I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a promise of good customer service quite like this. I’m also not sure how welcome I am to the aid they would lend. I guess if I am having a tough time in there I might need a spare hand. It’s good to know that someone is there to assist me if needed. Thanks again Home Depot, just another reason I go to you over Lowe’s.

ICAN Legends

Hilarious & Brilliant KFC Stunt

Posted By: on July 30, 2010

Recently the Colonel offered competing restaurant employees a free Doublicious …

4 Excuses for Getting Out of “Intimate Situations”

Posted By: on August 14, 2014

Not in the mood? Sometimes it happens but you don’t …

Good Boy!

Posted By: on April 13, 2011

Regardless of how you feel about the Department of Homeland …


You have to see what this artist, Alexa Meade, does with her subjects. It’s creations and pieces like these that really inspire me. I wish I had the talent to do things like this. It always amazing me that there are people out there that can do this. It’s truly awe-inspiring to me.


Urinal 1, Me 0

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Well it looks likes an inanimate object has bested me again. How do it know? Has it seen me here before? Either way this damn urinal has pulled my card and got my number.


Some dude in South Africa has been tweeting about speed traps and police car locations and it’s gotten him in a little bit of trouble. The user, @PigSpotter, has over 18,000 followers on Twitter. Examples of his tweets are “Popo’s pulling over bottom George Ave, Glenhazel” and “Coppers in their usual spot both ways trapping on main road between witkoppen and lonehill.”

Looks like the local patrol isn’t to keen about this “Angel of the Road.” They’ve decided to charge him with defamation, impairing the dignity of another person and “defeating the ends of justice.” Dang, that’s quite a rapsheet for just telling people that there are cops about.

Here’s what Mr. Pig Spotter had to say:

“I am surprised by the amount of media attention. It was never the reason for starting PigSpotter. Now that police corruption is in the limelight, maybe we can turn the negative into a positive, by working with the police, rooting out the bad apples/corrupt members, we can restore faith into the police of South Africa.”

What so you think? Is he a Public aid or police hindrance?


This is a fantastic rant by Bill Murrary in 1982 (almost 30 years ago now) about the caveats of technology. From lamenting about robots taking away jobs to a talking dashboard that tells you when you’ve run out of gas, this thing is hilarious.

He comes up with a great idea for a robot that when you do run out of gas, you can deploy it from your vehicle to go get gas for you. Oh Bill Murray, is there any greater comedian? I love this guy. I wonder what he would say about this video if he watched it again today. It would be fun to hear him rant about the current state of techonolgy.



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The poem is Litany by Billy Collins.

“You are the bread and the knife,
the crystal goblet and the wine.
You are the dew on the morning grass
and the burning wheel of the sun.
You are the white apron of the baker,
and the marsh birds suddenly in flight.

However, you are not the wind in the orchard,
the plums on the counter,
or the house of cards.
And you are certainly not the pine-scented air.
There is just no way that you are the pine-scented air.

It is possible that you are the fish under the bridge,
maybe even the pigeon on the general’s head,
but you are not even close
to being the field of cornflowers at dusk.

And a quick look in the mirror will show
that you are neither the boots in the corner
nor the boat asleep in its boathouse.

It might interest you to know,
speaking of the plentiful imagery of the world,
that I am the sound of rain on the roof.

I also happen to be the shooting star,
the evening paper blowing down an alley
and the basket of chestnuts on the kitchen table.

I am also the moon in the trees
and the blind woman’s tea cup.
But don’t worry, I’m not the bread and the knife.
You are still the bread and the knife.
You will always be the bread and the knife,
not to mention the crystal goblet and—somehow—the wine.”

Here is Billy doing it himself:

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