Renting an apartment is a great way to minimize your housing costs, while maintaining flexibility to relocate and reduce upfront expenditures.

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Having white, healthy teeth is popular, but far too often people forget about the health of their gums as well. Taking care of your gums is a key part of keeping a bright smile and a healthy mouth, and it’s that hard to do.

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Stay Classy Wal-Mart Customers

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Car jokes have become prolific ever since the first “horseless carriage” hit the roads over a century ago. Yes, ever since inventor Carl Benz took his very first road trip in his Benz Motorwagen in 1886 with his wife Bertha, drivers have been making fun of the transport that brought us into the modern age.

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Being involved in a criminal court case is not a situation in which you ever want to find yourself. For one thing, a criminal conviction can tarnish your reputation forever. Second, even if you are found innocent, your reputation might still be tarnished forever. Finally, criminal cases can have a heavy impact on your financial situation both now and later in life.

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Divorce is tough. You won’t find anyone who says it’s easy, unless it’s someone who’s trying to sell you a service!

The truth is, even a smooth divorce is emotionally trying. A divorce that escalates into a messy fight, on the other hand, is even more challenging to survive emotionally and financially.

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Got termites? Or are you at least worried they might start snacking on your home in the near future? If your neighbors have complained about termite problems or you want to dodge termite issues in a climate where they thrive, you need to know why they invade homes.

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We’ve all heard the catchwords like “carbon footprint” and “going green.” They’re all over the news and the politicians in state capitals and Washington DC are arguing about whether the science is actually on target.

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You tried and you succeeded! Your online business is booming and there’s no sign of a potential decline in the future: all you see ahead are profits and gains.

Now that your online business is a going concern and you’ve worked your fingers to the bone, it’s time to celebrate. The thing is, you’ve been working so hard for so long that maybe you’ve forgotten how to have a good time.

Not to worry: there are five ways to celebrate your successful online business and everyone will see you’ve made it to the top!

1. Sleep in

I know this sounds silly, but just think about it. For months, you’ve leaped up at the crack of dawn and gotten straight to work. Some days, you’ve worked all day long pursuing the dream.

You’ve missed meals, canceled dates with friends, and you’ve skimped on much-needed rest. Since your online business is now a success, go ahead and sleep in: get some rest and rejuvenate. Who knows what might be ahead?

2. Read a book

You’ve denied yourself the basic pleasures of life to build that company into what you intended it to be, and that’s great. But now’s time to enjoy the simple things in life again, like reading an awesome book. Relax, have a cup of tea, and pick up that volume you’ve been curious about for months.

3. Go shopping

You’ve saved some money, you’ve worked hard, and you denied yourself a new wardrobe to get here. Now you can splurge a little and build the outer image to represent the triumph you’re feeling inside.

4. Travel

Now’s the time to get away. You’ve spend thousands of hours poring over business documents and talking to people in a desperate struggling to build a fail-proof online company.

What you need is a vacation. Pack your things, alert your family and friends, and just get out of town for a while. This is just what you need to show appreciation to yourself!

5. Throw a party

To truly celebrate the success of your online business, why not have a party? You’ve missed so much time with your family and friends, so now it’s time to recognize their importance by having a good time with them.

Many of these people have stood by you during your toughest hours of building for the future. Show them your appreciation and have some fun! Maybe you could even learn to make your own whiskey to showcase at the party!

Now that the business is successful, enjoy your life a little. There’s a delicate balance between work and play. You’ve done the work, now playtime is here! Congratulations on a job well done!


Although web security has made significant advances in recent years, entrepreneurs face ever-present threats from the simultaneous evolution of hackers and robots, as well as risks from the marketing of security products that are not truly secure.

Website security considerations

Great security starts with a solid website. WordPress is an excellent content management system with a large support community that can help in the event of any problems. The advantage of WordPress is certainly the amount of users eager to help one other, as well as vendors who make plugins and security services in the form of consulting.

When using WordPress or any type of content management system or cloud-based software, it’s important to consistently update the plugins and overall software versions. Doing so can seem tedious, but it’s better than the much more tedious task of reinstalling your entire website and data after a catastrophic breach in security!

Another excellent service you should use is a secure cloud-based password management service like LastPass. Passwords are stored remotely, and encrypted on their path to and from your websites.

Storing them in your web browser or anywhere on your computer is highly risky, and could be the most penetrable of security loopholes.

Secure your hosting

Beyond the website infrastructure and software, it’s important to have secure hosting from a reliable and proven web hosting service. If possible, you’ll want to allocate money in your budget for a dedicated server, which will greatly improve your security as well as your reliability for the consumer as far as outages and delays.

A shared server arrangement is one where several websites (sometimes as many as 300) share one server, and that means if one website has a security hole that admits a server-crippling virus or other type of attack, then every website and business on that server will be affected.

Another concern about less secure, shared web hosting is speed. Page speed is now an integral consideration of the Google indexing algorithm, which means if your site is slow, it will hurt your ranking on Google, which most of your potential customers will use to search for your product or service.

A shared web server can slow to a grinding halt during periods of high traffic, and those periods are unpredictable, since you don’t know when to expect traffic to other people’s businesses.

A smarter approach, therefore, in terms of both secure hosting and reliable, fast hosting, is to take the extra step of hosting your website and business on a secure dedicated server.


Spareribs bbq
Summer is here and with it come trips to the lake, cool drinks on the porch or patio, and weekend BBQs. Just about everyone is likely to invite friends over for a BBQ or be invited to bring a dish to one themselves. Even though there is plenty of great BBQ food to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to make.

You can make yourself the talk of the BBQ. Whether side dishes, desserts, and drinks, there are a lot of options when it comes to creating a dish for a BBQ. Here are six classic, easy-to-make dishes that are sure to please the entire party and make for the best BBQ of the summer:

1. Fruit kabobs

Summer always puts lots of great fruit at your disposal: watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, peaches, blueberries, and plenty of other favorites are in season. Take the mess out of eating a piece of fruit (anyone with kids knows what a sticky mess a single piece of fruit can become) by sliding pieces of a fruit salad on skewers. Now you have easy-to-grab and fun-to-eat portions that kids will love.

2. Spice up that salad

That head of iceberg lettuce and bottle of ranch isn’t going to make a memorable dish at the next BBQ. Instead, explore new types of lettuce, toppings, and dressings; explore all the great produce available in the summertime, and build a healthy, non-boring salad.

3. Grilled vegetables

BBQs don’t have to be all hot dogs and hamburgers. Create a healthier meal by throwing some vegetables on the grill too, and please the vegetarians at the same time.

4. Deviled eggs

No BBQ is complete without deviled eggs: it’s an essential dish. Spice up the familiar version with a Cajun twist or just go with the tried-and-true classic. Either way, they’re sure to be gone before the main course ever gets off the grill.

5. Scalloped potatoes

Easy to make and sure to be loved by both the adults and the kids, cheesy scalloped potatoes is a great dish to include at a BBQ. Check out the many alternative recipes available to cut down on the fat and calories of the classic version.

6. Homemade potato salad

Most people shy away from the notion of making potato salad from scratch, but creating the dish at home is actually a lot easier than you might think. It also gives the chef more control, so that the dish can be a lot healthier than anything you can buy at the store.

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