This little Swedish soldier is the national defender of cuteness. I guess in a country like that you don’t really have much more to worry about. What a darling little kid. I wish our armies were this at ease. I mean how nice would it be to not have been in a war since 1814?


I can’t read the (Japanese?) characters but I’m assuming from the illustration that the translation is fairly accurate. Plus, this isn’t a bad idea to follow the advice of anyways. I’m wondering where exactly this is posted. If it were in my workplace it should be in all elevators, hallways and the kitchen area. Don’t people go to the restroom to relieve their inner monsters any more? Do you fart in public?

ICAN Legends

This Cheetah Had A Shitty Day And Is Pissed Off

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I think there are some days where we all feel …

This Is Why I Love Digg…

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Free Breakfasts

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As you may have seen during the Super Bowl, Denny’s …


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Check out this new condiment packet that is being used in 7-Elevens in Japan. Not only is it cool that you can squirt it out so easily and cleanly, but it combines both mustard and ketchup. I know for some that may be an issue but I personally love both on my dogs. The Japanese always have the coolest and weirdest new things. I would love to visit and see everything. Speaking of new condiments design, check out this accusation that Heinz stole the latest from this guy.


From the awesome mind of Tom at Short Sleeve Alliance, come these fantastic decals for your iPhone. You can instantly turn it into the most radical handheld gadget that has ever been invented. I remember when the Gameboy color came out…oh what a year that was. I wish I could go back to that time and just live there forever. Playing video games…watching Rocko’s Modern Life…eating Pizza Bagels and Cinnamon Toast Crunch all day long.

I intitally found Tom Tom from his Etsy store and didn’t know he had more than just the Gameboy decal…but check out what else he’s got! An NES controller, R2D2, a sweet wood grain and a Polaroid camera. Not only do these all rock my face off…they’re only $6! Now if only I had the $400 for the iPhone. These are just too cool…I think my favorite might actually be the Soundwave one. What other things would you like to see?

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Even though this is a commercial, it’s not your typical ad. It’s very creative, artistic and even heartwarming. Spots like these are what truly makes a brand awesome in my eyes. I love when companies make things like this rather than a blatant “in your face” ad. This is how marketing should be…when you want to watch something over again even though you know it’s selling you something. Anyways…trust me, you’ll smile at this.


One thing about Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is that he knows how to have a good time and he knows how to do it with style. Whether or not you can support his business ventures I’m sure we can all agree that this DC-9 is pretty darned impressive. I wish I could fly around in this thing. He’s certainly not getting squished between two very large Americans and having to deal with the bratty kid kicking the back of his seat. And he certainly doesn’t have to pay extra to check his bags.


Looks like he got most of his list done. Good on him for that, and good on him for being organized and proactive. It seems he still needs to brainstorm a little for a #4. Maybe #4 should be deciding to cross out items or check them off when finished. He’s wavered on that one a little. Either way, this unemployed guy has gotten more finished off his list than I have. I must get back to work now.


Oh Shit!!

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The pilot of this hot air balloon better hope that there is no one inside those Port-a-potties…that would just be shitty. Maybe this is all a Jackass stunt. Either way, they’re in one crappy situation.


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