This might just be the most random way I’ve seen Christmas celebrated. I just don’t know what to say. Apparently this is how they roll in Portland, Oregon. What more can you add to make this even odder? Maybe throw a few cats in there. Or a midget (little person?) on his shoulders.



Looks like even the jolly big guy in the red suit is just as susceptible to the scrutiny of the dreaded TSA as any other traveler. I think this is just getting way of hand, don’t you? I mean, if the bringer of Yuletide cheer has to get a pat down…

Well, now that I think of it, he does sneak into people’s homes, through their chimneys, and offer gifts to children. Maybe they really are correct in assuming something more than the innocent facade he puts on. Wow, It never donned on me that he might just be one of the ones to watch. Maybe he’s on the “do-not-fly” list and that’s why he’s had to resort to having his own travel provisions. Speaking of…why is he flying commercial? Maybe he’s giving the reindeer a break before the big day.

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With Christmas coming up quickly and all the shopping, tree trimming, toy making, gingerbread baking and caroling that needs to be done, we could all use one of Santa’s little helpers to get us through the season (either that or a boat load of eggnog). Here are a few that will certainly lift your spirits and get you going with all the Holiday cheer.

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If you needed yet another reason to get into the mood of Christmas, check out this awesome break dancing Santa Claus. Never has Santa been so hip and cool since maybe Billy Bob in Bad Santa. I’ve a lot of favorite Santas (Miracle on 34th Street, Santa Clause, A Christmas Story…just to name a few), but this one is pretty cool as well.

I wonder if the real big guy can shake a leg. I’d imagine that he can cut a rug pretty well. Seeing how jolly he is and all. And with that wife of his, I’m sure they can boogy pretty well.


To be young and rich. These bastards. They have all the money in the world and have to gloat about it. I guess if I had as much I would be doing the same. I wonder were he’s traveling that he’ll need $2million in cash on hand. My guess…Vegas baby…Vegas. Best line, “If you can fit it in the stash box it’s not enough!”


With winter just around the corner, and the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, the ski and snowboard season is officially in full swing. What better way to celebrate this awesome time of the year than showing off your great bod in a bikini…even if it is below freezing outside.


This is an awesome cover of Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You” played in a ukulele by StitchedElf, here’s what she says:

Another cover. Hilarious/fun song. If the profanity offends any one it’s not meant too. It’s really just meant in light-hearted fun :P

Also…yes that is a ukulele in the video! I just bought her a week or so ago. So haha that’s how long i’ve been playing. Super fun little instrument :) Definitely open to suggestions for names for her as I’m being silly and ridiculously picky since I love her so.


With Christmas over, a lot of you are traveling back home and for a good majority that means packing up your luggage and heading to airport to get your free physical administered not by your medical doctor but by the good folks at the TSA. The airports, unfortunately and the flying experience, have become increasing less romantic over the years. Unless romance to you is being groped and prodded more than a McDonald’s cattle farm cow.

Too bad this is what entering our country has come to. It used to be such a beautiful, wonderful, joyous occasion. Now everyone is treated as a suspect and forced to some of the most humiliating experiences they’ll encounter in a long time. From the intrusive back scatter x-rays to the full body pat downs. The sad part is that it almost makes you not want to travel at all because of it. I can only imagine a foreigner coming from abroad and have to go through this routine. Yes I know it helps protect us in some manner but there’s got to be a better way.


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