Sunset through a wave

Most of us never put any thought into how beautiful a sunset can be under water for many of us see really pretty ones all the time with no water needed. Well, just when you thought sunsets couldn’t get any prettier, all of a sudden a picture of a beautiful looking sunset as seen through a wave appears on the web.

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No kid likes to open up their lunchbox to find a soggy sandwich mashed with crumpled chips, heck, even as adults we hate it when our lunch gets destroyed, but it happens. However, these 4 pictures below show that it no longer has to be that way. With a little creativity put into each child’s meal; their lunchbox food can be taken to the next level, which is level awesome.

“My oh my, Miss Piggy’s eyes sure are blue” said Tony Stevens from Long Beach Restaurants. “I also like the way that they did up here hair with the pasta.”

Food Turned Into Miss Piggy

Food Turned Into Muppets

Food Turned Into Donald Duck

Food Turned Into Angry Birds

[Photos via: Reddit]

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Every year our friends and family gather from far and wide to sit around a table for Thanksgiving. We play a fun game of touch football, have a few laughs, give thanks, and eat until our belly hurts. I really love the nip in the air, frost on the ground, smell of turkey in the oven, and the feeling of togetherness that happens on this day. It is hard to put it all into words of how much I enjoy Thanksgiving, but this dog’s face kind of says it all.

Smile and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

[Photo via: Reddit]


The Parallel Hybrid System is offered by the car company, Honda, and  is found in their Insight Hybrid vehicles. This System is pretty interesting for it uses both a gas engine and an electric motor. You may be wondering or wanting to know more about The Parallel Hybrid System, so,  here’s an informative visual breakdown of how it works.

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Everyone knows we need water to live; however, there are also many other benefits to drinking water each day. Many of us don’t drink as much water as we should due to it not being the greatest tasting drink or because we don’t fully understand the overall benefits we can get from drinking more.

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Want to do better in school or at work? There is one easy and great way to preforming better at everything and anything you do, which is done by keeping a journal. I know it may seem strange or when thinking about it may seem like more work, but in actuality, sharing your feelings and thoughts is good for you even if it is by simply writing them into a book.

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The average price of an engagement ring is three thousand dollars, but not for these celebrity rings, not even close. There are ten Hollywood stars that could buy a house or two, maybe even three with what they are wearing on their ring fingers.

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There was a time when we actually had to do math in our heads and spell-check was done by the person sitting beside you. There were no calculators, computers, or mobile devices to assist us in the classroom or doing calculations for us.

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Do you know what the most visited tourist destinations are? Or when the rise of this favorite family pastime came about? There are lots of interesting facts about the family road trip that can be found in the very cool infographic below.

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Sixty years is a long time with many opportunities of growth within the American education system. There have been a few bumps here and there with many fantastic evolutions that make education more accessible and even possibly easier. Since the 1950’s we have increased a teacher’s salary dramatically, transformed learning through technology and provided equality for all. Yes, sixty years is a long time and with that a lot of history will unfold.

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