes harder and harder to live the lie that is the hope that an addict is in control of their addiction. In a drug policy update on whitehouse.gov, it was noted that illicit drug use has been responsible for billions in lost productivity, criminal costs and that deaths to addictive substances have surpassed deaths due to homicides and car accidents. For this reason, failure to receive treatment for a worsening drug addiction problem can and often will have fatal consequences for the substance abuser. When it is impossible to get an addict to reach out for help, it may be time to seek a qualified drug addiction professional who is willing to make a house call on the addict’s behalf. In many cases, a trained professional will have the experience talking and coaxing substance abuse victims into getting the help they desperately need.



It’s incredible how much things can change from one calendar year to the next. Whether it’s popular restaurants and musicians or new cars and hot travel destinations, tastes are evolving and new trends are finding their way into mainstream culture. For travelers everywhere, these trends are being adopted rather quickly.

Internet Everywhere

One welcome trend is the expansion of free Wi-Fi access around the world, particularly in hotels. Marriott and Hyatt lead the way as two companies who have announced intentions to provide guests with free internet access this year. While details are still being worked out, it’s clear that paying for internet access when staying in hotels will soon become a thing of the past.

More Bang for Your Buck

It might have seemed impossible five years ago, but the dollar is becoming stronger. The good news for traveling Americans is that the strengthening of the dollar is coming at a time when other currencies around the world are devaluing. For those looking to save money once they land, countries like Argentina and other South American destinations may provide good deals.

Americans Trying New Places

It only takes a few weeks for word to spread in the travel industry. While large cities and historic landmarks will once again attract the masses, other less-popular regions are poised for success this year; among them are Columbia and Nicaragua.

Once tarnished by drugs and violence, Columbia is reinventing itself as a paradise for weary travelers. JetBlue offers cheap, easy flights into this country, which is filled with incredible beaches, diverse jungles, and vibrant cities. It won’t be long before people figure out Columbia offers some amazing amenities.

Nicaragua, while not a surprise to many, is also expecting to see an increase in travel. With comfortable temperatures year-round, travelers can take advantage of the beautiful scenery whenever they please. From incredible resorts to world-class golfing, there is something for everyone.

Sharing is Caring

Last year, community sharing sites truly began to take off. We can expect that in 2015 those sites will continue to grow, especially in the travel industry. Peer-to-peer services like HomeAway, Rideshare, and Uber all experienced great success last year and opened up a world of possibilities for what the future of travel could look like. This year, travelers can expect to see advertising that focuses on community sharing and personalized attention.

A new year is always exciting and full of promise. For travelers interested in exploring new places or taking advantage of fresh capabilities, 2015 will surely exceed all expectations.


A great way to add value to a house is with a home improvement project that would make it more appealing to prospective buyers. When a homeowner is not planning on selling the house immediately, for instance during the middle of a depressed housing market, a home improvement can mean additional equity when the time is finally right for selling. In the meantime, the improvement should be something that appeals to the owner as well, and adds value for the current household members. Here are some of the best home improvement projects that also add value to a home.

Remodel the Kitchen

One of the reasons this is such a great idea for a home improvement project is that in general, a remodel of the kitchen can be almost entirely recovered at resale time, according to a Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling Magazine. According to the report, a minor kitchen project can recoup on average almost 83% of the cost of the project, while major projects tend to recover less of the cost. It is a good idea not to go too overboard on this kind of a project, though, because a shiny new kitchen might seem out of keeping with the rest of the house.

Install a New Door

While this may sound like a very modest project to undertake, U.S. News & World Report ranked it as the number one value-added household improvement that a homeowner could undertake. An aesthetically appealing new front door, made of a solid material like steel, can recoup almost 100% of the cost of installing the door when the house is eventually sold. In effect, the new door becomes practically free to the installing homeowner at resale time.

Build a Walk-In Closet

The extra room provided by a walk-in closet is a wonderful luxury to have in the home, both in terms of the ease of organization for wardrobe and for ease of access to everything inside. Walk-in closets can also serve as another dressing area because of the spaciousness and privacy they afford. A very roomy closet can even become a money-saver and space-saver because it can be equipped with shelves, rails, and racks to accommodate clothing that might otherwise need to be stored in a large piece of furniture, such as a dresser or armoire.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

This kind of project pays off in a number of surprising ways. In the immediate time frame, residents will spend less money on energy, and when the house is eventually sold, energy-efficient windows are a strong selling point. Efficient windows are also eligible for a green energy tax credit of 10%, which makes them even more appealing as a home upgrade. As much as 78% of their cost can be recovered at resale time.

Add a Deck

The Cost vs. Value report referenced above lists building a deck as one of the best projects for the recovery of investment at resale time. Installation of a new wooden deck with attractive railings, according to home remodeling experts, can have 87% of its cost recouped when the house is sold, because it adds so much to the home in functionality and visual appeal. Since fewer families can afford big vacations these days, they stay home and enjoy the benefits of outdoor living and socializing, which makes the deck a center of attention.



Cancer is the disease that trumps all other diseases and is one of the most difficult to treat; despite decades of research, cancer remains impossible to cure. The key to overcoming cancer has a great deal to do with when the disease is detected and treatment begins. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers; there are more new cases of skin cancer than of breast, prostrate, lung and colon cancers combined. In fact, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, there have been more diagnoses for skin cancer over the past three decades than all other cancers combined.

Knowing how to identify symptoms of cancer can be a great advantage, as it will better enable a concerned individual to talk to a medical profession early, increasing the likelihood of the available treatment options being effective. Here are four signs of cancer that should never be ignored.

1) Unexplained Weight Loss

Weight loss is something many people strive for, and while most people wouldn’t complain about losing a few pounds, rapid and unexplained weight loss could be a sign of cancer. If someone experiences significant weight loss, usually 10 pounds or more, there could be a medical reason—one possible explanation being cancer. Most cancer patients drop weight at some point during their illness. Though it is more common in cancers such as pancreas, stomach, esophagus, or lung cancers, it can also be a symptom of skin cancer.

2) Skin Changes

One thing to watch out for as a symptom cancer is changes to the skin’s appearance, which could be a sign of skin cancer. The American Cancer Society notes that one of the precursors of skin cancer, particularly melanoma skin cancer, is a change in skin color. Other changes, like itchiness or excessive hair growth, can also be indicators of a medical issue. Any changes to the skin’s texture, color, texture or sensitivity should be discussed with the individual’s primary care physician as soon as possible.

3) Wounds That Won’t Heal

Another sign of skin cancer is the appearance of sores that don’t heal. Sores may bleed and appear normal, but if they persist for a long time they should be checked out by a doctor. Non-healing sores aren’t unique in their appearance amongst patients with cancers of the skin—long-lasting mouth sores are often seen in oral cancer patients.

4) Unusual Bleeding

Having any type of irregular bleeding is an indicator of a medical issue. The body works like a factory, with many machines that have interrelated parts that depend on one another to function. Noticing any major changes in the way one’s body works is a reason to consult a doctor. Coughing up blood or having bloody stool and urine are all signs of cancer or another serious malady and should be taken very seriously.

What to Do If Cancer is a Concern

If an individual has a family history of cancer or is concerned that they may be experiencing symptoms of cancer, there are many online resources for information on the disease. Once he or she has compared the symptoms he or she is actually experiencing against the list of symptoms related to cancer, the individual can decide whether a visit to the doctor is necessary. Medical experts agree: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If someone fears that they are experiencing symptoms of cancer, he or she should speak with a medical professional as soon as possible.



It’s no secret that a business needs to have its finances well in hand in order to succeed. Whether the company is a fresh-faced start up or a veteran of its industry, a successful business is one that knows where its money comes from, where its being spent and whether the return on that investment is worth it. Luckily, there are tools available to help collect data, crunch the numbers and analyze the results. Here are 8 essential finance tools that help make businesses successful.

Comprehensive Financial Management Programs

Whether the business is a small sole-proprietorship or a large corporation, a good financial management program provides a quick glimpse into the company’s financial status. Accounting software, such as Intuit QuickBooks or Wave Accounting, is a great place to start. According to Sara Angeles in BusinessNewsDaily, these programs offer the ability to see income and expenses, check register data, keep and track detailed customer or vendor data, and even chart payroll and operating costs. Programs like these range from the super-complex to the elegantly simple, so finding the best fit is a matter of figuring out what the business most needs.

Bank Register Reconciliation Software

Many financial management programs come complete with reconciliation support. Having the ability to reconcile business bank accounts in a timely manner is vital to understanding and monitoring cash flow, but more importantly a reconciliation program allows companies to keep track of cash flow and track where it is being spent. Reconciling the business bank account at the end of each month, quarter and year ensures that funds are not being mismanaged.

Check Printing Software

Taking care of business expenses and getting payments to vendors has been simplified with new check printing software programs. These programs allow users to enter the correct banking account information and then print their own checks for vendors from financial management programs. These programs often remove the delay of check printing and allow business managers to more quickly send payments. With the availability of quality specialized blank checks (including those with watermarks), industry experts say that it’s easy to ensure that checks are just as secure as those printed by a bank.

Payment Processing Software

Having an easy way to accept payments is an obvious benefit to businesses. With the availability of online payment processing software, as well as apps and accessories for smartphones and tablets, it’s easier than ever to sell products quickly and easily, says Elizabeth Palermo. These payment processing apps and programs correlate with other financial programs or work independently, giving businesses both flexibility and reliability at once.

Spreadsheet Software

Spreadsheets allow business owners to look at financial data from a variety of time periods or events to compare essential aspects and get a better sense of overall trends. Some financial programs even come with report generating options. Another option for creating spreadsheets is to utilize simple, widely available spreadsheets programs such as Google Sheets. These spreadsheet programs can use downloaded financial data or data that is input directly, and are a great way for small businesses to take advantage of available financial tools.

Online Account Management

Online access to accounts and finances are a must in a technology-driven marketplace. Business owners should ensure that they have ready online account access and management features available from whatever financial institution or software they choose. These online features may also offer the ability to download important banking data directly to a computer for use with other financial software, which can be a real time saver.

Budget Programs

Simple spreadsheet programs as well as detailed financial management programs offer the ability to budget as well as track expenses. A budgeting program is ideal for planning as well as evaluation of fiscal decisions and goals. While this may seem like an add-on, financial planning should never be taken lightly, and any tools that can help should be considered carefully.

Scanning and Archiving Software

Tracking all finances through a computer program offers a great deal of information quickly. With so much information stored this way, it is important to have a quality back-up system in place. From backing up financial program data to scanning and archiving important receipts, checks, invoices and other paperwork, this software may be the one most relied upon for record keeping.

These types of programs offer a variety of ways to ensure businesses are tracking and monitoring financial data. Since monitoring financial data is important for ensuring financial business success, these must-have financial tools should be at the top of every business owner’s to-do list.



Owning a home is the quintessential American dream, and for veterans this dream may run even deeper. With the tightening of standards for home loans, however, it has become much more difficult for veterans to get a loan and buy a home. Thankfully, according to Craig Venezia writing for Forbes, amongst the benefits that are offered to veterans are government-backed VA loans for home purchase or mortgage refinancing. There are several advantages to taking out a VA loan, including fewer restrictions, a no money down guarantee and no private mortgage insurance expenses. Before taking advantage of these benefits, here are some things veterans hoping to buy a home should know.

Finding Out Eligibility Requirements

In order to take out a VA loan one must first obtain an official Certificate of Eligibility; eligibility is based on military status and includes not just veterans, but also members of the National Guard and the National Reserve who are currently on active duty. In addition, there are some surviving spouses who are also entitled to apply for VA loans. Thankfully the application process has become significantly easier with the addition of automated processing to determine eligibility. The eBenefits portal that is part of the VA Home Loan Program allows users to check their eligibility within seconds online.

How VA Loans Work

Though they are called VA loans, it is not the actual VA that issues these loans. VA home loans are offered through a combination of private lenders such as banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies and the VA, in turn, partially guarantees the mortgages and refinancing. The guarantee is what inspires confidence in lenders that allows them to offer more favorable terms to their customers, say the experts at GuaranteedRate. As far as the size of the loan, it’s virtually unlimited, unless the buyer wants to make the purchase with absolutely no money down. There are some restrictions and, though applicants don’t have to meet a minimum credit score, lenders have the right to perform a credit check of their own that will determine whether or not the application is approved.

Possible Fees for VA Loans

One of the advantages of VA loans is that the fees are restricted a great deal, maintaining them at a level far below conventional loan rates. However, fees have not been entirely eliminated, and some VA loan borrowers have been known to pay a funding fee which is added to the loan amount at the closing of negotiations. This fee is typically low, ranging from 1.25-3.30% of the total loan amount, varying based on items ranging from loan type to military status or the size of the down payment. Some other fees to watch out for are those used to cover lender costs and others that the VA typically calls “reasonable and customary” for running credit checks, paying compliance inspectors, and doing title examination.

Where to Apply for VA Loans

According to Polyana da Costa writing for Bankrate, VA loans are getting more popular every year, and the VA is guaranteeing more loans every year. For the more than 22 million veteran and active military members who wish to take advantage of the far more appealing VA home loans, it’s relatively simple once eligibility is proven. Applying for a VA loan can be done from their regional loan centers that are located throughout the country, including centers in Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver, Honolulu, Houston, Phoenix, Roanoke, St. Paul and St. Petersburg.



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