Now I’m not saying that this is particularly accurate, nor am I debating its merit, but I’m just saying, next time you pass someone on the freeway driving a little swervy, take a look and see what kind of phone she’s texting on. Come on ladies, you know you’re bad. Either it’s dabbing on your make-up, updating your Twitter followers on the latest gossip from work or switching to the Bieber song on your iPod, you’re pretty bad when it comes down to it.

…but even a GPS won’t help you here.


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Kids love to dance, and parents should encourage the activity …

Happy Manhole is Happy

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If you ever have to go down into the depths …

The Many Many Varieties of Beer

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If you’ve ever eaten at In-n-Out then you know just how delicious their grub is. Not only is their regular food amazing but there is a whole “secret” menu if you haven’t heard of it. They have what is known as “animal-style”, which is a burger with grilled onions, mustard and extra sauce…and you can also get your fries prepared this way.

One crazy soul has taken this to a whole new level and made it easier for you to consume it on the go. He’s taken an In-N-Out animal-style burger and animal-style fries and wrapped them all conveniently up in a flour tortilla.


I wonder if this is in Long Beach, California. If it is I’m heading there this very moment. Even if the Doggfather isn’t the proprietor I’ll still be more than enthused to be a patron of this awesome restaurant. First off, Phở is amazing…and second, anything that remotely related to The Big Boss Dogg gets my vote.

This is making me extremely hungry right now. I can only imagine the combination of West Coast rap, some “Sticky Icky”, and a big ol’ bowl of Phở. If more shops like this open then the Vietnamese might start to gain look more like the Americans around the waistline.


Always Stay

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This is a great bit of advice from someone that really cares about what they do for a living. It’s words like these that inspire me to be a better person. I say a thank you to whomever crafted this wonderful message and I hope that a lot of you heed its advice. I know that I will be staying around to wish them off on their journey.


Have you ever seen a more joyous kitty in all of your life? I know I certainly have not. If I felt half as good as this little guy looks then I’d be one smitten kitten. The sheer jubilation beaming from this babies face is enough to brighten even the grumpiest of grumps day. Even the Grinch would find it hard not to smile at this. Maybe he’s all hopped up on Cat Nip…not sure.


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I’m not normally scared of the ocean but if anything would make be question going out in the Deep Blue this would be it. This looks pretty legit to me but how in God’s name does this guy just sit there so calmly? I guess in all reality that is what you would have to do. If you started swimming the shark would just pursue you as lunch. This just gives me the willies though….watch and never go in the sea again.


After an extensive survey funded by the Parents For A Better Playtime, it has been discovered that 83% of all children enjoy sack races. This was an astounding success by way of peer studies and research. The people behind the testing feel these numbers will help them reach new heights in way of children’s recess and playtime enjoyment. Here is a photo from the panel studies that took place to further prove the outcome.


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