Defendable Zombie Fortress

The key factor when building a defensible zombie fortress is controlling the points of entry. With a little modification, this church in Bettlach, Switzerland has the potential to be just that. Add steel bars over the windows, cut down the trees for visibility, and add a moat to keep the crawlers away (who may be the biggest threat with their lighter weight and ability to climb) and you have a solid fortress to live out your days during the zombie invasion.

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Every once in a while, a movie comes along that had very little value to it but had one element that made it (somewhat) worth watching. In this case, the movie was “Gone in 60 Seconds” and the worthy moment was re-introducing the masses to the 1967 Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500, known by many now as Eleanor.

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This is Linsane!

Two badasses. Was there a lovechild?


If your parents tell you they think you’re a slacker, they hate your style, and you’re spending too much time with your significant other at college, show them this picture.

Billy Met Hillary

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Small businesses often use storage facilities to house product stock. Business owners who work from home or in small offices don’t have a lot of extra space, and the investment in a storage unit leaves them (at least a little) room to stretch out. But storage units also get a lot of attention in the news for a less respectable business enterprise: drugs. Less-than-bright drug producers and sellers have been known to use mini storage to keep their illicit products secure. Oddly, they also often get caught, either due to reports of strange activity at the storage facilities, or through police investigations. Here are a few storage unit drug busts that boggle the mind. Read More


Volunteer tourism has grown exponentially over the last several decades. Studies have shown that as of 2008, nearly two million individuals have reported going on a vacation that involves some aspect of volunteer work. Though the majority of these travelers have typically been young adults, usually between the ages of 20 to 25, a shift has occurred as older volunteers have also shown a greater interest in philanthropic recreation. Both demographics are vital to the longevity and continued success of the organizations for which they volunteer.

Charities located in Asia, Africa, and Latin America call upon the largest number of those who choose to do volunteer tourism. Given that these organizations are founded in areas whose populations suffer from poverty, disease, and few educational opportunities, they have a profound need for able-bodied individuals who can quickly integrate themselves and provide assistance wherever it is required. The impact that volunteers make upon these charities is swift and direct; however, some may find that their brief excursion is not enough to satisfy their desire to help. This may lead them to pursue other avenues in which to provide aid, including taking MBA courses to either become a part of a particular charity or, should they discover a yet unfulfilled need, begin one themselves.

Though starting a non-profit organization make initially seem like a Herculean task, many individuals are so deeply affected by what they experience while volunteering that they have no other choice. Such was the case when Blake Mycoskie visited Argentina in 2006 and noticed that many of the local children were wearing no shoes. Without shoes, these children become highly susceptible to injury due to lack of footwear protection or even diseases that can be contracted through cuts in the skin. Moreover, some schools require footwear to attend. Therefore, both the well-being and education of these children were being compromised. The same year, Mycoskie decided to sell his software company and invest that money into TOMS Shoes.

Mycoskie already had a background in business; however, many individuals with a passion for helping others do not. Rather than allowing this to become a deterrent for creating a non-profit organization, an individual needs only to acquire those skills to then successfully launch their charity. Though by definition the primary goal of a non-profit organization is to generate aid and not revenue, it is still very much a business that requires the expertise of a trained professional to run it. TOMS Shoes has sold over one million pairs of shoes since its inception six years ago. This impressive achievement is due in large part to the effective business model that Mycoskie built. No matter where your passion lies, TOMS Shoes serves as an excellent example of how philanthropic desire can be channeled to create a resounding impact on those in need. Setting up a charity requires more than just a wish to help, yet a solid business background can make that wish into a reality. By taking MBA courses and gaining the knowledge required to successfully run a non-profit organization, you too can change the world.


The thought of this coming out someday soon in 3D already makes me sick to my stomach.

3D Lightsabers


Jessica Rabbit is one of, if not, the hottest cartoon character to ever have graced our movie screens. Her appearance in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, basically made that movie an instant classic. This was long before HD, or even DVD player’s, Jessica Rabbit was introduced to the kid’s of the 80′s, when VCR’s and the term “Be Kind and Rewind” for videotapes was a common term. Her long silky hair, raspy voice and voluptuous hips not only made Roger Rabbit’s eyes bulge out of his sockets, any male that watched most likely looked the same. It has been two decades since our first introduction to Jessica, but her legacy remains and here are 5 reasons why Jessica Rabbit is still hotter than ever. Too bad she has a thing for rabbits.

1. Her Curves

In the 80′s to have curves was to have a curse, remember these were the days of Kate Moss.

Jessica Rabbit 1

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2. Her Voice

Jessica’s sultry voice still rings in my head.

Jessica Rabbit

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If you haven’t already noticed Owls are taking over the Internet, they have somehow become the new bacon or cats. This latest trend has me screaming “YAY”, cause owls are amazing creatures that have awesome expressions which can play tricks on the eye, like this lil’ fellow who looks like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.

Gandalf the Owl


This is what I would assume would happen if an Ewok and an Owl mated. I think the artist did too.


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