Can’t decide between the fame of being a celebrity and the respect of being a doctor? Some A-listers get the best of both worlds by having their doctorate degree but also a recognizable mug. Some of these celebs got their MD and practiced before getting famous, while others took advantage of their fame in order to fund their education. No matter how it was broached, it’s a great feat.

Here are a few of the smartest, most ambitious and driven celebrities who also go by “doctor.”

1. Graham Chapman

This British actor, comedian and writer is famous for his role in the Monty Python comedy troupe. He’s written regularly for programs on the BBC, but he led a completely different life before the entertainment industry called. He was a student of medicine at Emmanuel College (Cambridge) and then moved on to St. Bartholomew’s Medical College. Clearly his bedside manner served him well as he’s proven very successful across the pond.

2. George Miller

This Aussie director is famous for his role in Mad Max, and he took home the Academy Award for Happy Feet. Miller has also received two additional Academy Award nominations for Babe, but all these accolades came years after his first career in medicine. A student at the University of New South Wales, he won a student competition during his senior year with a one-minute video clip. He finished his residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney and worked as a doctor for years, but that senior kismet moment had to be fulfilled.

3. Jonathan Miller

This English director of opera and theater also dabbled in acting, particularly as a television presenter. However, his first calling was medicine, and he began at St. Paul’s School in London focusing on biological sciences. Later, at the University of London, he began to get into theater (balancing both passions) and only worked in medicine for two years before making the final switch.

4. Ken Jeong

The super celebrity of Hangover and Community fame was actually a physician for several years. He attended Duke and UNC Chapel Hill with a residency at Ochsner Medical Center. Still licensed to practice in California, it’s lucky for fans that Jeong’s true passion is acting.

If you’re considering medical recruitment to get into the career of your dreams, don’t forget to make time for your other passions. After all, if there’s already a club for Dr. Celebrities, you might have what it takes to be the next member.


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