Jehmlich and Matthes Mikysec of Sputnic.tv have made this incredible remote controlled simulation/video game. I would much prefer gaming to go this route than towards the Kinect, face/hand recognition route. This would be such a blast to play. And imagine if the vehicle and course were even bigger. What if you could do this with a Porsche for instance, on an actual race track, how awesome would that be? You could race around and not have to worry about offing yourself.

Either way, what these guys have created it truly awesome and I give them mad props in their execution of it. Let’s see what they dream up and create next.



This is a poignant photo and statistic. It really opened my eyes. Until seeing this I had no idea, I hadn’t even considered it. I was also skeptical about the numbers but you can see the causality numbers and the suicide numbers. If anything the suicide numbers on the brick wall may be low.

In my opinion, war does nothing but bring further pain and suffering to regions that have already experienced a great deal of it. You always know of course that soldiers will be killed in the act of duty, but the fact that more than twice the amount have taken their own lives is very troubling. They have become so disturbed by things they seen and been involved in that they feel they can no longer live with it.

The travesty that the “Iraq War” is, is beyond my comprehension and this just furthers it more. It is so difficult for me to see how death and destruction can lead to anything good. I hope that this image wakes a few others up as it has me, to not only the obvious effects of war but also the un-seen or un-thought of consequences.

ICAN Legends

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What? WHAT WILL YOU DO? [source]


Well this kind of sums up the state of our dollar and the current climate of the U.S. economy doesn’t it. I know this is just some idiot snickering at himself but I guess it is pretty funny after all. Kind of makes me wonder why I hadn’t thought of it myself. I know I’ll be tipping a few, *wink, wink*, people with similarly marked bills from now on.


If your parents loved you one iota at all you’ve been to either Disneyland or Disneyworld and rode the amazingly awesome Star Tours. If you never got the chance to partake in one of World’s greatest rides, I feel for you, because they’ll be shutting down at both locations soon.

Good news though. Star Tours II will be taking their places come Fall 2011. Soon you’ll be able to jump in your Starspeeder and visit Endor among a few other planets. I know I’ll be there opening weekend for this badboy. I wouldn’t miss it for nothing.


Maybe this advertising has Minority Report like capabilities and can change to suit what its viewer is seeing, I really don’t know. Either way this is brilliant marketing…or just a funny ad and a really tired guy. Still, it’s a pretty amusing photograph.


World Peas

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The British BBC tellie show Top Gear was offended by a fan having written in to complain that they don’t do proper car reviews anymore. So host Jeremy Clarkson takes the new Ford Fiesta on a “serious” road test. Cue a car chase through a shopping centre while being chased by a Corvette and a Royal Marine beach assault!

This has got to be the best car reivew I’ve ever seen and makes the Ford Fiesta look much more bad ass than it probably is. However, I now find myself wanting to purchase one. Oh the wonders of marketing.


In their recent edition, Rolling Stone Magazine has issued a thank you letter to the record label executives. Hopefully they’ll read it and get the bigger picture. It is a very wise and concise note that brings to light the changing nature in which individuals discover and spread music. Hats off to Rolling Stone for trying to get the RIAA and the music big wigs to open their eyes.

…seems like they sold out just like this guy.


Here is a some proof that your morning “cup o’ joe” might be somewhat more evil than you thought. You always wondered why you felt so weak without it…well this explains it a bit. Seems their are other forces at hand than one ever realized.



Ever wonder who you could whomp on if you got into a street brawl? Well unless you’re Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude Van Damme or Chuck Norris, you’re not going to win them all. Here is a nice little flowchart so you know where you lie.


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