This must be a multiple turn on for any geek that does a lot of work with transistors and capacitors. This would be akin to carpenter seeing screws and nuts getting it on. All their favorite positions laid out in a form which they can comfortably familiarize with. I can see kids in the room taking apart those old electronic kit only to use the pieces to form these pretty graphic scenes.


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

So the generous folks at Boost Mobile have sent us two phones to try out with their Reboost data plans. The phones are the Android based Motorola i1 and the BlackBerry Curve 8330. What is Reboost you ask? It’s Boost Mobile’s sweet pay-as-you-go phone plans. I know I’m sick of being stuck in 2-year contracts with a phone that is horribly outdated now, and if you want to upgrade to a new device you’ll have to sign another contract. I’ve always loathed this about most phone carriers. I want to have a nice phone but not be tied down forever and also possibly change up my phone, service, etc. more often than a set of Olympic games comes around.

That’s where Boost Mobile really shines. Here’s the details with Re-Boost. You can pay as you go, paying a certain amount for each different option you use (phone calls, data, email, text, etc.) or for $50/$60 a month you get pretty much unlimited everything. The great thing is you can pay in person at a Boost Mobile store, pay online at www.boostmobile.com or just pay through your phone. You can also use your debit or credit card to add funds and if you’d like you can even add an auto-payment.

For most phones the following plan is $50 and for the Blackberry it is $60 (or if you only use your phone certain days, you can get this for $2 a day):
Nationwide Calling Unlimited
Text Unlimited
Web Unlimited
Multi-Media Messaging (includes picture, audio & video) Unlimited
Nationwide Boost Mobile® Walkie-Talkie (available with iDEN Series phones) Unlimited
Instant Messaging Unlimited
E-mail Unlimited
411 Directory Assistance Unlimited
Call Waiting, Call Forwarding Included
Voicemail, Long Distance & Nationwide Network Included

They also offer the Samsung Seek, Samsung Rant, Motorola Rambler, Motorola Bali, Sanyo Juno, Motorola i296, Sanyo Incognito, Sanyo Mirro, Motorola i856, Motorola Clutch i465, Motorola Stature i9, Motorola i290 and the Motorola i776. They all look like pretty sweet phones and range in price from $29.99 to $249.99, so there is something for every budget. I think my favorite is one that we got to try out, the Motorola i1.

Android Based
Modes: iDEN 800
Weight: 4.63 oz
Dimensions: 4.65″ x 2.28″ x 0.5″
Battery Talk: 3.5 hours max. (210 minutes)
Standby: 96 hours max. (4 days)
Display Type: LCD (Color TFT/TFD)
Resolution: 320 x 480 pixels – 3.1″ diagonal
Colors: 262,144 (18-bit)
Processor 600 MHz Freescale ARM11
Memory 230 MB (but came with 2GB MiniSD card)
5MP Camera/Video
MP3 Support

The other phone, the Blackberry Curve 8330 has the following:

Enhanced Web Browser
3G Speeds (where available)
Full QWERTY Keypad & Trackball Navigation
2MP camera with Flash, 5x Zoom and Video
Access to BlackBerry Apps, Games, & More
Media Player with Standard Audio Jack
1GB microSD™ card Included
Stereo Bluetooth Capable
GPS Enabled

Both phones are terrific in their own right and offer different features and advantages. For the younger crowd I would recommend the Motorola and for someone wanting a more business-like phone I would go with the Blackberry. I wanted to try some of their cool “social” apps which they feature prominently. The best of which are the uses for Twitter and Facebook. Both phones have applications which make it extremely easy to update statuses, Tweet, send messages, etc. I’m wasn’t much of a user of either service prior to using these but I wanted to give them a shot (I hear they’re all the rage with kids these days)

The great thing about the integration is how easy it was to post to either of them. I had no problems setting them up on the phones and letting everyone know what I was up to (even if I was just sitting on the toilet, but isn’t that the pleasure of being able to Tweet from anywhere?). It’s a nice way to stay in touch with my “social group” even when I’m away from the computer. Another cool thing about the Boost Mobile Reboost service is that they offer a per month price option for Facebook if that is something you’re super jazzed about.

I know this sounds like a lot of hoo-raa and hyperbole but it really is nice to be able to have a phone option where I’m not tied down but still has all the capabilities of the great smartphones, especially the ability to connect to all my social networks. These phones with the Reboost service do it seamlessly and at a price I really can afford (and change up as my needs change). Yeah they provided these phones for us to try but I really do stand behind the fact that they are fantastic and there are certainly great options for everyone out there. Soon you’ll be tweeting about your recent meal, bowel movement or updating your relationship status as it happens (mine seems to always be “Single”, oh well).

Visit my sponsor: Reboost

ICAN Legends

Nyrd Love Note

Posted By: on August 6, 2010

Well shoot…If my girlfriend (pssh…who are we kidding, we all …

Field Trip Fail

Posted By: on August 18, 2010

VIDEO: Darth Vader successfully robs a bank [Guyism] Drinkwel — …

Abuse Of Power

Posted By: on October 2, 2010

This is just a blatant abuse of his powers, but …


This video was for the Transworld Lose Your Illusion: Skate and Create contest. It takes various skate teams, photographers and sponsors and pits them against one another. This partiicular video is from the Fallen team and features, James Hardy, Billy Marks, Tom Asta, Chris Cole and Tommy Sandoval.

It was filmed in Carlsbad, California by Seu Trinh, Dave Chami, Oliver Barton and Mike O’Meally with direction by Matt Irving, Mike Gilbert, Benny Maglinao and Ty Evans.

It is such a creative video. I would love to see more skateboarding films feature artistic shots like these. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Being a Hollywood exec has got to be easy, no? Everything from my childhood is being “re-booted” nowadays; Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Knight Rider… The list goes on and on. From the small screen, to the silver screen, Hollywood tends to regurgitate more than Kate Moss in the mid 90′s.  I need to get me a job in them there hills.

In no particular order, here are 5 stand outs from my childhood I’d like to see puked up again:

1. Ghostwriter

Old School:

Theres a ghost. That wrties. Actually he pulls letters from his surroundings to make sentences. A group of kids that resemble a United Colours of Benneton ad are able to communicate with him and they have kick ass markers that hang from lanyards around their necks. GW uses his bad-ass phonetic skillz to help the gang solve mysteries. They also hang out at a bodega (say it with me now; “bo-de-ga”) and occasionally film rap videos.

New School:

Ghostwriter meets Dangerous Minds. Gabriella is knocked up by Jamal; Alejandro is forcing Lenny to turn tricks on the side, and Ghostwriter brings them together to solve such mysteries as “Who’s the baby daddy?” and “Will Hector get his G.E.D?”. There is probably a role for Nick Cannon in there somewhere. Err – Scratch that…

Read More


Legolize It

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As if we didn’t need yet another reason for the legalization of our favorite herb. Turns out the people of LEGO have been endorsing it discreetly all along. This might be one of the reasons so much of you are in love with it…it has been ingrained to enjoy since childhood, similar to the toys in cereal boxes and Happy Meals. Maybe we associate it with fond memories of building unique structures and play time and all those afternoons spent carefree. I know for me it brings me back to a much more innocent time. So there I said it, LEGOlize it already!


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White Power

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This may be one of the worst marketing fails I’ve seen recently. It always blows my mind when I see things like this. How do they get by the numerous people that have to “sign-off” on a product before it goes to the store shelves? I mean, you’ve got the designer himself (who may have done it in jest), the marketing guys, the execs, etc. You would think that someone along the line would catch it.


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If you ever thought Spiderman was a little strange, think again. The Japanese Spiderman is officially the craziest version you’ll ever see. It’s pretty much a mix of good ol’ Spidey, The Power Rangers and the 80′s. If you’re bored it may just be worth a watch.


Still waiting AMA approval, this new birth control device has been tested thoroughly (at various college campuses across the nation), and has passed with flying colors. It has been deemed 100% effective when used as per the directions. The good thing about this new method is that you need not worry about taking a pill once a day or rely on your mate to “wrap” his piece. For anyone worried about getting pregnant I suggest you invest in this new birth control and use it as prescribed.


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