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Dogs have always been considered brave animals. They’ve been known to take on larger animals such as bears and wild cats. Some breeds will not back down to humans. There are even those who have been trained to run into burning buildings or assist soldiers in warzones.

Of course, vehicles should pose a different problem altogether. You might have a pooch that would chase a Dodge Charger down the road, but what about a dog that would charge at an oncoming tank? As you can see in this image, it’s definitely possible.



Nissan for Sale

If you’re going to try to sell your car to a company that builds cars, you had better put your best effort into it. When the car you’re trying to sell is 17-years-old with torn leather seats and a strap to hold keep the hood from popping open when you drive, you’d better make a video that will be remembered for ages.

That’s exactly what one Nissan Maxima owner did. While he wasn’t attempting to sell it directly to Nissan USA, the Japanese automaker was so impressed by the video and the Craigslist ad that went with it that they are taking the “classic” off of his hands for an undisclosed amount.

In a world where dealers are paying big money to automotive SEO companies and vehicle listing sites to get their vehicles out to the consumers, perhaps they need to look to this sort of creativity instead.

Thankfully for the seller, Nissan took notice.

Here’s the hilarious video:

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This scene from Die Hard shocked me.

Broken glass sticking out of feet. Dead douchebags with a Rolex. Dead bad guys because of another Rolex.

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Skyfall Bond

There have been very few movies that I watched twice at the movie theater, but Skyfall was one of them. The latest installment of the James Bond series was my favorite in decades…

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When things are bad, this pack will come in handy. When things are really, really bad, the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Bourbon will do just fine by itself.


Manhole is happy

If you ever have to go down into the depths below the streets, it’s encouraging to know that the portal through which you’ll descend is guarded by the happiest of chaps.

“I tried to make it sad, but it just wouldn’t budge,” said Hector Kresselhorn, a manhole expert from Hollenbeck Skate Plaza.

Some manhole covers are just stubborn.


… the banana car.

Banana Car


It’s all a matter of how you look at it.



Card to Wife

Cards have always offered ways for people to express themselves to loved ones when they need something visual and creative. They invoke emotion and finding the exact right card can be a painstaking experience as they should always match the recipient perfectly.

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Cat in a Hat

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Cat in a Hat

If too many people share this, the internet will break.


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