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Smartphones are sophisticated pieces of equipment that manage our lives, entertain us, and keep the peace between adolescents and parents. While they are becoming sturdier, more water-resistant and even more aesthetically attractive with each new generation, in addition to the obvious concerns, there are 5 reasons you need a smartphone case, regardless of device.

Smartphone Devices Are Manufactured With a Pre-Determined Life Span

Planned obsolescence is a term coined from the industrial design industry that in effect, is a purposeful strategy in designing products so that they eventually break-down, no longer have the latest software and features or simply look “old”. Smartphone cases are a great solution to obsolescence for two reasons. First, they adequately protect the device and second, they can disguise an older model so that it appears larger, thinner or even more dynamic than the latest and greatest versions available.

A Smartphone Case Helps Distinguish Ownership

Unique smartphone cases are an excellent way to rock individual style, extend a persona and easily be able to identify a smartphone among others. Particularly beneficial for teens that may have similar smartphones as their friends, being able to quickly and visually identify their phone will save time, promote security and offer an added layer of protection at the same time.

Smartphone Cases Protect Devices from Dust and Debris

While liquid damage is one of the things most consumers contemplate, nearly invisible dust and debris particles also cause significant damage when it enters through charging ports or head-phone jack areas. Smartphones that are toted in pockets, jackets and used in work environments are particularly susceptible to these problems. When a smartphone is un-protected from dust and debris it can contribute to charging problems, speaker malfunction and even dial-pad errors.

A Smartphone Case Can Allow Consumers to Forego Expensive Device Insurance

Cellphone insurance is incrementally expensive for the reason that smartphone owners may or may not use it. Smartphones cost hundreds of dollars and the deductibles on an insurance claim don’t let consumers off cheap. Therefore, other than the occasional lost phone, smartphone damage like cracked screens, exposure to water and broken casing can be adverted by using a case.

Cases Help With Functionality

Finally, cases can modify the smartphone design to incorporate a stand, change the texture for better grip and allow the phone to function better overall. From a functional standpoint, smartphone cases are beneficial because they take a great design and improve it, if ever so slightly. Cases made from materials like cork, wood, rubber and high-grade plastics protect the phone, allow for better handling and minimize screen damage like scratches.

Protecting an investment like a smartphone is important for keeping a device identifiable, as valuable as possible, and for allowing it to work consistently well over time. Cases are affordable and can be conveniently used for certain occasions to minimize risk to a smartphone or all of the time. A smartphone case is a trinity of benefits, it protects, looks great and improves function.


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