It looks like some 7-Elevens are now carrying an Ice Cream based on your favorite Facebook game Farmville. Personally I’ve never played it but from what I gather is widely popular…that and some Mafia game, right? If you couldn’t tell…I’m not on Facebook…I don’t like being poked.

Neither here nor there, you can pick up a pint of the ice cream for a reported $2.29 and it looks like it just comes in plain vanilla. What better to go along with your Farmville frozen treat then some delicious cake. Here are some truly inspired edible farms.

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I guess if all the Alli pills, South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers or gastric bypass hasn’t worked this is the best and quickest method to weightloss.

…I know she’d certainly be wanting one of these!

ICAN Legends

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I don’t think being internet famous has very many perks.

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At one time or another we have had a friend …

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You know those crazy one-shot commercials with Isaiah Mustafa. Well have …


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Oh you “weak” carrot you…have the gall to jump head first into the boiling pot of water…do it for your master. I’m not sure if this should creep me out or not but I find it pretty darned awesome either way.



[Source: Homeowners Insurance for Neatorama]


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At yesterday’s Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest at Coney Island, Kobyashi was arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration. The 32-year old and former Hot Dog eating champ did not compete in this year’s contest due to a contract dispute with Major League Eating (MLE) the group behind the event.

After the video you can read a statement from Kobyashi about his situation with MLE. This whole thing is pretty darned amusing to me. It will be interesting to see if the charges stand and where he goes from here with his career. He was once ranked #1 in the world and it would be sad to see a fall from grace (as it looks like that’s what’s happening). I guess only time will tell…until then..Free Koby!

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When geeks turn gangsta and decide to do some tagging this is what happens. The great this is how subtle the vandalism is. You might not even notice it as not part of the ad. It accomplishes what graffiti is meant to accomplish…it gets a message across. And when a geek has a message to deliver he delivers it in the best way possible. This is probably one of my favorite tags ever…and one of the only ones which I might openly condone…that and some Banksy.

…I’ll bet the guy who did this would enjoy this and get a real kick out of this.


For most of you out there (the Americans) you’ll be celebrating our wonderful nation’s independence day. What better way to start it off than a great big stack of red & white buttermilk pancakes topped with blueberries. Sadly there is a lack of proper butter and syrup on this bad boy…but in my own kitchen this would be easily rectified.

Have a great time with your family and friends, barbecuing, swimming, boating, eating hot dogs and watching fireworks. What is your favorite thing about the 4th of july?


There is no question in my mind that this is the greatest and most creative homeless sign I’ve ever seen. I would give this “man” ever single last dollar that I have in my wallet. I wish I knew where he was located so that I could send him a few sawbucks…if only I could see him.

…it makes me almost as curious as this.


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