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No matter what your job or career, nobody can really “get it” unless they’ve been in your shoes. However, there are some career paths that are more misunderstood than others. Some are veritable joke factories in their own right, while others are plagued by stigmas that are seriously outdated. Don’t let impressions and stereotypes keep you from a job that piques your interest.

Instead, understand where the doubters are coming from and get the knowledge you need to educate them. Sometimes it’s sheer ignorance while sometimes they’re just poking fun. Regardless, let your passions and interests drive your career choices.

1. Writers

Most often with an English degree in tow, writers are used to be asked what they’ll do with such a pointless degree or when they’re going to start teaching. Nowadays, writing (especially in niches like SEO) can be a very lucrative career. Every single business needs writers, especially for web content, which makes this a recession-proof and high paying option.

2. Attorneys

Attorneys probably have more jokes written about them than any other profession. They’re supposed to have no compassion, thrive on draining clients of their money, and their ethics and morals are questionable at best. However, the best lawyers are very empathetic and truly want what’s best for their clients. Many engage in pro bono work and got into law because they want to help justice get served.

3. Doctors

Whether it’s the stereotype that they have a God complex or they’re all filthy rich, there’s a lot of misinformation about doctors. Once you account for the long hours, high malpractice insurance (which most doctors have to cover themselves) and the high price of medical school, doctors don’t get paid nearly as much as people think.

4. Waitstaff and bartenders

These positions are usually thought of as jobs and not careers; they’re something to do while a person goes to school or otherwise preps for a “real job.” However, at the right restaurants/bars and in the right city, waitstaff and bartenders can make a seriously impressive income. They deserve it considering the hard work and tough hours, but since a college degree isn’t required, there’s the added bonus of not being forced to go into debt.

There’s wrong information getting passed around about every type of job and career, and while most times it’s not a huge deal it can sometimes be troublesome. Instead of getting frustrated, focus on leading by example and transparency when talking about your work.



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