Apparently this lady in Shanghai did not agree with the tow truck drives assertion that she was parked illegally. Well rather than let him tow her car, she had something better in mind. I wish I had the gall to attempt something like this. File this under the section “I’ve always imagined this is how I’d react if I had a bigger sack.” category.


You might think that this is another sad tale the depicts some of the problems with America’s youth. Well she’s a winner in our book. You see…she’s thrifty. This is tackling two birds with one stone. Celebrate your academic achievements along with the birth of your child all in one day. Good job Cortney. She’s also very courteous…I think most others would hold the parties separately in order to receive more gifts and cake. Hat’s off to this wonder girl…she does things at her own pace…and she don’t care.

…we all make our impressions on the World, especially this guy and this badass.

ICAN Legends

Has Anyone Seen Gary?

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Spongebob will be very upset when he finds out.

I am Dinosaur Hear Me Rawwwwrrr!

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Must’ve Had Some Good English On It

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Anyone that was watching the FIFA World Cup today surely …



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Though unofficial (it’s still waiting to be confirmed by Guinness Book of World Records, the previous record is 185.8 pounds), a Canadian chef has grilled up the world’s largest burger. Ted Reader, the man behind the monster, cooked the attempt in order to raise money for the Camp Bucko charity (they successfully raised $8,500).

The burger contains 307 pounds of beef, a 100 pound bun, 20 pounds of lettuce and 150 pounds of condiments. It took all of 6 hours to cook up. If you were to get the equivalent in your typical quarter-pound burger you would need to order 2,360 burgers. They had to design a custom grill with a built-in forklift mechanism designed to flip the oversized burger.

“It took six hours to cook the behemoth of a burger, starting off with a patty weighing 139 kilos. The grilled patty was then nestled in a 48-kilogram bun, dressed with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, red onions, pickles and barbecue sauce. I’m amazed that we got it out of the grill and onto the bun. That was the whole trickiness to it, but it’s held together, it’s edible, it’s delicious.”


Oh Lindsay…how far you’ve come from the cute adorable little girl from “Parent Trap”. So young…so much drama. It’s so sad to see the inevitable downfall of these young actors/actresses….although this girl has been on here way down for a long long time. If anything maybe she’ll finally turn around now…I guess only time will tell.

Good news, this just in: the courts have cleared her to take the antidepressants Zoloft, Trazodone, Adderal, Nexium and the painkiller Dilaudid, a drug that has been compared to heroin by some. Way to go there people…that oughta set her on the right track.


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It looks like some 7-Elevens are now carrying an Ice Cream based on your favorite Facebook game Farmville. Personally I’ve never played it but from what I gather is widely popular…that and some Mafia game, right? If you couldn’t tell…I’m not on Facebook…I don’t like being poked.

Neither here nor there, you can pick up a pint of the ice cream for a reported $2.29 and it looks like it just comes in plain vanilla. What better to go along with your Farmville frozen treat then some delicious cake. Here are some truly inspired edible farms.

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I guess if all the Alli pills, South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers or gastric bypass hasn’t worked this is the best and quickest method to weightloss.

…I know she’d certainly be wanting one of these!


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Oh you “weak” carrot you…have the gall to jump head first into the boiling pot of water…do it for your master. I’m not sure if this should creep me out or not but I find it pretty darned awesome either way.


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