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If maybe not this exact conversation, maybe a different food item than tuna, you’ve certainly had a discussion on some topic just like this with your mother. I know I do at least once a week. She’s always insisting that I like such and such even after I tell her I really don’t.

What things does your mother “know for sure” you like or will like when in fact you’ve told her hundreds of times before you don’t care for it?

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This not quite the guy I would want to give me advice…on anything really. Let alone child safety tips. Sure, sure Mr. Pedobear…let my kids “run the streets with dollars bills hanging from their unzipped pants buying candy from the old man standing next to the van” you say. Thank you for your advice. I’m glad to see Today Now! at least bring the professionals.


This past Saturday two nemesaries squared off in a gastronomical challenge for the ages. On one side there was the ever feared Red Beard, standing at 6’3″ and weighing in at a measly 350 lbs. On the other side we have the snappy Flacco Libre standing a mere 6’0″ and weighing in at a lofty 128 lbs. There could not be another diametrically opposed duo to battle it out at the table than these two.

After much smack talk back and forth between the contestants about who could eat more (obviously everyone and their mother would give odds to Red Beard), they came to the conclusion that pizza would be the most enjoyable to them. The challenge would be held at the wonderful Ledo Pizza in Seabrook.

The folks at Ledo Pizza advocated this tremendous event by offering to supply the brave with two large pizzas to tackle in under one hour. The pizzas would each have 2 toppings…their choices…Red Beard went with double pepperoni on both (cooked crisp)…whice Flacco Libre attempted to be more tactical in his approach, he divided his in half going with a 1/2 Hawaiian, 1/2 chicken & onion and the other 1/2 sausage & mushroom, 1/2 pepperoni & olive.

The pizzas came out piping hot and delicious. The battle was to commence. The two gave each other a nod and dug in. Within the first 15 minutes the two were neck and neck and going strong. They occasionally would give a verbal jab here and there showing their confidence. Which would come out on top?

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You may have seen the animated gif of this floating around but it in no way compares to the awesomeness that is this video. I wish we could watch sumo matches like this in real life. Maybe in short order we’ll be able to use our “smart phones” (that you can’t even talk on) and augmented reality to watch E. Honda take on the Grasshopper.


This upbeat message is a reminder that life plays the same dirty tricks on all of us to get us in bed. I think for the majority it slips a roofie into our drinks and we don’t even know whats coming, or what took place…but it certainly hurts afterward…and you can tell whatever happened last night was not good for the wear.

…speaking of taking away innocence, this blew my mind.



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Apparently this lady in Shanghai did not agree with the tow truck drives assertion that she was parked illegally. Well rather than let him tow her car, she had something better in mind. I wish I had the gall to attempt something like this. File this under the section “I’ve always imagined this is how I’d react if I had a bigger sack.” category.


You might think that this is another sad tale the depicts some of the problems with America’s youth. Well she’s a winner in our book. You see…she’s thrifty. This is tackling two birds with one stone. Celebrate your academic achievements along with the birth of your child all in one day. Good job Cortney. She’s also very courteous…I think most others would hold the parties separately in order to receive more gifts and cake. Hat’s off to this wonder girl…she does things at her own pace…and she don’t care.

…we all make our impressions on the World, especially this guy and this badass.



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