Anyone out there care for this badboy of a watch?  This is from the ever amazing people over at Tokyoflash. They produce some the coolest watches I’ve ever seen. Amazing as they are, they’ve given us a watch to give to our lovely readers (a $200 value). This particular one is called the Denshoku from their Kisai Series.

Twelve light bars present the time in a simple, easy to read format. Press the button and the LEDs behind the acrylic diffuse and illuminate the bars three times. First hours are presented, then groups of ten minutes, then single minutes. The speed of movement can be accelerated by pressing the button again. To find out more about how to read the time, take a look at the interactive manual above.

Now how do you go about getting your grubby little paws on this beast? It’s simple:

1. Visit Tokyoflash

2. Leave a comment below (and be sure to leave your actual email address so we can get in touch with you if you win) stating which watch is your favorite.

3. Follow us on Twitter (@ICHInternets) and send the following Tweet “I want to win a free watch from @ICHInternets and Tokyoflash – http://bit.ly/9MXdL1 #TokyoWatchGiveaway”

Winner will be chosen at random. The contest will be open until July 31st, 11:59 PM.


This is a fantastically awesome commercial c.1978. Silly Nana thinks you still have to go to the video arcade to play. How radical is Grandma though… “Take that you turkey!”

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Apparently even horses can suffer from the rare malady that is dendrophilia. I know I’ve had my issues dealing with a tasty shrub every now-and-again…but I’ve never gone balls (neck?) deep in the sweet cervase of a tree.


The Lesser Megalapteryx or Upland Moa (Megalapteryx didinus) was a flightless bird native to the northern part of New Zealand. It became extinct around the 14th century AD. Early on it was possible that they could take flight but as they evolved they grew in size, with the larger ones reaching nearly 500 pounds and standing 12 feet high.

It is belived that they were hunted and killed off as the the Polynesian ancestors of the Maori settled in the region. Although there is some speculation that a form of the bird survived until much later (possibly till the 19th century). As they had no natural predators (there were no land mammals living on New Zealand) they were quite unprotected against attacks by Maori.

Nonetheless, check out this insane preserved foot from an obviously very large one. I think this may give me nightmares tonite. At the very least it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

[click photo to view full-size]



I wonder if he’d do a better job with the recent iPhone 4 debacle. I know I’m a little more trusting of this little guy then I am of the ever decreasing in size (and presumably health) Mr. Jobs. They are pretty similar though…I mean they both have a want to take over the world, they both always wear the same outfit…they both tend to be over dramatic with their hyperbole. Either way…I’d be more inclined to buy Apples products currently if they were being schlepped by this guy instead.


Although this is pretty clever and humorous, and would normally get me to empty my pockets into his red cup, the fact that he’s laying there sleeping is sort of a deal breaker. I mean…if you’re going to be lazy enough to panhandle at least sit up and work it. The sign certainly is one of the better ones I have seen though.


Even Ned Flanders wasn’t impressed by the recent press conference hubbub from Steve Jobs and Apple. Looks like he’s holding out until they can really fix the problem without just some sorry excuse or a bumper case. You tell ‘em Ned…if Flanders ain’t going for it, neither am I.


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Last night for maybe the 3rd time in 100 years the Washington D.C. area had a noticeable earthquake. For anyone living in the area that felt it or was woken up by it, it was quite a shock. It’s not something that they are used to. In response there is a large group of people who feel they have now lived though a life changing and traumatic experience.

Although the tremor came in at a measly 3.6 on the Richter Scale, this matters not to the terrified individuals who survived this life threatening act of mother nature. The survivors have banned together even making a Facebook page and t-shirts to show their camaraderie and bravery. The lucky few who have made it out alive are I’m sure going to be telling theirs stories for ages…and I’m sure there will be multiple books deals and movies made from the experiences.

I’ve heard of a few accounts,  from a magazine falling from a coffee table, a picture on the wall thrown askew…and even one event where a cell phone was bumped from the night stand (although sources could not confirm if this was due to it being set on vibrate). Here’s to all the lucky people out there that survived this catastrophe. Head over to the Facebook page and mingle with all your fellow survivors.


This little guy is one of the more optimistic I’ve seen recently. He’s certainly got bigger eyes than stomach. I’ve been known to eat like this too though. I don’t blame this cute little bugger. I give him the award for The World’s Most Ambitious Squirrel.

…speaking of optimism, anyone optimistic about this?


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