With Christmas over, a lot of you are traveling back home and for a good majority that means packing up your luggage and heading to airport to get your free physical administered not by your medical doctor but by the good folks at the TSA. The airports, unfortunately and the flying experience, have become increasing less romantic over the years. Unless romance to you is being groped and prodded more than a McDonald’s cattle farm cow.

Too bad this is what entering our country has come to. It used to be such a beautiful, wonderful, joyous occasion. Now everyone is treated as a suspect and forced to some of the most humiliating experiences they’ll encounter in a long time. From the intrusive back scatter x-rays to the full body pat downs. The sad part is that it almost makes you not want to travel at all because of it. I can only imagine a foreigner coming from abroad and have to go through this routine. Yes I know it helps protect us in some manner but there’s got to be a better way.


Sadly I find this sign to be extremely accurate. Is that the reason I opt to stay indoors and play WoW all day? It’s things like this that keep my morale levels at their extreme base. Maybe I just need to set my heights a little lower. I can start with making out some items that ARE obtainable.

How about something along the lines of only consuming 2-liters of Mountain Dew each day. See, although it’s unhealthy to be drinking the current 4-liters…it is healthier to cut that amount in half. Oh well, I guess it’s a start. Who am I kidding, the only thing that makes things fun and worthwhile is being one of these anyways…either that or it’s not worth doing. Am I right or am I right?

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If you ever thought about getting into the teaching industry, check out this cool graphic from Teacher Salary Info. It gives a good break down of all the numbers behind the job. Lets hope that you’re getting into it to better the youth though, and that money doesn’t play much into it. That being said, our teachers should definitely get paid what they’re worth…and that’s a whole lot!

Via: Teacher Salary Info

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This bro has some serious chops when it comes to the art of beat boxing. He may just be up there with the great Rahzel. Make sure you watch it all because it just gets better and better. The sad part about talent like this, that it rarely can be used to much of an advantage. You can’t really make money with it. You can try to impress ladies at parties but they get tired of the whole “I can beat box” thing…or maybe that’s just with me and my sad excuse of a “Brass Monkey” rendition.


There was probably a better place these two could have “hit the bench”. You think they did it on purpose? Well don’t leave me hanging…or maybe that’s the point. Only thing that could make this better is if they had a #94 with the surname Turtle and a #95 with Head.


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Have you ever tried to impress the ladies at a party with your impression of Razhel? If I know a thing or two about drunken party beat boxing attempts (and I do), then it probably failed miserably. Well fret no more my friends. Here is a simple way to instantly become the next cool white kid on the block.


We all want to say something profound with our last breath. The tough part is knowing when you’re going to go and making sure it’s your final utterance. You also don’t want to get caught saying the wrong thing. Whether these famous last breaths are wise and noble or foolish and absurd is up to you.


Mator and Lightening McQueen are coming back!!! I knew this was in the works but I hadn’t seen a trailer for it. I’m so very excited. I loved the first one (call me a child if you want) and this one looks like it’ll be just as good. If not…may I venture to say better?

Anyways, Cars 2 won’t be out until Summer of next year, June 24th to be exact, but rest assured that I’ll be in my McQueen Onesie and playing will all my Mator toys (he’s my favorite).


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