Who needs a rolling pin and cookie cutter when you have a bottle of vodka?

This is a winner of an idea from Bruce Willis, who’s now part owner of a vodka company, Sobieski. Hey – they’re Poland’s No. 1 vodka, and the Poles know a thing or two about the stuff.

I just hope he has a good way to change out the cookie cutter shapes on the bottom of the bottle.

Or, I guess, you could just have a bunch of bottles, each with a different cutter on the bottom. Oooh.

“But honey, I HAVE to buy six bottles of vodka so we can have variety in our cookies this year!”

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A Volkswagen Pumpkin.

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Now that Canv.as has opened to the public, it’s only natural that everyone will start remixing their favorite kitty pictures.

That’s how this:


Or this:


Video games have always been social. When the first video game systems came out, everyone invited their friends over to play. Kind of boring to play by yourself, after all. Then arcades became all the rage.

The latest innovations in social gaming have brought a whole new audience to gaming, however, and video games are more popular than ever before.

This infographic, from Rounds, looks at gaming’s social evolution. Enjoy.
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After Rocco posted the dolphin non-virus earlier, I knew I had to post my favorite tweet so far relating to Hurricane Irene:

We’re not the only ones who liked it, though. Yahoo! News included it in a “hurricane snark” roundup and this one brief status update has taken this 28-year-old Brooklynite to a whole new level of fame: He’s now Internet famous.



Or, easiest job ever? [via]


Once upon a time, hi-fi was the very essence of high-tech when it came to music.

Even after CDs came along, we got John Cusack in a great movie, High Fidelity (and it was a great movie, don’t say it wasn’t). If you think that high fidelity is a thing of the past because it’s all digital and perfect now, think again. Vinyl’s been outpacing CD sales the last few years. There’s something to be said for the perfectly imperfect sound off an album. Plus, the album art!

Here’s a great infographic from Sonos looking at the history of hi-fi. Read More


I don’t get creeped out easily.

OK, I do.

But the new Facebook name suggestion for photos is downright petrifying. If you’ve ever tagged someone on Facebook, it’s saving that info and just storing it up. Facebook’s gonna become like all those facial recognition computers they show in every cop movie where someone has a friend at the FBI.

Hell, I hope the FBI has facial recognition technology this advanced and uses it for more than just tagging their Christmas party photos on Facebook.

Anyway, you can turn it off, though I doubt Facebook is turning off the data powering it. ZoneAlarm put together this great infographic that shows how the technology works and how to turn it off.

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Via Canv.as


How often do you see infographics that go on and on about the benefits of urine or the history of digital signs? Are they really all that useful to your life?

Well, maybe the one about urine. But that’s besides the point. I want to know what people think about the important issues in life: Am I lame because I remove adhesive bandages slowly? Does anyone really like the aisle seat on an airplane? Just who spends $20 on a popcorn and soda at the movies anyway?

Fortunately, the folks at Hunch have figured out the answers to the burning questions of our time and have put them into this nifty infographic.

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