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This grumpy ass cat does not want to partake in the Halloween festivities. I guess I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to wear that old standby of a costume either. Her owner should be a little more creative. This cat just can’t catch a break. Do you dress your pet up in a costume for the holiday of treats?

ICAN Legends

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Can you hear me now? No…no I can’t. It’s always something with these things. Whether it’s the dropped calls, no signal, the antennas that don’t work…the screens that I can’t seem to type on with my Cheeto stained stubby fingers. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one having issues, and that it’s been happening for ages. You’d think that in all this time they would have fixed it all by now.


Ah finally. This is reassuring. Now I can rest easy. I always knew I was a bit of the optimist and that I felt the glass was always half full, but now I can state with certainly that the glass is FULLY full. It makes the argument much easier to win. So for all you optimists out there that are always getting slammed by those pesky pessimists…here’s your ace in the hole.


You know…this is actually some pretty good advice. It’s like a lifehack from 1950. I wish I knew what book this came from (maybe someone out there knows), cause if it contains more gems like this one then it’s sure to be a good read. This is bound to work extremely well. Either that or fail miserably. I could see this going 180 degrees in the other direction, wherein the son decides to rock the flair and becomes a more flamboyant little man (if you catch my drift…not that there’s anything wrong with that).


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This has got to be one of the coolest, most fun ads I’ve seen recently. It instantly makes me what to go to Toys’R Us to purchase a sweet R/C car and do some drifting of my own. This is an ad for the 2010 Sentra SE-R. The whole thing was shot in 1/10th scale with the help of a fleet of radio-controlled vehicles (including a helicopter).  The commercial was done by TBWA\Toronto for Nissan Canada and they’ve also put up a sweet behind the scenes video.



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This little Swedish soldier is the national defender of cuteness. I guess in a country like that you don’t really have much more to worry about. What a darling little kid. I wish our armies were this at ease. I mean how nice would it be to not have been in a war since 1814?


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