Check out this awesome setup Dean Liou has constructed. He took an old Leveno laptop and modded to to be playable with a classic arcade joystick. He then loaded on some emulators and all of his favorite ROMs from back in the day. This is just awesome on so many levels. I would be playing Crazy Taxi, Street Fighter Tournaments, Mortal Kombat and Bubble Bros. all day long.

Imagine having an arcade cabinient in your house with all your favorite games. I don’t think I would ever leave…well if only Taco Bell delivered, then I could stay inside forever.


Now with the Beauty Smile Trainer, you can take your ugly daughter and instantly transform her into the next Miss America (Miss Japan, maybe?). Using this patented rubber insert you can take a sad face and make it into a thing of wonder. What a great way to introduce your 12-year to the world of vanity.

ICAN Legends

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Now is this the perfect example of ironic? Ever since that darned Alanis Morissette song I’ve questioned my idea of ironic. This however seems to fit the bill in many ways. Doesn’t seem like that’s the safest removal.


You have to see this amazing kid. He blows me away. He does things on a skateboard that you haven’t even dreampt about. This evil genius does things that I can’t even imagine…he honestly makes me terrified at times that he’ll kill himself. He just put out a full length DVD called the Denver Shop and from the likes of this video, I’m sure that thing will be playing non-stop for a bit in my garage.


Simple KISS

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Check out this awesome song by rock group Mabel. Coming from the wonderful year of 1978, this song will take you back to a more “radical” time. I don’t know what it is about this jam but I am seriously loving it. This makes me feel young again. Coming home from school, grabbing my deck, heading out to the backyard and just skating the afternoon away. After which, I would grab a Totino’s pizza, ploop down on the couch, watch Rocko’s Modern Life and then maybe play some Twisted Metal Black.


You can never stress the point enough, it’s always important to buckle up. Whether your precious cargo be a 6-year old child or two kegs of Miller High Life. Hats off to these gentleman for being good little Boy Scouts and using their knowledge they got while earning the Safety badge. This should in no means show any endorsement for drinking and driving…unless you’re drinking a delicious Banana Chocolate shake from Sonics, cause those are awesome!



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Mmmm…peanut butter. A peanut is so little. How can you get a big jar of peanut butter out of a little peanut?

It takes a lot of little nuts to make a jar of peanut butter. Cause one peanut in a jar really doesn’t go to far. You got to crack and shell and mix ‘em, there’s no other way to fix ‘em. Takes a lot of little nuts to do the job.

There might not be anything finer in this great world than the delicousness that is peanut butter. The only thing that may top it would be this:

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