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The holidays are right around the corner, and as such we’re celebrating the coming of Santa Claus by sharing this gallery of 15 Sexy Santa’s Helpers. Enjoy! Oh and speaking of hot chicks, here’s possibly the hottest chick you’ll see all day.

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Um… WOW. What else can you really say? Although it looks like you’d have a heart attack eating it, the guy that did is just fine, though he probably won’t be eating ice cream for a very, very long time!

ICAN Legends

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I always have the most fun with art, ads, and games that you can interact with, and, when it comes to street art, this is among the most interactive I’ve seen. Basically, paint was poured onto the street in random spots and as drivers passed through they spread the paint, creating a large, interactive, and visually appealing display.

Pictures and additional info for the piece at Abitare.


Cancer sucks, beer doesn’t, so wouldn’t it be great if somehow it was discovered that beer led to a cure for cancer? I think so, and I’m hoping this sign is, well, a sign of things to come, or at least just funny…

If you’re having a hard time deciding which beer to choose, just use this handy flowchart….or if all that drinking gives you the munchies you can check out the KFC + Krispy Kreme Luther Double Down.


The United States Treasury just released the design for a new $100 bill that you’ll be able to use to spend on all sorts of things like all those KFC Double Downs and whatever else people buy these days. Apparently, they’re trying to stay ahead of the counterfeiters who will no doubt make a decent copy of this one in due time.

Here’s a tease, but click over to TechVert for more pics and a video of the new $100 bill.


NOOKA, maker of probably the coolest watches in the world has just teamed up with MAD Toy Design, maker of Dunnies and other wildly popular vinyl toys to bring you the newest collaboration inspired by MAD’s SLIMEBALL Sqwert. Basically, they’ve taken the Sqwert and NOOKA’s ZUB ZOT 38 and mashed ‘em together to make the coolest watch I’ve seen in a while. Here it is:

The watch, named SLIMEBALL ZUB, is available April 2010 and only 500 are being sold worldwide, so, needless to say, if you wanna get your hands on one of these bad boys, you’re probably gonna have to get on it pretty quick.

More info on NOOKA:

Nooka is a New York fashion design company founded by artist/designer Matthew Waldman. The ethos of Nooka is universal language, which guides the creation of products with enhanced functionality and a futuristic philosophy. Most prominently known for its line of timepieces, Nooka is expanding their range, creating a Mindstyle brand with the addition of innovative accessories and a fragrance.


Usually taxis are boring, but not today. This guy decided to fun-up the experience for his passengers.


I don’t know about you, but to me, the only thing better than a Nintendo DS is a Nintendo DS you can eat. Actually, I can think of a ton of things better than that, but while we’re on the subject, here’s a DS you can on nom nom all over.



Ever have a hard time proving to someone that you’re a virgin… you know, at sex? Of course, we all have. Well, thank god there’s finally a way to prove it once and for all. Best part is, you can get certified as a virgin for as low as $1.00. Not bad, eh? So head on over to Certified Virgin to get your virginity on!


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