As a business owner, there are only so many inventory, human resources, daily operations, and shipping concerns you can have on your mind at any given point. How are you keeping track of things like in-house technology, employee hours, digital backups, and inventory? If you don’t have clear systems in place, then your business can make severe accountability errors, which can lead to internal theft, legal labor issues, data loss, and inventory discrepancies. Take a look at these four systems that every small business should consider implementing.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Does your office or retail store rely on in-house gadgets to get work done? This might include laptops, tablets, or smartphones paid for on the company’s dime. If so, do you have an inventory database detailing the serial numbers and model numbers of these devices? Also, do you know how employees are currently using mobile data? If not, then you should invest in MDM software, which can help you keep track of in-house technology. This can come in handy if you need to contact tech support to troubleshoot a devices, or if you’re contacting the authorities to report a lost or stolen item.

Backup Manager

Whenever your work computers remind you about a backup, do you just click “Later?” This can lead to security and usability issues in the future, especially if your work computer fails to operate tomorrow. Do you have current backups that will allow you to resume work right away? If not, then consider getting an automated data backup system. You’ll be able to schedule automated backups and system updates to run when your team is out of the office.

Inventory Management

How does your company deal with shrink and internal loss? Many companies don’t realize they have inventory discrepancies until it comes time for them to conduct an audit. Instead of waiting for these occasional counts to identify an issue, you can keep tabs on your current inventory at any given moments with inventory management software.

Time Clocks

How many hours your employees work should be automatically measured. Since your employee’s benefits and paychecks rely on these metrics, your company should have an accurate way of capturing time in and time out. Using estimates or verbal agreements can lead to labor issues down the line. Every business should have a time clock system in place to protect both the employer and the employees.

Running a business will expose you to non-stop questions and concerns. You can take some stress and duties off your plate by relying on automated systems to capture employee hours, inventory changes, in-house tech usage, and backups.


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