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If you had the choice between speed or cuteness factor which would you pick? I certainly know which I would choose…I’d go the way of this kitty and take the turtle into town. You may not get there before lunch but pack a snack and maybe you’ll get to the saloon for happy hour.

You might think this is cruel of Mr. Kittah but I am one to believe that good Old Man Turtle here actually enjoys giving him a ride. I imagine them being the best of friends…a relationship that transcends generation gaps and species lines but meets squarely at cuteness.

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Apparently the owner of this cellphone does not know there is an app for that. Good thing he’s past his dating years because there is only so much more space left on his contact list. Who am I kidding, he’s got more numbers on there then I did when I was “on the scene” by about 4. It also looks like he deleted one from his SIM…or at least tried to. Good thing is permanent marker does fall victim to viruses or battery failure.


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Run, run, run!

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Holy shit! This is the luckiest man I’ve seen all day. Watch as he narrowly escapes the wrath of the runaway vehicle. If that was me I would go spend my entire paycheck on lottery tickets immediately.

Certainly reminds me of this little girl…


The craze of the early 2000′s has been brought to life and I have found one in the wild. Look into his eyes and become dazzled at his cuteness. You can’t help but become transfixed by the almighty (evil?) powers of this adorable creature. If you happen upon one you will instantly be put at it’s disposal and be commanded to do as it pleases. I suggest running the moment you spot one…otherwise you will forever me it’s slave.


For the typical American, soccer (football?) is not normally on their radar. But with the FIFA World Cup in full swing down in South Africa there has certainly been a good deal of buzz about the sport. Especially with both of the USA games controversial draws.

With that in mind we thought we’d help out the general population and give you a visual guide to understanding some of your World Cup teams.

[click image for full size]


Here you see the newest and latest in the line of canine…this is the dog of the future people. Marty McFly would be proud to own this old chap. He’s perfect for taking on walks (flys?) on the beach…and you never have to worry about him tracking mud in the house. Now if only we could perfect those darned hover boards we’d be set! Speaking of the future, we hope this comes to a reality.


With the popularity of the World Cup and the constant BZZZZZZZZZ from the vuvuzelas it was only a matter of time before Activision released a version of the “Hero” series featuring the infamous instrument. Now you needn’t wait for the next match to hear the wonderful noise emminating from your Dolby Surround-sound.

We don’t have official word from E3, but hopefully this will be released on all 3 major consoles. I could see this being a hit with the new Xbox Kinect or the Playstation Move. The only downfall to this game may be it’s simplicity…it seems there is only one note and you must hit it at all times. Well, maybe that’s were the difficulty lies…who can sustain it the longest. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! I know even if this doesn’t make it to store shelves for purchase I’ll certainly be picking up one of these.

This leak just came across our desk too. Looks like there may be a Legend of VuvuZelda: BZZZZ of Time being released on the Wii. Again there has been no official word from Nintendo on this latest rumor but if dreams come true this will be straight to store shelves hot off the press from E3. We can hope can’t we.

For those of you who can’t wait, here is some sheet music for a lovely sonata, or you can always pick up the newly released “Now! That’s What I Call Music! Vuvuzela”

All of which can be purchased here

Apparently even Keanu is a fan of the great vuvuzela


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