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This gem from walking a street in Boulder, CO, was intended to stop the Michael Vicks of the world. The sentiment, however, between the graphic and the wording led me to believe we were in front of some sick training grounds for Watership Down.

Fighting Animal Testing


Yo dawg. I heard you like memes.

Meme Overload

ICAN Legends

Opening Drawers at Hotels

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There are certain obsessive-compulsive behaviors that go unnoticed by most. …

The History Behind The Family Road Trip

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Do you know what the most visited tourist destinations are? …

Go Go Gadget…

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uh… a lil’ help here guys?


Surface Tension

Last year, we posted this image that depicted what we believed to be a great representation of surface tension. We found an even better one on RedditRead More


The vultures. They search for the leftovers of the hard work of others in an attempt to get an easy meal. Sometimes, one just has to do what is necessary to keep the vultures at bay.

Defending the Kill

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There are many pictures of “lights in the sky” from the north that are absolutely stunning. This is one that is exceptional. We don’t always post images of the sky, but when we do, we prefer Norwegian.

Norway Sky


Night Owl

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Some people like to wake up early. Others stay up all night. With the help of this little guy, I do both.

Night Owl


Land Owners

This is not an indictment of the rich. It’s not a call to #OccupyOregon. It’s simply a statement of “WOW” regarding a fact I never knew before. Some of the top land owners in the United States have a ton of land.

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Identity Theft

Those who have had their identity stolen know the feelings of helplessness and violation that it can bring. The costs go beyond the pocketbook – it can be devastating to know that someone else out there is posing as you. What decisions are they making in your name? How much of your money have they spent? What can you do about it?

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It’s subtle, but the implications are clear once the card is removed. The deeper meaning, however, will elude most.

Clever Dentist


A man comes home

My son just told me this joke. He didn’t remember where he got it from, so rather than simply retelling it, I thought I’d put some effort in and turn it into a rage comic. If anyone knows the origin, please let me know.


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