Google’s Hummingbird algorithm was announced on September 26, 2013, but had rolled out about a month before. The name was chosen because this version is supposed to make results “precise and fast.”

This version works differently from previous algorithms. Instead of focusing strictly on precise keywords, it uses a more natural and conversational approach to evaluating websites.

When you choose keywords for your website, you’ll want to select a number of strategies so you include both short- and long-tail keywords and continue to attract visitors to your site.

Use long-tail keywords to your advantage

Since the Hummingbird algorithm is designed to help Internet users find what they’re looking for based on the questions they type into search boxes, you’ll want to update your content to include some long-tail search terms.

Use phrases that reflect or even echo the questions your site visitors want to get answered or problems they are facing. These should drive traffic to your website.

Update your short-tail keywords to include local content

You can still rank for short-tail keywords under Hummingbird, but you’ll want to update your content to include a local flavor. For example, if you have a website for serviced offices in Australia, you’ll want to update your content so you can rank for “serviced offices in Sydney,” “virtual offices in Melbourne,” “Canberra serviced offices,” “virtual offices Sydney,” and so on.

You can build out different combinations of locations with your short-tail keywords. Be sure to monitor results to see which ones are most successful at driving traffic to your site later.

Quality content is still king

One thing the Hummingbird algorithm has not changed is the need for high-quality content. Everything you share on your website, blog, or various social media should be focused on helping your customers to solve a problem, do something better, or improve their lives in some way.

Engaging with your customers on social media sites is a good way to gather ideas for blog posts and other content they will find relevant. You’ll want to keep your finger on the pulse of what your audience looks for when you’re developing your content strategy.

With this new algorithm, you can pick up commonly-used phrases as the basis for keywords in your content. They can help to drive traffic to your blog and website based on recent information.

Use these strategies to help you update your content and boost your site rankings under Hummingbird. They will help you adapt to the new algorithm and make it easier for potential customers who use Internet searches to find you.


“Time’s up! LET’S DO THIS!”

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Never trust a bird… especially one that looks like this.

Source: Reddit H/t: Orange County Audi


Clamping a metal finger down into a chicken’s brain is much more humane than grabbing them by the neck and beating them against a rock.


There are few images on the internet that have the power to break it as much as this picture of epic ducklings from Reddit user YanGweiZi, discovered hanging out in the pond in his girlfriend’s backyard.



The vultures. They search for the leftovers of the hard work of others in an attempt to get an easy meal. Sometimes, one just has to do what is necessary to keep the vultures at bay.

Defending the Kill

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Words. Not necessary.


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If you haven’t already noticed Owls are taking over the Internet, they have somehow become the new bacon or cats. This latest trend has me screaming “YAY”, cause owls are amazing creatures that have awesome expressions which can play tricks on the eye, like this lil’ fellow who looks like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.

Gandalf the Owl


This is what I would assume would happen if an Ewok and an Owl mated. I think the artist did too.


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Some people like to wake up early. Others stay up all night. With the help of this little guy, I do both.

Night Owl


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