There’s search engine optimization (SEO) and then there’s localized SEO (LSEO). The two are pretty self explanatory assuming you know the basics of SEO, but in a virtual world, who needs LSEO anymore? You might be surprised, because the answer extends beyond brick and mortar establishments. You might be a business owner who could benefit greatly from going local in addition to basic SEO and not even know it.

While it’s obvious that brick and mortar establishments like local restaurants, shops, boutiques and the like depend heavily on LSEO for relevance and ranking, those in a completely digital commerce might also benefit. Here are a few of the lesser known industries who are a great match for LSEO.

1. Community-specific websites

Let’s say you operate a forum or virtual community for Gujarati Jains living in the US. These communities are going to be richer in certain parts of the US (you’re not going to find many in rural Kentucky). By peppering in organic keywords that relate to the places where your demographics live, you can help build a connection.

2. Sports apparel companies

Even if you don’t pick sides and offer swag for every team, there will still be fans searching locally. It’s important to include local keywords, especially with product descriptions. For example, one of your products might be an Oregon Ducks hoodie. By adding “Eugene” into the description (the town where the university is, but often isn’t included in descriptions) you can improve your SEO ranking.

3. Tourism sites

If you manage a site for tourism, whether it lists the best hiking trails in Zion or food carts in LA, there’s no telling what slang or knowledge your potential readers have. Some might know the local nicknames of neighborhoods while others simply know they want to see the “Grand Canyon” and have zero knowledge of geography beyond that. Sprinkle in more localized keywords and you’ll attract in the know travelers as well as those just starting their research.

4. Florists

Of course you need LSEO if you’re a local florist with a shop and local deliveries, but many florists will ship around the country. You can’t go keyword stuffing crazy, but if you have data that shows a lot of orders come from a certain region, capitalize on that and include it in your keywords. You can also use major metros like New York City (organically) to fish and see if you get any bites.

LSEO isn’t for everyone, but it might be the tool you need to gain an edge.


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