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That Looks Tasty

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One Troubled Cat

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Per “Lisa’s Wedding” (Season 6, Episode 19 of The Simpsons), lisa weds Hugh St. John Alastair Parkfield today. The episode originally aired in 1995, a whole 15 years ago. Well we would like to wish a hearty congratulations to Lisa and her new husband as they become a married couple today. I know I would love to attend this ceremony. How great would it be to be amongst the Simpson clan on this joyous day.


Licensed Ass

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I guess in some countries you have to register anything you can ride with the Motor Vehicle Department, even it’s not motored. I wonder if it’s possible to get a DUI while on this ass. At least the owner will know which donkey is his…which might help when he comes stumbling out of the local watering hole at 2AM.



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Here we have the ultimate triple threat in child’s potty humor, all set in stone. And you may be thinking this is Photoshopped, but rest assured this is from an actual building in Adelaide, Australia. It is the Australian Mutual Provident Building in King William Street. In August 1885, Gay’s Arcade was constructed and the architect was James Cumming.

…and if you find this amusing, you’ll probably enjoy this too.



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Recently the Colonel offered competing restaurant employees a free Doublicious Chicken sandwich if they brought their own sandwiches in as a trade. I think this is an ingenious tactic and a great way to poke fun at the other establishments.

No matter how you feel about fast food or any of their products (the Double Down, the Baconator, the Angus Burgers, or the endless items made from beans, tortilla and nacho cheese) you can still get a kick out of this ad campaign.

The good Colonel even offered “Sandwich Amnesty”, meaning if any of the people who took him up on his offer were fired for it, he would gladly hire them to schlep KFC’s newest sandwich.


I would pay so much money to see this made into a movie. I mean…I know this couldn’t happen, but could you imagine Beetlejuice Meets Joker…Michael Keaton meets Heath Ledger, that would be phenomenal!  Too of the best performances ever, together would be amazing.


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