Technology is changing at a feverish pace, especially when it comes to the devices we use to access the Internet, and how those devices get connected.

Recent advances in mobile technologies and cellular services have made it a natural assumption that we’ll all unplug entirely at some point. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, and here’s why!

Consider the following four reasons that broadband Internet is undoubtedly here to stay.

1. Purpose

Think of the purposes behind today’s Internet that are not likely to change tomorrow. Sure, there are more than one billion people on Facebook, and social media usage and email are the primary functions for millions of users.

But there’s a purpose that requires more: commercial business. When an entire company depends on its connection to the web, it’s not going to take the chance of losing its link in the air. So that’s one strong reason to presume that many telecommuting jobs require land-based connections to the Internet, and will continue to do so.

2. Checks and balances

Whether he or she runs a social media site, email server, popular business blog, or telecom company, any educated executive is going to grasp the massive risk associated with relying on only one type of access to the Internet. There’s a strategic reason to rely on a system of checks and balances to control costs and technological blind spots.

Even if cellular downloads catch up with broadband and fiber-optic speeds, it’s likely that every large operation will continue to desire a variety of ways to connect.

3. Gaming

Video gaming is huge, and many of today’s most popular games require a dependable and fast level of broadband connectivity. What gives this aspect extra weight is the fact that the typical gamer is an influencer and early adopter of technologies.

That’s a customer market that most companies want to keep happy.

4. Infrastructures and fiber-optics

Given that wired Internet and broadband services had a decade-long headstart on cellular services (and several years more of cable television infrastructure), it’s remains the most dependable and quickest access to the Internet available. In mountainous island locales such as New Zealand or heavily populated cities like New York, broadband Internet is indisputably the fastest and most reliable way to get Internet access.


It might come as a surprise to some people that certain health problems aren’t necessarily big enough to worry about right away. What does that mean? It means you might need surgery to improve your health, but the situation does not constitute an emergency.

When surgery isn’t a life-saving matter or immediately necessary, people will be inclined to put it off. They might postpone having a joint replaced or a nose issue corrected simply because it’s not an emergency.

But putting off surgery for too long isn’t a good idea. Here are three good reasons that postponing elective surgery can be a mistake.

1. Lack of insurance in the future

The biggest reason many people put off their elective surgeries is fear of the unknown. They don’t know what the cost will be, whether they will have a job a year from now to ensure they will be able to pay their medical bills, or if it’s a good decision to spend money on surgery right now.

However, uncertainty goes both ways. Those who put off surgery might not know if they’ll still be employed a year from now, but they also don’t know what type of health insurance they’ll have in a year. Putting off surgery could mean not being able to have it at all due to a loss of insurance coverage down the road.

2. Medical consequences of delaying treatment

A polyp might not seem like something you have to worry about right this second, and often it’s not. However, the longer you delay the elective surgery to have a polyp removed, the greater your chance of discovering that non-immediate health issue has become a serious one.

For example, the polyp could continue to grow each day that you don’t have surgery to remove it. If this happens, the chances of it becoming a tumor increase significantly. This means your formerly elective surgery has become a medical emergency.

3. Surgery now can be cheaper and easier

If you have an elective surgery in the works, you could consider having it performed at an outpatient facility such as miVIP. With professional doctors on staff and a facility fully equipped to handle minor procedures so you can rest assured your minimally invasive surgery will go smoothly, there’s no reason to put it off any longer.

Just because you have a minor health issue that doesn’t require immediate attention, that doesn’t mean you absolutely shouldn’t address it right away. The faster you have your outpatient surgery performed, the faster you can stop worrying about pain, a more serious development, and your ultimate health.

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The 2014 Winter Olympic Games, starting Feb. 7 in Sochi, Russia, will feature their fair share of extreme sports. Skiing, bobsledding, luge and snowboarding will excite both audiences and athletes as these trained competitors challenge themselves with risky sports.

The Olympics also can motivate others to try new sports and hobbies. Beware, though, that what you see on TV isn’t always something you should try at home without some training. Here are three tips for when you’re ready to get into more extreme sports.

Learn the basics

In order to participate in an extreme sport and reduce the risk of injury or failing, be sure to understand the basics. If you try to rush into doing tricks before you are physically and mentally prepared, it could result in injury. Understanding the event and the physics involved can help you succeed.

Join a club

It may be difficult to get into an extreme sport without knowing anyone who personally participates. Finding a local organization that participates in skiing trips or snowboarding runs can help get your foot in the door. These clubs are usually run by semi-professionals who can offer advice on gear to purchase, places to go, and technique on how to get started doing tricks if you already have the basics down.

Finding those that are like-minded and want to be better at a sport can help with the motivation to stick with it, even though it may be difficult or discouraging after watching the professionals.

Use the correct equipment

By researching the sport, going out and trying it yourself, and getting advice from members on the slopes or in your club, you will learn more about how to choose the equipment that is better for you. Whether you are renting or purchasing, the right gear will fit properly. It also needs to be for the correct gender – sizes will be different for men and women.

By following these tips, you can get yourself out in groups that will motivate you and offer advice on how to improve yourself without injury. By using the correct equipment and proper knowledge, your extreme sport can turn into a lasting hobby.


A few short years ago, the only thing you needed to do to be found by consumers was buy a relatively expensive ad in the Yellow Pages and maybe a few ads in the local newspaper or radio station. Times have changed, but one thing hasn’t: there’s still a primary place you need to be, in order to get found by customers. That’s in the search engines’ index. Especially Google’s.

Search engine optimization has evolved from an easy game with shortcuts to a harder-earned science where only authentic, helpful businesses win. Here’s how we see the search engines changing in the very near future, and how you can take advantage.

1. Social media focus

Social forces have always driven a high percentage of marketing and advertising, especially offline. Entire agencies have been formed to focus on word-of-mouth marketing and experiential marketing that hinges on generating offline, in-person conversations. That will now shift online. Search engines will need these social cues to validate a brand’s authenticity and make search results more relevant.

2. Images

A shocking percentage of sharing in social media is image-related, and search engines will certainly take notice of this. If your content has no images, it’s likely to get worse treatment than content with visual data and images (or videos). Search engines want to provide what users indicate they like, and users are indicating they like visuals.

3. Optimization consultants will focus on structure than content

Search engine optimization has run its course when it comes to fast-solution consultants who can make a Web site rise to the top of the rankings in a matter of days or hours. It’s too difficult to do that now, in most instances, and the best consultants have shifted from creating to content to instead creating solutions that help a customer create their own content and move toward a long-term approach in search engine optimization.

The consultants can keep an eye on search engine trends, while the businesses will continue to do what it does best: create content and build relationships in social media with their customers. That’s how business was once done, and how it will be done again.


Business trips have the potential to be enjoyable, but they can also be disastrous. When it comes to booking travel for you and your employees it’s vital to keep a few considerations in mind to ensure your comfort and pleasure.

This is especially true when choosing accommodations for your employees. Depending on how often they travel, it can be beneficial for your firm to develop a relationship with a brand of hotels where you’ll benefit from accumulating points every time you book an employee stay.

In addition, it’s important for you to select a brand of hotel that offers the right amenities for your staff.


As with any form of real estate, location matters. One of the most useful aspects of any business trip is accommodation that’s close to where your meetings and other activities will occur. While many are held in hotel meeting rooms, not all corporate events are.

Furthermore, if the corporate event your employees are attending offers after-meeting cocktail parties and events, you’ll probably want your employees to stay close to their hotel to eliminate extra transportation costs and long drives.


Your employees should enjoy a certain level of comfort while traveling on business. That helps to keep them productive and focused.

In their rooms your employees will appreciate such items as coffee makers, hair dryers, Internet access, and an alarm clock to help them wake in a timely fashion.

Hotel amenities that may be of some importance to your employees include dining options, business centers, and entertainment.

Simply because they’re traveling away from home doesn’t mean your employees should have to skip their morning or evening workout routine, which makes an on-site gym or fitness center handy. A pool is an attractive option for those who enjoy a swim to work out or unwind after a long day of meetings.


You might not regard parking as something that’s an issue when booking a hotel for your employees who travel on business, but it’s a solid safety precaution. Your employees should be in a hotel with a well-lit parking lot if valet service is not available.

Additionally, an accommodation with interior doors is essential. You don’t want your employees in rooms with outside access that makes it easy for anyone to enter.

When you’re hunting up hotel accommodations for company business trips, choose wisely. If possible, create a relationship with a well-known, name-brand company that has ready accommodations in the regions your employees visit frequently.

Make sure your people aren’t sacrificing their comfort for your business needs.


For many travelers, there’s no bigger dream than taking a safari. The exotic location, incredible wildlife, and the experience of a lifetime … what could be more memorable?

If you’re looking for the ideal place to take that dream safari, nowhere is better than South Africa. So get ready for your next adventure by booking a South African safari!

Know when to visit

If you’re going on a safari, certain times of year are better than others. If you’re interested in seeing as many animals as possible, then the winter months (between June and September) are best.

Why? All the trees and shrubs in the area have lost their leaves, and that allows you to see the animals more clearly. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in enjoying the sights in general, the summer months (between December and February) are preferable.

During this time, everything is lush, full, and green … which is perfect for photographs!

Think about the kind of safari you want

There’s more than one type of South African safari. From the park you visit to the number of people you go with, the options are remarkably varied.

You’ll need to think carefully about what you want. For starters, consider how private you want your safari to be. Group tours that host between six and eight people are available, as well as more private, customized tours.

When it comes to where you take your safari, there are also many national parks to choose from, such as Kruger National Park and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi.

Determine where you want to stay

The process of choosing a South African safari doesn’t end once you know the type you want. You’ll also need to think about where you are going to stay.

Luckily, there are plenty of accommodations in South Africa. It’s best to choose one that’s close to your safari location, priced well, and fits your needs. Whether you prefer to stay at a resort or inn, or even a guest house or lodge, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the ideal location to spend your time.

Consider how you’ll get there

There are several ways to get to your safari: you can either drive or fly. It’s useful to recall the advantages of either option.

If you choose to drive through South Africa, you’ll see some truly spectacular sights along the way. Flying to your destination can save lot of time, though. If you’re short on time or want the convenience of getting close to a national park, this may be the better choice.


Instead of coming off like an amateur in the game of poker, sound like you know what you’re doing. It’s easy with the new series “How To Poker: Talk Like You Have A Pair”. Get advice from WSOP’s experts. Learn terminology that will give you a leg up on the competition and understand the lingo. Visit http://www.wsop.com/gotapair/ if you’re over 21 to get in the game.


CrossFit has become incredibly popular in the last few years.  I’ve seen patients who’ve despised exercise, turn into avid gym addicts.  I think it’s great that people are getting more involved in exercise and fitness, and I love the group aspect of CrossFit.  Let’s face it, it’s easier to get motivated when you always have friends around pushing you to reach new fitness goals.  However, when partaking in physical activity there is always the chance of injury.  One of the most common areas at risk is the shoulder.

As a Sports Chiropractor in NYC, I have the opportunity to evaluate and treat many CrossFitters, from newbies to the ultra-competitive level.  Some common shoulders conditions I have seen are bicipital tendonitis, rotator-cuff syndromes, labral tears, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), separated shoulders, and impingement syndrome.

There are many factors that may be contribute to shoulder injuries.  The exercises themselves may not be the primary cause.  Poor form is definitely a factor, however previous injury at the shoulder may increase your risk as well.  With prior injury, there may be residual loss of shoulder mobility that you might not be aware of. Gradual loss of shoulder mobility is very common, not only because of old injuries, but also from everyday activities.

 Poor posture and improper ergonomics can lead to chronic overuse injuries.  Computer and smart phone use has the tendency to place us in poor positions throughout the day, leading to consistent micro-injuries at the shoulders.   In the absence of obvious injury, you may not realize that you may be gradually losing shoulder mobility; then one day you decide to get involved with a new exercise program like CrossFit, and you wind up with an injury.

Here is a simple test you can perform to see if you have lost mobility at your shoulders.

(Before you start any new exercise routine, it’s strongly encouraged that you get evaluated by a licensed medical professional, this test is not intended to replace the medical advice of a professional, nor does it clear you for exercise)

Apley’s Scratch Test:

Upper Test: With one arm, reach over your head, bend at the elbow and try to touch to the top of your opposite shoulder blade (perform on both sides).

Note if there is any difficulty with this movement.  Is it symmetrical when comparing both sides? Do you experience pain or stiffness?

Lower Test: Reach behind your back, bend at the elbow, and with your index finger try to touch the lower portion of your opposite shoulder blade.

Note the difficulty of this movement, and symmetry again.  Do you experience pain or stiffness?

If you find either of these tests difficult, or they elicited pain or stiffness, your likelihood of sustaining injury at your shoulder is greater.  Contact a local sports chiropractor, physical therapist or orthopedist and have your shoulder evaluated.  It’s better to be proactive and prehab a problem, than sustaining an injury and have to go through months of rehabilitative therapy.

If you have any questions, or you’d like to learn more about health-related topics, please visit http://www.parkavenuespine.com/programs/competitive-performance/.

Paul M. Salinas, D.C., C.C.S.P. is a New York City Doctor of Chiropractic.  He specializes in sports-related injuries, as is a full-body, master certified Active Release Techniques provider.


The good news about gas in infants is that it’s not typically indicative of a bigger problem. Babies who suffer from gas – even frequently – are not typically sick or in any danger. They just need a little relief.

If your baby seems particularly gassy, it’s not abnormal. However, if you’d like to prevent gas from happening to your baby, there are simple things you can try.

Use the right bottle

Bottle-fed babies sometimes suffer more gas because the nipple on the bottle lets too much formula or milk to flow through. This can overwhelm your infant’s stomach, causing gas.

Switch to a bottle with a slow flow to help prevent gas. You can find bottles like this by checking labels and by using bottles designated for specific age ranges.

Burp correctly

Babies need to be burped during and after each meal. Some parents only burp their babies after a feeding, which can cause gas. From this point forward, stop halfway through each feeding and burp your baby. Once he or she burps, continue the feeding and then burp the baby again.

Consider your own diet

As a breast-feeding parent, what you eat can affect your baby. Keep a journal of what you eat and how fussy your baby seems to be that day. If you notice that gas seems to occur more often when you eat specific foods, consider eliminating them from your diet.

Each baby is different, which means what you eat may or may not have any effect on your baby whatsoever. Additionally, what bothers one baby might not bother a future baby.

Natural remedies

If you simply cannot avoid gas, consider handling it with natural remedies. Over-the-counter medications with natural ingredients have the ability to ease gas and make sure your baby feels happy and healthy. They’re not harsh or difficult to consume, which means your baby is less likely to resist taking these remedies.


Knowing what causes infant gas and how to prevent it can ease some stress in your life. No parent likes to see alittle ones upset. It’s difficult to see your baby suffer from discomfort caused by gas. Use this as motivation to help prevent gas. You’ll notice your baby is happier and less fussy when you do.


If you’re tired of the same old variety show format, check out HITRECORD ON TV, the brainchild of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and over 400 collaborators. Using a common theme – RE: Space, RE: The Other Side, RE: Money – the creators have cut footage into musical performances, short films, animation, and more. The show will air on the Pivot network January 18th, but you can witness the first episode right now. Visit Pivot.tv and follow Facebook.com/hitrecordtv for more information.


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