I hope you all know who Takeru Kobayashi is. He’s possibly the greatest competitive eater of all time. Yeah, yeah, there is Joey Chestnut to compete with, but when it comes down to who is the most exciting, it always comes back to The Tsunami.

This will be his first Thanksgiving and he’s set to celebrate it in the US in a big way. He’ll be at a friends house where he’ll take down an entire turkey. There is no word on the size of the bird, but even a small one weighs in at 14lbs. He’s also got a heap of sides to go with it, including corn on the cob, beets, okra and pumpkin pie.

That’s a whole crap load of food. I’m set to take down a bunch of turkey, mashed potatoes, ham, gravy, and pies myself but I don’t think I’ll come anywhere within reach of the legend himself. I always go into the meal with eyes bigger than my stomach. I imagine that I’ll eat 5 plates worth of comma inducing grub but I tend to bow out after the second (with maybe a few nibbles more). Then after a nap and maybe some coffee…more pie of course. And who can resist all the wonderful leftover dishes you get to whip up over the weekend. Just don’t forget the Moistmaker.


In light of recent events, we thought we’d give you some info about those crazy goons from across the Pacific. North Korea was formed after WWII and the end of the Japanese occupation. It was split at the 39th parallel as part of a UN arrangement, to be administered by the US in the South (just like in M*A*S*H) and the Soviet Union in the North – since the two countries couldn’t agree on how to run it. Working with the Soviets, a Communist regime was set up.

Kim Il-Sung became leader in 1948. Shortly thereafter, he and Stalin decided to start the Korean War. 4 million soldiers and civilians died. In 1953 the war ended with no winner and a 2.5 mile wide demilitarized zone separates North from South. Learn the facts about North Korea and it’s dictator who never needs to defecate.

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Seeing that it’s National Opt-Out Day today, I thought this would be relevant. Just like the schoolboys in A Christmas Story, I triple-dog dare someone to try this. Not only try emailing them this and seeing what the response is…but also actually trying to give the TSA agents a tip after your full body pat down. To the individual who does do this…they’re going to need a couple sets of hands to search under those big brass balls.

Have you gone through the new security procedures? How was it? Was it as unbearable as everyone is making it out to be?


Life was easy with the advent of the TV remote….until night came along. Now here is your solution. You can get 3 pop-up lights for $19.99, but supplies are limited so hurry over….they’d be the perfect gift to throw in your kids stockings.

You have GOT to be kidding me. What person decided this was a profitable venture? I can’t believe this ever made it to market. This is almost as bad as the TiddyBear or the Hawaii Chair.


Check out this truly fantastic set of Mario Mushrooms. I really wish I knew who made these because they have done an amazing job. I can’t hardly even think of another one to make. Maybe possibly a music or band set, that would be pretty cool. But from someone who practically grew up with Mario as a father figure, this set is just mind-blowingly radical!!!

UPDATE: I have found the artist behind this incredible set, his name is MyBurningEyes on DeviantArt and you can see the individual sets here, here, here and here.

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This brings a new meaning to “throws like a girl”. Robin Quivers, who as far as I am concerned is the only thing redeeming about the Howard Stern Show, once again makes it clear who really has the talent. The Sultry Mocha Vixen on her first try not only hits the mark, wearing heels no less, but does it with grace style and a sexy pitch that makes even the most hard core Baseball fan scream “Draft Her”. One hot classy chick!!


Old men are just the greatest, aren’t they. This guy reminds me of Grandpa Gustafson from Grumpy Old Men. You know…once you’ve lived 80 some odd years I think you should have the right to act and behave in any way that you feel. I think the cops agree with me. It’s nice to see they have a good sense of humor about it too.

Grandpa Gustafson on bacon and beer:

Also, check out this smart Prius owner. Not sure if he was drinking or not but he sure as heck ain’t going to spend the night at home.


Oh man, I’ve done this way too many times for me to ever be considered cool any more. Not that I was before anyways but I’ve been in more awkward situations like this ever be able to redeem myself. It seriously happens almost evertime. So much so that I almost refuse to shake hands, high five, or fist pump any more. The worst was back in the late 90s when people were giving “daps“…man was I the clumsy white guy or what!


These guys surely don’t have the same problem as myself.


The holidays are right around the corner, and as such we’re celebrating the coming of Santa Claus by sharing this gallery of 15 Sexy Santa’s Helpers. Enjoy! Oh and speaking of hot chicks, here’s possibly the hottest chick you’ll see all day.

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