So this was all done for an advertisement, but it is still extremely impressive. Decenzo is a damned good skater and deserves so much credit. Two large 18-wheeler semi-trucks pulled up at the Yonge-Dundas intersection followed by a mini-van with a secured flat roof that served as a mid-drop landing pad.

Once all three vehicles came to a complete stop with bumpers touching, Ryan rushed out of a nearby van to get into place. He climbed on top of the first truck, ran full speed towards the man-sized gap between the two semi’s, kickflipped it…still flying 20 feet above the road. After an ollie down to the van, and not a second later, another 8 foot drop down to street level, a frontside 180. Boom. Priceless.


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ICAN Legends

No You Cannot

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Nice try, though.

The Idiots Guide to Holding the iPhone 4

Posted By: on June 27, 2010

Now that you stood inline for over 12 hours, overnight, …

Jurassic Art (balloon art, that is)

Posted By: on June 12, 2011

It may just be the most epic balloon art ever …


I’m sorry….I really just don’t know what to say. This has got to be one of the most odd, strange, weird things I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what to comment about this…I don’t really know what is going on here and can’t fathom how someone came up with the idea to do this…nor why he would have to do it sans clothing. I just….I don’t know…I don’t know what to say…just watch this, please.


For everyone that has travel plans for the coming Labor Day weekend, this might be what you have to look forward to. Things like this make me cherish the fact that I’m a recluse and a shut in. While you sit and “enjoy” your fantastic voyage such as the one pictured (to some god-awful crowded lake, filled with drunk rednecks) I’ll be at home playing WoW, watching my next film in my NetFlix queue (probably something with Seth Rogan) and relishing the fact that the CO2 output in my basement is much less than what you’re currently inhaling.


Yeeeehaw! This is the way to catch dinner…and enough of it to feed the entire family, but just barely (when the cousins, and second cousins come over for the fish fry it gets pretty rowdy). Man, it’s as if the Rednecks are just pulling catfish from thin-air, or water as it were.

You’ve got to wonder who was the first person to attempt this and who was the first to successfully capture their meal this way. Surely some crazy SOBs!


Geek Poetry

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The maker of this sign is much wiser than a good majority of us. It looks like he began his research and study to end the recession with a list in mind…and turns out he came to a conclusion that there is only one thing necessary…and hats off to him for posting it for all of us to see. Now can we please just follow his advice?


A group of students (I have word they are from the Physics Department) transformed Carleton College’s Goodsell Observatory into a massive R2-D2. The college is located in Northfield, Minnesota and is small private liberal arts college.

Although no one has officially come forward and taken responsibility, there is word that all the modifications were either draped or taped onto the dome causing no harm. Nothing was defaced or spray painted and there is no lasting damage.

This is one of the cooler, certainly geeky, pranks I’ve seen. It’s masterfully executed as well. In addition to just looking like our favorite droid from Star Wars, the gigantic R2 unit also emits all of his familiar beeps and bops. Hats off to the group of students who played this awesome “prank”, we salute you.


Oh George, you sure know how to party. Looks like he’s getting himself into a heap of good times and possibly trouble. These dollar bill redesigns are pretty impressive…but I’ll be honest with you, they would be a whole lot moreso if it were Benjamin Franklin partying it up.


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