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If you are dealing with the symptoms of menopause, you may feel less than fabulous. This is especially true if you have severe symptoms that have a negative impact on your daily living. It is ideal to find a hormonal balance in the midst of menopause, if at all possible. This can be achieved if you rely on effective methods to help you deal with the change of life and restore lost hormones in the process.

Use Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

It is important to get the hormones back into your body that have been depleted. The decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone are the reasons you are experiencing the undesirable symptoms of menopause.

One of the most effective ways to balance your hormones is by taking HRT on a daily basis. You can choose from a variety of brands, dosages and methods of doing so that may drastically improve your quality of life at this time.

Get your Exercise in Daily

It is important to your mental and physical well-being to exercise on a regular basis. During menopause, various types of exercise can dramatically improve your mood and help you avoid weight gain that is extremely common for menopausal women.

By committing to an exercise program that you do at least three times a week for thirty minutes is enough to combat the symptoms of menopause. It’s important to choose one that you will stick with and enjoy. Some ideal options include walking, swimming and strength training to rebuild muscle mass that is lost at a faster rate during this stage of life.

Be Mindful of your Daily Diet

The nutrients you get each day can affect your mood and your body. It is ideal for menopausal women to consume a healthy diet that is loaded with fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats and whole grains.

The positive results of eating a healthy diet during the change of life can be immediate. Some women who suffer severe symptoms of menopause may go as far as altering the diet entirely and eating a Mediterranean Diet exclusively

One of the common ingredients in this diet is olive oil because it doesn’t include the saturated fats that some of the cheaper types do. Additionally, Omega 3 is a high ingredient in the Mediterranean Diet. This is known for combating mood swings and decreasing the severity and frequency of hot flashes for the menopausal woman.

You can get control of the symptoms associated with menopause and get your life back. Simply invest the time and energy into doing so, and you can once again have a high-quality that can be enjoyed, rather than endured at any age.




All injuries have one thing in common: they’re painful. Whether you sustained your injury at work, at the gym, or just by trying to reach that top cabinet at home, the pain from an injury can make you not want to move your body at all.

Unfortunately, while some rest after an injury is good for your healing, extended bed rest can be a problem. Resting too much can significantly slow healing. If your muscles remain stationary for too long, they can atrophy. This can strain your joints, as your muscles are no longer strong enough to support them.

An injury that should have healed in a few weeks can cause you pain for months if you allow your muscles to atrophy. Pain from your injury can even linger for years if you don’t let it heal properly. The longer a muscle is allowed to remain still, the greater your chances are for developing stubborn pain which doesn’t respond to conventional treatments.

Avoiding Chronic Pain with Exercise

Lasting chronic pain is definitely something you want to avoid. Fortunately, there’s an accessible way to significantly lower your chances for developing chronic pain following an injury — exercise.

It may seem counterintuitive to exercise when you’re injured. However, exercising your injured body part promotes healing. Strengthening the muscles around the area of your injury ensures your tendons and joints don’t take on more work than they can handle. Exercise stretches your muscles so they don’t become tight, allowing them to work to their full capacity. This takes stress off the point of your injury, and also can significantly relieve pain.

Exercise to Avoid

It’s important to not overdo exercising, particularly if you have an injury. Exercising too hard can take a toll on your health. If you’re injured, you risk making the injury more severe by pushing yourself too hard. You can even sustain another injury, which is the last thing you want when you’re already in pain.

If exercise isn’t something you do often, it’s extremely important to start out slow. It may be boring or frustrating to start out slower than you think you need to, but you will be able to ramp up your routine fairly quickly. Starting out too fast can easily make your injury worse.

A good rule of thumb when exercising with an injury is to avoid high-impact workouts. These include jogging, jumping jacks, and other exercises when your weight comes down hard on your joints.

Good Exercises for Injuries

Before exercising with an injury, talk to your doctor about what sorts of exercises you should be doing. A professional can make recommendations based on your injury as well as your overall fitness and needs. Your doctor can also vouch for you if you need special accommodations at your workplace because of your injury, or if you need to apply for disability benefits.

Always stretch before exercising. Stretching alone offers significant healing benefits. Low-impact workouts are excellent for healing from an injury. Swimming offers a full body workout, while allowing the water to support your weight. This protects your joints and your injured body part. A gentle walk is also a great way to heal.


Exercise is part of any recovery plan following an injury. By consulting with your doctor to learn what exercises will work best for you, you are already starting on the road to healing.

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Too many people assume that eating well means that you’re committed to a diet. While dieting can help many people lose weight and become more healthy, you don’t have to label the way you eat. Simply changing your habits and making a few modifications to your daily meals can have similar outcomes as some of the most prolific mainstream dietary plans. In fact, you may find yourself feeling better in general by changing your daily eating routines.

Eat in Moderation

One of the keys to enjoying some of the finer things in life is doing it in moderation. This includes eating as most of society is overfed. When you go to a restaurant, realize that your order has enough food to feed you two or three times. According to Laura Schocker of The Huffington Post, almost every restaurant chain in the United States serve more food than is necessary which is loaded with fats and sodium. Eating less and saving the rest for later can help you manage that intake.

Change Up the Snacking

Snacking is a very common pastime for many people. Although fruits and nuts are far more healthier to snack on, you can enjoy some of those salty processed snacks in moderation. For instance, one ounce of chips such as Pringles can be good. Eating the entire package in one sitting can give you more calories and carbs than you need in a single day. Try to remain true to portion sizes when snacking and keep in mind the number of fats and sugars you consume in any given day.

Fighting Pain

Many foods are able to help you quell pains you are feeling throughout the day. Everything from arthritis to headaches can be treated with the right intake of nutrients. According to this post, there are several foods you can eat that can help you manage the pain. For instance, ginger and calcium can help relieve a headache before it becomes unbearable. Your nutritional intake directly affects the body and mind, and eating nothing but junk food and meals from a drive-through window can be detrimental to living pain free.

Improving Your Mood

As mentioned earlier, food can directly affect your mental capacity. Studies have been conducted of how antioxidants in berries have made a lasting contribution to many mental attributes. One of the most notable after effects is the reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease of which various berries contribute. The healthier you keep your brain, the more of an impact it will make in your mental capacities as well as overall physical management.

You don’t have to follow mainstream diets in order to lose weight and become more healthy. By monitoring your portion sizes and adding healthier snack choices, you could make a profound impact in your overall health in less than a month. If you mix it up with getting more physical activity on a daily basis, you can quickly melt away pounds while keeping your mind focused and clear. Practice better choices for eating and feel the results for yourself.



It is never a pleasant experience to watch a friend or loved one spiral into the depths of drug addiction. The use of substances, such as drug and alcohol, frequently begin as a means of escaping the overwhelming realities of everyday life. Maybe an addict gets behind on their bills, they cannot bear to face some tragedy that happened or they are attempting to self medicate to manage reoccurring pain. According to theriversource,org, whatever the reason, it is critical to their health and well being that they obtain genuine professional help from drug rehab.

It is at this point that the greater bulk of the burden ends up falling on another person’s shoulders to provide the addict with the guidance they need. It is not a responsibility that too many people want to have thrust upon themselves. An addict is oftentimes not going to be thinking rationally. They may not even initially appreciate the help you are trying to provide for their benefit. However, in order to help an addict get their life back together, it is generally necessary for someone to step in to be the voice of reason.

Becoming the Voice of Reason

In order to step in as the voice of reason, a person has to prepare themselves for the worst. An addict is going to make every excuse to maintain a grip on their substance abuse. The dependency they have developed for their drug of choice will be a tremendous vice they are not going to want to abandon. In many cases, an addict will be convinced that they are in control of their addiction. Although it is evident that they are not in control, it is important to realize that an addiction leads people to believe a lie for the sake of maintaining a habit that is hazardous. As the voice of reason, it is important to help an addict admit that they need to seek the opinion of a drug addiction counselor. If the addict says that they are sure everything is fine, simply explain that there is no harm in speaking with a drug addiction counselor to make sure. Let the addict know that it will help convince you that everything is okay if they are willing to comply with this simple request.

When Things Get out of Hand

In a lot of cases, an addict will refuse help until things start to get way out of control. often it becomes harder and harder to live the lie that is the hope that an addict is in control of their addiction. In a drug policy update on whitehouse.gov, it was noted that illicit drug use has been responsible for billions in lost productivity, criminal costs and that deaths to addictive substances have surpassed deaths due to homicides and car accidents. For this reason, failure to receive treatment for a worsening drug addiction problem can and often will have fatal consequences for the substance abuser. When it is impossible to get an addict to reach out for help, it may be time to seek a qualified drug addiction professional who is willing to make a house call on the addict’s behalf. In many cases, a trained professional will have the experience talking and coaxing substance abuse victims into getting the help they desperately need.



Cancer is the disease that trumps all other diseases and is one of the most difficult to treat; despite decades of research, cancer remains impossible to cure. The key to overcoming cancer has a great deal to do with when the disease is detected and treatment begins. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers; there are more new cases of skin cancer than of breast, prostrate, lung and colon cancers combined. In fact, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, there have been more diagnoses for skin cancer over the past three decades than all other cancers combined.

Knowing how to identify symptoms of cancer can be a great advantage, as it will better enable a concerned individual to talk to a medical profession early, increasing the likelihood of the available treatment options being effective. Here are four signs of cancer that should never be ignored.

1) Unexplained Weight Loss

Weight loss is something many people strive for, and while most people wouldn’t complain about losing a few pounds, rapid and unexplained weight loss could be a sign of cancer. If someone experiences significant weight loss, usually 10 pounds or more, there could be a medical reason—one possible explanation being cancer. Most cancer patients drop weight at some point during their illness. Though it is more common in cancers such as pancreas, stomach, esophagus, or lung cancers, it can also be a symptom of skin cancer.

2) Skin Changes

One thing to watch out for as a symptom cancer is changes to the skin’s appearance, which could be a sign of skin cancer. The American Cancer Society notes that one of the precursors of skin cancer, particularly melanoma skin cancer, is a change in skin color. Other changes, like itchiness or excessive hair growth, can also be indicators of a medical issue. Any changes to the skin’s texture, color, texture or sensitivity should be discussed with the individual’s primary care physician as soon as possible.

3) Wounds That Won’t Heal

Another sign of skin cancer is the appearance of sores that don’t heal. Sores may bleed and appear normal, but if they persist for a long time they should be checked out by a doctor. Non-healing sores aren’t unique in their appearance amongst patients with cancers of the skin—long-lasting mouth sores are often seen in oral cancer patients.

4) Unusual Bleeding

Having any type of irregular bleeding is an indicator of a medical issue. The body works like a factory, with many machines that have interrelated parts that depend on one another to function. Noticing any major changes in the way one’s body works is a reason to consult a doctor. Coughing up blood or having bloody stool and urine are all signs of cancer or another serious malady and should be taken very seriously.

What to Do If Cancer is a Concern

If an individual has a family history of cancer or is concerned that they may be experiencing symptoms of cancer, there are many online resources for information on the disease. Once he or she has compared the symptoms he or she is actually experiencing against the list of symptoms related to cancer, the individual can decide whether a visit to the doctor is necessary. Medical experts agree: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If someone fears that they are experiencing symptoms of cancer, he or she should speak with a medical professional as soon as possible.



It is late in the evening, and you have just seriously injured yourself. The sight of your own blood, rapidly drips from an open wound on your forehead, making you feel a little queasy and faint. Since you cannot stand the sight of your own blood, you feel yourself start to panic and sweat a bit. Your wife quickly accesses the number to a local free-standing ER center, but you insist that she can just drive you to the hospital instead.

Cleaning the blood off your forehead, you decide to place a cold press over the swelling that is forming into a decent sized bump. Your wife grabs her keys, and the both of you head out the door, pile into the car, and head across town to the hospital. When you get to the check-in desk at the emergency room, you notice the place is completely packed with people. You sign in, find a vacant seat, and the waiting begins. A woman finally calls you back, takes your vitals, and eventually you get to see a doctor. The doctor looks at your head, takes an x-ray, tells you nothing is wrong, and sends you home with a huge bill that stings more than the bump on your head.

Avoiding the Emergency Room at the Hospital

Often people imagine that when they are seriously injured, the best place to seek treatment is at the local hospital in their area. It is a trend that has been strongly reinforced by popular media and television shows. However, in many cases, walk-in clinics and free-standing ER-centers are actually better choices. In many stand alone facilities today, the wait is only a few minutes. At the emergency-room in the hospital, the wait can extend to being many hours. This is hardly efficient in light of the fact that you may need immediate attention and care. When you can get in quick and get scanned quick, this means that the nature of how serious your condition truly is can be assessed much faster and more efficiently. According to an American College of Emergency Physicians fact sheet, because hospital emergency-room triage-policy is to take the most severe patients first, patients with less serious injuries will end up having longer delays in receiving patient care.

Other Important Benefits of Free Standing Medical Emergency Centers

According to SignatureCare Emergency Center, the injured have access to more medical services than what local hospitals are able to ration out to patients. Many stand alone emergency care centers have state of the art medical equipment. These facilities compete with hospitals with convenient 24-hour service as well. They utilize the services of board-certified physicians, take most major insurance plans and sometimes provide ambulance service to patients in need of emergency transportation to their facilities. Since many of these clinics are much smaller than emergency-rooms at the hospital, it is easier to keep these facilities clean and free of infections that are present within many larger hospital settings. With many of these facilities, the patient volume is much lower than at the hospital, which makes it possible to get more one-on-one care from an on-staff physician. In some ways, the free standing emergency care facilities make the entire hospital-based emergency-room experience seem antiquated.


As people age, they begin to become more concerned about their overall health and well-being. Who can blame them? Being sick these days gets expensive. This is especially the case when your doctor has prescribed a lot of medications. To avoid this problem, many people have decided to take control of their own health. They spend hours online educating themselves about the latest diets, exercise regiments and health supplements. When a person is striving to become healthier, it is easiest if they surround themselves with other like-minded people. For this reason, many health-minded individuals search for a community of people who will support them in their health-related goals. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find people in a person’s local area who share their healthy lifestyle values. The good news is that it is possible to build a thriving health-related support network online.

Getting Your Online Health Community Up and Running

If a person truly wants to start their own online health community and support network, the initial steps are not too difficult. According to the Yahoo-groups website, they are an online community designed to connect people who have common interests. Anyone can begin to structure a topic-centric community online by using the free Yahoo-groups platform. Depending on how one sets up the moderation features of a free Yahoo-group they can either turn a Yahoo-group into a forum or a newsletter. If all a person wants to do is provide health-related information to a group of subscribers, then it is simply a matter of setting the Yahoo-group up to restrict other member postings. In this case, the list-owner can provide all the information to the group in a newsletter format. If they want more group participation, then allowing members to post to their health-related Yahoo-group is the way to go. To obtain more regular participation, a Yahoo-group moderator can advertise their group and assign other moderators, giving them tasks central to increasing the health-related knowledge base of the list members. Many of these online communities grow into the thousands of members and remain quite active.

Expanding the Reach of Your Online Health Community

Once an online health community has been running solid for a while, something else a group owner can do is to expand the influence of the group. Because millions of people are online looking for up-to-date health-based information, there is actually quite an interest in people wanting to get involved with spreading health-related news. Many such groups start petitions and push for reforms, using the online environment as a means to promote their message of healthy living and alerting the public to very real health concerns. Often these movements lead to real changes in a variety of industries and government policies involving the health of the general public. When this sort of change happens, it helps to reveal the real power consumers have over companies who may not have their best interests in mind; thus, helping to further expose why such community-based movements are necessary in these modern times.


Cord blood storage for private and public use is a smart move for the future. It’s a proven disease treatment option. Other uses are being researched, and clinical trials look promising. Stem Cells from cord blood benefits the donor, the donor’s family, and the public.

What Is Cord Blood?

Cord blood is the blood from a newborn’s umbilical cord and placenta. At the time of birth, a doctor extracts the blood. There is no risk to either the mother or the child.

People collect the blood because it contains stem cells. Stem cells are the building blocks in the blood, and they have the ability to transform into different cells. They can use for repair of blood tissue and organs. Cord blood has been used to treat over 70 different diseases. These include Leukemia, Sickle Cell Disease and Osteopetrosis.

If a family decides to save the blood, they have two options: they can store it for private use in a family blood bank or donate it to a public cord blood bank. The blood is then cryopreserved.

Benefactors of Family Cord Blood

In certain situations, the cord blood can be used to treat the donor. This is known as. Their donated stem cells are used to repair their body. It can be used for illnesses such as aplastic anemia. Autologous use is mainly an emerging field though.

More commonly, someone else’s blood is needed for treatment. This is allogeneic use. It’s necessary in cases where the body is creating the wrong cells, as is the case with cancer. The diseases causing the problem would be within the stem cells. Using the donors own blood would be inserting cells with the same sickness.

Cord blood can be used for siblings though. A healthy sibling would not carry the disease within their blood. Studies show that treatments that use cord blood from a sibling or other family member are twice as likely to work as blood from strangers. In storing cord blood for each child, parents are storing protection for their other children.

Benefits for Non-Relatives

If a family didn’t store the cord blood, it’s still possible to get the stem cell treatment. The stem cells come from the public cord blood banks. Families sign away their rights to the cord blood, leaving it open for unrelated people. Be the Match registry lists cord blood units. Doctor can access this registry to treat their patient.

Even for non-relatives, cord blood works well for transfusion. The stem cells do not mature enough to attack foreign substances. This lessens the chance of a transfusion rejection.

The benefits of cord blood have not been fully realized. Scientists are studying how cord blood can be used in the treatment of autism, diabetes and congenital heart defects. A number of studies focus on autologous use of the stem cells in cord blood. At this point, a number of benefits are still within the stage of clinical trials.


In most instances, after becoming a medical assistant, nurse, or physician’s assistant, medical professionals continually have the opportunity to learn and use the most modern healthcare equipment and techniques on the planet. Despite the advancements made every year in Western medicine and technology, many different methodologies have histories that date back centuries. Some remain in use today.

Leech Treatments

Documentation suggests that physicians often used these common creatures as far back as 800 B.C. The rudimentary belief involved the concept that diseases were blood borne and allowing a leech to drain the blood helped eliminate the illness. Unfortunately, the practice of bloodletting led to fatalities. Today, leeches are raised in sterile environments for medical purposes that include reconstructive surgery or grafts. By doing what nature created them to do, leeches serve as a means of stimulating blood circulation during the healing process.

Maggot Treatments

Commonly associated with feasting on dead and rotting flesh, the common fly prodigy also have a place in medicine. Though used for centuries in many different cultures, in the U.S., Native Americans and Civil War military medics used the maggots to eliminate dead tissue, prevent infections and promote wound healing. Although the benefits of using the larva were known for decades in this country, it was not until the 1920s that physicians actually performed research into the advantages of using maggots. Now, facilities around the country raise the young flies specifically for medical debriding or wound cleaning.

Transsphenoidal Surgeries

Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians understood human anatomy well enough to know that brain tissue was accessible through the nasal passages. As part of the burial and mummification rituals of the culture, the brain was removed and placed in an urn prior to interment. Using the same passageways, modified instruments and techniques, modern day surgeons capably remove pituitary and similar tumors.


From prehistoric times, cultural medicine men created holes in the skulls of patients as a form of treatment. Early on, before the advent of modern mental health services, practitioners attempted to cure patients of symptoms by using some type of hammer and chisel devices to open a hole in the head. The surgery was initially thought to provide an escape route for evil entities. Eventually, surgeons realized that creating the opening alleviated pressure on the brain following a traumatic head injury. The practice is still in use today.

Cesarean Section

Though some have the misconception that the method of childbirth is associated with the ancient Roman Emperor Julius Cesar, C-section procedures actually date back to 1030 B.C. in China and 298 B.C. in India. Ancient physicians knew the risks involved and resorted to implementing the practice only under extreme circumstances. Until physicians developed safer methods to control blood loss during the 1880s, the surgery was quite dangerous and often resulted in the death of the mother. Statistics suggest that as many as one-third of the babies born in the country today are delivered via C-section procedures. The innovations in modern anesthesiology make it possible to perform the surgery using only local or spinal anesthetics, which allows the parents to witness the birth.


A sedentary lifestyle can lead to significant health issues, including poor cardiovascular health, muscle entropy, and decreased stamina. Forcing yourself to hold certain positions at your desk can also lead to repetitive stress injuries, such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome. If you constantly work at a desk, you can make certain lifestyle changes that will improve your overall health and wellness. Take a look at these four ways for office workers to get in better shape.

Standing Desks

Stretch out your back, neck, and all of those aching muscles with a standing desk at work. You can quickly modify your current desk with simple shelving units or purchase a custom standing desk that automatically adjusts itself to different heights. Talk to your supervisor and see what options you have. Make sure that the standing desk is high enough so that you’re looking straight on at the monitor, rather than bending your neck to see information.

Cardio Workspaces

This is likely a modification that you’ll want to pursue at home. Look into attaching a desk surface to an exercise bike or an elliptical machine. This way, you can use your laptop while getting your cardio workout in for the day. Like standing desks, you can create this workspaces in a DIY fashion, or your can purchase specialized equipment to mount your computer onto a cardio machine.

Use Breaks Wisely

How are you utilizing your break time at work? Your lunch hour or your fifteen-minute breaks can be ideal times to stretch, walk, or even do some anaerobic exercises. Create mini workout routines so that you can stay invigorated throughout your work shift and get your blood flowing. These mini workouts might also help you avoid the post-lunch slump.

Get a Personal Trainer

Many people sign up for gyms, but then aren’t able to motivate themselves to reach new cardio and weightlifting goals. A personal trainer can help you develop effective training skills, so that you’ll remain committed to your health goals. They can also help you prevent injury during your workouts, so that you’ll be in shape to continue your fitness regimen.

Office life can incrementally take a toll on your health. If you neglect your personal fitness, you might discover that you can no longer run, stretch, or life weights like you could before. Don’t let your work life take a toll on your physical and mental well being. These steps can help you lead a more well balanced life.


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