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Valley of the Golden Mummies

Few would downplay the importance of ancient Egypt and its role in shaping the world we live in today. As civilizations go, theirs was an enigma in that they were able to do things that we still don’t quite understand.

The most obvious is the building of the great pyramid, a construction that would be extremely challenging with the heavy equipment that we have at our disposal toady. Building it by hand in 20 years as the books tell is beyond comprehension and there is still a ton of debate about how this possible could have been done.

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Modelo’s Metal

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Modelo Especial celebrates the skilled master crafstmen who dedicate themselves to The Versatility of Metal. In this short, Barry Alderman and James Romero discuss their passion for building bicycle frames. Modelo Especial recognizes that becoming a craftsman is all about developing those skills and sticking to them. Check out the video:

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The Fellowship of the Ring

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After finishing The Lord of the Rings, seven of the …

Will Work For Food? How About “Will Eat for Work”.

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No, this isn’t some bizarre job posting for frog leg …


Few creatures are more feared in nature than the King Cobra. A squirrel nearly meets her doom at the fangs of a cobra, but is defended by the resident snake hitman, the mongoose. Watch how the battle unfolds with “Speed Kills”, a new series from the Smithsonian Channel that utilizes high speed film to capture nature’s most intense battles. Each killer’s abilities and skills are broken down with state of the art technology, but the battles often turn out differently than one would expect. Check out the outcome of the mongoose vs. cobra battle below:


Shave for Battle!

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It’s time for men to join forces and eradicate the evil forces of…beards? Ok, while most of us may not see beards as a bad thing, Schick Quattro would like to remind us that seeing a jawline is a great and powerful thing that seems to have been lost over time. With 4 blades of awesome righteousness, clearing that beard will be a cinch. Join the #UnitedWeShave movement and take back the summer. Make this summer the cleanest (shaven) ever.


What happens when ordinary people are thrust into extraordinary situations? Heineken wants to find out. In their newest social experiment, Guest of Honor, regular people are thrust into the spotlight for a night of crazy and wild adventures. Could you be that brave? Join the conversation at #guestofhonor and #openyourworld.


If world leaders smelled better, the world might be a better place. LYNX suggests we make love, not war, and encourages starting with improving our olfactory affect on those around us. With a myriad of products designed to help take away the stench of daily life, you are almost guaranteed success. Visit the Facebook page at Facebook.com/lynx.


Stride Gum knows the benefit of going from sour to sweet. To promote their newest Sour Patch Gum, they’ve taken over a convenience store and played jokes on unsuspecting customers. In this prank, they’ve gotten the best of customers with a card declined message. Embarrassing, yes, but what happens next is pretty sweet.


Debbie Sterling saw a problem. Too few women were graduating with degrees in Engineering. She did a little research and discovered that most girls lose interest in Science by the age of eight. She came up with a solution. Combine the two things girls love, books and stories with the thing that girls loose sight of and viola a solution, Goldie Blox, the winner of Intuit’s Small Business, Big Game contest. Now girls everywhere will be able to broaden their minds both analytically and creatively, immersing themselves in science and fostering imagination.

We all know Andre Agassi the tennis star, but what about Andre Agassi the man? Open Secret, a new webseries, chronicles tales from the man himself about those who have inspired him. Agassi’s brother, Phillip, and trainer Gil Reyes, have helped to support him and shape him into the man he is. Check out the rest of the inspirational series here.
Meet Scott Harrison, a former nightclub promoter turned visionary. He gave up his life of fun for a life of charity. Thanks to American Express’ Passion Project, Harrison found a way to convert birthdays into clean water for those who don’t have access to it. Watch his story:

If you want to help change the world through your own vision, visit http://www.youtube.com/user/AmericanExpress/MembershipDoes. Once there, you can submit your own Passion Project for consideration. 70 lucky winners will get $2,000 to start their vision. All it takes is a photograph and a brief description. Be passionate and change the world.
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