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When geeks turn gangsta and decide to do some tagging this is what happens. The great this is how subtle the vandalism is. You might not even notice it as not part of the ad. It accomplishes what graffiti is meant to accomplish…it gets a message across. And when a geek has a message to deliver he delivers it in the best way possible. This is probably one of my favorite tags ever…and one of the only ones which I might openly condone…that and some Banksy.

…I’ll bet the guy who did this would enjoy this and get a real kick out of this.


For most of you out there (the Americans) you’ll be celebrating our wonderful nation’s independence day. What better way to start it off than a great big stack of red & white buttermilk pancakes topped with blueberries. Sadly there is a lack of proper butter and syrup on this bad boy…but in my own kitchen this would be easily rectified.

Have a great time with your family and friends, barbecuing, swimming, boating, eating hot dogs and watching fireworks. What is your favorite thing about the 4th of july?

ICAN Legends

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It seriously blows me away sometimes the talent that is …


There is no question in my mind that this is the greatest and most creative homeless sign I’ve ever seen. I would give this “man” ever single last dollar that I have in my wallet. I wish I knew where he was located so that I could send him a few sawbucks…if only I could see him.

…it makes me almost as curious as this.


Ninjas are awesome, we know this…but if you’ve ever tried to evade one you know how difficult it can be. Here are a bunch of ways that one might be able to elude capture from said Ninjas…but I think they’d still find a way to Karate chop you.

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Pun intended…but seriously…come on Amazon! Who is buying and selling used condoms? What does that mean exactly? This makes me so curious as to what I’ll receive that I’ll almost tempted to order them. It also makes me wonder what other savory items you can purchase “used” from an Amazon store.


Some pets are lazy and more often than not cats can be…but have you ever seen a cat that did not care as much as this guy? I think we all might be about to learn a little something from the seemingly idleness of this purring pretty. I look at it more as a mediative state, a serenity if you will…a calmness. He is so “at one” with his surroundings that he just really does not give a damn. He is okay with eggplants being balanced on his head, and I think that’s something we could all strive for.

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EDIT: Unbeknowst to the author of this post (as these pictures were gathered from various image sites), as mentioned by multiple commenters, a lot of these have been produced as t-shirts and can be purchased from Grabist, ThreadlessShirt Woot! ,Tee Fury and Glennz Tees.

Check out Part 2  in this series here and Part 3 here.

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Well what are friends for anyways? This young “whipper-snapper” has shown his buddy just how much he cares for him. And really…that’s all R. Kelly was doing too. He just has a different way to show his admiration for a women than most of us. I guess some of us don’t know the subtle use of a good hug or a kiss.

Maybe they feel like that’s too common place and there’s got to be something a little more personal about their show of devotion. Either way…how would you feel if you were the parent who received this? Worse yet, how would you feel if you were the parent of the child who received the golden shower?


Apparently Captain Obvious drives a Ford Falcon…because I just found his car. At this rate of snarkiness he’s soon to be Major Obvious. I wonder if the clerk that handed him his plates laughed at all…probably not, they tend not to have much of a sense of humor…or sense of anything for that matter.


Apparently the owner of this cellphone does not know there is an app for that. Good thing he’s past his dating years because there is only so much more space left on his contact list. Who am I kidding, he’s got more numbers on there then I did when I was “on the scene” by about 4. It also looks like he deleted one from his SIM…or at least tried to. Good thing is permanent marker does fall victim to viruses or battery failure.


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