If you’re like me you’ll be cheering for the underdogs when West Virginia University takes on #1 seed Duke in the NCAA Final Four tomorrow but if you need a few more reasons to root for them, here you go.


Surfs Up!!!

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One of the coolest surf videos I’ve seen in a long time. This is Sam Boex using a GoPro Surf Hero HD cam in South Wales.

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ICAN Legends

UFO Chased Down By M5 RAF Fighter Jets

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The Daily Mail UK is reporting a recent UFO sighting …

Christmas In Portland: How They Roll

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This might just be the most random way I’ve seen …

Flawless Weather Forecasting Stone

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Not only does this brilliant invention of Gary’s tell you …


No one wants to get dunked on but this is the ultimate statement of “getting dunked on.” He was posterized worse than *NSync in a teens bedroom. Not since Vince Carter in the 2000 Olympics have I seen a dunk quite like this.


While they did manage to sneak into 3rd overall in the medal count finishing with a total of 26 they also got the highest number of golds as well at 14. We all of course know that the US finished with a grand total 37 besting the 2nd place Germans by 7.

There were many highs and low for our neighbors up north throughout these games…starting with the pitiful opening ceremonies (as a low) and ending with their men’s hockey gold (a high…for them). But of all their accomplishments over the last two weeks, a lesser known one is their record for prophylactic distribution. The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control handed out a whopping 100,000 condoms. The amazing thing is that there were rumors that even with those staggering numbers there may have been a shortage still.

One of the officials involved stated, “We were not getting calls from people saying, ‘Help, I need condoms,’” but mentioned that they had ordered an additional 8,500. The free condoms were available not just to athletes and game officials but also on cruise ships that housed security, support staff and volunteers. They were also placed in bathrooms in and near the Olympic venues and handed out in the downtown area.

Nearly 40,000 of the condoms, however, were earmarked for the athletes. That’s a whole lot of sex going on over a 17 day period. You may or may not have read the story two years ago about sex in the Olympic village but apparently it’s a big deal. You’ve got a lot of young (normally fairly attractive) athletes all living in close proximity. Once they’ve finished competing what else is there to do than “mingle” for a couple of days. It’d be interesting to see the number of children that are born 9 months from now amongst all of the competitors….I’ll bet it’s a little higher than normal. But with hundreds of thousands of rubbers floating around maybe not.


I tend to give the Canadians a hard time…well…because they’re Canadian but after winning gold in Woman’s hockey they have begun to win my heart. To celebrate the gals of the puck took back to the ice and partied with champagne, beer and stoggies.

The IOC is now looking into the situation because there were revelers that possibly weren’t of age (it varies from province to province) but I say let them live it up. How often do you get a chance to celebrate an Olympic gold medal? Way to go Canada…way to go. We’ll see how the Canadian Men’s hockey team does today against Slovakia…and if all goes well the US and Canada will face-off this Sunday in the gold game at 3:15 EST. Here too is the current medal count…although Canada is nowhere near the US at least they’ve moved up to 4th overall.

Our Father, who art in GM Place, hockey be thy name, thy will be done, GOLD to be WON on ICE as well as IN THE STANDS. Give us this day, our hockey sticks and forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who crosscheck against us. Lead us not into failure but deliver us to victory, in the name of the fans, CANADA …and the HOLY PUCK. AMEN


Turns out the wonderful NBA theme music was spawned not only by John Tesh but also via an answering machine. Listen to the story of its inception along with the greatest rendition of it ever.


Oh poor ol’ Daniela Anschutz-Thoms of Germany’s speed skating team. She has now managed to finish fourth in a major event for the 15th time without once earning a medal. She was actually poised to get 1st or 2nd in the 3000m race but was overtaken on the last lap, continuing her unfortunate streak, losing (3rd) by a measly three hundredths of a second.

Anschutz-Thoms has managed to build this record of hers up over the last 12 years in major competitions ranging from the Olympics to the World Championships and even the European Championships.

While downing a beer afterward she said the following about her streak, “Shit! Shit follows me wherever I go! I made no mistakes, I’m endlessly disappointed. Winning all my fourth places has always been a close call. This is a black day for me. It couldn’t possibly be any worse.”

She’ll have one more chance to get on the podium next Wednesday when she competes in the 5000m race. Lets hope for the best…whatever that is.


Om Nom Nom Nom

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After watching an entire season of football and all the instant replays that go along with them I began to wonder when all the non-sense began. Doing some research I found out the first televised use of instant replay was during the December 7th, 1963 Army-Navy game.

Oddly enough this game was originally to be played on November 30th but because of President Kennedy’s assassination on November 22nd the game was rescheduled. Kennedy was a huge fan of the Army-Navy game attending the two previous years as the the official pre-game coin tosser.

So the first ever replay to be broadcast was Army’s Quarterback, Rollie Stichweh’s touchdown in the forth quarter of their 21-15 loss, which he faked a hand-off and ran off-tackle for the score. Announcer Lindsey Nelson fearing the viewers wouldn’t realize it was a replay stated, “Ladies and gentlemen, Army did not score again!” The run was played back at full speed.

Unfortunately the tape of the original replay has been lost and will never be able to be replayed again but I did find some footage from that game to give you an idea of the footage that was taken during that time period.

It was replayed at the original speed, with commentator Lindsey Nelson advising viewers “Ladies and gentlemen, Army did not score again!

UPDATE: Watching the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics I heard mention that instant replay was “invented” by CBS during the 1960 Winter Games in Squaw Valley:

On the slopes, two skiers came westward from Hanover: Tom Corcoran ‘54 and Chick Igaya ‘57. Corcoran placed ninth in the slalom event, a race which is believed to be the origin of instant replay when CBS producers were asked for a tape of the race by officials, to settle an argument.

This was use by officials to determine the winner of the race and was not used during a broadcast. The Army-Navy game was the first use of instant replay viewable by the audience whereas the Squaw Valley use was the first known use for officiating.


We’ve got a lot of numbers to look at here. First let’s check out the overall highest paid players. A few points to make about this list is that you’ve got Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming out for the Rockets which will of course skew their numbers and the same goes for Gilbert Arenas with his suspension.

Player Team Years Salary Games PPG
Tracy McGrady Rockets $23,239,561 6 3.2
Kobe Bryant Lakers $23,034,375 47 28.2
Jermaine O’Neal Heat $22,995,000 43 12.8
Tim Duncan Spurs $22,183,218 42 19.8
Shaquille O’Neal Cavaliers $20,000,000 42 11.5
Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks $19,795,714 46 25.1
Paul Pierce Celtics $19,795,712 39 19.1
Ray Allen Celtics $19,766,860 44 15.9
Rashard Lewis Magic $18,876,000 37 15
Michael Redd Bucks $17,040,000 18 11.9
Pau Gasol Lakers $16,451,250 30 17.6
Andrei Kirilenko Jazz $16,451,250 40 11.8
Kevin Garnett Celtics $16,400,000 33 14.7
Yao Ming Rockets $16,378,325 0 0
Amare Stoudemire Suns $16,378,325 48 20.6
Vince Carter Magic $16,300,000 39 15.9
Gilbert Arenas Wizards $16,192,080 32 22.6
Zach Randolph Grizzlies $16,000,000 46 21
Carmelo Anthony Nuggests $15,779,912 38 29.7
LeBron James Cavaliers $15,779,912 48 29.4
Chris Bosh Raptors $15,779,912 47 24
Dwyane Wade Heat $15,779,912 47 27.1
Kenyon Martin Nuggests $15,363,636 43 11.5
Dwight Howard Magic $15,133,800 47 17.7
Joe Johnson Hawks $14,976,754 46 21.4
Elton Brand 76ers $14,858,471 42 14.2
Peja Stojakovic Hornets $14,202,000 45 11.7
Richard Jefferson Spurs $14,200,000 44 12.5
Larry Hughes Knicks $13,655,268 29 9.8
Chris Paul Hornets $13,655,268 38 20.4

If you take these players and and sort them by how much they earn per point scored it now looks like this:

Player Earned Per Point
Carmelo Anthony $6,479
LeBron James $6,546
Dwyane Wade $7,101
Chris Bosh $8,018
Chris Paul $8,163
Joe Johnson $8,535
Zach Randolph $9,292
Dirk Nowitzki $9,618
Amare Stoudemire $9,696
Kobe Bryant $9,961
Dwight Howard $10,427
Pau Gasol $11,399
Vince Carter $12,502
Paul Pierce $12,639
Elton Brand $12,761
Kevin Garnett $13,605
Tim Duncan $13,663
Richard Jefferson $13,854
Peja Stojakovic $14,803
Ray Allen $15,161
Rashard Lewis $15,346
Kenyon Martin $16,292
Larry Hughes $16,993
Andrei Kirilenko $17,002
Michael Redd $17,463
Shaquille O’Neal $21,209
Jermaine O’Neal $21,908
Gilbert Arenas $22,389
Tracy McGrady $88,565
Yao Ming $0

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