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With the growing waistline of America it’s easy to see how and why we’re getting bigger with these statistics. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs and this gives us some insight in just why. The good thing is that there is of course something that can be done about it and it’s not “magically” or even tricky. It pretty much, and obviously enough, comes down to burning more calories than you consume. Still, these numbers are pretty interesting.

[source: Registered Nurse]

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I think there are some days where we all feel like Kekay. I guess if someone were snooping around my house in some weird vehicle, with cameras and such I would behave in the exact same manner. Good job for her to just let it out and exact her revenge. It’s gonna be tough to get that smell out for sure.



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With all that Turkey and stuffing in your bellies. Here is a great graphic on numbers behind the fantastic holiday that is Thanksgiving. Have you ever wondered how much pumpkin pie is consumed, or how many people watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade? Well, worry no more. Here are the facts behind the day.

[source: Guide To Online Schools]


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In light of recent events, we thought we’d give you some info about those crazy goons from across the Pacific. North Korea was formed after WWII and the end of the Japanese occupation. It was split at the 39th parallel as part of a UN arrangement, to be administered by the US in the South (just like in M*A*S*H) and the Soviet Union in the North – since the two countries couldn’t agree on how to run it. Working with the Soviets, a Communist regime was set up.

Kim Il-Sung became leader in 1948. Shortly thereafter, he and Stalin decided to start the Korean War. 4 million soldiers and civilians died. In 1953 the war ended with no winner and a 2.5 mile wide demilitarized zone separates North from South. Learn the facts about North Korea and it’s dictator who never needs to defecate.

[Source: Online Schools]

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