Life has a way of getting crazy; there may be a point at which you find yourself in need of a good criminal attorney. Don’t just hire the first guy the person in the cell next to you suggests. Do your research and hire someone who will help you clear your name and protect your future. Even a seemingly small charge can affect your employability, opportunities for housing and potential credit availability. Small things can make huge differences in your life today and for many, many years to come.

1. Extensive Experience

You want a criminal defense attorney with experience. You should ask your potential lawyer how many cases they have actually worked on and how many of those ended successfully for the client. Find out what their background is. An extra bonus would be if you could find a lawyer who has extensive history in criminal defense and in prosecution. These lawyers know both sides of the legal coin, and usually have the experience necessary to be the best criminal defense lawyer you can find.

2. TIme for You

A good lawyer will be busy, but they will always make time for their clients. You need to make sure you understand how much time the lawyer has for you, and if your questions and concerns will be addressed in a timely manner. During the initial meeting you should ask about updates on your case; will updates be given in writing or via telephone?  Also, will you be contacted by and corresponding with the attorney, or will you be passed along to a paralegal?

3. Within Your Price Range

Each lawyer will have a different way of explaining his or her fees; additionally, they’ll want to be paid differently, as well. Some will accept a payment plan and others want a large retainer up front. You need to look at a variety of attorneys to compare their payment options.

Also, remember that the amount charged by the lawyers will depend on their experience. If the lawyer has been extremely successful with getting the results his clients desire, the fees will be higher. If the attorney has lots of experience in your particular area of criminal law, the fees will be higher, as well. You need to evaluate what your feel you can afford, realizing that sometimes it is very much worth your while to pay a higher price for a higher quality defense.

So you made a mistake; it happens. What you need to do now is minimize that mistake. Find an excellent defense attorney to help you. They will know what the first step should be and how best to help you get yourself back where you need to be.



divorce (1)

Divorcing your spouse can be one of the most stressful events in your life. Some spouses split fairly amicably. Others are extremely difficult emotionally on one or both partners. If one member of the couple is abusive or refuses to cooperate with the legal side of the divorce, things can get complicated, stressful, and draining quickly.

In times this emotionally difficult, it can be hard to be as attentive to your children as you were before the divorce began. What some parents don’t realize is how difficult a divorce can be on the children of the couple. It can be difficult to shield your children from the messy emotional side of divorce; and with your own emotional resources drained, being there for your kids is hard.

While divorce is never easy, there are ways you can make it easier on yourself and your children. A few smart choices at the right time can help your children understand and accept what’s going on with minimal grief, protecting yourself and your family.

Choose Good Legal Representation

Going through a divorce with poor legal representation is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Even if you and your spouse are splitting on good terms, you must protect yourself legally in a divorce. Your spouse may behave unpredictably during this emotional time, and the best thing for you and your children is to ensure you get the best legal counsel possible.

Tell Them What Is and Isn’t Going to Change

One of the scariest things to children during a divorce is their lack of control over the situation. A divorce is a matter between you and your former spouse that your children’s living conditions are controlled by. When children don’t know what to expect, they may begin to fear for the worst — and this kind of stress can do a lot of harm to a child’s health.

When explaining to your children that you and your spouse are splitting up, assure them that you both will still be their parents. Both of you will still love them as much as before, and what’s happening has nothing to do with their actions. If you’ve worked out a temporary custody deal with your spouse before you officially divorce, let your children know its details. If your children know what’s the come, they will worry less.

Trust Your Children

Even young children are capable of understanding a lot about the end of a relationship. It’s important to trust your children to respect you and your spouse. On the other side of the coin, it is very important to not tell your children too much about your divorce. Don’t ask them to choose sides.

You and your children can get through divorce healthily. Trust your intuition and your children’s feelings and you will find a way.

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zen massage

Has life got you stressed out? Technology has us all going non-stop. If you aren’t at work you’re probably busy at home with life, children, and the internet. Everyone wants to reduce stress and probably even find inner peace. We all want to clear our minds, but we don’t all have hours and hours to dedicate to meditation.

The thing is, you don’t need many hours a day in order to reach inner peace. Instead, you just need to pencil in a little time each day for a relaxing zen experience that melds your mind, body and soul. Here are three ways to get down deep and find the peace within.


A great way to clear your mind and find your zen is through meditation, but you don’t need to meditate for hours on end. While Buddhists have certain steps they take in practicing meditation, you can simply take twenty minutes out of your day to find a silent place to clear your mind. For some people meditation is hard, which is why a focus word, like “ohm,” can help you remove all the thoughts that plague the human mind. The idea is to spend this time not worrying about things, but in peace and relaxation.


Whether or not meditation works for you, you may want to try out yoga. Doing both, separately of course, allows you more time in that blissful zen, but adding just one of them to your daily or weekly routine can have great benefits on stress. Many people describe yoga as a form of meditation, since you are focusing on the movements and your breathing rather than your cares. Not only is yoga a zen practice, peaceful and relaxes, but it is also a great form of fitness and can enhance flexibility.


Lastly, take some time out once or twice a month to enjoy a relaxing zen massage. Massage therapy has many positive benefits. Of the many benefits that massage therapy offers, you will find relaxation, rejuvenation and that inner peace you have been seeking. Massage helps relax the muscles and the mind. It’s therapeutic for your mind, body and soul. You don’t have to have an injury in order to get the benefits of massage. Some people just enjoy all the things it does for them.

People that integrate any or all of these modalities into their lives find more energy and peaceful in each day. It’s not too difficult to take a little time out once or twice a month to have a massage, or to attend a yoga class each week, or to even stop everything and meditate before sitting down to relax after a long day at work. Pamper yourself and enjoy the inner peace you get from the results.


Work at home mothers know that life is about balance, from balancing children and work to balancing romance and home. Working from home comes with its own challenges but it allows moms to spend more time with their children while saving money on child care. It gives you freedom while still allowing you to provide for your family.

Many people still think working from home is an easy thing to do, but in fact, it isn’t always that easy. It comes with compromises and sacrifices and you really need to be a pro at time management. Imagine planning your wedding while working from home! While that may sound scary, it really isn’t that difficult.

Wedding planning takes time, and even if you are in a rush, you can make the time to do what needs to be done and create that dream without compromising work.

Adjusting Your Schedule

The bonus of working from home is the ability to set your own schedule. That means that you can schedule in wedding planning times during the work day, but make sure that you only work on wedding stuff during those specific times. Furthermore, set aside certain things for certain days. Work on flower plans one day, catering the next day, venue options the next day, and so on.

You don’t want your wedding plans to distract you from your work day, so it is vital that you don’t get distracted when it’s work time. Don’t let other household chores fall to the wayside either though. There is enough time in your day to get work done, keep your home running smoothly, and plan your dream wedding. You can also get the assistance of you maid of honor or bridesmaids too with planning. Get a wedding checklist, which shares the timeline of when you need to do what for your wedding planning. It can make all the difference.

Taking Time Off

If your wedding has you being whisked off to a fabulous wedding venue, you’re going to need some vacation time. Just like vacation time in that corporate job you left behind, you need to save money and make a plan. Depending on what you do for a living, you may need to get work done ahead in order to take even a few days off. Plan ahead so that you don’t have to think about work while you are enjoying your dream wedding and your first nights of wedded bliss.

Make sure that you have also prepared for your return to work. You don’t want to get back from your wedding just to be hit with twenty projects all due at the same time. Hopefully, coming back from a relaxing vacation will have you feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything waiting for you at the office. It’s time to turn vacation mode off and work mode back on!

The most important thing to remember is that you can balance wedding and work, just make sure neither cross the others path or one of them will be affected by the other. No one wants to lose a client and no one wants to spend their wedding worried about work.


Spring is in the air and your desire to get out and enjoy the weather is probably growing! If you really want to make the most of the sunshine, you should invest in a deck or patio and some accessories. One such accessory that will stand the test of time and provide hours of entertainment is a fire pit. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and knowing what’s available can make the choice even easier.

Cabana Coast Fire Pits

This brand allows you to use either natural gas or propane for the perfect fire for any backyard activity. Both are easy to use and can provide more heat than you may have imagined possible. Staying warm on a summer night will be no problem when you have one of these.

Do you have a small group of friends or a large family who enjoys socializing at your home? Regardless of the head count, there is always a fire pit option to accommodate everyone.

These come in three style varieties: circular, square and rectangular.

The exterior options range from small to large and all different materials. Additionally, it’s important to properly maintain your fire pit if you really want it to last.

Home Crest Fire Pits

This fire pit offers a sophisticated look that anyone can enjoy. The top surface is made of marble and can stand the test of time. This will make a beautiful addition to your patio or backyard and is certain to get heads turning.

This type comes in units that may offer as much as 65,000 BTU’s of heat. This can provide you with the necessary warmth to combat any chill that may still be in the air during the spring months.

Custom Fire Pits

If you want to custom create your fire pit, it can be a lot of fun. You’ll be able to make your fire pit any shape, size or color that you desire, and this will add uniqueness and individuality to your patio area.

It’s ideal to look at the different selections you have when it comes to adding a fire pit to your home. The key to getting the most enjoyment out of it and getting the ideal amount of warmth is to view what is available and make the right choice!


wellness at work

If you work in an office you probably tend to take the safety of your workplace for granted. You’re indoors, usually seated, warm, and dry. Feels pretty secure, right?

The truth is, when office workers sustain injuries they often do so gradually, over time. This means that you may not notice physical damage until it’s too late. To protect your long-term health and wellness, take a look at this list of 4 easy changes you can make to your daily work routine.

1. Practice good posture

It’s been well documented that poor posture can lead to both mental and physical health problems, and posture is even more important for office workers who spend a significant portion of their day in front of a computer screen.

Improper keyboard use can cause a number of long term injuries including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is painful and requires costly surgery to correct.

2.   Stand tall

Speaking of your desk, consider this: according to Livestrong.com you can burn 20 to 50 more calories per hour just by standing at your desk. Of course, for office workers, inactivity is a serious health concern. It can lead to weight gain, obesity, high blood pressure, and even increased stress.

When standing it’s easier to practice good posture, which in turn improves your mental and physical well being, and leads to less long term injury. So, sneak some comfortable footwear into that cubicle and stand up.

3.   Graze

Office employees are too often a victims of time. If you’ve ever been over-loaded with work, had to arrive early, skip breakfast, work through lunch (or eat at your desk),  or stay late, then you know that the diet of an office worker isn’t always well balanced, healthy, or consumed with regularity.

This is why grazing on healthy, low sugar snacks throughout the day is so important. Letting your body go hungry for extended periods of time can lead to weight gain, blood-sugar imbalances (which can cause nausea, migraines, and even unconsciousness), and blood pressure problems. Skipping breakfast alone has been linked to increased risk for coronary heart disease, according to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Health.

4.   Don’t use the elevator

You already know you should take the stairs for the added cardiovascular/calorie burning benefits, but did you know that by avoiding the elevator you may also be dramatically reducing your risk of catching the office cold or flu du jour?

According to the National Health Interview Survey, the flu accounts for some 75 million days of missed work each year. One of the places most covered in office germs? You guessed it, the elevator buttons.

Everyone benefits from healthy choices

Making your health a priority at work will benefit you and your employer. Healthy employees require less of their health care coverage, have fewer absent days, and are more productive over the course of their working lives.




Bangalore, India, has become one of the most attractive destinations to those interested in moving overseas, particularly due to its burgeoning tech industry, the area’s rich culture and its diversity. Here are some of the many reasons to move to Bangalore, and some tips for how to pull it off.

Tech Jobs Galore

According to Shreya Pareek writing for ABetterIndia.com, one of the biggest reasons people are moving to Bangalore is that the city is something of an emerging technology hub. Bangalore is the birthplace of many IT giants such as Infosys, Wipro, and TCS and currently plays home to many more startups including Flipkart, InMobi, Myntra and many others. Anyone working in the tech industry will quickly see the potential of this city to be a Silicon Valley of India.

Great & Healthy Food

India has a vast culinary history, and the food here is both delicious and healthy. Bangalore offers visitors the lion’s share of India’s rich gastronomic traditions as well as being home to hidden coffee places and restaurants that reflect a recent local interest in organic health foods. Breweries are also a big part of the culture here and people love drinking the delicious ales they produce.

Cosmopolitan City

In a country that has many of the setbacks common to the developing world, Bangalore is relatively clean and cosmopolitan with good bus and public transportation services. The city is also considered the greenest in the nation and is sometimes called India’s Garden City as a result of all the gorgeous green spaces, parks and botanical gardens. Bangalore also offers a number of public art spaces, museums, and theaters for the culturally minded. The city is culturally and ethnically diverse, making it a melting pot perfect for exploring.

Spectacular Weather
For lovers of the outdoors, Bangalore is perfect. It’s situated next to a number of great weekend getaways and escapes to nature and is endowed with extremely pleasant weather. There’s no need for air conditioners for most of the year, and though it’s sunny for the most part, it’s not humid or overbearing.

Making the Move
Moving is almost always a big and difficult task that requires a good deal of planning and a high degree of patience. Those moving outside of the country, especially to a country like India where the culture is completely different, can expect all the tiny complications of moving to be an even bigger hassle. Luckily, there are plenty of resources to help expats adjust when moving to Bangalore.

Finding a Place to Live

Finding a place to live is one of the most important and more difficult processes, especially in an international move when one may not be able to go through the familiar steps, like visiting the property or talking face to face with the landlord. Fortunately, there are online resources to help house-hunters begin their search for homes in Bangalore with specific locations mapped out and a wealth of photographs of the properties. Checking important factors like the neighborhood, services close-by, and all the normal details one might be concerned about when moving is even more important when planning an international move.

Requirements for Internationals

Before making the move to Bangalore, internationals need to make sure they have all the necessary documents and medical checks in order. Requirements for visiting or staying in India are dependent on one’s nationality, the reason for entry, how much time they plan to stay, and the individual’s income. More specific details can be found online or by visiting an embassy. Good luck!



Countless individuals are interested in eating healthy foods, while others want to eat foods that support their moral, social, political, or religious beliefs. Numerous individuals must eat kosher foods to remain in accordance with Jewish dietary laws. Millions of other people choose to eat organic foods to support a healthier lifestyle. Another option is to consume only foods that are both kosher and organic. In order to act on such a choice, it may be wise to first explore some basic information on organic and kosher food products.

Organic Foods Explained

Organic food is the result of organic farming. Organic farmers operate under certain restrictions, such as not using fertilizers made from chemicals or pesticides that are synthetic. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), organic agriculture promotes and enhances biodiversity. When food products are given the label of “organic”, certain methods were used to produce them, and those methods must fall under the guidelines defined by the Organic Foods Production Act. Another restriction associated with organic agriculture is the prohibition of chemical additives, irradiation, and chemical solvents used during processing. Because consumers depend on organic labeling by the USDA to help them determine their buying choices, the organic food production industry is highly regulated.

Kosher Foods Explained

Kosher food is food that is acceptable for consumption based on Jewish dietary law (kashrut). This body of laws determines the types of foods that Jewish people may consume, as well as the ways in which such foods are prepared and then eaten. As described on a Judaism 101 site, Kosher dietary laws are observed all year round. Some of the laws are health-related, but others are not. The reason for following the law is because such compliance is determined by the Torah (the first five books of Hebrew Scripture).

Details of kashrut include the restriction of certain animals, as well as the prohibition of certain parts of animals that are deemed kosher. The consumption of bugs is not permitted; therefore, vegetables and fruits should be examined for the absence of bugs before they may be consumed. Utensils must not touch non-kosher food if they are to be used for kosher food, and this rule extends to cooking utensils, as well. Certain foods cannot be eaten at the same time, and the blood must be removed from poultry and meat (via broiling or draining) before consumption. The term “glatt” is used to describe meat that has been properly inspected for growths or other irregularities.

The Advantage of Combining Kosher and Organic

Kosher and organic foods differ from each other in a variety of ways. Organic agriculture is primarily implemented to ensure that foods are not exposed to chemicals, while kosher foods conform to Jewish dietary laws. However, when the two practices are combined, a person who is Jewish could benefit greatly. Since organic foods are produced without synthetic chemicals, such foods are typically healthier than non-organic foods. According to Wise Organic Pastures, by consuming foods that are both certified organic and kosher, an individual could remain true to the kashrut principles while consuming a healthier grade of food. Ultimately, this strategy may be one that works best for a great number of individuals.


travel less stressful

If you enjoy getting out and seeing the world, you are not alone. There is a lot to see and it certainly worthwhile to make the effort to view all you can. However, leaving the comfort of your home can be stressful at times. Having all the items you need each day within easy reach may be difficult to accomplish. Knowing tips that can make your journey less stressful and more enjoyable are sure to be the best ways for you to get the most out of your travels.

Tip #1: Make a List

Take the time to consider all the things you will need each day and write these down. This may range from your cosmetics to your toothbrush. The key to arriving at your destination without forgetting anything is to put it on your list.

Another great idea is to plan what you will wear each day and then pack these items. This can reduce the possibility of taking more luggage than you actually will need.

Tip #2: Gather Important Documents

Be sure to have all of the necessary papers ready to take with you before you head out the door. Some of these may include a passport, driver’s license, an additional form of a photo ID and a

major credit card.

If you are traveling overseas, it will be necessary to present your passport and in many cases a photo ID, as well. The worst thing you can do is travel across the country and forget important documents that are critical for entry.

Tip #3: Pack Light

Do you really need ten pairs of shoes for a three-day trip? Take the time to consider what you really need while you’re away from home and only pack what is necessary. Remember, you will be the one who has to lug all of this stuff around and unpack once your travels are over.

Tip #4: Plan in Advance

Will you be flying to get to your destination? If so, you should be aware if you can carry a bag on board or not without issue. Will you be required to pay extra for doing so and is this something you want to do? Be aware of other requirements such as the types of liquids that you can take with you while flying and other types of restrictions that may apply to your individual situation.

You can have fun while seeing the world or simply visiting another state. The key to your success in doing so will certainly rest on the amount of preparation you put into having a great adventure.


good impression

In a perfect world, people would not judge each other by what they immediately see. First impressions aren’t always right. They aren’t even fair, usually. But, we don’t live in a perfect world and some people rely on these first few snippets of information to form their opinion of you. Whether you are heading out on a first date or setting out for a job interview, you must think about the image you portray. You can make a great first impression.

Accessorize Effectively

When you were in school, schlepping your stuff back and forth in a backpack was fine. But now, you need to find a grown up way to pack your laptop and portfolio back and forth. When shopping for this accessory, you need to think about durability. You need to consider how the bag will be used. The materials used need to be designed to last. Don’t just buy a bag because it cost less. The value of the bag should be evaluated. Sure, one bag may have a lower price tag, but will you have to replace it again and again. Consider the bags’ lines. Don’t buy anything too trendy. Classic designs, such as leather, stay in fashion forever. Once you’ve purchased your bag, make sure you care for it. Condition the material and keep it clean.

Mind Your Outfit  

This doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money getting new clothes. It just means that you need to take care of the ones you have. Make sure the clothes you choose to wear are stain and odor free. Iron out the wrinkles or have a cleaner press them for you. Slacks look great with a sharp crease. But don’t forget your shoes. It’s amazing how many people evaluate you by looking at well-kept your shoes are. Stylecaster.com, an online clothing care site, recommends that you wipe your leather shoes down with a bit of Ivory soap on a damp cloth is they are particularly dirty. At least shine them up and air them out.

Smile Genuinely

Your smile has to be real and not forced. You have to smile all the way through your eyes. Some people may need to practice their smile and use it plenty of times before the interview or date. According to Lily T. Garcia, DDS, a past president of the American College of Prosthodontists, “A smile conveys confidence and professionalism.” People who project a positive outlook are generally more open and flexible. They tend to cope better with challenges than people who are withdrawn and unsmiling.”

It may not be fair that someone could judge you before they really know you. Unfortunately, that’s reality sometimes. Follow these three easy steps, and you’ll know you are presenting a good first impression.


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