Staying active socially helps promote good health, no matter what age you are. Friendship is important for better behavioral, cognitive and physical health. People with strong friendships and healthy social interaction report fewer physical complaints. Thus, engaging with others is a wonderful way to stay connected, feel loved, and maintain good physical and mental health.

Since we’re in early 2014, it’s a great time for new beginnings. Here are some great friends to make this year to be happier and healthier in the year to come.


Most people enjoy interacting with children. They bring laughter, playfulness, a sense of fun, and a sense of wonder to life. Seeing things in a new way through their eyes provides a great way to stretch your brain, and to learn to think of things in a different way. It is sometimes said that being with young children helps to keep a person feeling younger.


Interacting with a teacher or professor is a wonderful way to keep the art of learning new things going into one’s later years. It is also crucial for young people to have valuable interactions with teachers. Taking classes when a person is in their retirement years is a wonderful way to keep this type of social interaction active. Learning focuses the brain and keeps you active, which can help to ward off medical issues like the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Elderly people

Elderly people can be a wealth of history and information, if they are given a chance to teach others through social interaction. Oral history is very valuable to help reach a better understanding of today’s social conditions. The elderly have seen a lot in their years; why not learn from them? They are a wonderful source of stimulating, fascinating conversation.

Hospital patients

One of the loneliest groups of people who love to make new friends is hospital patients who feel isolated and who do not have very much access to social interaction. Visiting a hospital or doing volunteer work in a hospital or in a long-term care facility can be incredibly valuable both for the person volunteering and for patients. Providing comfort to another person is a wonderful way to help anyone to feel valued. Plus, social interaction can help to boost one’s immune system, which is another great benefit.

The personal relationships developed with friends may have more of an impact on health than relationships fostered through organized activities. This was one of the findings in a study published in the American Journal of health promotion. For the best health, it’s smart to stay in contact with good friends.


Half time shows are like the pickled ginger of major sporting events. A gridiron palate cleanser. Some might consider them a distraction, but when they’re done well, or scandalously, they’re often spoken about more than the game itself. Pepsi thinks it’s unfair, however, that only sporting events get halftime shows and have decided to remedy the situation with a Grammy halftime show of their own. Hall of famers Deion Sanders, Jerry Bradshaw and Shannon Sharpe break down the conventions of a typical halftime show like a… well, like Mike Ditka riding on a football shaped wrecking ball. It also begs the question, if it’s possible to insert a halftime show into a music awards show like the Grammy’s, what happens when it’s the Espy’s? Paradox!

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How did the first halftime in football begin? Pepsi thinks it had to do with a cold drink and a break for more important things. Check out their take on the first halftime and remember that Pepsi was there at the first – and every – halftime. Get ready for the big game with Pepsi by visiting www.pepsi.com/nfl and youtube.com/pepsi.

Bacardi has long been synonymous with passion. With a rich history that spans a period of conflict, revolution, and exile, Bacardi has continued to grow strong. So has their rum. Celebrate the passion and drive that has made Bacardi the rum it is today. Visit Bacardi.com to learn more about a fascinating and storied history.


One night you go out with your friends to sing some karaoke. The private room that you’ve rented? All of a sudden it becomes a television studio. Your performance is suddenly being broadcast to literally thousands across the city. What do you do? This was the challenge Heineken issued to some unsuspecting patrons.The result? Pure hilarity. Follow the adventure with #CarolKaraoke on Twitter.


Feng shui is designed to channel positive energy into a room. Many designers use feng shui when decorating rooms and many homeowners do the same. If you’re looking to promote harmony and balance in your life, consider applying feng shui in your office.

It’s not yet something many people take into account, but it’s been around for thousands of years, increasing productivity and harmony in homes and offices all over the world. Although more and more Americans are drawn to feng shui in their homes, few take the trouble to consider it for the office as well.

If nothing else, you can promote more balance and energy, increase the productivity of your employees, and create a more comfortable and aesthetically appealing office space for both your employees and your clients. Here are three ways to do it.

1. Utilize indoor plants

Indoor pollution is just as prevalent as outdoor pollution, which is why many people choose to install live indoor plants in their offices. Live plants promote harmony and good energy, and allow your office to circulate cleaner, more abundant air flow.

Large leafy greens set up in corners and near windows make it possible for you to maximize your energy and positive energy flow in the office. Plants without flowers are best for indoor spaces, but it is all right to use a flowering plant — provided it has a bold, bright color.

2. Keep memorabilia limited and productive

Yes, you want photos of your family in your office, and you want to decorate with personal memorabilia. However, you should keep the decor productive and inspiring.

When your personal belongings are too personal and too distracting, it can divert the focus from your work and cause your office to lose some of the good energy you’re otherwise trying hard to promote.

3. Maximize natural lighting

Do whatever you can to ensure that the natural light in your office is allowed in as much as it can be. Keep furniture from blocking your windows. Place mirrors on the walls opposite the windows to help create the effect of more light.

This will enable you to feel the brightness and energy of the sun, which is supposed to increase productivity and motivation. One way you can do this is to incorporate skylights into your office. Commercial roofing Indianapolis professionals can help you to design a plan for your office that will allow you to install skylights and increase the feng shui of the space. Coomer Roofing Co. can help you with this project.


Want to go on the ultimate adventure? Air New Zealand wants to send one lucky winter to Antarctica to team up with National Geographic and help a scientific research team address global environmental issues. Explore one of the must unique places on the planet and bring an amazing story back to civilization. If you’ve got strong communication skills and an adventurous spirit, enter at www.airnewzealand.com/voiceforantarctica. Check out the video:


House of Beer

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One man’s pranks against his friends finally got a proper retaliation thanks to Tui Brewery. Russ comes home to discover his water has been replaced with something far more interesting: beer. In a hilarious prank, Russ’s friends swapped out his water system with over 10 kegs of beer. The results? Hilarity. Check out what happens when good friends and good beer collide.

Meet Tyler, a cartoonist whose intense love for chili spawned an internet sensation on Reddit. Now, thanks to American Express’s Passion Project, he’s looking to bring his wit and cooking skill to bookstores with “Cooking Comically”. Inspired yet? You should be. Watch Tyler’s tale below, then visit other American Express Passion Projects at http://www.youtube.com/user/americanexpress/MembershipDoes.


Tumblr is a blogging platform, somewhat like WordPress, but with a more social aspect. It is different from WordPress in that it has more features to encourage media use and photo sharing, rather than lots of words. So, how does this help your business in the age of “more is more” when it comes to wordy content?

Displaying Visual Content

Well, more isn’t always more, as we learned by Google’s last few updates. Unique content is important, but more content isn’t necessarily better. There are certain businesses that will benefit from Tumblr more than others because they don’t focus on too much wordy content. Industries with visual aspects, such as fashion, photography, publishing, and design, will benefit from the image-friendly platform. You can upload videos, and easily integrate your Instagram photos. For foodies, you can also highlight your beautiful food photography, while still sharing recipes and tips.

Connecting Socially

Tumblr has a more social aspect than most platforms out there. It easily connects to Twitter and Facebook, just like WordPress, but it also seamlessly integrates Instagram, and has a more social network feel than other blogging platforms. There is a lot more inter-blog following on Tumblr, whereas other platforms are used simply as platforms rather than as connectivity tools. If you really want to reach your customer base through your website, you should make it as easy as possible for them to connect with you online.

Customizing With Tumblr Themes

There are thousands of Tumblr themes out there, both free and paid. You won’t have the same flexibility you’d have by building your site from the ground up, but there are so many themes that you’re sure to find one to fit your needs. You have lots of customization options, and it’s much easier, faster, and cheaper than hiring an expensive web design and development company. You can be up and running with a customized theme in just a day or two.

Incorporating Analytics

Many website owners become obsessed with analytics, but even the most ardent SEO-checkers forget to incorporate their Tumblr account. This is a great way to see how your Tumblr is helping your brand awareness, and it’s easy to add.

Sharing Updates

The biggest thing that Tumblr has over other websites is the sharing ability. Followers don’t have to add anything to their RSS feed; they don’t have to give anyone an email address. They simply follow others within their own Tumblr account and receive updates naturally, much like users do in Facebook’s newsfeed. This is a great way to share updates about your company without imposing on your followers too much. It is so common for people to sign for an email newsletter, and then unsubscribe after a couple of weeks just because they’re sick of their crowded inbox. Skip the inbox and let people head over to Tumblr when they’re ready to check out updates about their favorite brands and companies.


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