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Sure you’ve seen sites like People of Walmart and all the various “Fail” blogs. But what about one that is “dedicated to al the bad mommy’s and daddy’s out there!”

You’ve got to check out My Bad Parent. It’s hysterical. They have a bunch of pictures of my mom and dad and how I was raised. No, I’m just kidding. It’s basically the worst examples of how not to raise your child. It’s quite alarming that there are actually people out there like them.

There really should be a test one must take before being able to bear children. Or at the very least some sort of required class. I mean, leaving your kid in the baby seat on top of the minivan…or feeding your already double sized child a large ice cream cone while you wheel them around in a stroller. Come on people. Anyways, here are a few of the recent parenting fails, but head over to My Bad Parent to see all the shame.





Not only is Jimmy Wong awesome for making this sweet ass cover of the Super Mario Bros. Theme, but he’s even more awesome for donating all sales proceeds from the song to Japan relief efforts. As if this wasn’t super sweet in its own right.

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This guy just barley avoids 127 hours…but luckily for us he makes it and everything went better than expected.



6. Ellen Page

You might have forgotten about her role in Juno by now, but I have not. She
epitomized the generic hipster saying the most ironic things such as “I gotta pee like
Sea Biscuit”…Sea biscuits racehorse she has to pee like a racehorse…Brilliant. Great
work Ellen, good luck accepting calls on that not-a-big-deal hamburger telephone
that you probably spent hours tracking down on eBay.

5. Sharks

Shark week’s coming up pretty soon, so you better get a punch in before they
start attacking

4. Apple Store Employees

Don’t get me wrong…I loved Captain Planet. But that was a TV show. I never
expected I’d have to live in a world of it.

3. Taboo

What does this guy do in the Black Eyed Peas? I don’t even like the band, but this
guy needs to stop getting roles in Street Fighter sequels. Vega used to be my favorite

2. Flo

I recently caved in and paid Pandora the $36 for a years worth of shutting up
Flo, that chick from the Progressive Ads. She was kinda quirky and fun for the first 3
ads or so, but I gradually got flo-verloaded to the point of insanity…

1. Grizzly Bears

Colbert’s right. These bastards are out to get us…




This is one of my favorite “PSAs” from Sesame Street. If you were growing up in the 80′s or early 90′s I’m sure you’ll remember this. It made me terrified to waste water and to this day I continue to only turn it on when absolutely necessary and I owe it all to Frank the Fish.





Check out this amazing video of the 2010 VCA downhill mountain bike race in Valparaiso, Chile. I know I would be shitting bricks if I had to do something like this. I sure as hell wouldn’t be laughing like this rider is. He’s a true bad ass in my eyes.



If you’re a criminal in Seattle you better watch your back. A group of real life superheroes calling themselves the Rain City Superheroes has taken to the streets to combat gangsters, thieves and ne’er-do-wells.

Led by 22-year old Phoenix Jones, they patrol the seedier parts of town looking for trouble. On this particular night they found nothing more than a drunk driver, but on many occasions he has actually been injured “on the job”. He’s been stabbed as well as having his nose broken while breaking up a fight.

Phoenix wears a full suit which he claims is bullet and knife proof. So if you’re planning a 7-Eleven heist or a bank robbery and you find yourself in the Emerald City, you better think twice. You may just have a big dude in a yellow and black leather suit pouncing on you.



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