With the the regular season starting this Thursday (8:30 PM EST) with Farve’s Vikings taking on the NFL champ Saints in New Orleans this is bound to be an awesome season. Here are some facts about the league that you may not have been aware of.



If this video doesn’t make you either laugh or say “aww” then you just might not be human. I know I personally was laughing hysterically throughout this entire video. This alone gives me reason to bear children, if for no other purpose than to play tricks like this.

ICAN Legends

“George” The Dramatic Trailer

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I love, love, love Seinfeld. I know there are a …

Celebrate Getting Hot in Cleveland!

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After 100 episodes, “Hot in Cleveland” wants to give back …

Be Considerate

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I can’t read the (Japanese?) characters but I’m assuming from …


If we all followed rules such as these I think we’d all lead happier lives. The simplicity, the genius, the ease of implementation (especially #13)…this list should be posted in all homes, dorms and apartments where the median age is lower than 25. What additional rules would you add?


Are these words of wisdom or blasphemy? In some ways they ring horribly true, but on the otherhand they are are extremely offensive…or guess they’re both at the same time.  May be a bit vulgar but nonetheless straightforward and to the point.


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Wake Up Call

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This is certainly one way to get your buddy who has dosed off to get up in a hurry. I’m sure the retaliation will come quickly as well. If it were me, I think I’d wake the the guy who did this up with a flour bomb or coconut pie to the face.


Lemme See

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So this was all done for an advertisement, but it is still extremely impressive. Decenzo is a damned good skater and deserves so much credit. Two large 18-wheeler semi-trucks pulled up at the Yonge-Dundas intersection followed by a mini-van with a secured flat roof that served as a mid-drop landing pad.

Once all three vehicles came to a complete stop with bumpers touching, Ryan rushed out of a nearby van to get into place. He climbed on top of the first truck, ran full speed towards the man-sized gap between the two semi’s, kickflipped it…still flying 20 feet above the road. After an ollie down to the van, and not a second later, another 8 foot drop down to street level, a frontside 180. Boom. Priceless.


Hello There

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I’m sorry….I really just don’t know what to say. This has got to be one of the most odd, strange, weird things I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what to comment about this…I don’t really know what is going on here and can’t fathom how someone came up with the idea to do this…nor why he would have to do it sans clothing. I just….I don’t know…I don’t know what to say…just watch this, please.


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