This is just an amazing display of touchscreen multi-touch DJing. It’s like a mix between Minority Report and Daft Punk. If this is the future of computing and music then count me in. I love to see things like this. What really blows me away is the who that are behind new things like this. Some geeks somewhere are building just truly incredible things…every day. The guy behind this one is Pablo Martin.


Seat Savers

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So you’re at a baseball game or the park and you want to ensure that when you return you’ll still have your coveted seat…the answer is simple. Just throw one of these guys in your derrière place and you’ll find the seat still available upon return from the loo or your run to the ice cream truck.

…and if you think this is a good idea, I believe you will agree with this one too.

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For anyone growing up in the 90′s, you probably had the old Nokia cell phones, you know…the one that every single teenager had…the ones with Snake on it. You know which one I’m talking about..this one here:

I would play Snake for hours on end…while waiting to be picked up at the mall, in class when I was supposed to be doing my work, while in the Quad during lunch because no one would hang with me…and it extended my bathroom breaks to 3x the length they should be, giving me deadlegs from sitting on the toilet too long. Anyways, I’ve gone off the point…check out this awesome video of Snake being played on a college dorm wall:


Nyrd Love Note

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Well shoot…If my girlfriend (pssh…who are we kidding, we all know I don’t have a girlfriend) left me a note like this, she’d be fast on the route to wifey. I think there are certainly some girls out there that could learn from this.

Take note future Mrs. Geek…this is how you grab that Wow playing lover boy…bring back his nostalgic side for great games and show him that you really care. If anyone out there knows the gal behind this epic piece of poetry…send her my way, I think she’s got a book deal, or at least greeting card, contract around the corner.

…and if nerds aren’t your thing, maybe this guy is.


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I know this video has been sent around a bunch and you may have already seen it…but I came across it again this past weekend and was still transfixed by it. It really is amazing and deserves to be viewed again, even if you’ve already watched it. The creator, Pogo, deserves to be “discovered” and turn this little hobby of his into an actual career. He is truly amazing at what he does. Check out his YouTube channel for other versions of Hook, Toy Story or Willy Wonka.


This is just too sad…and I hate to be the one bringing you the news. The other day we learned that August 1, 2010 was Lisa’s wedding day. It also turns out that the this year brings us the untimely demise of Principal Skinner. This little gem into the future appears in the 12th episode of Season 13, Little Girl In The Big Ten.



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Well thank you Starbucks, you have quenched my thirst. I hope you can tell I’m being facetious. Although I get the point of them not wanting to waste their time with petty requests that don’t make them any money…and attempt to get you to actually purchase something but seems like this would just cause further work.

This will in fact only make me want to be more of a nuisance and continue to ask for refills on my water (drop) until they buckle and give me a bigger size. In all honesty…I think this is pretty darned funny and shows that they’ve got a good sense of humor. Score another point for Starbucks.



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