The craze of the early 2000′s has been brought to life and I have found one in the wild. Look into his eyes and become dazzled at his cuteness. You can’t help but become transfixed by the almighty (evil?) powers of this adorable creature. If you happen upon one you will instantly be put at it’s disposal and be commanded to do as it pleases. I suggest running the moment you spot one…otherwise you will forever me it’s slave.


Here you see the newest and latest in the line of canine…this is the dog of the future people. Marty McFly would be proud to own this old chap. He’s perfect for taking on walks (flys?) on the beach…and you never have to worry about him tracking mud in the house. Now if only we could perfect those darned hover boards we’d be set! Speaking of the future, we hope this comes to a reality.

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Man…everytime this happens to me. I debate which dino I’m going to ride into town on…and the one day I had to bring Terry the Triceratops I can’t tie him up. It’s getting harder and harder to own the bigger ones. I really think I need to look into getting a compact model. Anyone know a good Dino Dealer?

…almost as ancient as riding this guy into town are these classic relics.


The sign reads “check this out” and lists the price at $5.99 for the prophylactics, whereas the diapers are around $12 per package. I’ll bet the average guy is also only buying a few packs of condoms a month but the newborn’s parents are probably going through a whole heap of Huggies. If only  this display had been on the boxed wine aisle…maybe that would have been a better placement.


Well at least Jack had the decency to leave a note and the honesty to mention his true actions. Those darned Aussies with their frankness. I’d be pretty hard heated if not only did I come back to wrecked car but also to this piece of paper. Thanks a lot Jack…you’re an asshole! (oh and you spell like one too).

speaking of honesty and being frank.


During World War II the servicemen suffered quite a bit from the dangers of unprotected sex. In response the U.S. government commissioned this wonderfully horrific set of posters. Meant to scare the soldiers straight with such taglines as “Men who know…say no to prostitutes” and “A minute with Venus. A year with Mercury!”

Brilliant, pure genius. I know these “propaganda” posters would make be think twice before bunking up with the local floozie. I think the current government should re-release a campaign like this. How fun would that be to see these littering the walls of the subway. In my opinion advertising and messages have become more politically correct without good reason. If a message communicates then it communicates…you might as well be upfront about it. Either way…I find these to be terrifying and hilarious at the same time.

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No words can express the joy this picture brings to me (this is a close second or… maybe this). I’ve viewed it hundreds of times now and I still can’t help but smile. I would love to speak to the photographer that took this amazing image. If you’re ready to begin your trip to Happytown start scrolling down…

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If you thought filing cabinets were lame and boring, you were right…until now. If I had an actual office I would get these in a heartbeat…that’s assuming that they’re available for purchase, which I don’t believe they are. These are by far the coolest filing cabinets I’ve ever come across.What a brilliant idea and a tremendous execution. I honestly would pay so much for these.


While graffiti can be nasty and dirty and in most cases doesn’t add to the scenery or environment, there are cases where it actually is welcomed and can be considered true art. Here is a wonderful example of when defacing public property has improved it’s message. I really feel that the world can use more messages like this one. Thank you to the artist who appended the sign and turned it into an inspiring moment.


I’ve always enjoyed Google but recently Bing has been doing a good job with sneaking up on their search market share. Bing is especially good as an image search and I would sometimes find myself jumping over to Microsofts’ offering for certain things…that is until now. I think with Google being so hardcore I’ll stick with them regardless. Rock on Google…rock on!

…speaking of the mysterious black & white.

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