2014 Volvo XC90

The 2014 Volvo XC90 is an excellent SUV offering the added space and functionality needed in SUV’s as well as a host of safety features that have come to make the Volvo name synonymous with safety for many years.  One unique innovation is the second-row integrated child booster cushion allowing the small children to have a safe place to sit without the need of bringing along the booster seat.  As expected, the XC90 was awarded Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a goal Volvo seems to strive for with every vehicle.

Driving this SUV offers impressive stability even for a vehicle as tall as it is.  This was due to the Roll Stability Control and a noticeably wide stance from the wheelbase.  The steering is sharp and responsive and even through turns the XC90 keeps the passengers in place.  Soaking up road noise and deformities like a champ, the XC90 is well insulated and offers a well-engineered suspension to keep the ride smooth and satisfying while the inhabitants enjoy their favorite music selections.

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Floor Tile Massacre

Warning. It will burn your eyes just looking at this.

ICAN Legends

“I take one everywhere I take my penis!!”

Posted By: on July 4, 2011

This image of a poster was shot at a clinic …

This Otter Looks A Lot Like Tracy Morgan

Posted By: on May 10, 2012

I’m sure it doesn’t look like–Holy crap that otter looks …

The Real Simpsons

Posted By: on October 14, 2010

Tech Executives Say the Darnedest Things [iPhoneSmash] Guy does not …


Music is everywhere. There is music playing in the background while we drive, shop, and exercise. Musicians have made a lot of money from one of our favorite past times and will continue making revenue from us listening to their music.

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There are many places all over the world that create and sell delicious dishes, but how much would you pay to get a taste of their edible creations? Some of us think that food is just food, while others believe that if you crave it, it doesn’t matter how much it costs.

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Many businesses have taken the plunge and created a website for customers to visit, explore, and to shop online. However, some companies have left out vital content on their site, videos, which can increase the chance of more customers and longer visits.

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You may be surprised at how many social icons are actually added to e-mails, in the following infographic you will be able to see just how many are added and compare if you are doing the same.

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Images are well liked within search engines and among customers. People love to see a product and the price of it quickly and conveniently. A popular social bookmarking site, Pinterest allows businesses to interact with customers while posting images from their site. By adding the price in the description box it will automatically generate it onto the picture/pin.

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Sometimes we need proof that our online efforts are actually working in our favor, especially when we invest time into content creation. Luckily, the following infographic will show you just what you need to know to see if Content Marketing.

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As cool as this is, does anyone else get the sudden urge to straighten and flip each penny so they are matching?

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During the summer, we tend to throw open our windows to let the fresh air and sunshine in, since we couldn’t do it all winter. With having our windows wide open we can hear the sound of lawn mowers, birds chirping, and the wonderful smell of someone barbequing. Just a little waft of a hamburger or stake cooking on the grill can make most mouths water. Have you ever wondered how barbequing came to be?

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