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The good news is that summer is almost here. The bad news is that planning your next summer vacation is expected to be a highly stressful activity, for many Americans as well as you.

According to a recent article by the Harvard Business Review, research indicates that a poorly planned vacation diminishes the positive effects that the vacation is supposed to have on your pleasure and recreation. While this news is disheartening, there are ways to plan your away time more effectively, and reduce the stress related to the planning process.

The tactics are simple. All that’s require is a little bit of recent technology.

The “resident” experience

Traveling is great, but feeling like a tourist with a fanny pack is not. To make the most out of your next big vacation, you should become as local as possible.

One recently developed application that can help you do this is called Spotted by Locals. It provides travelers with “city guides” created by residents that contain tips and recommendations for visiting the best and most unique spots in the area.

City guides can be downloaded to a computer or accessed through a mobile device. They’re an excellent tool for getting the most out of a visit without feeling like you’re sticking out like a sore thumb.

Tick-tock goes the clock

So let’s say you’ve found a destination where you can feel like a city local. Unfortunately, being able to discern the hours of operation for places you plan to visit can be truly difficult.

To address this problem, resources such as Hours Map can give travelers a better travel experience. Users can view locations in the area and obtain their opening and closing times.

When users find themselves in a particular neighborhood, they can instantly learn which places are currently open and which are closed. Finding a food joint or shopping outlet has never been easier.

Finding flights and accommodations

Having to book a hotel, car, and flight separately can drain your wallet and your patience. An easy way to streamline these tasks is to use an online booking service.

Online booking services are changing the way the public approaches travel. Now travelers can get more economical prices, easily find a hotel in the area, and even book a car at the same time.

This is only one example of an excellent service that goes a long way toward accommodating travelers’ needs by making the planning process far less stressful.

Worry-free flying

Lastly, more airlines are launching their own mobile apps. Travelers can keep track of flight times and delays, pull up boarding passes, and more through air applications.

This makes the travel experience much easier, because travelers have easy access to all they need to ensure a smooth flight.

Your vacation is meant to be relaxing and stress-free. With the above innovations in travel technology, more travelers are able to reach that goal. If you’re about to design your next vacation, it may be time to update your trip planning process for the best experience.


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