Maybe you’re a late bloomer or you aren’t as good at gaming as you’d like to be. When you look around you, it might seem that some other people are natural born gamers, but you? Not so much.

The good news is that there are a number of “skills” and talents that can actually transfer pretty easily to online gaming (assuming you choose the right game). Be assured you have a lot of potential; you just need to tap into it.

If you’re solid at any of the skills or talents below, figure out how to make this work in your favor when you’re gaming, whether you do casino gaming online or a race game. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective and innovative approach.

You might just find a gamer inside you after all.

Killer concentration and memory

Can you remember the most random of facts, do you dominate trivia, or do you easily remember patterns (such as the order of hummus stacked in the fridge)?

These skills are great for gaming, but especially for games that require the ability to remember order, such as online casino games. You can also tap into them for games that depend on a player’s memory for landscapes such as Zelda.

Great empathy and compassion

Are you the first person your friends call when they’re having a tough time? Being empathetic and compassionate isn’t something you normally associate with a competitive activity, but in gaming, it can work for you.

If you’re gaming with someone, you may be able to “read” their thoughts and emotions more easily, between the lines, and figure out what they’re likely to do next.

The ability to slip into “the zone”

It might seem as if just about everyone “zones out” when gaming, but that’s mostly just appearance. Some people are better at tuning out distractions than others.

Recent studies have indicated that multi-tasking actually means you’re not performing your best at any of the many tasks you’re assaying, so the ability to focus has become increasingly important, no matter what the subject.

Incredible patience

If you have the patience to deal with a horrible boss, be a parent, or can sit at the DMV with zero stress, you were built for gaming. Sometimes those challenges are beastly, and can require hours (or even days, months, or years) of dedication.

That’s not something that comes easily for most people, but for you, it’s cake. It’s all about choosing the right game and consciously using your innate characteristics.

Who knew that gaming was such an art and demanded so much?


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