Business litigation cases come in various forms. The way you handle these cases determine the eventual success or failure of your business. One of the most common cases includes breach of contract.

What Is a Breach of Contract?

Contracts are a normal way of life for any business. However, not all parties fulfill their end of the contract. The violation of agreed-upon terms and conditions of a binding contract is called a breach of contract. It could be anything from late payment on a sale of property to a more serious violation such as failure to deliver an asset.

Business contracts are binding for the two parties involved. This means that if violated, the contract holds weight in a court of law.

Handling a Breach of Contract

At times, the process of handling a breach of contract is incorporated in the terms of the contract. For example, the contract might state that the defaulter pays 10 percent more or a predetermined sum plus the missed payment in case of late payment. In such a case, it is easy to handle the issue.

If the consequences of the specific violation are not included in the contract, you can decide to settle the dispute in court or via arbitration, which often leads to formulation a new contract or legal action.

When Can a Breach of Contract Be Upheld in Court?

A contract may be breached in whole or in part. In order for any dispute to be upheld in a court of law, it must fulfill several requirements that include:

• The contract must be valid. Validity in this case means that it has all the essential elements of a contract. If any element is missing, then it cannot be heard by the court of law and there won’t be any lawsuit.

• You must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant breached the contract.

• You have to show that you did everything you were supposed to do according to the contract. You cannot file a lawsuit if you have also failed to meet your contractual obligations.

• You must have notified the defendant of the breach of contract. It is better if you do this in writing than verbal.

A contract ends when both parties have fulfilled the contractual obligations. Showing that a valid contract existed is the first step towards filing a successful lawsuit.

Types of Contract Breaches

A breach of contract comes in two types. An actual breach of contract is whereby the other party refuses to fulfill his or her side of the bargain on the due date. On the other hand, an anticipatory breach of contract occurs when the other party announces an intention of not performing his or her side of the bargain before the due date.

According to Gilbert & Bourke, the only way to handle a breach of contract and any other business litigation case is to work with a qualified attorney who will help you with the litigation process.


Anyone and everyone can be a candidate for rehab. When you have endless connections, money, fame and opportunities, it can be more tempting to get into a dangerous and addictive lifestyle. Whether it’s alcohol and drugs, food restriction addiction or another life-threatening habit, celebrities also have the means to afford the “best” rehab clinics. Plus, it looks much more glamorous than going to jail or community services.

The good news is that there are quality and affordable drug rehabilitation options for everyone. Follow in the (positive) steps of these celebrities who recognized when they were ready to get outside help. Nobody can help an addict who’s not ready, but a little evidence that A-listers are people, too, can be motivation.

1. Ke$ha

This pop star went into rehab for an eating disorder, which she only went public about after taking that first step. The demands on any person to look a certain way can be devastating, and for celebrities it can be even more extreme. When she debuted her new, healthier self at an awards show, the support for the singer poured in from around the interwebs.

2. Lindsay Lohan

She’s been in rehab more times than she’s had hit movies, but that’s actually pretty common. There’s no “cure” to an addiction and it’s common to slip back into old habits. Instead, dealing with addiction is more like dealing with a chronic disease. There will be good days, bad days, and what’s crucial is to keep moving forward. Rarely does a single stay in rehab stick for life.

3. Charlie Sheen

The poster boy for drug and alcohol addiction, Sheen is an extreme celebrity example. While every type of addiction is dangerous, involving chemicals can make it even tougher to get healthy. There are some instances where “chronic rehab” becomes a cycle and perhaps the only thing keeping severe addicts relatively safe.

4. Selena Gomez

What you go into rehab for is nobody’s business, and Gomez’s reps have strongly denied that her two-week stint had anything to do with drugs or alcohol. However, they also kept mum on what the real reasons were. There have been rumors spreading that she was partying hard, but given the confidentiality surrounding such clinics, fans may never know.

5. Demo Lovato

Eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, depression and cutting were all reasons for Lovato checking in to rehab. Now that she’s in recovery, she’s become exceptionally vocal about the importance of self-care.

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Are you thinking about transforming your yard or some other area of your home into a safe play area for your children? Parents can create a fun and imaginative space for kids to get some exercise and stay out of trouble. With childhood obesity on the rise due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles, getting your kids outdoors has become imperative for many families. Here are four things to keep in mind as you build a play area for your children.

Follow Assembly Instructions

When you purchase play equipment for your kids, it’s important to always follow the assembly instructions to ensure safety. Improper installation or usage can result in serious injuries. Make sure that all equipment is safely anchored so that it cannot fall down on a child.

Inspect Periodically

Test out your playground equipment regularly and inspect items for loose nuts and bolts. This equipment should be able to withstand hours of rough play. If a component seems loose or unsteady, don’t allow your children to play on it. Examine outdoor play equipment after long periods of disuse or after major storms, and clear slides of debris. Careful playground maintenance can help ensure that your play areas are safe.

Build Enclosures

Once you set up fun spaces for your children to play, you might want to consider building an enclosure around their play space for safety and privacy. A gated fence can prevent children from leaving your property and wandering away unattended. Fences can also prevent strangers from entering your property or watching your children while they play. Enclosures can also provide you with a certain degree of weather and temperature protection, shielding play areas from excessive wind and heat.

No-Slip Surfaces

Specialized outdoor play surfaces can prevent falls and provide youngsters with safe areas to run on. Play surfaces can often be customized with fun colors and designs, which will get your children excited about going outside and romping around. A grippy, no-slip surface can be the perfect safety addition to your indoor or outdoor play areas.

Are you ready to start building a unique play area for your children? You can decrease the risk of accidents by ensuring that play equipment is assembled and maintained properly. Keep outside threats away from these play areas with the use of a fence, which can also keep children from wandering into unsafe areas. Finally, safe play flooring can prevent children from slipping and falling as they run. These components can be used together for fun and safe recreational experiences.



Adopting a new cat is a bit different than adopting a new dog. Cats are more independent and finicky than their canine counterparts, so when you make the decision to adopt a cat, follow these steps to ensure their integration into your family is as smooth as possible.

Give Him His Own (Small) Space

Cats are territorial beasts, and they love to have a place to call their own. Putting him in a big new space can be overwhelming, though, and he might spend most of his time hiding behind furniture and only coming out at night when everyone is asleep. Instead, confine him to a comfy space like a bedroom or office where he can be left in quiet to adjust to his new surroundings. Equip it with fun stuff like a cat tree and plenty of toys to keep him occupied. Take turns as a family going in to visit him for short periods of time, and play and pet him. Even if he’s not receptive to the attention, just sitting in the room and reading a book in his company will help him adjust to your presence.

Go to Your Regular Veterinarian for a Checkup

Kitties can get all kinds of respiratory infections when they’re in a rescue environment, and despite the efforts of the staff, it’s not uncommon for your new cat to come home with something resembling a cold. It’s important to keep your new cat away from your current cats until you’ve gone to your vet and gotten the all clear. Remember that respiratory infections can crop up a week or so after adoption, so practice good hand washing routines and don’t allow your new cat to share bowls with your existing felines.

Take the Introduction of Your New Cat with Your Current Cats Seriously

If you’ve had cats for a while, you know that it doesn’t take a whole lot to make them mad! While some cats are ecstatic to have a new friend, others will flat out refuse to accept the new family member and may regress with urinating outside the litter box, refusing to eat, or showing aggression towards the family. Don’t let your new cats meet face to face as soon as you bring your new one home. Instead, once your new kitty has had a few days to a week to adjust (and you have the vet’s confirmation that your new cat isn’t harboring any illnesses), exchange the bedding between the two cats so they learn each other’s scents. Let the new cat out to explore the house and put your resident cat in the room to further learn about each other. Allowing them to meet through a crack in the door is the best way to introduce them successfully before you let them together completely.

Adopting a cat can be far more rewarding than getting a pet from the pet store or a breeder. Adopted cats are often mature, litter box trained, and can quickly become productive members of your household. Remember to adopt (don’t shop!) and take care to introduce your new feline family member slowly for the most success.



Everyone has their passions that border on obsessions, and when it comes down to it there are much worse things than being a beauty junkie. As long as you stick within a budget and only indulge in the really good stuff every now and thing, this is one of the safer hobbies to have. However, life can be tough for a beauty junkie when there are just so many choices and so little time.

Think you’re a beauty junkie? If you have a suspicion, you’re probably right, but there are still some red flags to watch out for. Remember that just because you stick with all natural products like organic oils or “only” wear makeup on weekends doesn’t mean you’re exempt. Beauty junkies come with all kind of quirks and kinks, just like makeup, and it’s what makes you unique.

1. The beauty aisle is your motherland

You can sniff out the beauty aisle at any super store and the idea of getting caught in a Rite Aid, CVS or Walgreens is sheer paradise. You know that a high price doesn’t equate to a great product, and you consider yourself the ruler of drugstore finds. There are treasures in there, and you can hone in on them instantly.

2. You use a tacklebox as an organizer

No matter how messy you are in other parts of your life, there comes a time for any beauty junkie that organization is key. However, not just any makeup bag will do. Maybe you have a tacklebox (or a few) for your goodies or a custom designed bathroom vanity.

3. Forget the fashion on the runways

You watch Fashion Week or soak up the photos for the inspiring makeup. You know that no outfit is complete without the right face, and that’s where your creativity begins. For you, the clothes are just an adornment to show off the makeup.

4. You live for makeovers

When your friends ask you to do their makeup, that’s where you really shine. It’s why you pick up shades that you love but just don’t work for your complexion. Plus, you really like trying to translate what they say they want into the end result. You take pride in listening to their desires then amping it up.

5. But you also have a few secrets you’ll take to your grave

Like any great artist, you can’t give all your secrets away. Whether it’s the faux eyelash shadow from an eyeliner flare on your lower eyelid or just the right mix of cream and reds for a pouty lip, some things are just for you (and your gorgeous face).



Our pets are beloved members of the family. Naturally, we want to care for them in the best ways possible. Fortunately, technology can help; more than ever, developers are creating apps for people that love their animals. You can even find entertainment and games designed for pet lovers.

Here’s a list of fun apps that pet lovers will appreciate.

MyPetED – Pet Health Center

This app is great for tips on taking care of your animal. Input a profile with all the pet’s vitals, track appointments and vaccinations, and keep a record of any animal caretaker’s information. There are resources for finding a vet or lost pet, as well as adoption information. There is also a library of articles concerning pets and pet health.

Pet Playpen

Virtual pets aren’t as much fun as the real thing, but they are a great way to pass the time. This app lets you own up to three virtual pets that you can play with, feed, and care for. It allows you to maintain stats for your pets, and has a cool virtual store with an inventory of treats that can be bought for your pets.

iKibble Free

This is a practical app for owners that tend to feed their pet from the table; people food. It features a database featuring tons of foods which are okay for your dog to eat, and allows you to search food by name or health rating. You can also seek out recipes that can be shared with your dog. This is a free app supported by ads, but you can get rid of the ads with the paid version.

Dog Translator

This is a fun and free app that claims it can help you understand what your dog is barking. Here’s how it works: Record the dog barking, then let the app analyze and translate the barks into English. While purely for entertainment purposes, you’ll get a kick out of knowing what channel the dog wants to watch.


This app is for pet lovers averse to leaving their animal at home while they travel. It can locate pet-friendly restaurants, hotels and bars. It will also help find animal-friendly parks, local vets, shelters, pet sitters, groomers, kennels, and a lot more. Users can add pet-friendly locales to the database, and they can also upload and view pet photos, videos, and read articles.

Pet First Aid

This app helps you keep the best care for dogs, cats, kittens and puppies right on your device. There’s information on dealing with bruises and chokes, CPR and choking, all through helpful and easy to follow video and illustrations. The app also lets you track the pet’s medical info. Not only can you keep records of what you do, but keep track of vet appointments and when vaccinations are due or have been given.

Pet Names

In addition to a cool soundboard that replicates animal noises, this app allows you to cull through thousands of names for an animal. Go alphabetical, popular, or by type of animal, but you will find the perfect name for any dog, cat, ferret, lizard or even pet spider. One particularly awesome name is Izzy Taylor; check out her story here for more fun.



Dogs have always been considered brave animals. They’ve been known to take on larger animals such as bears and wild cats. Some breeds will not back down to humans. There are even those who have been trained to run into burning buildings or assist soldiers in warzones.

Of course, vehicles should pose a different problem altogether. You might have a pooch that would chase a Dodge Charger down the road, but what about a dog that would charge at an oncoming tank? As you can see in this image, it’s definitely possible.



A former Merck CEO was quoted as saying, “I want to sell drugs to everyone. I want to sell drugs to healthy people. I want drugs to sell like chewing gum.” That’s the mindset many pharmaceutical companies have. The bottom line for them is greater than the people that are supposed to be helped by the drugs created. As such, many fall into the dark abyss of addiction. After watching the video, if you or someone you know needs help with an addiction treatment, visit http://www.addiction-treatment.com/.to learn more about what help is available.


Cats Rule

As a dog person, it’s hard for me to admit that cats are awesome. I don’t want to have one. I think I’m allergic to them, though I’ve pretty much avoided them for entire adult life, so who knows?

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Renting an apartment is a great way to minimize your housing costs, while maintaining flexibility to relocate and reduce upfront expenditures.

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