What happens when ordinary people are thrust into extraordinary situations? Heineken wants to find out. In their newest social experiment, Guest of Honor, regular people are thrust into the spotlight for a night of crazy and wild adventures. Could you be that brave? Join the conversation at #guestofhonor and #openyourworld.


From DJs to new music artists, some of the best artists today are known to only a devoted following. In the upcoming year, these following seven artists are the people to watch in the music industry. Prepare for some of the best albums of the upcoming year and innovative new takes on a global industry.

Lulu James

Unlike many musicians, Lulu James was born into a noteworthy life. She began her life at the base of Kilimanjaro and grew up to create her own unique sound. Unlike ice-coll R&B, her sound is funky and has a mixture of both flamboyant and soulful sounds. Her eclectic music is almost as unusual as her clothing style. Known for her leotards and unusual get-ups, Lulu James first signed with Black Butter in 2012 and has transitioned to working with RCA Records.

Maya Jane Coles

Talented and enigmatic, Maya Jane Coles does all of the writing and production for her albums. This DJ mixes her songs and careful engineers each piece. From the artwork to the arrangement, she is in charge of the entire sound of her album. Her debut album, “Comfort”, offered a glimpse into a new style that is set to change the entire sound of club DJs.

FKA Twigs

Outside of acting and dancing, FKA Twigs is known for her trip-hop sound and R&B music. Nicknamed twig because of the cracking of her bones, FKA Twigs grew up in the United Kingdom. Her birth name was Tahliah Barnett, but she operates under the stage name of FKA Twigs. She has worked with producers like Arca and released albums that have compelling videos. Each track explores the empty space between notes and creates a haunting listening experience.

Betty Who

Known for tracks like, “Somebody Loves You”, Betty Who was born in Australia. As she grew up in New York, she became increasingly interested in music. After the success of one of her songs in a proposal video, Betty Who caught the eye of major record labels. She is expected to release her second album in 2014 with RCA Records.


After exploding on the United Kingdom’s dance music scene, Sophie has gone on to experiment with the post-dubstep movement. Sophie uses songs like “Bipp” to mix synthetic sounds, high vocals and poppy tracks.

Gina Turner

Native to New York City, Gina Turner is one of the hottest DJs in New York City. She has worked with radio channels like Underground FG and Sirius XM. Through her career, she has collaborated with artists like Steve Aoki, Diplo and Soulwax. Due to her signature sound, she has managed to become a fixture within dance music in the United States.


Only 25 years old, Banks manages to push the limits of R&B. Her first showing in the United Kingdom sold out within hours of ticket sales opening and her electronica sound has placed her on the radar of artists to watch. Blending pain and passion effortlessly, her boundary-pushing sound is quickly starting to make waves within the industry.

These artists are breaking ground and setting the stage for future generations of musicians and producers who are currently learning to create precise and technical tracks using a slew of modern tools. The new tools provided by technology, used to create music of the music listed above, have revolutionized the product and distribution in an irreversible way, something these artists have taken advantage of, much to the delite of their growing audiences.

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Stride Gum knows the benefit of going from sour to sweet. To promote their newest Sour Patch Gum, they’ve taken over a convenience store and played jokes on unsuspecting customers. In this prank, they’ve gotten the best of customers with a card declined message. Embarrassing, yes, but what happens next is pretty sweet.


In what has to be one of the greatest and silliest mashups of all time, Toyota brings together Terry Crews and The Muppets in their 2014 Highlander. The result? Anything but mundane. Terry Crews normal life gets shaken up by Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem and clearly he’ll never be the same. Witness the craziness below:

Muppets Most Wanted releases in theaters March 14, 2014.


Instead of coming off like an amateur in the game of poker, sound like you know what you’re doing. It’s easy with the new series “How To Poker: Talk Like You Have A Pair”. Get advice from WSOP’s experts. Learn terminology that will give you a leg up on the competition and understand the lingo. Visit http://www.wsop.com/gotapair/ if you’re over 21 to get in the game.


If you’re tired of the same old variety show format, check out HITRECORD ON TV, the brainchild of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and over 400 collaborators. Using a common theme – RE: Space, RE: The Other Side, RE: Money – the creators have cut footage into musical performances, short films, animation, and more. The show will air on the Pivot network January 18th, but you can witness the first episode right now. Visit Pivot.tv and follow Facebook.com/hitrecordtv for more information.


This year has given rise to musicians who top the charts and break once-unbreakable records. And these trendsetters and chart-toppers are just out of high school, or even younger. They’re making statements about the next generation with the music they produce.


New Zealand artist Lorde topped the charts in America with her song “Royals” at only 16 years old, a record that hadn’t been touched since Brandy hit the music scene back in the 90s. An incredible young woman who released her first EP online and produced her complex hip-hop/pop music in her own living room, Lorde has become a cultural icon for young and old alike due to her maturity and the astuteness of her observations about popular culture.

Rather than pop lyrics that appease the masses and have intense sexual and misogynistic undertones, Lorde writes lyrics that are sincere, and discuss her apprehension about growing up, the impacts of her new-found fame on the lives of her friends and family, and trends in the music industry. Lorde writes in popular song “Team” that “I’m kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air, so there,” as a commentary on the mindlessness of hip-hop lyrics in the 2000s.

Justin Jay

Justin Jay, now centered in LA, got his break at the incredibly young age of 8 with Daft Punk’s Discovery, where he was recognized for his skilled classical piano playing. A talented DJ, he was invited to open for a number of incredibly talented modern hip-hop artists like Afrojack and Fedde le Grand, but could not because of his age. Now a music producer and artist who has swept through the music scene, Justin Jay learned his trade from an apprenticeship through Atlantic Records, and is now known for his house beats that swing toward the groovy and original.

An artist who has worked underground, making new, eclectic and rugged beats that appeal to the indie scene, Justin Jay is on the fast-track to production of some of the newest and most original music to hit the electronic stage. His classical training and talents as a DJ give him an enviable well-roundedness, and his ability to gain traction in the music industry at such a young age mean big things for this electronica artist.

The big picture

These artists aren’t the only young folk moving toward big things. A number of bands that are critically acclaimed are full of musicians under the age of 25, particularly in the metal, electronica, and pop genres. With technology making it possible to create incredible music from the comfort of your own home, young composers and DJs are making it big more quickly. They have the ability to get their music out and gain recognition. It means a freer, larger music industry that excites young musicians and listeners alike. We’ll be hearing a lot from the next generation, and we better be listening closely.


In less than a decade, Facebook evolved from a college directory for one university to a full-blown global social network with over a billion users. Its demographics cover all age ranges, cultures, and philosophical views.

But who knew this online platform could also help improve you health? Here are three ways how.

1. Memory retention

Facebook and other social networks have long been regarded as distractions, rather than aids in building memory. However, new research indicates that certain kinds of distractions can actually help memory among the elderly … and that Facebook itself may also enhance recall.

The findings suggest that the aging brain may use different recollection mechanisms than the younger one. It may benefit from repetition, even if that repetition is in the form of distracting or competing events.

These results complement other work that suggests Facebook itself is more memorable — perhaps because of the socially driven cues to the content and the connection that people have with the information that is posted … not to mention the conversational, gossipy tone of the messaging.

2. Journaling

When Facebook is used as a journal or diary, it can become a self-motivator. It has a way of inspiring people to take action that they might previously have been avoiding.

According to Joseph Califano, founder and chairman of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA), “journaling is a means by which you can actively participate in your own wellness!”

Additionally, The Journal of the American Medical Association cites findings that journaling and expressive writing can reduce symptoms of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic illnesses.

3. Facebook’s Antioxidant Fan Pages

A quick search on Facebook will bring up dozens of fan pages dedicated to the benefits of antioxidants. Here you’ll find research to understand antioxidants and how to harness their power to maximize your well-being.

Fan pages like “Your Antioxidant Guide,” for instance, avoid the hype and provide science-based evidence and facts.

More information on antioxidants

EarthTurns.com is one of the reliable resources to learn more about the benefits of antioxidants. One of the site’s current blogs, titled “Antioxidants Benefits on Mental Health,” points to studies that have determined that intake of antioxidant nutrients counteracts the negative inflammatory conditions tied to Alzheimer’s disease.

This list touches only the surface of how Facebook can help with health-related issues. It’s also worth noting that other studies have shown that receiving messages from followers can actually boost feelings of connectedness, especially in people with self-described “low social skills.”


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what happens when you combine the beauty of words with the decorative, artistic element of a painting, sculpture, or photograph?

Letter art has become increasingly popular over the years, as decorators look for words that are symbolic for a style or household: words like love, family, beauty. These pieces offer the joys of life, and various other optimistic, uplifting phrases that serve as a reminder of things that keep us going during those long, dreary days.

Decorative letter art makes creating beautiful items out of those symbolic words more fun, and more beautiful. Below are six unique designs and styles of letter art to get your creative juices flowing, so your new wall piece will perfectly suit your individual style.

1. Standing wooden letters

Create a beautiful piece for your mantle or end table, or the top of some wall shelves with standing block letters that spell out the word of your choice. Choose classic wood finishes or hand-painted pieces — or do the handpainting yourself! It could be a fun project for the weekend, especially if you get the kids involved.

2. Wire sculpture letters

Choose to twist and bend wire into a beautiful cursive script, and place it on the wall as a bit of wall art that will remind the family, in a more gothic, wrought-iron way, of your symbolic word.

3. Handprints from the kids

Gather your children around the table and create letter art from their handprints. Take some finger paints (so you can remove the paint from hands more easily) and let your kids express their creativity: perhaps a hand print with a contrasting color letter in the center, or handprints that create the frame of the letter of your child’s choice.

Decide together on a word that represents the family, or have each child create his or her name, or a favorite word, for the bedroom.

4. Fabric letters

Almost like quilting, fabric letters lend themselves to a variety of options. You can cut out fabric letters and turn them into pillows for the couch with some simple sewing and a bit of stuffing, or create fabric patterns and place them in frames to hang on the wall or to place on shelves.

5. Eco-letters

A fun project for the family involves creating sculpture or artwork out of recycled materials saved from the household garbage can. Cut up plastic bottles, save paper towel rolls, sticks from yard waste, and various other materials with neat patterns or shapes and create letters with glue and scissors to display on the walls.

6. Letter photography

Letter photography can be a fun DIY project. You can also obtain it from special request companies that create the word of your choice from a variety of photographs of letters in the outside world.

Choose your unique letter design and they’ll send you your framed piece of wall art in the mail!

Memphis Meltdown thought it would be interesting to see what would happen when people try to scream for ice cream. They were right. After setting up on a college campus, students quickly figured out they could scream into a giant ear and get a treat – IF their scream was loud enough. The event clearly was a much needed break for the students, and a good laugh for us. Check it out.

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