Our pets are beloved members of the family. Naturally, we want to care for them in the best ways possible. Fortunately, technology can help; more than ever, developers are creating apps for people that love their animals. You can even find entertainment and games designed for pet lovers.

Here’s a list of fun apps that pet lovers will appreciate.

MyPetED – Pet Health Center

This app is great for tips on taking care of your animal. Input a profile with all the pet’s vitals, track appointments and vaccinations, and keep a record of any animal caretaker’s information. There are resources for finding a vet or lost pet, as well as adoption information. There is also a library of articles concerning pets and pet health.

Pet Playpen

Virtual pets aren’t as much fun as the real thing, but they are a great way to pass the time. This app lets you own up to three virtual pets that you can play with, feed, and care for. It allows you to maintain stats for your pets, and has a cool virtual store with an inventory of treats that can be bought for your pets.

iKibble Free

This is a practical app for owners that tend to feed their pet from the table; people food. It features a database featuring tons of foods which are okay for your dog to eat, and allows you to search food by name or health rating. You can also seek out recipes that can be shared with your dog. This is a free app supported by ads, but you can get rid of the ads with the paid version.

Dog Translator

This is a fun and free app that claims it can help you understand what your dog is barking. Here’s how it works: Record the dog barking, then let the app analyze and translate the barks into English. While purely for entertainment purposes, you’ll get a kick out of knowing what channel the dog wants to watch.


This app is for pet lovers averse to leaving their animal at home while they travel. It can locate pet-friendly restaurants, hotels and bars. It will also help find animal-friendly parks, local vets, shelters, pet sitters, groomers, kennels, and a lot more. Users can add pet-friendly locales to the database, and they can also upload and view pet photos, videos, and read articles.

Pet First Aid

This app helps you keep the best care for dogs, cats, kittens and puppies right on your device. There’s information on dealing with bruises and chokes, CPR and choking, all through helpful and easy to follow video and illustrations. The app also lets you track the pet’s medical info. Not only can you keep records of what you do, but keep track of vet appointments and when vaccinations are due or have been given.

Pet Names

In addition to a cool soundboard that replicates animal noises, this app allows you to cull through thousands of names for an animal. Go alphabetical, popular, or by type of animal, but you will find the perfect name for any dog, cat, ferret, lizard or even pet spider. One particularly awesome name is Izzy Taylor; check out her story here for more fun.


Cats Rule

As a dog person, it’s hard for me to admit that cats are awesome. I don’t want to have one. I think I’m allergic to them, though I’ve pretty much avoided them for entire adult life, so who knows?

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For many of us, pets are just as much a part of the family as children. Adults who haven’t any children are even more likely to view their pets as their kids. For people who feel this way, pets deserve the same caliber of care and love as the rest of the family.

Feeding your pet

The most important thing you can do to care for your pet is ensure that he or she is well fed at all times. Depending on the type of animal you have, you should adhere to the feeding schedules recommended by your veterinarian. Most animals need food and fresh water at least once a day while others do better with two meals.

No matter what type of animal you have at home, you should change the water twice a day. Animals deserve fresh, cool water as much as you do. You wouldn’t drink a glass of water that’s been sitting around for days filled with crumbs from last night’s dinner, so don’t expect your animal to do the same.

Appropriate living conditions

Caring for your pet includes the provision of acceptable living conditions. You wouldn’t make your children sleep outside in the rain or the snow; the same principle should apply to your pet. Your cat or dog might love the great outdoors but when inclement weather occurs, pets appreciate and may even need shelter.


Animals require a bit of vanity care, just like humans. While some animals, such as cats, are fairly self-sufficient when it comes to bathing, most animals need some grooming. Dogs, especially the breeds with thick coats, require frequent visits to the groomer to clean and trim their fur. At home, you can provide grooming for your animal by giving baths when he or she is dirty.

Additionally, it is important that your pet’s nails are trimmed regularly. It can be difficult and uncomfortable for an animal to walk and run around with nails that are too long.

Exercise matters

You need exercise to stay healthy, and so does your pet. While it’s not necessary to hook your cat or hamster up to a leash and go for a stroll, you definitely should take your dog for regular walks. Ideally, you should allow the dog to go outside a few hours a day for fresh air and fun.

Other ways to allow your animals to stretch their muscles include an exercise wheel for small animals such as hamsters and guinea pigs, and cat toys your feline friend can chase around the house. Your dog will love to play fetch, and your cat will prefer to chase a fake mouse or ball of yarn around the living room.

Veterinarian visits and pet medications

Your animal requires regular visits to the vet. These are important and should not be ignored or skipped. Your vet will schedule necessary appointments when the time comes. In addition, if your pet requires medication of any sort, your vet will recommend it.

Since pet medications can be quite costly, you don’t necessarily have to purchase them from your vet. You can obtain your pet’s medication online for discounted prices. Caring for an animal requires financial support and emotional support. You don’t have to break the bank to buy animal medications when you can purchase them for a discount at Planet Drugs Direct.

Caring for your animal is the most important thing you can do for a pet. Aside from finding a veterinarian and groomer that you and your animal both like and trust, you have to provide some basic care for your animal on a daily basis.

Your pet is part of your family. The animal loves you and relies on you to ensure hr or she feels well, is fed and that has no fleas or other irritants or ailments. Make sure you treat your furry, scaled, or feathered housemate with the same love and respect you treat anyone else you care about.


Cat sitting on stairs

Cats are everywhere, on your social networks, bookmarking sites, Google, and if you are an owner of one, they are even in your house. Some of us absolutely love cats and could not live without them, while others may be more of a dog lover.

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There have been many photos of dogs and cats that look like celebrities posted on the internet, as well as plenty of internet memes, but not too often do you see one of a cat that could be mistaken as a superhero.

This awesome cat looks just like Batman and makes me wonder if this could be Catman?? Hopefully he doesn’t have a sidekick named Robin, because that is a type of bird and that’s cruel. Muahaha. Just JOKER-ing!

Cat Looks Like Batman

[Photo via: Reddit]


Cats amaze us at times with how high they can jump or how well they can hear. With just a little crinkle of the cat food bag, they suddenly appear out of nowhere and know to come running. Get to know all the interesting facts about cats from the infographic below.

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Aaaaaand let the latest Cat meme begin….
(Via: Reddit)


At close to three hundred and fifty dollars; my cat better be poopin’ gold.
The Most Expensive Cat Litter Box You Will Ever Own


It also wants your browser history. Be careful what you search for… the Cat knows all.

(Via: Reddit)


Cat in a Hat

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Cat in a Hat

If too many people share this, the internet will break.


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