Snoop Dogg really knows how to celebrate the season. I mean, look at that terrific sweater. And he certainly brings a whole new meaning to Christmas tree. If you’re interested, there is a Death Row Christmas album, but I doubt it will be replacing your Bing Crosby standbys any time soon.

Explicit language


Glad to see that I’m not the only one who has ever tried to pull one over on the local parking patrol. Come on, admit it, you’ve tried something similar to what he did. I wonder how often the meter maid runs across things like this. I love the fact that the driver (parker?) attempted this and I love more than that they got caught in the act. Pretty funny if you ask me and well worth the $15.00. Plus, I’m sure the Egg Nog Blizzard from DQ was well worth it too!

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Check out this awesome work by DeviantArt member Matt McManis. He took some of our favorite characters and made them using one of our favorite candies. This takes “looks good enough to eat” to a whole new level.

Thanks to Matt, I now want to make my own 8-bit Skittle creations. I could “Taste the rainbow” with Pikachu, Kirby, Yoshi or maybe Donkey Kong. I don’t think they’d be around long enough for me to get some photos in though. Same goes for my gingerbread houses.

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And here I thought I had balls. I come nowhere close to the nuts on these dudes. Although from the screaming it sounds like it might actually be a chick. I can’t quite tell where it’s coming from…but someone surely is shrieking loudly. Those Russians do it like no one else. I swear, it must be the lack of daylight, the cold and the snow but boy do they ever do crazy things to get over the boredom. They almost put the Jackass crew to shame.


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There are not that many shopping days left until December 25th. Are you prepared? Do you have all your gifts wrapped? I didn’t think so. But it’s okay, I haven’t even begun mine. If you’ve ever wondered where you fit in, in the big scheme of the whole Holiday hoopla and spending, this graphic will give you some perspective.

[source: Online Universities]


The big guy likes his egg nog, but sometimes he has just a little too much. Unfortunately I have to be the one to expose you to his wild side. I guess there’s nothing really wrong with a guy celebrating the Holiday season with a glass or two after he’s worked all year just to bring smiles to children’s faces across the globe. He deserves it you know. I just thought that with is size and all he’d be better at holding is liquor.

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This amazing video was made by 25-year old Rhode Island School of Design grad and animator Edmund Earle. He’s been working several months on it and I think it certainly paid off.

“I have no affiliation with the actual creators of the film ‘Yogi Bear’,” says Earle, who says he’s been working on the video since Sept. from the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. daily. “I googled the posters, watched the trailer, and that was it.” He also created the video entirely by himself, with the exception of the voice, which he employed a friend to help out with.

Note: Not safe for kids…will ruin childhood


There is no denying statistical data and facts. This is the best way to tackle any subject, by looking at the raw data to inform oneself of the actual uses and benefits. Here is an engineers take on women from that vantage point. What do you think HazMat or not?


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