I love, love, love Seinfeld. I know there are a lot of people out there that don’t share my enthusiasm for the show…but if are one of the weirdos like me then you will appreciate this trailer. Someone took a couple of George’s more dramatic scenes (with Susan, Joey, etc.) and made a trailer for “George”. I think this is just too good. Even you non-fans might enjoy it…although you probably won’t get the context.


I found this little gem of a question on Yahoo! Answers. Clearly Jesus R. never took, or at least didn’t pass, his Sex Education class. On top of that he must have some very naive parents thinking that their son is versed adequately in basic anatomy. I fear for what other things he may have questions about. I wonder if he thinks the pill will spare him pregnancy. I feel terribly sorry for his first girlfriend…that being said, I doubt that time will come anytime soon…if ever.

….I wonder if he’d know what to do with a free one of these?

ICAN Legends

Bumper Sticker Trolling

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This man deserves to have songs sung about him.


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Man Builds Dream Beach House For $35,000

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One awesome 27-year old guy, ScottyBowl, has built his dream …


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Known as the “Cereal Killer” for his attack on all things breakfast related, this killer is out to become your only option for nourishment in the morning. It only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch…but this sour fruit is clearly green with envy.

Those sweet Cuties (Clementine mandarins) were just too darned cute for him to handle. He had to take his rage out on someone and it looks like one unlucky little guy got the knife to the dome. Either my fruit basket is haunted or I have too much time on my hands….you decide.

…I wonder what terror he could do with a free one of these?

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Clearly there is a marketing genius behind these that has a real intent in getting the internet geeks of the world trained and interested in using CPR…..or really just maybe they feel that men in general need to know it better than they do. Either way I’m sure this video has taught a few more people how to handle a mouth-to-mouth situation than would have known before. I’m happy to do my part in spreading the medical advice. Giggity!


My eyes are watering just looking at this. I can’t even wear contacts because I get so squeamish of things touching my eyes. I can’t hardly even do eye drops. This may be one of the single most terrifying picture I’ve seen recently…so much so that I just had to share it with you.

…almost as terrifying as driving with anti-Locke brakes.

[click for full size]


Wowwahweewaaaaa….these are times I wish I lived in the UK. The good folks of Morrisons just released a Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Cream flavor, and from the statement on the box, it is “delicious ice cream with added Goo.”

Man-o-man would I love to try this. I love me some Cadbury Creme Eggs…and I love me some ice cream…put them together and you can’t possibly go wrong. That’s like Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor…okay maybe not them but maybe more like Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt (imagine if they bore their own child rather than adopting).

Anywho…if we’ve any readers in England that would like to send me a carton packed in dry ice, you’re more than welcome to. That reminds me of this dessert I had on a Virgin Atlantic flight back from London. It was called Gü Chocolate Puds and it was the most incredible thing I think I’ve ever eaten. I asked for fifths…and they obliged kindly. If you wouldn’t mind send me a case or two of those too…that would be nice, thank you.


Most of us think that ours jobs are pretty bad…and I know more than a few people who struggle to get through the workweek….but looking at this guy’s shitty job makes me love what I do more than ever. I think I’m going to start using this as a motivational photo in the office from now on. Kind of puts your work into perspective doesn’t it.

Now here’s a guy that doesn’t have a shitty job anymore. And if you’re anything like me, you spend all your hard earned money on sweet gear like this.


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This is just an insane video of a very lucky skateboarder. Had he not been wearing a backpack he could have been in for some serious damage. It’s amazing that not only was he wearing the pack, but also that he got caught the way he did.

I don’t speak French but there really are no words for this anyway…just watch.


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