Everyone deserves to live like JayBey every now and then, however bottle service (of course) comes at a premium price. Don’t get lulled into thinking you’ve found a one of a kind bargain bottle service. That’s a huge red flag that either that particular club is no longer on anyone’s radar or you’re going to get stuck paying a prime price for bottom shelf liquor. Hold yourself (and your part) to a higher standard and splurge when it matters.

While it’s tempting to live the A-list lifestyle every weekend, bottle service is best kept for the choicest of occasions. This is especially true in areas like LA or New York. Bottle service in smaller cities is a shadow of the real deal (who needs bottle service in Denver?), so choose your splurges wisely. Here are a few instances when bottle service isn’t a luxury, but nearly a requirement.

1. Bachelor/bachelorette parties

Hopefully the betrothed will only get hitched once in their lifetime, so this is worth celebrating. Skip the shady strip clubs and instead treat the future newlyweds to a night out they’ll truly remember. Anything that happens just once is worth going all out.

2. Divorce parties

On the other end of the spectrum, if someone does get divorced this is really something that should only happen once. Help them remember how fantastic the single life can be by showing them what a night out can drum up. Re-entering the single life can be a tough transition, but not when you’re at the helm.

3. Milestone birthdays

This can include the big 2-1 as well as entering any new decade. These handfuls of milestones don’t happen on the regular, which means you can certainly spend a little extra to ring in another 10 years. Once you’re an adult, birthdays don’t often matter as much, so be sure to celebrate the ones that do.

4. Bon voyage parties

If someone is leaving town for good (or just settled in a new metro), it’s time to bring out the big guns. However, bon voyage parties are getting a little overplayed. This isn’t for someone who just took a six-month gig abroad. Save it for the ones that are more permanent.

5. When you’ve made a huge accomplishment

Maybe your novel just got picked up by a publisher or you actually placed in a marathon. You know when the big stuff matters, so celebrate it in style.


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