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As if we didn’t need yet another reason for the legalization of our favorite herb. Turns out the people of LEGO have been endorsing it discreetly all along. This might be one of the reasons so much of you are in love with it…it has been ingrained to enjoy since childhood, similar to the toys in cereal boxes and Happy Meals. Maybe we associate it with fond memories of building unique structures and play time and all those afternoons spent carefree. I know for me it brings me back to a much more innocent time. So there I said it, LEGOlize it already!


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White Power

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This may be one of the worst marketing fails I’ve seen recently. It always blows my mind when I see things like this. How do they get by the numerous people that have to “sign-off” on a product before it goes to the store shelves? I mean, you’ve got the designer himself (who may have done it in jest), the marketing guys, the execs, etc. You would think that someone along the line would catch it.


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If you ever thought Spiderman was a little strange, think again. The Japanese Spiderman is officially the craziest version you’ll ever see. It’s pretty much a mix of good ol’ Spidey, The Power Rangers and the 80′s. If you’re bored it may just be worth a watch.


Still waiting AMA approval, this new birth control device has been tested thoroughly (at various college campuses across the nation), and has passed with flying colors. It has been deemed 100% effective when used as per the directions. The good thing about this new method is that you need not worry about taking a pill once a day or rely on your mate to “wrap” his piece. For anyone worried about getting pregnant I suggest you invest in this new birth control and use it as prescribed.


Even though this is all just a viral campaign by The Viral Factory (for a company I won’t name), it’s still extremely awesome. This little girl is adorable and the idea of this video is super-duper in my opinion. If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face then you must be a robot.


Well if this isn’t reason enough to stop here I don’t know what is. That’s the greatest deal of the day. As long as I don’t have to use the straw nasally. If this comes with free refills too, I know where I’ll be all day.


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