There is no question in my mind that this is the greatest and most creative homeless sign I’ve ever seen. I would give this “man” ever single last dollar that I have in my wallet. I wish I knew where he was located so that I could send him a few sawbucks…if only I could see him.

…it makes me almost as curious as this.


Ninjas are awesome, we know this…but if you’ve ever tried to evade one you know how difficult it can be. Here are a bunch of ways that one might be able to elude capture from said Ninjas…but I think they’d still find a way to Karate chop you.

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ICAN Legends


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Aaaaaand let the latest Cat meme begin…. (Via: Reddit)

No Shoes, No Service… Unless You’re an Amish Hipster

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At any local coffee shop (other than Starbucks) at any …

Nice Ass You’ve Got There

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Look at this awesome food invention from Eddie L. Burnal, of Ohio, in 1983. What better way to get your Mexican food kick than on a stick? I for one would be eccstatic to see one of these at my local fair. I love me some burritos and with this I no longer have to sit down to eat one. I can gobble and go…I would just need some salsa, guac and sour cream in a cup.

With increased popularity in Mexican food, burritos have kept an equal, if not a faster, pace. Burritos are made of a soft, highly pliable tortilla in a generally cylindrical shape which is wrapped around a burrito food filler. The filler usually includes seasoned meat or beans but, more recently, other food fillers have also been used, including such items as fruit. With the tortilla being soft and pliable, and the filler being squishy, if not juicy, of practical necessity) the burrito must be eaten on a plate. Consequently, burritos are usually sold by restaurants with dine-in facilities or purchased only by customers taking them home to eat.

The present invention provides a highly portable burrito product which can be carried about and eaten as easily as an ice cream bar or a coated hot dog impaled on a stick, commonly known as a corn dog, by way of example.

The portable Mexican-type food item includes a burrito-type product affixed to an elongate member or stick extending therefrom and intended to be grasped by the consumer during consumption of the product.


Pun intended…but seriously…come on Amazon! Who is buying and selling used condoms? What does that mean exactly? This makes me so curious as to what I’ll receive that I’ll almost tempted to order them. It also makes me wonder what other savory items you can purchase “used” from an Amazon store.


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Takeru Kobayashi, the former owner of the of the coveted Mustard Belt from 2001-2206, held by the winner of the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest (which takes place every July 4th on Coney Island), has decided to end his career. Apparently this is due to an agreement, or lack-there-of, between Kobayashi and the Major League Eating (MLE). It seems they want exclusive rights on when and where their eaters compete and Takeru is not kosher with that.

I’ve watched him compete every year at Coney Island and I love rooting for him. Recently he’s been loosing to the current champ, and American, Joey Chestnut. Joey has won the last 3 years and holds the current record of 68 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes. Another MLE member, Bob Shoudt, speculated that Kobayashi left the competition in fear of coming in third place for the first time, behind himself in first and Chestnut in second.

Either way, and whatever happens in the long run, he is a much respected competitive eater and it’s sad to see him leaving. Some of his current records are:

  • Brats: 58 Johnsonville Brats / Brat Days / 10 Minutes/ Aug. 5, 2006
  • Cow Brains: 57 (17.7 pounds) / 15 minutes
  • Lobster Rolls: 41 Lobster Rolls in Boston challenge / 10 minutes/Sept. 23, 2006
  • Rice Balls: 20 pounds rice balls / 30 minutes

Some pets are lazy and more often than not cats can be…but have you ever seen a cat that did not care as much as this guy? I think we all might be about to learn a little something from the seemingly idleness of this purring pretty. I look at it more as a mediative state, a serenity if you will…a calmness. He is so “at one” with his surroundings that he just really does not give a damn. He is okay with eggplants being balanced on his head, and I think that’s something we could all strive for.

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After Jim Harrison and a buddy of his won a bit of money from an online poker tournament they got to chatting about what they should do with their winnings. One of them suggested spending it all on hot dogs. From there the conversation turned to how many hot dogs one could consume….and from there how many an individual could consume in a month.

Jim, a 22-year old a McMaster University student, thought that it would be possible to eat 450 within a month while his roommate suggested 480. With the debate now on the table someone decided to put money on it as well. Jim really felt he could eat 15 hot dogs (on average) per day, each day, for the entire month. How much money would it actually take to go through with this bet? If Jim is successful his pal has to cough up $1,500 and if he fails Jim will owe him $1,000.

There are a few rules, mainly that all hot dogs much be consumed in front of a live web cam as proof. Each hot dog has to eaten with a bun but he can put whatever toppings on it that he wants…and he can only throw-up 4 times throughout the month…none of which can be self-induced.

Jim says he tries to eat 6 hot dogs for each meal, which he has 3 of a day. This pace had put him at 317 by the 3 week mark. Meaning this last week he must consume the remaining 133. He seems pretty confident that he can make it. When asked what he’d eat as his first meal after the best he responded, “Probably a quarter-pounder meal from McDonalds.”

If you’d like to watch a meal of his live you can head over to his Justin.tv page. The picture below is a view of his stash in the fridge towards the beginning of the month.


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