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I don’t know what it is about this video but I really enjoy it. This is Houston to the International Space Station sent as a wake-up call. It gives you a nice view of the station and the shuttle and the lovely tune of “Macho Man” by the Village People. What a good way to wake up.

ICAN Legends

PB&J Eating Contest

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These kids are awesome…this is exactly how I remember childhood…expect …

Don’t Worry, I’ve Got Backup

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So Much Randomness It Hurts

Posted By: on May 28, 2010

All It Takes Is A Retard, A Lighter, And Video …


Well at least Jack had the decency to leave a note and the honesty to mention his true actions. Those darned Aussies with their frankness. I’d be pretty hard heated if not only did I come back to wrecked car but also to this piece of paper. Thanks a lot Jack…you’re an asshole! (oh and you spell like one too).

speaking of honesty and being frank.


During World War II the servicemen suffered quite a bit from the dangers of unprotected sex. In response the U.S. government commissioned this wonderfully horrific set of posters. Meant to scare the soldiers straight with such taglines as “Men who know…say no to prostitutes” and “A minute with Venus. A year with Mercury!”

Brilliant, pure genius. I know these “propaganda” posters would make be think twice before bunking up with the local floozie. I think the current government should re-release a campaign like this. How fun would that be to see these littering the walls of the subway. In my opinion advertising and messages have become more politically correct without good reason. If a message communicates then it communicates…you might as well be upfront about it. Either way…I find these to be terrifying and hilarious at the same time.

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Anyone that was watching the FIFA World Cup today surely witnessed one of the most unfortunate goals of all time…that is if you’re an England fan, or Robert Green. This has got to be one of the worst fails in World Cup history. I feel really bad for him, I’ll bet he never hears the end of this. For us here on the left of the Atlantic though, this was the best possible thing that could have happened. Go USA!!!

Too bad for the English the ball had a little too much…wait for it…English on it. I’m thinking it will be a long time before they’re able to live this one down. If the first game had this much excitement maybe the next month won’t be too bad…and maybe soccer will catch on over here. At least this way it’s similar to NASCAR or Jersey Shore, you watch it to see the wrecks and crashes.

…speaking of good English, check this out.

Beckham does not approve

…but Keanu does



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No words can express the joy this picture brings to me (this is a close second or… maybe this). I’ve viewed it hundreds of times now and I still can’t help but smile. I would love to speak to the photographer that took this amazing image. If you’re ready to begin your trip to Happytown start scrolling down…

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Mr. T

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I feel for both of the people here…the girlfriend is extremely cruel in what she does but you can tell that her boyfriend isn’t the most sane individual either. I’m sure she has good reason for her actions but she probably could have handled it a little better. Either way, I think both are a bit nutty…but I’m leaning to the boyfriend as the one that will have to go.


If you thought filing cabinets were lame and boring, you were right…until now. If I had an actual office I would get these in a heartbeat…that’s assuming that they’re available for purchase, which I don’t believe they are. These are by far the coolest filing cabinets I’ve ever come across.What a brilliant idea and a tremendous execution. I honestly would pay so much for these.


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