These British blokes attempt to sail a bouncy castle across Lake Garda in Italy as part of the Live Every Litre project. I love the guy who screams out “Barack Obama” when he’s the American boat.


This is just an insane video of a very lucky skateboarder. Had he not been wearing a backpack he could have been in for some serious damage. It’s amazing that not only was he wearing the pack, but also that he got caught the way he did.

I don’t speak French but there really are no words for this anyway…just watch.

ICAN Legends

Best Google Review Ever

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I swear this was written by Raaaaaaaandy not the credited …

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November … At WallyWorld

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Safety First

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The 20 Worst Superheroes [Heavy] A Comparison of Dedicated Servers …


Everything You Need to Know About Steroids
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They come from all walks of life and carry all manner of arms. From the hot to the practical. From the AK-47 to the rifle. Take something so quintessentially masculine as a gun and match it up with something so feminine as a…female and what have you got? A sight of pure awesomeness only rivaled by that of (Sir) Chuck Norris’ remains of the day.

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During a slow game the heat on the sidelines can quickly become more entertaining then what is happening on the field. Here are the best examples of mascots getting it on MMA style…no matter how unnatural it seems.

Indian’s Slider vs. the Red’s Gapper

He gives him a nice little thumping towards the end.

Southern Miss’s Seymour the Eagle vs. Alabama’s Big Al

It’s a bit long and pretty staged but impressive nonetheless.

Eagle vs. Chicken

But then a weird thing happens…a frog jumps in…and then a dog?!?

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This is an insane collection of the 10 best “jumps” in extreme sports. Ranging from skiing to skydiving to dirt biking to base jumping. These guys must have some of the biggest gonads ever. I don’t think I’d even have enough gumption to watch dudes like this do it live.


As if the return of NBA Jam and the start of the 2010 NBA Playoffs weren’t enough to get your basketball blood going, the Hoop Doctors have compiled a video of the Top 10 “You Got Dunked On” dunks. Check out our previous post of fools getting dunked on for more nuts in your face action.


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If you’re like me you’ll be cheering for the underdogs when West Virginia University takes on #1 seed Duke in the NCAA Final Four tomorrow but if you need a few more reasons to root for them, here you go.


Surfs Up!!!

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One of the coolest surf videos I’ve seen in a long time. This is Sam Boex using a GoPro Surf Hero HD cam in South Wales.

[More Surfing ]

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