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This cute little pup gets so distraught when his short little legs can’t reach his favorite blue ball. I felt really bad for him until I realized he’s just being really lazy rather than cute.

ICAN Legends

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This is one of the better comebacks I’ve seen to a message like this and certainly one of the better things I’ve seen in a restroom lately. I think it’s even funnier if you imagine it as being true… I could see that happening in truck stop in a small town somewhere in Poedunk, MS. (Especially since the “father” refers to her as mama not momma)


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Oh Conan, you’re always joking aren’t you. Here is the great “Conan” sandwich which he has created, it includes processed ham and processed turkey, a whole heaping of mayo, gets fancy with the salsa, Mexican cheese, gravy, Flax Plus (for the fiber), McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and a toy from a Happy Meal to finish it all off. Can’t wait to see Mr. O’Brien back on the air this November, we’ll see how the show is on TBS.


I would love to have this in my room. I’d probably just sit there and talk to it (him). It took the artist over 160 hours and 30,000 bricks to construct this awesome piece. It’s things like this that I always wanted to make when I was playing around with my LEGOs as a little kid.

You know what, this has inspired me. I’m going to go to every garage sale this weekend and buy up every last LEGO brick I can find. I wonder how much I could amass. Hopefully I’ll find enough to make something epic. We’ll see what comes of it.


Here’s a handy little list to help you decipher the nuances and differences between what women and men say…and what they mean.



I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a promise of good customer service quite like this. I’m also not sure how welcome I am to the aid they would lend. I guess if I am having a tough time in there I might need a spare hand. It’s good to know that someone is there to assist me if needed. Thanks again Home Depot, just another reason I go to you over Lowe’s.


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