This brings a new meaning to “throws like a girl”. Robin Quivers, who as far as I am concerned is the only thing redeeming about the Howard Stern Show, once again makes it clear who really has the talent. The Sultry Mocha Vixen on her first try not only hits the mark, wearing heels no less, but does it with grace style and a sexy pitch that makes even the most hard core Baseball fan scream “Draft Her”. One hot classy chick!!


Old men are just the greatest, aren’t they. This guy reminds me of Grandpa Gustafson from Grumpy Old Men. You know…once you’ve lived 80 some odd years I think you should have the right to act and behave in any way that you feel. I think the cops agree with me. It’s nice to see they have a good sense of humor about it too.

Grandpa Gustafson on bacon and beer:

Also, check out this smart Prius owner. Not sure if he was drinking or not but he sure as heck ain’t going to spend the night at home.

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Oh man, I’ve done this way too many times for me to ever be considered cool any more. Not that I was before anyways but I’ve been in more awkward situations like this ever be able to redeem myself. It seriously happens almost evertime. So much so that I almost refuse to shake hands, high five, or fist pump any more. The worst was back in the late 90s when people were giving “daps“…man was I the clumsy white guy or what!


These guys surely don’t have the same problem as myself.


The holidays are right around the corner, and as such we’re celebrating the coming of Santa Claus by sharing this gallery of 15 Sexy Santa’s Helpers. Enjoy! Oh and speaking of hot chicks, here’s possibly the hottest chick you’ll see all day.

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We’ve been collecting these pictures for quite sometime now and have made several posts with them. Seems like you guys like seeing all your favorite characters in a slightly different way. We put them all in one place now so that you can view the many hundreds of awesome pictures. Every time we make a new one we’ll publish it here as well, so bookmark this page and check back often. Just click each image below to be taken to that particular collection.


We all have a certain way of acting under the influence of any given drug, but there are also certain things that are sure to take place. I know for instance that a good deal of you will be much more inclined to eat Ramen noodles or Cheese-Itz while having just inhaled a bit of the sticky-icky. Well here are a few more things you might find yourself doing if you partake in these various “extra-curricular” activities.

[click image to view full-size]


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This is coming to you all the way from November 2010 (it was actually made in March) and there are some predictions made in it by Kevin Butler, the VP of Realistic Movement. One in particular is about the popularity of the Playstation Move. Also…did you heed his advice and call your bookie about the World Series?…good thing you didn’t. Funny at the time? Funny now? You be the judge. I guess if you run into him, tell him to avoid the Cinco De Mayo flan.


Damn you Doc..where are you? All I wanted was a damned cherry Slushee. If only I had my DeLorean handy…get that bad boy up to 88 MPHs and I’d be back to yesterday and sipping on a cold icee treat. Was it just me…or did other kids make a “suicide” Slushee with all the flavors mixed in?

You know…it sounded fun and well but in the long run it always ended up tasting funny. But I still never learned my lesson…I would do it everytime. The rootbeer and the blue raspberry didn’t mix so well. Same goes for bubble gum ice cream…it always sounded like a good option but never really was, yet I continued to get it. What was wrong with me?


You know, I would certainly give this a go myself. And I would probably end up just like this kid. Or really probably worse. He at least made it on top of the bale. I can only imagine him getting up and wanting to try it again and getting the same results. I wonder if him or his friends ever completed it successfully. I think it would actually be a pretty cool stunt to pull off and it would be hard to stop trying until I got it.


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