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After the Redskins embarrassing Monday Night loss against Vick and his Eagles, Terrell Owens hopped on the good ol’ Twitter (@terrellowens) and started a small fire. Seems he doesn’t feel that McNabb’s play is worth the $78 million he’s going to receive for the next 5 years. And I guess he makes a somewhat valid argument considering that up through this point Donovan has 11 interceptions to 9 touchdown passes. Anyways, here’s what 81 had to say:

One random Twitter user sent TO this message and photo: “@terrellowens this is in my office & I think its coming down. Ive defended u since 49ers. I’m disappointed”

And this was TO’s response:

He clearly like to get things going. I like TO and I like McNabb but I’m not sure if any of this is necessary. Why go out in the public and make someone feel even worse right after a huge loss like that? The good thing to see is that Vick is back to full form. He’s got legs like he just came out of college. That man is incredible. The Eagles scored the most points in MNF history and Vick became the first player in league history to post at least 300 yards passing, 50 yards rushing, four touchdown passes and two rushing touchdowns. He was 20-of-28 for 333 yards and four touchdowns and rushed eight times for 80 yards and two touchdowns. That dude is a true baller.

ICAN Legends

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This is what it would look like. (via: mathiole)

Dad Gets 3-Year Driving Ban For Hot Wheels DUI

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A Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, England man has been given a 3-year …

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In an increasingly hectic world, it is difficult to find …


Have you ever wanted to vacation in Russia? Yeah, me neither. This quick, but throughly entertaining video will give you just a few more reasons why you may want to avoid the former USSR. How many different things in this clip catch your attention?


It must be opposite day today. Remember that from grade school?…’cause if you say you never did anything lame like that then you’re really saying that you did…’cause it’s opposite day (whatever, I’m lame).

So speaking of opposite day, this is I’m sure how they view us anyways…but I wonder what they think of all the people online that treat cats as the Holy Grail of internet memes. You’d think that cats were the end-all-be-all of the universe if what you knew about them was what you found online.


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Oh god… my worst nightmare. Is this how teenagers in Russia pass time? For those of us foreign to the Russian language, I would imagine the kid in the red shirt is saying “I just wanted to see Jackass 3D! I didn’t want to actually do anything stupid!” I’d rather drink 12 Four Loko’s than attempt this. Never mind, how did they even get up there? And that means they have to get back down. Anyone else have sweaty palms right now? My foot is sweating too.



Just when you thought you’d seen it all, things just continue to get worse at the airport security check points. First it was just having to take your shoes off, then your belt, then they’d wand you in places that shouldn’t be wanded, now the elaborate and invasive patdowns. But this may just take the cake for over-the-top TSA screenings. What an ass!


With the Zombie Apoloypse sure to be headed our way soon, wouldn’t it be nice to learn how they spend a typical day for their “life”.


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