Few things spread more rapidly on the internet that memes — defined as “a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes” by Dictionary.com, memes go viral more often than most other internet sensations. Spread on all social media sites, particularly Tumblr and Facebook, memes are an occasionally offensive, but nearly always comical way to state truths about modern society that would otherwise go unreported.

After perusing the Meme Dictionary, a few particularly funny memes have been selected as the top five for 2012, though they’re still going strong thus far in 2013.

Five Memes that Will Make You Chuckle

  1. Condescending Wonka

A funny man himself, Gene Wilder makes a painfully condescending face in this photo, thus giving this meme its name. Used for any and all disdainful messages, some text highlights include “Everything you have to go through sounds so heartbreaking, tell me more how it isn’t your fault” and “Oh, so you use Instagram? You must be a professional photographer.”

  1. Grumpy Cat

A whole album of photos are used for the grumpy cat meme, though they all portray a very unhappy looking flat-faced Siamese cat. Though the internet has always been a haven for cat-lovers, this particular feline pairs the cat craze with a generally disillusioned, miserable attitude. Some winners for this meme: “Having 9 lives would be great, if they weren’t mundane and devoid of meaning,” and “Good morning? No such thing.”

  1. One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor

This meme is much more amusing for the Lord of the Rings fan base, but has become increasingly more popular as science fiction fans have become more vocal on the internet. It shows an image of Boromir, quoted in the movie as saying “One does not simply walk into Mordor,” but the text is changed to include anything related to pop culture, for example: “One does not simply leave the EU without damaging the economy.”

  1. Bad Luck Brian

One of the more unfortunate memes circulating the internet is an unfortunately dorky school photo of a boy presumably named Brian, who has, as you might guess from the title of the meme, the worst luck. Some of the best moments include “Goes out for 21st birthday party. Designated driver” and “Wins raffle. Hunger Games.”

  1. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

A photo from a marathon in South Carolina became the subject of a particularly popular meme, as it documents an attractive, smiling man mid-run — the kind of candid shot that happens once a decade, and only to the fortunate. One of the best text additions to this photo: “Goes for run. Inadvertently teaches the world how to spell ridiculously.”

Check out more top memes of 2012 in this article from ABC.


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The new Black Friday is the day after Christmas. Armed with gift cards and shirts that are too big, shoppers are heading back to stores to shop and return gifts for yet another bustling holiday season. As usual, stores are offering discounts to accommodate their customer’s willing wallet by extending hours and fresh promotions. Must-have deals are not as high as they were last year, however, dragging retailers’ expectations of after-Christmas sales down. Nevertheless, some stores are offering must-have bargains.

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College students spend the majority of their time online.  While most of the time students are connected to the web is spent on useful pursuits and academic achievement, there is always time for distraction. Or, shall we say, students manage to find time to study amongst all of the distractions that the web provides. One of the best ways that students are distracted is by “memes”, which is pretty much any picture or video that goes viral, and then is, of course, replicated exponentially for maximum distraction potential. Indeed, writing the article took longer than usual because I found myself trapped in the grasp of the memes  – and these are the best ones I found.

The “Regulars”

Memes come in many forms, and one of the most popular is a single photograph of a “stereotypical” student with various captions.  One is the “college freshman” meme, who is a happy young man in a university sweatshirt – various captions include “Cites Wikipedia Article” and “Does laundry for the first time – dyes” (the sweatshirt in this one is pink).  There is also the “lazy college senior” meme, featuring a scruffy lad drinking a beer, with quotes like “Doesn’t do the reading, dominates class discussion” and “Paper due in 7 hours, hasn’t decided topic”.   There is also the “college liberal”, which is a photo of a girl with long dreadlocks and features many contradicting statements such as “Hormones in milk can be dangerous, drops acid purchased from a stranger”, and “Thinks laws will keep people from owning guns, smokes pot.”  Another favorite is a woman who is in her 70’s and represents the “nontraditional” student, with quotes like “Correct history professor, remembers being there.” These memes are designed to be funny for anyone who is in college, but those who design the memes went a step further to make distractions a bit more personal.

University memes

My alma mater has its own Facebook page dedicated to memes. A popular one that recurs on that page is “unicycle girl”, because there is a student who rides around campus on a giant unicycle, and she is the butt of many memes. Many major universities have developed their own meme Facebook pages to form a sort of camaraderie for the students and alumni of the university.   There’s even a list of the top 20 colleges where memes are “all the rage”.

Left out of memes

In all of my research, I did notice that there was a sector of colleges that were left out of the meme craze. Online schools are grossly underrepresented in the meme base, and online business management schools don’t make the meme base at all. So, if students from online schools are reading this, start making memes so that online schools can be made fun of, just like the rest of colleges.


I can just imagine what this grumpy Clown fish would say, “There’s a Grumpy Cat meme?… Who Cares”. This fish doesn’t look like he likes anything and could care less about most things that would make the average person or fish happy. After all, He is a fish that is called a Clown, that would make me grumpy too.

The Grumpy Fish

[Photo via: Flickr]


Come on Diamond Back Terrapin turtle, have some dignity. The look on this turtle comes to us from Tyler Dodge RAM who was nice enough to point us in the direction of this cute little guy.

Diamond Back Terrapin
H/T: Reddit


A brilliant and elaborate online hoax created by the environmental activist group, Greenpeace. We would like to thank Ford Philadelphia for pointing out this image to us.
H/T: Reddit


Yo dawg. I heard you like memes.

Meme Overload


One of the hot-button issues lately has been the nationwide increase of obesity in school-age children. Debate has risen in venues ranging from talk radio to colleges with health science programs on whose responsibility it is to teach children how to eat properly and exercise regularly: schools, parents or both?

While a definitive answer to this question is still pending, research shows that this epidemic is not showing any signs of slowing. Health science education has shifted from emergency care to learning to care and identify chronic illnesses. Expertise now lies in those who interface with patients, not solve medical mysteries. The severe consequences of obesity in the health science education field work to highlight one thing:  regardless of where the burden falls, everyone should try to pick it up.

Something that can’t be refuted is the toll obesity takes not just on a child’s health and self-esteem but also, generally speaking, his or her academic performance. Therefore, it is in schools’ best interest to stress healthy lifestyles for the sake of both the children and the U.S.’s future brain trust, so to speak.

Indeed, childhood obesity is a growing epidemic. About 17% of all children and adolescents in America are considered obese, which is way up from only a generation ago. The demographic hardest hit is low-income — one in seven children from such households are obese — in large part because unhealthier foods like hamburgers, pizza and soda are generally cheaper, more plentiful, more accessible and more aggressively advertised than healthier foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Another contributor to childhood obesity is the fact that many schools have decreased or altogether eliminated physical education from their curriculum. In 2009, only 33% of U.S. attended a course in which daily exercise was conducted. Despite the recommendation from the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans that adolescents should receive at least 60 minutes of aerobic activity a day, only 18% of students achieve this goal.

So what does it really matter that a child is overweight? The physical risks and results should be well-known: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing problems. More concerning still is the study that says if a child is obese between the ages of 10 and 13, he or she has an 80% chance of being overweight as an adult. Obesity is an affliction that’s often hard to escape.

But what many people don’t realize is its effect on a child’s school performance. A healthy body, after all, typically equates to a healthy brain. On the other hand, if a student suffers from an unhealthy lifestyle, he or she risks many academic consequences. An overweight student is usually more prone to teasing both in and out of the classroom, which results in a lower self-esteem and an inability to concentrate during instruction. And since obesity leads to scores of health problems, overweight children are also more prone to be absent from school, subsequently leading to even more missed instruction. A student’s later earning potential, therefore, might be jeopardized by carrying around extra weight. A recent Louisiana study, in fact, found that a child’s weight and fitness level are directly correlated with his or her standardized test scores.

Change has been slow to catch up with public awareness. Congress, for example, declined to cooperate with a ban on pizza from school lunches since it does contain some “vegetable” content. But some simple solutions are available, most of them commonsense. Besides encouraging your children to exercise more and providing more nutritious meals, urge your community school to expand its selection of fruits and vegetables in the cafeteria and put in a salad bar. Ask the school to limit its sale of sodas and sugary fruit drinks on campus and instead offer water.

However you choose to tackle this epidemic, remember that it’s not just your children’s health at risk but also their brains — which the U.S. will sorely need.


According to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau, higher education translates into increased earning potential. Job candidates with doctorates and other advanced degrees often have more employment opportunities, earn more money and have more chances to advance up the career ladder. Earning a doctoral degree, however, requires a significant investment of time and energy, with most traditional PhD programs being at least 3 to 5 years long and PhD programs online lasting about the same amount of time. Fortunately, with the recent democratization of the education sector, it is now possible to earn a doctorate degree online. Many of these programs are designed explicitly to cater to the needs of working students and enable you to work part, or full-time, even as you work towards the PhD.


Some doctorate online programs do not have accreditation. Schools seek accreditation on a voluntary basis, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect it. Accreditation implies that the school has submitted to a review of its faculty and courses, and it demonstrates that it provides an adequate standard of educational quality. If you choose an unaccredited school, you can’t be sure you will receive a quality education. In addition, some employers might not consider a degree earned from an unaccredited school as legitimate.

Offline Courses

Enrolling in an online doctorate program doesn’t necessarily mean all of your classes will take place over the Internet. Some doctorate online programs provide the majority of courses via the Internet but require you to attend a class or two on campus. Often, mandatory on-campus courses are particularly rigorous, and you might benefit from in-person interaction with peers and more personal attention from the instructor while taking them. Additionally, some programs might require you to participate in on-campus internships, committees and research groups.


A person who hasn’t taken an online course might assume that internet learning is a by-word for self-learning with little to no personal interaction with the instructor. However, even a doctorate online program that offers all of its classes on the Internet will usually involve interaction and personal help when needed. They tend to be almost as rigorous as traditional programs.

For example, many programs provide message boards and chat sessions through which you can ask your professor questions and post comments. In fact, some professors require regular message board interaction as part of a course. In addition, most professors will provide multiple ways of reaching them when you need help, such as through email, via instant messaging and by phone. Some online doctorate programs even arrange question-and-answer sessions for students.

Tuition and Educational Expenses

The cost of earning a doctoral degree can be a major concern. Programs vary widely in cost, with unaccredited programs often charging the lowest tuition and fees. Many programs offer financing for tuition and related costs, allowing you to pay in installments. You can also seek grants and scholarships and apply for student loans to meet educational costs. However, only accredited programs are eligible for federal student loans. Likewise, many grant and scholarship programs require enrollment in an accredited doctorate program.

Time for Completion

A Traditional doctorate program typically stretches anywhere from three to five years, depending on the student’s initiative and prior education. Likewise, online programs require an equally significant investment of time and energy. You can find part- and full-time programs, and your time to completion depends on your choice. Typically, students earn doctoral degrees in about five or six years.

An online doctorate program can help you advance in your career, without interfering with your job or other responsibilities. Online doctoral degree programs offer majors in a wide range of fields, from business and health administration to social work and psychology.


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