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Last night for maybe the 3rd time in 100 years the Washington D.C. area had a noticeable earthquake. For anyone living in the area that felt it or was woken up by it, it was quite a shock. It’s not something that they are used to. In response there is a large group of people who feel they have now lived though a life changing and traumatic experience.

Although the tremor came in at a measly 3.6 on the Richter Scale, this matters not to the terrified individuals who survived this life threatening act of mother nature. The survivors have banned together even making a Facebook page and t-shirts to show their camaraderie and bravery. The lucky few who have made it out alive are I’m sure going to be telling theirs stories for ages…and I’m sure there will be multiple books deals and movies made from the experiences.

I’ve heard of a few accounts,  from a magazine falling from a coffee table, a picture on the wall thrown askew…and even one event where a cell phone was bumped from the night stand (although sources could not confirm if this was due to it being set on vibrate). Here’s to all the lucky people out there that survived this catastrophe. Head over to the Facebook page and mingle with all your fellow survivors.

ICAN Legends

Historically Hardcore

Posted By: on January 17, 2012

Further proof that the world is becoming progressively less badass.

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Bars have been using neon signs pretty much since the …

Licensed Ass

Posted By: on July 31, 2010

I guess in some countries you have to register anything …


This little guy is one of the more optimistic I’ve seen recently. He’s certainly got bigger eyes than stomach. I’ve been known to eat like this too though. I don’t blame this cute little bugger. I give him the award for The World’s Most Ambitious Squirrel.

…speaking of optimism, anyone optimistic about this?


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This is a pretty cool ad from GM on the redesigned 2011 Chevrolet Corvette. It certainly gets my juices flowing and gives me a little confidence in the American auto industry. I just wish I could afford one of these bad boys.


With current laws and regulations, businesses are now more than ever under heavy scrutiny to be honest when attempting to bring in customers. You’ve seen plenty deceptive ads and marques…and these in my mind only hurt the proprietor as it disappoints the customer when he sees the reality. I think it’s good sense for the owners of Deja Vu to lay their offerings out in the open and let you know what you’re about to face. It certainly makes me want to take a peek and see if there really are only a few “swamp donkies” and how they stack up to the good lookin’ ones.


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I love Anthony Bourdain and I love “No Reservations”. If you’re a fan of the show you’ll certainly love this clip of a 10-year girl giving him some shit. It’s right up there with how he gives crap to other people which makes this all the more funny. I would love to have a one-on-one with this girl..she is just so smart and clever.


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