Got termites? Or are you at least worried they might start snacking on your home in the near future? If your neighbors have complained about termite problems or you want to dodge termite issues in a climate where they thrive, you need to know why they invade homes.

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We’ve all heard the catchwords like “carbon footprint” and “going green.” They’re all over the news and the politicians in state capitals and Washington DC are arguing about whether the science is actually on target.

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ICAN Legends

How Dirty Are Your Gadgets?

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Let’s be honest, they’re dirty. We tend to eat while …

Get That Designer Men’s Wallet for Less Than Half the Price

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Most women are well-versed on the benefits of online shopping. …

Warning: The Cuteness Level Might Make You Nauseous

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Ermahgerd it squeaks!! H/T: Reddit


Superheroes exist to fight evil and save the day. While they’re not real, they’re certainly very popular these days.

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You might be surprised to know that some of the best treatments for children’s skin allergies can be found online. It’s true: you don’t need to run all over town looking for the perfect product, and there’s no need to guess which home remedy suggested by your relatives will work.

There’s no need to panic at all.

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Vevo music videos have become quite popular among music and video lovers alike. This year, ten very popular songs have made the most watched/most downloaded list for Vevo.

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The economy might be on the rise, but most of us still need a little bit of extra cash to make ends meet. Turning a hobby into a profitable enterprise is a great way to supplement income.

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Want to go on the ultimate adventure? Air New Zealand wants to send one lucky winter to Antarctica to team up with National Geographic and help a scientific research team address global environmental issues. Explore one of the must unique places on the planet and bring an amazing story back to civilization. If you’ve got strong communication skills and an adventurous spirit, enter at www.airnewzealand.com/voiceforantarctica. Check out the video:


As time management becomes harder for workers, students, and parents to accomplish, technology has been developed to help out. People who are overworked can manage their time and get to important events and finish everything on their to-do list with a little electronic assistance.

As smartphones have become more commonplace, apps have been developed that can help people track time for a more structured schedule, get them access to more spare time, and improve productivity.

Check out these three excellent time trackers.

1. Google Calendar

This program is accessible on the computer, as well as an app for your smartphone. The online calendar is free and can keep track of time, record appointments, and organize tasks that need to be completed.

The app can serve as a to-do list or as a calendar, and is easy to export so you can keep track of your schedule on multiple platforms. Reminders can be set for activities so they do not get overlooked.

2. Klok Cloud

The Klok Cloud system syncs mobile devices to an online database that can be used on either the mobile or a computer. The system is built with Adobe AIR and is a cross-platform tracking solution.

Projects can be managed with a hierarchy of sub-projects in a task-management sidebar. You can add tasks to the workflow over the course of the day. Comments can be added to the projects in each block of time with the potential to make adjustments so you can see how long it took to work on each particular project.

3. TimeLog

The app TimeLog works online as well as offline, so you have constant access to time tracking that can be synced with TimeLog Project. The app can be used on any smartphone to determine how long it takes to complete a given task so it can be billable to a company while you’re working, or simply used to control how much time you devote to a particular task.

Even with a smartphone, it may still be hard to track the time you are wasting or spending on other tasks, such as grocery shopping. Using these apps in conjunction with making sure you check the time on a watch can help keep you on track for the things that are important outside of your work and chores.

These apps can be downloaded online. You can also purchase a new or pre-owned watch online to assist with time management, too.


Miami, Florida: a beautiful city located on the Atlantic Coast, it’s a thriving place of lights, beaches, and fun times. The beaches alone are famous nationwide and families flock here on vacation every year.

This huge city is a major trendsetter in entertainment, trading, and the arts. It’s also been hailed as America’s cleanest city. Miami is something to talk about, and many are talking about traveling to see the sights of Miami.

Before you take that trip to Miami, you should be prepared. There are many cool travel apps that specialize in Miami locales, businesses, and events. Here are five of the best travel apps to get your hands on before you go.

1. Miami and Beaches

This amazing app tells you all you need to know about the city of Miami. This wonderful vacation spot is packed with entertainment, art festivals, and loads of fun options for playing on the beach.

The “Miami and Beaches” app provides information on lodging and dining with the “Around me now” feature. This says it all, basically; if you need to know what attractions are in your general area, this is the perfect program for that.

You can also browse the app’s calendar of events to see what’s happening and where to go. The application also has an interactive map and guided tour through the streets of Miami, including the Art Deco district.

2. Miami Herald

With this app, you can get all the local Miami news at your fingertips. With this handy application, you can save stories of interest, and even email them to a friend. The app even has a search feature that gives you the ability to find any news story that interests you.

3. Zoo Miami

For those who want to visit the Miami Zoo, this app is just the perfect companion for the day. Its handy little GPS feature helps you locate all exhibits, concessions, and restrooms without the unpleasant stress that a visit to the zoo sometimes entails.

All those days of wandering aimlessly with kids in tow are over. Now, a visit to the zoo will be more fun and much more relaxed. You can also use the social media feature to share photos and videos taken on your trip to the Miami Zoo.

4. Miami cheap eats and street food

What better app to have than this one? This application helps the visitor to town find the cheapest yet good-quality foods and street snacks. One of this app’s best features is its directory of more than 150 spots that serve tasty yet affordable foods.

It also specializes in locating ethnic cuisines for lovers of international fare. This is exactly what you want when you’re trying to decide what to eat and having that famous discussion of “where do you want to go?” This app will eliminate all the confusion by listing a huge selection of wonderfully delicious restaurants and street vendors.

5. Miami Travel

From beaches in Miami to shopping centers, this app has information on almost everything. It’s another all-around tourist app that offers information on everything from hotel accommodations to wonderful local restaurants.

This tool also provides news on local attractions and festivals that might be of interest to the entire family. Whatever you need to know, you can find it with this awesome smart device app.

Miami is a beautiful place, and with these simple apps for your smart device, you can enjoy all of its beauty. For more information, check the ForLocations site and do a search for “Miami.”

Linger on the famous beaches, attend the local attractions and festivals, and have a nice, affordable meal at one of Miami’s best eateries. Just remember one thing: always come to have a great time, whatever you do!


It’s not always easy to be nice … especially when someone butts in front of you in line for your morning coffee. Or steals the cab that you just flagged down.

Even though the world isn’t perfect, it is possible to make it a better place. All it takes is a little care and consideration. If you want to create positive change, try one of these six acts that will restore your faith in humanity.

1. Smile often

To restore your faith in humanity, the key is to think about what you can do. Start by putting a little more positiveness back into the world yourself, one smile at a time. Not only has it been proven that smiling puts you in a better mood, but it can also boost feelings of happiness in others.

Simply smiling at a stranger or colleague as the person passes by can bring strong feelings of joy. And hey: the other person just might smile back!

2. Give up your seat on public transportation

We’ve all been there: You’re sitting on the bus or train after a long day of work. Your back is aching, your briefcase is heavy, and all you want is to get home.

Then a mother with a stroller gets on and there are no seats left. Even though all you feel like doing is to sit back and relax … give up your seat. This is a good deed you can feel great about all the way home.

3. Write thank-you notes

With the ease of texting, email, and Facebook, it’s easy to forget about good manners. While it may seem passe, there’s something to be said about writing a thoughtful thank-you.

To really restore your faith in humanity, always say “thank you” to others; be appreciative and considerate. People will remember your kind nature and respond in turn.

4. Take time to volunteer

Instead of focusing on yourself all the time, why not turn your attention to others? One way to do this is to volunteer with a local organization, such as a soup kitchen or animal shelter. Giving your time will help you appreciate what you have — and what you can do to better your community.

5. Donate to charity

Do you really want to restore your faith in humanity? Then donate to charity! There are so many worthy organizations out there that support people (as well as animals) in need and benefit countless lives.

It’s often the case that charities can get more funding when people help out. So give whatever you can to a cause that matters to you.

6. Tell people you care

Our lives can get pretty busy … which makes it too easy to forget to say the things that matter most. Take a bit of time to tell people that you care about them. It will make you and your loved ones feel grateful.


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