Do you believe that? Green Eggs & Ham turned 50 yesterday! The fantastic book (with a fantastically named star character), and written of course by Dr. Suess, actually came about as a bet between him and a friend. The friend challenged him to write the book using less than 50 words…and guess who won…you got it, the good Dr. did.


I always find it more humorous when people use self-deprecating humor. Yeah, yeah…it’s all fun and well to make fun of people at Walmart for cruising around on their motorized carts while they shop for muumuus and stuff their baskets with family-size boxes of Ho-Hos and Cheetos, but I feel like that’s too easy. It’s much better when they do it to themselves, at least this way you don’t feel SO bad laughing at it….and these clever “heavy” duo sure make me laugh.

ICAN Legends

Whatchu Lookin’ At?

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These must be the meanest cutest things I’ve ever seen. …


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Never trust a bird… especially one that looks like this. …

Welcome to the Wild Wild West…

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After all, it is the year 2011


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If you’re not instantly laughing at this, then you may have missed the recent news about one Steven Slater. He was a Flight Attendant for Jet Blue. I say ‘”was” because yesterday he decided he had just had too much. Shortly after landing at in New York Mr. Slater proclaimed to the cabin, “To the passenger who just called me a mother f***** f*** you. I’ve been in this business 28 years and I’ve had it,” grabbed two beers, popped the emergency hatch and slid down the chute.

To make the story just a little stranger, when the police came to arrest him, he was found in bed with his boyfriend. He confessed openly to the accuracy of his tirade and was subsequently arrested. He has since been released on $2,500 bail on has a court hearing for September 7th. But just in case you were wondering…here is the proper technique for exiting an aircraft:


Before Saturday Night Live and before 30 Rock and all her various comedic wins, the one and only (the greatest female comic in my opinion), was once a struggling star…and had to do her fair share of commercials. Here is I believe her very first one, spouting the different meanings of “Hi” for Mutual Savings Bank way back in 1995. Watch and laugh.

And if that weren’t enough. Here is her University of Virgina yearbook photo:


I blame Google for my school paper on Serbian fiction not being completed in time. I set out to research it but I became distracted. Normally I would blame it in the dog…but this time it was clearly Google’s fault.


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They might be hating on LeBron James a little bit more in Akron tonite. As if it wasn’t enough to leave Cleveland hanging in the wind…here he is just demolishing a wee lad. He’s got to learn to be a little more humble in his endeavours, otherwise he’s going to thoroughly alienate himself. To be honest though, in my eyes the good King James can do no wrong. I have loved him and will love him, even (and maybe especially) in Miami with Bosh and Wade…I can’t wait for the season to come ’round.


Who is this beast of a man? Turns out his name is “Tiny” Tim Rauscheder from Cleveland, Ohio. He’s a member of the AICE (Association of Independent Competitive Eaters) and weighs in at 384 pounds.

Apparently Tiny Tim became aware of his eating prowess in high school when he set the unofficial Padua Franciscan High School Cookie dough record by polishing off 32 Raw Cookie Dough Cookies and 10 cartons of milk in a single lunch period.

Some of his other records are 24 chicken nuggets in 1 minutes, 6 bananas in 1 minute, 55 chicken wings in 12 minutes 50 seconds, 18 sliders in 10 minutes, 8.75 pulled pork sandwiches in 8 minutes, 49 pierogies in 5 minutes and 102 ounces of chili in 5 minutes. He’s not all about eating though…he also excels at bowling (where he’s been known to break 275 on occasion), heads a dart team and plays bass in a band.


This is pretty much on par with how I looked for the 24 hours after I saw the movie too..until I could go back and see it again. Now I’ll have to take my pup back for another go ’round.

…that movie blew my mind almost as much as these.



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