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If you haven’t already noticed Owls are taking over the Internet, they have somehow become the new bacon or cats. This latest trend has me screaming “YAY”, cause owls are amazing creatures that have awesome expressions which can play tricks on the eye, like this lil’ fellow who looks like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.

Gandalf the Owl



Featured in the 80′s Masters of the Universe Franchise, He-Man is the alter ego of Prince Adam. The Sorceress of the Castle of Greyskull on the Planet of Eternia, who when given his sword and saying the words “For the Power of Greyskull”, he would transform from a Prince into the He-Man we came to know. His known nemesis is Skeletor whom He-Man would defend the realm of Eternia and the secrets of Greyskull.

He-Man Unknown Facts:

* The Origin of He-Man came about due to a failed launch of action figures for the film Star Wars, due to time constraints another action figure needed to be created and therefore, He-Man was developed and marketed.

* In 1980 a lawsuit was brought to Mattel claiming He-Man was a replica of Conan the Barbarian, this lawsuit was won by Mattel retaining the rights for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

* Prince Adam had a cowardly pet tiger named Cringer, but when transformed into He-Man, he also transformed Cringer into a brave green tiger known as Battle Cat.

* He-Man began as a mini-comic; with the difference of a shared Power Sword with nemesis Skeletor and that he was a Barbarian.

* The Sorceress who gave He-Man his powers spoke to him telepathically.

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A Mimicing Fish Mimics a Mimicing Octopus

It is pretty awesome when you can catch nature in its pure glory, much like this video does. It happened in Indonesia, when a  Black Marble Jawfish (a specific fish that mimics the colors of other fish species for protection) comes across a Mimic Octopus. As you will see its colors are different until it comes in contact with the Octopus and they mimic each other. This is rather unusual to capture since the Jawfish usually spends most of its life buried in sand, so this epic video piece clearly shows that even in nature, even when you think no one is watching, owning still happens, perhaps it originated long before the Internet coined the term, these two sea creatures sure make you wonder.



2012 has made its way onto our calendars so what better way to ring in the New Year than to catch up on the past 100 years and in 10 minutes no less. Clearly a lot has happened from 1911 to 2011 and if you are not familiar with all that has taken place throughout the world, here is an awesome video that is much like cliffnotes, only faster.

This compilation masters History class since it quickly shows what happened in what year and in what place worldwide, so catch up or become knowledgeable about how we came to be today with what probably took many days and nights to create this video, a masterful archive of our Global History.



Just when you think cats can not get anymore powerful, leave your crying baby with Kitteh and see the force unleash itself.

“You are healed young one!”



This is dedicated to all hardcore Christmas decorators, shoppers and especially those who had Christmas all figured out in August. To those who love to decorate decorations and to everyone whose got their Christmas Swag on, enjoy this video.

"kachu piika chu pi Pi-kaaa-chu, piii pikapi kachu kaa ka-pi-ka-chu".
Said in Pikachu, you can check for yourself by copying the English
version into the "text" on Pikachizer.
English Version: "This kitty is so adorable, even cuter than the character".

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For the good of all of us.

The Coolest Zelda T-Shirt Ever.

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Lets hold feet too… careful of my talons dear.



and Always.



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