Cancer sucks, beer doesn’t, so wouldn’t it be great if somehow it was discovered that beer led to a cure for cancer? I think so, and I’m hoping this sign is, well, a sign of things to come, or at least just funny…

If you’re having a hard time deciding which beer to choose, just use this handy flowchart….or if all that drinking gives you the munchies you can check out the KFC + Krispy Kreme Luther Double Down.


Just recently Citroen debuted the Survolt at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. This badboy is an all-electric concept car. This is what you’d get if you took the Batmobile, my dreams and the blood from Chuck Norris and mixed it all together. Have you seen a more beautiful car…ever? You can check out more photos at The Design Inspiration.

ICAN Legends

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With Kick-Ass coming out this Friday I thought I’d look around deviantART for some cool fan art. Here are a few nice works that I found. Click on the pictures for full size.

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I know when I was younger I too would leave apology notes for my mother after I threw a tantrum. Fresh from the argument I would be sitting in the corner on timeout and it would inevitably hit me that without my mom I wouldn’t have Pizza Rolls and Cheez-Its to munch on after school….and who would bring my Capri Suns and orange slices to the soccer games. I realized quickly that I need my mother…she’s no “pice of poo.” I must admit though, Karah’s note is one of the most inspired I’ve ever seen.

Speaking of poo

I have faith that Karah will grow up to be a good little girl though…maybe like these these hot Disney chicks, hot baseball girls or hot athletes of offbeat sports.

[source Passive Aggressive Notes]


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Hello to my dreams. How come I never thought of this? These are a few of my favorite things smashed together. The good folks at Kellogg’s have put up a recipe so you and I can make them for ourselves. I know what I’m going to be having as an afternoon snack.


If you’re like me you’ll be cheering for the underdogs when West Virginia University takes on #1 seed Duke in the NCAA Final Four tomorrow but if you need a few more reasons to root for them, here you go.


A vintage World War II Russian propaganda poster. While the colors and design are fascinating, the message kind of fell through, didn’t it? Kind of reminds me of Jerry Maguire’s departing speech:

Who’s coming with me

Who’s coming with me
besides Flipper here?

This is embarrassing….

Dorothy…Dorothy Boyd, thank you.


These must be the meanest cutest things I’ve ever seen. I can’t decide if I should run from them or give them a big squeezie hug.


From looking at these pictures and videos I imagine Japan as a non-stop party. I actually imagine it as my childhood dreams come true. Like a mix of Nickelodeon’s Wild & Crazy Kids, sugar cereal and women in bikinis. I haven’t been over to the Land of the Rising Sun yet but maybe someone out there has and could tell me if my thoughts on this magical place are accurate. If I’m way off base maybe it’s better to leave me in a blissful unawareness state.

Dizzy Bowling

Unraveling Dress Game

Peepshow Shower Beanbag Toss


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