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I’m not sure how this makes me feel about myself. I’m entranced and somewhat in love with this. That means I’ve fallen for a changing set of screen characters. What does that say about me? Probably that I need to get outside a bit more. Maybe see an actual female every once and awhile. She’d go great with this guy. Too bad for me too, cause I was just going to approach her…I swear.


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ICAN Legends

The Current Viral Stars of the Internet

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One of the greatest things about the Digital Age is …

World’s Greatest Toy?

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Hakuho vs Asashoryu – The Real Sumo Fighting

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You may have seen the animated gif of this floating …


When Emerson’s mom makes a scary noise (blowing her nose), he can’t decide whether or not he likes it or is terrified of it. It’s pretty darned cute if you ask me. And personally I would have trouble deciding too.



This is one awfully dedicated merchant if you ask me. I know on thing, I would certainly bring my shoes to this guy. He’s sure to do a good job and he seems like he’s willing to go the extra step to get the job afoot.


Don’t try this at home folks. It may look fun, and thankfully she was uninjured but it could have ended up a whole lot different. What am I saying…I’m sure I’ll do things like this to my daughters. That’s if I could ever convince a woman to even go on a date with me.



Damn you Uncle Mort! He’s had too many Gin & Tonics again. At every gathering he does this. Every family has that one person that thinks it’s funny to do something strange in the family photo. And they do it every time. This guy may hold the record for the first troll/photo bomber known to man. The photo is weird enough as it is, but then Mort had to climb up the tree and get all horizontal. I know you have someone in your family like this. Who is it in your clan?


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Ever wished real life could be more like a Pixar movie? It was for a little while on Saturday, as a team of awesome people managed to successfully lift a house into the air, “Up” style, using a bunch of brightly colored balloons.

The 2,000-pound, 16×16-foot yellow house took to the skies with the help of 300 weather balloons that grow to 8 feet tall when inflated. From top to bottom, the entire aircraft measured 10 stories high and reached an altitude of 10,000 feet. It flew for about an hour at dawn from a private airfield east of Los Angeles. Oh, and there were people (but not Carl) aboard.


We all knew it was coming…and quickly too. Seeing that Charlie Sheen is all the rage on the internets right now. It was only a matter of time before Schmoyoho (the guys behind the Bed Intruder Autotune) mixed this one up.




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