With the series finale of LOST happening in less than 36 hours there are many questions a lot of us hope to get answered. Luckily for us here is the answer to one that was haunting us earlier on. It is all starting to make sense and come together now.

If you’re a big fan of the series, as I am, you will love what I found, awesome Dharma Initiative laptop decals and sweet Dharma t-shirts.


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Honestly…if this was in my hometown, not only would I purchase my own furniture here, I would make sure that all my friends and family members where patrons as well. Although offensive to some, I think this is brilliant and ballsy. Hats off to ‘em. I tried to find where this place was located but sadly could not, maybe someone out there can tell me. I did however find a shop in the UK with the same name.

…I’m sure the owner of this place would not condone items like this…but he might like these.

Thanks to a commenter we have located the elusive Sofa King. He is in Northhampton U.K, near Far Cotton. You can view his website, which has quite a little intro letter, or check out reviews, apparently they have a new, larger showroom and his prices are lower than ever!


I guess I don’t blame him either. If I were in the presence of the Pope I would whip out my iPhone and get that bad boy up on Twitter as fast as I could too. “Say cheese!”


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Yes….you read that correctly and it’s not an exaggeration. This crazy cat lady really taught her cat Tessa (and probably only friend) to eat with utensils. She taught her to use the chopsticks because she “thought it would be a good gesture…since we were going to Korea.” You’ve got to check this out.


So LOST is down to it’s final episode. The epic six season series is coming to an end and hopefully we will get some questions answered and some of us will be able to sleep a little easier not having to ponder on “how” and “whys”.

There are degrees of fandom and a few crazy LOST followers have made some pretty amazing finale paraphernalia. How great would it be to party with the likes of geeks who have taken the time to pull off efforts like these? I found some awesome Dharma t-shirts and even a sweet Dharma laptop decal if you’re looking to up your geek quotient.

These amazing finale invitations come from Jamiesrabbits. They come sealed in a Oceanic envelope and are accompanied by a letter on official Oceanic letterhead.

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Well, what can I say? After Tuesday’s performances this was really no big surprise. Lee and Crystal did a much better job than Casey James. It’s sad because I really liked him but the good news for fans of his, is that we’ll still probably be able to buy at least an album or two from him. I’m sure he’ll go on to do okay for himself. Maybe not Daughtry okay…but good enough.

With Casey headed home we’re down to the final 2…who will be your American Idol, Crystal Bowersox or Lee Dewyze? They’re both extremely talented and have both come a long way. I like the fact that they’re actual musicians and not just “singers.” This is going to be a fairly tough decision, I could see either of them winning. It all hangs on how well they preform on their final curtain call. Who are you rooting for?

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There may be nothing better than having a Super Mario Bros. themed cake at your birthday, wedding or party. How can you go wrong really? I mean…take one of the greatest memories from our childhood and add some suga’ to it. These sweet creations are almost too awesome to eat…who am I kidding…I’d me chin deep in each and every one of these if they were in front of me.

…and if you’re looking for something good to eat why not try the Luther Double Down?

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