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Then he met a real badass. With a club. And no shirt.

I think I have those jogging pants.


(Via: Uberly)


When Captain Auburn Beard aims high, he shoots right over the moon. In this case, his dream is now a reality. Presenting: the Bat-Stache!

The Batstache

(Via: Reddit)

ICAN Legends

Awesomesauce Room

Posted By: on October 11, 2011

There’ll be more room for activities.

Oxymoron Item of the Day: Baconnaise Lite

Posted By: on May 11, 2010

With the thought process of “let’s take two things that …

That’s One Way To Make a Baby

Posted By: on February 27, 2010

8 Female Products That Make Me Glad I’m a Guy …


Every time I land at Orange County Airport, I have to pass a banner on my way to baggage claim.

Landing in Orange County


Surface Tension

Last year, we posted this image that depicted what we believed to be a great representation of surface tension. We found an even better one on RedditRead More


Sometimes the best pictures are not a product of amazing skill. There is a luck factor involved with clicking the button at the right moment; a split second before or after and the moment is lost.

This image is clear proof of that.


(Via: As-Found)



As we remember the Titanic on the 100th anniversary since its sinking, looking back through history can yield some exceptionally interesting finds. One such find is the final menu that graced the tables of the luxury cruiser. With items like Custard Pudding, Potted Shrimps, and Corned Ox Tongue, it’s clear that the last meal of so many people was, at least, pleasant.

Read More


It is arguably the most aptly named vehicle of all time. In this image taken in the shipyard during the build, laborers are dwarfed by each individual blade in the triple-propeller juggernaut.

Titanic Propellers
From: San Francisco Toyota Via: Automotive SEO


This doorway in Brussels is a reminder of a time when form and function were peppered by art and life was seen through a different lens, especially in architecture, communication, and even food. Bring it back, if only to help us forget the overly functional way the world is today.

Art nouveau doorway

(Via: Reddit)


I ‘love’ a good meal before eating it, too.

and then he ate him


… on a surfboard.

Goat on Surfboard

(Via: Reddit. H/T: Milwaukee Chevrolet Dealers)


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